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OK I swear I'll stop after this.... but I just had a thought.... either Shinsou or Bakugou in 46 because PINK! haha... feel free to either surprise me or ignore me... either is fine ^^

lol it became bakushin - [x]

pls dont ask me for context idk why they’re doing that ;_;

More stuff about Günter's bf Montrose!

Holy shit you guys like Montrose! Thank You! And to make up for the lack of information about him and Günter’s relationship, I present this to all you lovely people! Enjoy! - Mun Annette

-During the events of the film, Montrose isn’t in America, he was in France, he finally moved to America a few months following the film.

-Günter is the only animal who can call Montrose “Monty”

-Montrose normally calls Günter “Mon Cher,” “Mon Amour,” or “Mon Ange”

-Günter, on the other hand, calls Montrose “Schatz (It means Treasure),” or “Libling (it means Darling)”

-their conversations with each there are strange to the outside observer, why? Because Günter will be speaking German and Montrose will be speaking French. Its just something they do, if there isn’t a need for them to speak English, they won’t

- Günter doesn’t understand Chinese, that’s why Montrose normally speaks it with his family

-The two of them are a mix of the gross super lovey dovey couples and already married domestic couples, its really weird.

-Montrose is the big spoon

-Two years of their five year relationship were long distance, Günter was in America while Montrose was in France

-they give each other a lot of cheek and Eskimo kisses

-Because Montrose has black circles around his eyes, Günter like to circle them with his thumbs before giving Montrose a Eskimo kiss or a regular kiss

-They rarely ever fight, seriously, they’ve only fought like twice and they both hated the experience.

-Montrose likes to hug Günter from behind, burying his face into Günter’s neck is an instant stress reliever for him

-Most people assume that Montrose is the older of the two, when in reality Günter is older by two years, people assume he’s younger and likes older men. Montrose loves the looks on peoples faces when he tells them that Günter’s older, its funny as hell

-Günter likes to wake Montrose by attacking him with tickles and kisses

That’s all I can think of for now, there WILL be more, trust me. Thank you guys for encouraging me to explore the adorable relationship between these two.

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It’s Fox-senpai from @ask-sensitive-bendy . Yeah I have this in mind since last week because I’m listening to “Safe and sound” by Capital cities and “Shower” by Becky G and “Lockdown” by Shara x (that doesn’t fit with that. My bad.) I will edit this on my broken tab (and cut my fingers at the same time) but I guess it’s worth it when I get a smile.)

Anyways hope ya ANjoy it (stupid pun) And next time I show the final result.

After some days in which I was gaining some self confidence, thinking that, after all, everything would have been okay…I’m now back to my usual me. Since yesterday I’m thinking how stupid, unable and awkward I am. I don’t know….I feel like every words that comes out from my mouth is an idiocy, I feel stupid, wrong one in the wrong place… I’m feel judged. Maybe people sees me like an odd person. A grown woman who wears t-shirt with superheroes like a teenager, who likes rain and many others oddities that makes people giggle at me. Or at least, this is what my inner demons tells me. My insecurities and low self-esteem are beasts so hard to defeat and for every little victory over them, other bad days are coming. The new workplace isn’t so bad as the start, I start to be quite comfortable whit it and to new employees and co-workers too. My co-workers are younger than me, twenty yo young women or some and they are quite nice…but anxieties make me feel like they judge me as the stupid mess of the team (and perhaps I really am). I just feel judged by all of them and for no particular reason. Feel free to ignore this…is only a personal scribble for venting myself and I apologize for this post: I don’t want to be whiny or annoying …I just write for trying to fix up my mess…