stupid lyfe

Tonight I saw a document on the desktop that was my brother’s college essay so i opened it for shits and giggles. I read it and turns out the essay is about me but in the worst way possible; SHOCKER! He wrote about me being his “transgender sibling.” He uses my birthname over and over with female pronouns which was really a low blow. Here’s the essay with my commentary: (edited out my birthname and wrong pronouns)*

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i tried making a video of me playin kendama bc ive gotten kinda good at it but once the camera went on i was suddenly under a lot of pressure and couldnt do it so the video was just of me messing up and going “fuck…..fucKER…FUCKITY…!!!!!” which also happens to be the state of mind ive been in since i woke up, at 3:30 pm. 

idk why sum ppl get so bent outta shape about 4/20 sayin like “u can smoke weed any time u want idk why u need a holiday for it it’s so stupid and i hate seeing ppl post about it all day like i dont care

ooook smarty mcfly, why celebrate birthdays if we can just celebrate our existance any day?? why have halloween if we can eat candy any day?? why celebrate anything on a specific day if we can do it any day?? i hate when evry1 n their momma post “merry xmas” on christmas and “omg snow” whenevr a snowflake hits the fukn earth so why do anything i guess rite!!! huh! yea thts what i thought *kayne voice* yo ass keep complainin’ okie dokie so zip it n lemme live my life dindong thx buh bye 

this girl asked me to touch her boobs in 5th grade so i did (lol slam dunk) and anyways we havent spoken to each other in like 6 years, and i also moved away but now our parents are besties ??? And im going over her house 4 a bbq…. i dont even kno if she knows… that ive transitioned… “Hi omg remember me we go way back im the kid u asked to touch ur boobs in 5th grade during a steamy game of monopoly and also im a guy now so hows schooool”

i put my shirt in the dryer even tho my family’s clothes were in the dryer too (im not allowed to mix my clothes w/ theirs) anyways my dad saw my shirt was in there n flipped his top!!!! bc according 2 him if i mix my clothes with theirs, it makes their clothes smell bad ??? so my dad literally is re-washing what was in the dryer bc “they smell dirty now!!" 

this is all funny bc i do this behind his back literally 24/7 he’s nvr caught me until now + he’s nvr once complained abt their clothes smelling dirty so :-)))) its just another way they like 2 exclude me from the entire fam n treat me like dirt 4 no reason i luv it :-)))

i have to be in a very particular mindset to be able to listen 2 music and do art at the same time. like sometimes the music influences me in my work and kind of takes away from my personal style ?? u know what i mean ??? like when its entirely quiet and im drawing, that’s when i see myself the most in my work. i dunno ! kinda cool !! :^)

Field Journal entry 8675309:

2day clint n i got stoned and went to a-market to get snax. n evrythin was going smoothly at the checkout until the girl opened the cash drawer n clint just started laughing at the cha-ching noise n then the girl jus KNEW… i can nvr show my face there again

(entry cont.) Clint’s mom is suspected to have psychic smelling abilities… theres no sufficient evidence thus far 2 prove us wrong. With our past in witchcraft, perhaps we could conjure up a spell to steer her super smeller awry… although the spell may call for a booger sacrifice…

yesterday at work a guy who was rather feminine came in and tried on overalls tht were on the “women’s” side of the store. when he came out of the dressing room to show his friends, he was srsly puling off the overalls like better than anyone id saw try them on tht day, n what was cooler was tht his friends were more masculine dudes and complimenting how gnarly he looked!! but anyways a snooty lil group of middle skool girls starred him dwn and then turned around to eachother n giggled and kept going like “ohh myy goood…” and dropping their jaws and kept giving him weird looks n laughing ath him AND IT MADE ME SO INCREDIBLY MAD!!!!!!! i just wanted to tell them to gtfo but instead i gave them i really judgy glare for as long as i could until they got uncomfortable enuff tht they left, thnk based goku. but i keep thinkin about tht and its makin me so mad