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Talk to me Baby

Summary: The reader has feelings for Jughead, but is too afraid to act on them. Archie and Betty push the reader to do something about it, especially when the drive in has it’s “closing for good” premiere. The reader soon learns that in Riverdale, anything is possible. 

Word count: 5473

Author’s note: Okay Jughead might just be my favorite character to write and my mind is flooding with more ideas! Get ready for smut, but when you’re reading my stuff thats kinda a no brainer;) As always, tell me what you think!

You were sitting at a lunch table with Betty and Archie trying to make it through another pointless day of school. School seemed like the least important thing when a fellow classmate had just been murdered and nearly everyone in this town was hiding something.

Suddenly Jughead stormed over to you guys with a paper in hand. He slammed it down onto the table getting everyone’s attention, “ They’re shutting down the drive in! Just when I thought Riverdale still had some redeeming qualities they’re shutting down the one thing with actual character in this damn town!”.

Betty put her hands up in a calming manner, “ Woah Juggy….explain”. You slid the paper closer to you and Archie as you read the article. Jughead continued, “ Read it and weap; Twilight Drive-In Will No Longer Twinkle”.

Archie giggled, “ It is creative Jug, you gotta at least give em that”.  Jughead was still fuming and you hated yourself for thinking it but damn he looked good angry. He hovered over the table, “ They don’t understand how important the drive in is!! It’s a beacon of hope is this otherwise poorly lit town!”.

Reading the article aloud you said, “ Twilight Drive-In bought by anonymous buyer, and soon to be torn down immediately after one last showing”. This added to the list of mysterious things that were currently happening in Riverdale.

Betty smiled, “ Well hey at least we can hang out there one more time! We should all go together, I’ll ask Kevin and Veronica to come!”. Jughead sat down taking his beanie off and running his hands through his hair, obviously stressed.

Groaning he said, “ I know Betty but I just hate that there even has to be a last time, it seems like everything good in this town is going to die along with Jason”. For a moment no one knew how to reply to that, it seemed like things were falling apart.

You took a breath in, “ Look Jughead it fucking sucks that the drive in is going to be taken away from us but two things; One- that doesn’t mean we won’t have a place to hangout we can use Archie’s garage and watch movies!”.

Jughead picked up his head to actually listen to you so you continued, “ Two, if you’re especially angsty the entire time you’re not even going to enjoy saying bye”. Betty nodded her head agreeing with what you’d said.

He placed his beanie on his head again, “ Fine (y/n) you’re right but isn’t our most important inalienable right as Americans the right to complain?”. You rolled your eyes and watched the smirk appear across his face.

Archie added, “ She’s right Juggy we can use a projector and white sheet and boom my garage is a mini drive in!”. Betty explained that she could provide both of those things, and reassured him that by no means was it a true end.

He shook his head, “ Alright guys consider me cheered up, BUT we all have to go to the drive in together to send it off the right way”. Of course you all agreed and it was a plan. He added, “ And (y/n) you better be there suffering with me”. Betty got up, “ Alright Jughead why don’t we write our own take on this all?”.

Jughead got up, “ Welcome to your tape anonymous buyer”. They both got up and went to go write for the Blue and Gold, leaving you and Archie alone. You moved so you were now sitting across from him.

He grinned, “ So I guess that’s a date huh?”. You felt a blush creep over your face but still wanted to remain casual, “ What’s a date?”. You knew he was talking about what Jughead had said but you didn’t want to make more out of it.

You really liked Jughead but you were scared he wouldn’t feel the same way. That was an understatement, you were madly in love with him. You’d never met anyone like him before, and you knew noone else could ever compare. Archie rolled his eyes, “ Come on (y/n) why do you always deny things”.

Sighing you explained, “ It was just a comment Archie not an invitation-”. You realized how bad your wording had been when he wriggled his eyebrows in a suggestive manner. Archie smirked, “ What exactly do you want an invitation for (y/n)?”.

Trying to ignore how red you were you said, “ Shut up Archie we can’t all be confident football captains who are simultaneously rockstars”. Archie always insisted that you were just in your own head but it was hard for you to be confident.

He sighed, “ You’re my bestfriend (y/n) and I’m telling you that you have no reason to be insecure! I know Jughead pretty well by now and he likes you”. No matter what he’d say you’d never be able to believe him.

The bell rang but he held up a finger, “ Tonight you’re finally acting on your feelings because I’m not going to be so silent of a wingman anymore!”. Shaking your head you agreed, hoping it would end this topic of conversation.

As you walked to class together Archie winked, “ Who knows maybe you’ll see him in nothing but that stupid beanie of his”. Laughing you hit him in the arm, he always knew how to cheer you up.

You parted ways as Archie went to geometry and you went to your independent study; aka a free period where you pretended to write for the Blue and Gold with Betty. When you walked in Betty was so preoccupied she didn’t even notice you.

Sitting down next to her you asked, “ What’s wrong Betty?”. She was typing away, but seemed completely stressed out.

Looking up from the screen she replied, “Where do I begin? My parents are fighting, Polly won’t come home, I have to write for my parents news paper, edit my article, AND interview Jughead about the Drive- In!”.

Betty got a look on her face and you knew you were in for it, “ Unless you interview Jughead for me tonight!!”. You shook your head but she’d already taken both your hands in hers, she was way too excited.

She nearly screamed, “ This is perfect! Now you have an excuse to be alone with Jughead and you’ll actually be doing something for this class!”. She’d set her mind to something and there was no changing that.

Reluctantly you agreed, “ Fine, but don’t get your hopes up Betty”. She nodded her head and beamed with excitement. Between her and Archie you never heard the end of it, they SWORE Jughead liked you.

Betty clapped her hands, “ Okay the show is at six tonight, come to my house around five to get ready and we’ll go together!”. You nodded your head and felt the butterflies in your stomach thinking about what tonight could bring.

For the rest of the period you helped Betty edit her article, and gave her advice about the other five-hundred topics that were stressing her out. Betty had been a close friend of yours for a long time and any chance you could repay her for how much she’s helped you you’d take.

Before you knew it the bell rang which meant school was over and you were closer to your “date” with Jughead. Walking out of the room Betty smiled, “ Tonight’s the night (y/n)”. How happy she was for you made you smile.

Archie caught back up with you, “ Tonight’s the night?”. You automatically rolled your eyes at the smirk on his face. Walking out of school you replied, “ Betty’s making me interview Jughead tonight so we’ll be alone”.

Pushing open the door for you he whistled, “ Tonight is the night then”. You stopped in your tracks, you’d had enough of the teasing today. Archie put his hands up defensively, “ I’m just happy for you (y/n), I want something to happen because I know you want it”.

You couldn’t be angry for that, “ All right Arch, just tone it down with the teasing?”. He nodded his head and continued to walk you home. Archie was neighbors with Betty, and they both lived down the street from you.

Betty would’ve walked with you but she went right to her parents paper. You were on your street when Archie asked, “ You trust me right (y/n)”. It seemed like such a pointless question so just told him yes.

He continued, “ Then why do you think I’m always setting you up for failure when I tell you to go for Jughead?”. You weren’t expecting it to be that deep of a question and you didn’t know what to say for a moment.

You answered honestly, “ It’s because I can’t see someone feeling that way about me Archie…”. He turned around to face you, making you stop in your tracks. Archie raised an eyebrow, “ You’re kidding right?”.

You avoided his gaze and he knew you were serious. He placed a hand on your shoulder, “ I love you so much (y/n) and I just wish you could see what I see….what EVERYONE sees! You deserve to be happy because you make so many people happy! You’re one of the reasons this town doesn’t completely suck!”.

You couldn’t help but smile, you knew he was being sincere. He smiled too, “ See there it is, that contagious happiness! And no one needs that more that Jughead, he’s happier when you’re around (y/n)”.

Archie never really got this emotional often, which is why it was so different this time. You actually started to believe him, “ Alright Arch I believe you I just have to keep repeating what you’re saying when I’m insecure”.

He placed a hand over his chest, “ Thank god, I was starting to feel like Betty and that is a lot to handle”. You both started to laugh as you continued to walk home. Smiling to yourself you realized how lucky you were to have the friends you did.

They were such great people and if they saw something in you than damn straight you should also see it. You reached Archie’s house, “ Alright (y/n) remember, tonight is mission finally getting the happiness you deserve”.

You saluted him, “ Alright Sergeant Andrews, mission accepted”. He shook his head laughing, “ Fuck you really are perfect for Jughead”. With that he closed his door, leaving you to finish walking home.

It was another minute walk at the most until you got to your house. You walked through your front door and went right to your room, plopping down onto your bed. Looking at your phone you realized it was already four which meant you had an hour to kill.

You also saw that you’d gotten a text from Jughead that read, “ You better not flake tonight, it takes two to drown in misery”. Smiling to yourself Jughead filled your thoughts again, thinking about him made butterflies take flight in your stomach.

Replying you said, “ I thought it took two to tango…mixing your metaphors Juggy how irresponsible”. After sending the text you placed your phone down, and did what ever you could to kill your remaining hour.

Jughead smiled when he read your text, you always knew how to make him laugh. He picked his head up from his phone when Archie threw a pillow at him, obviously wanting his attention. Archie teased, “ You’re texting her aren’t you?”.

Jughead threw the pillow back, “ You’ll need a search warrant to go any further Arch”. Jughead of course was just kidding, he had no problem talking about you to him. Archie laughed, “ I don’t need anything to know when she texts you, it says it all right on your face”.

Jughead laughed, “ I’m that easy to read huh? I guess I’ve been perfecting my “nothing to hide here” face for no reason”.  Archie laughed while moving to the edge of his bed, and Jughead knew he was in for a talk.

Jughead spoke first, “ Don’t worry Archie I know how the birds and bees work”. Archie rolled his eyes, sometimes Jughead just complicated things. He got serious, “ Look Juggy tonight really is special”.

Jughead smiled, “ Why exactly is tonight special Archie?”. He was playing dumb, he knew it had something to do with you but he wanted to see what Archie would say. Archie continued, “ If you want to make a move do it tonight Jug”.

Jughead laughed, “ Seriously Archie?”. He’d gotten super serious over something as simple as (y/n)? Archie held up a finger, “ Jughead you’re taking two long! I know how much you care about her but it’s about time you show her!”.

Jughead raised an eyebrow, “ What should I say, Hey (y/n) could you pass me the popcorn oh and by the way I love you?”. Archie’s jaw dropped, did Jughead just say he was in love with you? Jughead put his hands up, “ No nope don’t go making a big deal out of-”.

It was too late Archie was already standing up, “ Fuck Juggy I knew you liked her but I didn’t know you loved her!”. Jughead didn’t know how to act or even how to respond. He shook his head, “ I love (y/n) okay? I Jughead Jones am in love and by god if you-”.

Archie was smiling like a madman, “ Jug I’m not going to make fun of you, now I’m going to judge you even more if you don’t make a move”. Now Jughead was stressed out again and Archie could tell.

Jughead was pacing, “ It’s just scary okay? I ALWAYS know what to say but when it comes to that?”. Archie couldn’t help but laugh, it wasn’t often that Jughead Jones couldn’t find the words.

Archie intervened, “ Why not let your body talk for you?”. Jughead tilted his head to the side and gave him a classic, “ what the hell Arch” look. Archie laughed, “ Just a joke Jughead, just a joke”.

Jughead wasn’t amused, “ We can’t all be James Deans and Archie Andrews!”. Archie rolled his eyes, “ But you’re more than enough for her Jug, god you two are both so insecure towards the other”.

Archie continued, “ She’s too scared to say it Jughead but I think she loves you too”. Jughead couldn’t help but smile, he never thought you’d feel that way. He smiled, “ Alright Archie don’t worry I know this was enough bromance for you we can go back to talking about….sports…”.

Archie smiled back, “ Sure because we talk about sports all the time Juggy”. They both laughed feeling completely content with the way things were going. They’d never admit it but it felt good to be able to talk about emotional stuff with the other, a brotherhood they never thought they’d get.

You had about five minutes to spare but you’d picked out the perfect outfit. It was a black t-shirt dress with white hightop converse, you felt confident but casual. Anyways you knew Betty would insist on doing your makeup and hair.

Grabbing both your purse and makeup bag you headed towards Betty’s house. Looking at your phone you saw it was ten minutes past five o’clock, and you texted Betty to let her know you were downstairs.

It took her two seconds to rush down the stairs and greet you, “ Come on in (y/n), also that’s a really cute outfit!”. She took your hand and lead you upstairs to her room where you both could finish getting ready.

She had her outfit laid out on her bed, light blue jeans with a yellow blouse and ballerina flats. You smiled, “ I like what you have planned to wear Betty it’s super cute!”.You weren’t facing her so you couldn’t see what she was doing.

Betty had walked to her window where she saw Archie and they both winked at each other, their plan coming together.  They each gave a thumbs up before closing their blinds and continuing with their plan.

Their plan was to make sure that both you and Jughead finally made a move tonight, and to do this they talked you both up. Betty and Archie just wanted to see their best friends happy together, because they knew that’s what you both wanted.

Turning around Betty smiled, “ Aww thanks (y/n)! How are you feeling about tonight, any better?”. Smiling to yourself you couldn’t help but think about how this was the 100th time you’d have to talk about “tonight”.

You replied, “ Better actually after talking with Archie, I’m still nervous but not as nervous as I was”. Betty didn’t know whether to be happy Archie had gotten through to you or jealous that she hadn’t first.

She was glad regardless, “ Really? I’m surprised, but of course still extremely happy! Now are you actually going to make a move?”. Rolling your eyes you didn’t know how much more Jughead talk you could take.

You explained, “ Yes, whatever happens will happen okay? The first thing I say to him isn’t going to be, “ So what do you think about the drive in closing oh and by the way I love you”.

Betty clapped her hands together, “ Love?!!! Oh my god (y/n) LOVE I didn’t think it was this serious oh my god you’re in love…my bestfriend is in love…with my other best friend!!”. Betty was like a snowball rolling down a hill getting bigger and bigger until it explodes.

Going over to her you put your hands on her shoulders, “ Betty calm down…it’s just a word okay?”. You wanted to downplay the whole thing when in reality you knew it was much more than just a word.

She raised an eyebrow, “ Just a word? Do you think that’s just a word to Jughead or-”. You had to cut her off before this spiraled, “ I don’t even want to think about how he’d take things okay? We’re getting WAY ahead of ourselves here like I’m pretty sure you’re hearing church bells”.

Betty started to laugh, “ Okay okay I’m sorry it just makes me so happy because I know how much he cares about you…and to hear you love him! Things couldn’t be more perfect!”. She’d calmed down by now and you were eager to just get the night started and end all this build up.

You smiled, “ Okay good, now how about you help me finish getting ready?”. Betty’s grin returned and she nodded her head. She sat you down in her chair and started to do your makeup, a simple look but with a red lip.

After she was done with your makeup she just looked at you in awe, “ You look so beautiful (y/n)”. Smiling you thanked her, and she then started your hair. Betty did loose curls and it was your favorite look.

When she was finally done you turned around and hugged her, “ Betty I love it, this just boosted my confidence by a thousand!”. She just beamed with happiness as she hugged you back, Betty was just thrilled she could help.

Looking at your phone you realized that it was now time to leave if you wanted to get to the drive in on time. As Betty lead you down the stairs you could see her excitement for tonight growing.

Getting into Betty’s car she laughed, “ You know I’ve been so preoccupied I don’t even know what movie they’re playing”. Laughing you realized you had no idea either. You added, “This is going to be a great article when the last thing I’ve been thinking about is the drive in”.

Within ten minutes you guys arrived at the drive-in and were greeted by both Archie and Jughead. Looking Jughead over you realized how good he looked, he was wearing a black tee with a flannel, back jeans, converse, and of course a beanie.

Somehow you’d both managed to match and you knew Betty was telling herself, “ More proof they’re soulmates”. Jughead looked you over and smiled, “ I can’t place my finger on it but for some reason I really like your style (y/n)”.

He of course was pointing out how similar you both looked, “ Great minds think alike Juggy, and I’m the greatest”. If you’d have looked at Archie and Betty you would’ve seen how happy they were to see you guys flirt.

Betty intervened, “ I guess you should start the interview and Archie and I will find the others”. She couldn’t have been more obvious, but at this point both you and Jughead didn’t mind.

Jughead extended a hand, “ Adventure awaits (y/n), and with it the most astonishing article to ever meet the Blue and Gold”. Betty laughed and made Archie follow her to the concession stand.

Taking his hand you replied, “ Well then who am I to stop such a monumental moment in high school journalism history”. The second you held Jughead’s hand it send shivers down your spine, and it was only the slightest touch.

Jughead lead you to where, “ The magic happens” as he would like to say. Looking around the room you saw the old movie reel, a bunch of old posters, and a small couch. You smiled, “ So what movie are we watching tonight?”.

He clicked his tongue to fake scold you, “ Not even knowing the movie I’ll be showing tonight? That’s just irresponsible interviewing there (y/n)”. You instantly laughed knowing he was just teasing you, and it felt good to see him smile.

After a moment he told you the truth, “ I decided to go soft and select “ It’s a wonderful life” because it’s a classic love story”. You raised an eyebrow, you didn’t expect him to go that route.

You’d never see the movie before, “ What is it about Juggy?”. By now you were standing in front of the movie reel, wanting to know how it worked. You were surprised when you felt him stand behind you and put his hands over yours.

Turning your head your face was inches from his, “ Why don’t I explain it to you while I show you how this works”. You felt his hot breath against your ear and which caused your mind to drift.

All you managed to do was nod your head, the anticipation getting to you.  As he guided your hands over the machine he spoke softly into your ear, “ It’s about a man who wishes he was never born and then an angel comes along to make it true-”.

You turned around to face him, concerned about how much he might relate to the movie. His body was still pressed against yours as you asked, “ Why does he wish he’d never been born?”.

Jughead smiled as he lightly caressed your cheek, “ Doesn’t matter (y/n) because he soon learns how lucky he is…and he falls in love”. You started to realize how much more this movie choice represented.

You placed a hand on his chest, “ Falls in love?” your voice was obviously shaky. Jughead licked his lips, “ He learned the true impact he had on those around him and finally went for what he wanted”.

Instinctively you leaned your head forward and Jughead leaned in as well. Jughead crashed his lips against yours, months of angst finally fizzling away. To your surprise he lifted you up and moved you towards the couch.

He slowly fell onto the couch and kept you on top of him so you were straddling him. As he kissed your neck you jokingly asked, “ What about the interview Juggy?”. To answer you he sucked your skin, causing you to groan.

He kissed his way up your neck until his lips grazed your ear, “ The only words I want to hear are you telling me exactly how to make that pretty little pussy of yours cum”. You nearly gasped, you’d never have expected Jughead to talk like that.

Dirty talk was a huge turn on for you and to know Jughead Jones loved it too, well fuck maybe you were soul mates. Smirking you replied, “ Keep talking like that and we’ll get there soon enough”.

You felt him smile against your skin and you thought you’d melt right then and there. His hands slid up your legs, bringing the hem of your dress with them. Jughead rested his hands on your hips, he wanted you so badly but he didn’t want to rush things.

Smirking you pulled your dress over your head as you took if off completely, “ Finally go for what you want Jug”. You hinted to what he’d said about the movie earlier, wanting him to know you felt the same way without flat out saying it.

As a response he took off his own shirt and then collided his lips with yours. His hands roamed all over your body, he didn’t know what he was searching for. Truth be told he wanted to make sure he wasn’t just dreaming, slumped over his computer.

You started to undo his pants and slide them down his body, barely any layers left separating you. Jughead kissed from your lips down your neck, and stopped at the valley of your chest.

He moved his hands from your hips to your back as he undid your bra slowly letting it fall off. The second your bra hit the ground your nipples became erect because of the cold air. Jughead moved his lips to your left nipple, swirling his tongue around it.

Moaning you encouraged him, “ Shit Jug that feels so good”. With that he started to suck, and massasged your other breast with his hand. Jugheads tongue felt so good on your sensitive nipples and you felt yourself getter wetter and wetter.

Subconsciously you started to grind your hips against him, needing more. Jughead groaned, “ Such a tease baby”. Hearing him call you a pet name turned you on even more so you ran your hands through his hair.

He moaned, “ How do you know all the little things that turn me on (y/n)?”. You just shook your head licking your lips, eager for what would happen next. He dragged down your bottom lip with his thumb, “ Talk to me baby”.

Resting both hands on his bare chest you answered, “ I need you Jughead, make me yours”. Waiting for his answer you grind yourself against him again, and felt his member press against you.

He just shakes his head with a smile on his face, “ Those are the only words I’ve wanted to hear my entire life (y/n)”. Jughead kissed you again, this time the kiss was extremely needy. With his hands he helped slide down your panties until you shifted to take them off.

It was your turn to whisper in his ear, “ I believe the saying is an eye for a eye”. Getting the hint he took off his own underwear, and you licked your lips taking him in. Jughead was bigger than you’d thought, but there was no complaining.

He shook his head, “ Fuck you’re perfect for me”. You slid off Jughead’s lap and kneeled before him, your face inches away from his erection. Looking up to him you saw how lust blown his pupils were, and when you slowly licked up his shaft his eyes opened wide.

When you got to the tip you swirled your tongue around, “ Talk to me baby”. If Jughead weren’t so insanely turned on he would’ve made a comment about you mocking him. He shakily said, “ I want you to taste me”.

Smirking you kissed back down his shaft, sucking when you got to his balls. Jughead moaned, it was like you knew exactly where to touch him. Grinning you asked, “ Does that feel good Juggy?”.

He bit his lip, you were really asking for it now, “ That feels so fucking good you little tease”. Smiling you continued, flicking your tongue over his tip tasting the precum. Feeling confidant you took as much of him as you could in your mouth, while holding eye contact.

Jughead watched you, he never thought he could be this turned on. You started to bob your head up and down, picking up speed. He threw his head back, “ Oh god (y/n)”. With your free hand you massaged his balls, wanting to throw him over the edge.

You continued sucking, shifting from going fast to going slow, and stayed like that for a couple minutes. It was so beautiful to know how good you were making him feel, and such a turn on to know he was watching you nearly mesmerized.

Jughead groaned, “ Keep looking at me like that and this is all going to be over soon” and with that he picked you back up so you were on his lap again. Your lips found each other again and the kiss made you wetter and wetter.

Putting a hand on his chest you broke the kiss, “ I want you Jughead…I need you”. He looked apprehensive, like he wasn’t sure if you actually wanted him. You took his face in your hands, “ Jughead Jones I love you”.

You watched his face change as your words hit him, you watched the happiness spread throughout him. Jughead looked so blissful, “ I love you so much (y/n)”. Wanting to preserve the moment you started to kiss again.

You felt his member press against you and so you moved your hips forward. Getting the hint Jughead laid down on his back, putting you on top of him. His back rested against the arm of the couch, propping him up. Biting your lip you lowered yourself onto him, adjusting to his size.

Jughead moaned as he felt himself slide into you, your walls pressing against him. Slowly you moved your hips back and forth, still adjusting. As you leaned forward Jughead massaged your breast again.

You moaned his name when you felt him lightly tweak your sensitive nipples. Needing more you picked up your speed, and he was moaning right along with you. He kissed up your neck, “ That’s it baby, just like that”.

His hands rested on your hips guiding you even more. Feeling yourself getting closer you went faster. Jughead started to thrust his hips up, needing more too. You leaned forward so much that he started to suck your nipples, “ Fuck Jughead I’m close”.

He took his mouth off to only say, “ Cum for me baby”. You knew he was just as close because he thrust started getting sloppier. Resting both hands on his chest you started to move your hips in a circular motion making him enter you deeper.

You couldn’t hold it back any longer, “ Jughead I’m going to-”. He thrust inside you deeper and faster, “ Me too (y/n) fuck”. Closing your eyes your orgasm shook throughout your entire body.

You felt your walls clench against him and Jughead twitch inside you. All you could do was moan his name as your orgasm made every nerve in your body tremble. Jughead was right there with you, moaning and panting.

After riding out your orgasm you rested your head in the crook of his neck. He smiled, “Why did we wait so long (y/n)?”. Looking up to him you kissed his neck, “ Love makes you do crazy things Juggy”.

The moment was ruined when you heard banging on the door, making you both spring to action. You rushed to put on your dress and answer the door as Jughead threw on his pants. Opening the door you saw Archie standing there with a smug look on his face, knowing perfectly well why you looked so worn out.

He smirked, “ It’s so weird the movie ended thirty minutes ago but somehow you both didn’t realize and so we wanted to make sure things were alright”. Both Betty and Kevin stood behind Archie.

Walking over to the door, still shirtless, Jughead spoke up, “ Real smooth Archie, I’m sure concern was your only motive and totally not curiosity”. To your surprise Jughead wrapped an arm around you, pulling you closer to his body.

Archie’s smirk grew, “ Of course Juggy, we wanted to see if you guys were up for Pop’s or if you’d be too worn out from your…interview…”. He couldn’t help but laugh at his own joke and you shook your head.

Jughead looked to you, “ Actually (y/n) and I have worked up quite the appetite, journalism is so straining…how about you buy us a fries and milkshakes?”.

Before Archie could reply you added, “ I’m sure you’d love to Arch, put all that concern to good use”. Archie just smiled knowing he’d been beat, and gave you both a minute to get ready.

When you were done Jughead took your hand and you were all ready to go to Pop’s. You felt ready to conquer the world, you were in love with Jughead Jones and Jughead Jones loved you back.

“I Don’t Love Him”  Part two

Part One

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“Loki, Loki!” You excitedly shouted through his chamber door. “LOKI!”

You couldn’t wait to tell him. You wouldn’t have to marry Thor.  You had spoken with Jane on the way to Loki and she told you that Odin wouldn’t force you to marry Thor as he had seen how much the Midgardian means to him.  You were beyond ecstatic. Words couldn’t begin to explain how overjoyed you were. You arrived at Loki’s chambers, ready for his inevitable giddiness when you told him the good news.  You knocked quickly on the door, practically bubbling with cheeriness.  

“Loki! Loki, it’s me. Open the door!” Silence.  More silence. You knocked again, confused by the lack of response.

“Go away (Y/N)” Loki barely whispered.  

“But Loki I-”

“I said GO AWAY! i don’t want to see you”  He said the last part much quieter but loud enough for you to hear.  Your heart sank once more at Loki’s words.  


You were in your room now but you weren’t sad. You were angry.  You understood Loki’s devastation when you told him you were to marry Thor, but he wouldn’t even listen to you now.  You wanted to be with him but he wouldn’t even give you the time of day.  How could you want to be with someone who was being such an asshole to you.

It was nearing night now and you were ready to go to bed alone for another night running.  You missed having Loki with you. You needed him and hated him for making you feel like this.  

There was a knock at the door.  Your head shot up at the sound that interrupted your train of thought.

“Come in.” You said slightly hopeful that it would be Loki on the other side.  You were disappointed.  The brown haired Midgardian walked through the door so you were surprised to see that Thor wasn’t behind her.

“Hi, I’m Jane.” She said rather shyly, still standing in the doorway.  You smiled at her and motioned for her to come in.  

“I’m (Y/N). It’s so nice to finally be able to put a face to the woman Thor seems to like so much.”  Jane’s cheeks went red slightly at this.

“I just came to make sure that there wouldn’t be any resentment between us, after all, I’m the reason you couldn’t marry Thor.”  She looked up at you, a hint of fear in her eyes.  You laughed her off and she soon joined in.

“Don’t worry, I’m actually very relieved that we don’t need to marry.  I couldn’t be more thankful in fact.  I love Thor, of course, but he’s more of an annoying older brother. Don’t tell him i said that”  You smiled at her hoping not to make her feel more awkward than she looked.  Jane looked down then up at you as if contemplating whether or not to say something. Before long she made up her mind.

“Thor also told me about his brother, Loki i think his name is.”  You looked away from her as the pain in your chest grew.  

“Oh. Oh I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to-”

“It’s fine.” You muttered.  “What did he tell you about Loki?” You said slightly louder than before.

“He said that it should have been you two that got married, not you and Thor. He said that you were the real couple”  Jane said sympathetically.  You looked don and away from her and the words that cut through your soul.  You missed Loki so much.  

“Oh, sorry, i didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable”  she said noticing your discontent with the conversation.

“Did he say anything else?” You asked, not sure what you were hoping

“He said that Loki loved you” Jane said, watching your face for your reaction.  You weren’t sure how to feel.  Loki and you had never told each other that you loved one another.  You had never thought for a moment that he would have told Thor about his feelings before he told you.  

“You love him don’t you?” Questioned Jane.  You looked at her, slight anger on your face but not directed at her. You waited a few minutes before your answer poured from your mouth.

“I do yes” you started to laugh “Its stupid really. How could I love a man who won’t even talk to me, who has pushed me away that last few times I’ve tried to talk to him. How could i have fallen for such an asshole, for someone who has completely disregarded my existence for months.”  You initial laughter had turned into quiet sobbing.  Jane put her arm around you in an attempt of comfort.

“Sorry. Anyway how are things going with Thor? Have you met Frigga yet?” You asked trying to defuse the awkward tension.

“It’s okay (y/n), he knows you love him and he loves you back” You laughed at her.  

“No he doesn’t.” You were ready to send Jane away when-

“Actually, I do” came a voice from your door that you instantly recognised.  You looked up and saw an unkempt Loki gazing down at you with a smug looking Thor standing just behind him.  Loki looked like he hadn’t slept for weeks, but you hadn’t either.   You glared at the god, annoyed that after all he put you through he thought he could just come here and everything would be better.  You stood up and walked towards him, heat rising to your face.  You pushed the god back slightly before screaming:

“You asshole, I’ve been trying to talk to you for so long, why in all the seven realms did you ignore me for so long if you apparently love me”  Tears filled your eyes as they did with Loki.  You refused to cry right now though.   “Why do you think you can show up and everything would be better”

“Listen, (y/n), I heard what you said and i miss you too.  I’m sorry. I really am.” You were visibly seething now but could tell the God was trying.

“I think we should go Jane” Thor loudly whispered to his girlfriend.  You shot daggers at Thor as he was leaving, however, he pretended not to notice so you and Loki could get on with it.

“You can’t do this Loki. I told you i didn’t want to marry Thor and even asked for your help, but you just shut me out. What am I supposed to think?”  You stomped towards him and he met you near the middle.  You were really close, less than a rulers length apart.

“You should know that I love you.  (Y/N), I love you more than anyone has ever loved another living soul.  You are beautiful, smart, funny, caring, and no one I’ve ever met can compare to you.  I now know that the way i handled the situation was wrong, but Thor brought me here to say sorry, and i hope i have done at least that.  Know this, if you could forgive me, I shall spend the rest of my life trying to make it up to you. I love you.”  Loki looked up to you, the same way a lost puppy would and all of your anger at him faded.

Loki sighed, bowed his head down and went to walk back out of the door.  You grabbed his shoulder and pulled him close to you. So code that your lips were almost touching but not quite. Loki clearly wanted to lean in all the way but was determined to let you make the first move.

“I love you too”  You whispered. Before anyone could say another word, Loki swiftly connected your lips and pulled his body even closer to yours.  You wrapped your arms around his neck and held on so tight that you thought you’d never be able to let go.  Loki cloaked his arms around your back, pulling you as close to him as possible.  You were both starving for affection after being away from each other for so long.  Loki’s lips were chapped and his kisses were rough, you couldn’t care less, all you wanted was him.

his laugh is the most precious thing♡ (cr)

Request: Can you do like Stiles being laughed at cause of the whole ADHD thing and coming to you to be comforted because you’re his buddy. 

Kinda changed it a bit. Only short!

“Stiles, are you okay?”

It was after school and you had spent you spare class looking for Stiles who Scott swore was still in school and hadn’t gone home. You found him huddled in a very small corner beside some stairs, a book in his lap, his leg restless and bouncing up and down and actually playing a game on his face.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” His voice was monotone and he didn’t look up to you, the shadows hiding his face as he stared at his phone screen.

“Because I was in the library and you didn’t meet me like we always do.”

“Jackson was there too. Just didn’t want to go near him.”

You paused, “but Jackson’s nearly always there.”

He died in whatever game he was playing.

“Just couldn’t face his arrogance today.”

You dropped your bag on the floor and squashed up beside him, Stiles putting his phone into his pocket and not looking at you.

“What did he do this time?”

Stiles never was really one to talk openly about his feelings. He wasn’t like Scott.  He didn’t trust people easily and barely ever gave them the benefit of the doubt but with you- you were different. He felt at ease with you and knew that out of all the people in Beacon Hills, you’d be the least likely to judge him and you wouldn’t try to compare it to yourself in some way.

“Y'know, having ADHD is hard enough but when Jackson points it out and gets all his stupid friends to laugh about it with him… it just makes it even harder. I didn’t ask to have ADHD.” He clenched his fists slightly and looked at you, expecting to see a pitiful expression but instead saw one with anger.

“You’re right, you didn’t ask for it,” you agreed. “But if I’d much rather have ADHD than be a narcissist like Jackson. At least it benefits you in some way- I’ve never met someone so intelligent and you’ve only let it bring out the best qualities you have. Honestly, I will fight Jackson- I swear, I will fight him!”

Stiles snorted but still smiled, “you’re tiny, (Y/N).”

“I’m gonna fight him.”

He took your hand, squeezing it gently and giving you his best, adoring smile.

“Thank you for coming to look for me.”

“It’s okay. You’d do the same for me… just… next time, come find me. You know yourself that there’s nothing wrong with having ADHD but I want you to feel a hundred per cent certain about it and be reassured. Okay?”
Stiles charmingly lifted your hand up and kissed it gently.

“Okay, (Y/N).”

You smiled brightly.

“Do you wanna go scratch Jackson’s porche and make it look like it was an accident made by someone?”

“You didn’t even have to ask me twice.”

Let Me Show You

Summary: The reader questions whether Castiel is as innocent as he seems, which is extremely hard because of how he acts around her. On second he’s innocent and the next he seems anything but. Actions speak louder than words, but the reader won’t complain. 

Word Count: 2525

Author’s note: Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written something I’ve just been so busy! Hope you guys enjoy, and tell me your thoughts:)

Castiel was extremely hard to figure out, and each time you thought you were close to understanding him, he’d always surprise you. He was innocent, but then he’d seem anything but innocent. Sometimes when talking with you his eyes would linger, but unlike other men his eyes would stay where he wanted them too. It always made you blush but he seemed unbothered.

You could stay thinking about this for hours, but you knew today would be busy and you needed to get your day started. Walking out to the kitchen you planned to start your day with coffee, like you started almost every day, but you were greeted by the angel himself.

After saying good morning to each other you continued to fix yourself something to drink. Sam did most of the cleaning in the house which meant most of the necessities, like cups, were put on the higher shelves. You tried to reach up on your tippy toes, but you still weren’t tall enough.

Suddenly you felt someone’s body pressing against you, their hand and arm reaching over and above yours to grab the glass. After the glass was grabbed you turned around to face your helper to find it was Castiel. His body was still pressed against yours pressing you into the counter. Before you could even speak he brought his face closer to yours, making you think he’d kiss you but he reached for something behind you.

His eyes stared into yours as he softly spoke, “I know just how you want it (y/n)”. Your brain suddenly shut down and you just looked back at him too shocked to reply. His stern look faded as he smiled, “ I see you always put sugar in your coffee” and he handed you some packets of sugar. You’d felt so stupid and you laughed, “Thanks Cas”.

You felt his body still pressed against yours but before you could address it you heard Dean’s voice, “Come on Cas remember personal space?”. Both you and Castiel laughed as he backed up and Dean started to get things to make his own coffee. Dean still shook his head, “Cas sometimes you just bug out huh?”.

Castiel replied, “You know I’m still trying to understand humans, and what they make me feel”. While saying the second part of the sentence his eyes went to you and he scanned your body up and down. Out of feeling his eyes on you, you looked down and placed a stray strand of hair behind your ear.

Dean chimed in, “Okay so today we’re going to talk to an old friend who has possible ties to the British Men of Letters, so you two get ready and we’ll be on the road”. You sipped some more of your coffee before taking it back to your room to pack for at least two nights. Hearing a creak in the wood floor you turned around and saw Dean leaning on the doorframe.

His arms were crossed against his chest, “We should talk (y/n)”. You tried to play dumb and turned back around packing. Laughing lightly you answered, “About what?”. Dean loudly sighed as he sat down on the bed making you have to face him.

Rolling your eyes you answered, “Fine Dean let’s talk”. You already knew what he was going to talk to you about and it was Castiel. He began anyways, “I can tell you’re overthinking this all”. Dean was your best friend and he knew your insecurities, and Castiel was one of them.

You threw a shirt at him and he took the hint to fold, “I just don’t understand him Dean, this morning you should’ve seen him! He was using innuendos, do angels even know what those are?!”. Dean stood up next to you and started folding with you. He laughed, “Trust me he knows, and I saw he was almost inside of you”. You hit him in the arm lightly and he started to laugh again and then put his hands up waving his white flag. Catching your breath you replied, “Well what am I supposed to do Dean we’re going to be on a hunt which isn’t really the time or place”.

Turning to face you he grinned, “Why don’t you play him right back? Make the angel flustered, I have a feeling he’s just talking a big game but lacks real experience”. That sounded easy but would be extremely difficult. Flopping down onto the bed you let out a huge sigh feeling defeated. Dean plopped down right next to you propping his head up with his arm, “Come on (y/n) I’ve seen you on hunts, if you want too you can have a guy become putty in your hands, he’ll if we weren’t best friends you could do the same to me”.

You looked at him grinning while raising one eyebrow up, “You’re telling me that I could play Dean Winchester, THE Dean Winchester?”. Getting up from the bed he grabbed for your hand pulling you up with him. He grinned at you, “Listen princess, you’re one of a kind everyone sees that especially Cas”. Without Dean you’d be completely lost emotionally and feeling very thankful you hugged him, and he hugged you right back.

Together you’d finished your packing and you’d finalized your plan with Dean. Phase one would include wearing some very flattering “pjs” for your car ride where you’d occupy the backseat with Castiel. Dean said this would work, but no funny business better happen in the backseat of his baby while the car was occupied.

When you and Dean met Sam and Cas in the kitchen Sam was the first to fall for phase one and Dean gave you a “ see I told you so” look. Upon Dean’s suggestion you’d worn a low cut top that was very flattering when it came to your chest. Smiling you asked, “So boys are we all ready for the trip?”. Dean of course always had to poke fun at Sammy, “Oh trust me (y/n) I think Sam is very excited can’t you tell?”.

Sam tried to hide his blush by sipping from his coffee, but you all knew it was there and Dean seemed to be the happiest about it. You all started to make your way towards the car and Cas ran to catch up to you, “You look…comfortable (y/n)”. Trying to continue with the plan you kept walking forward not turning to face him. You smiled, “I feel even more comfortable Cas, feels really good”.

You heard him laugh dryly and you could only imagine that he’d said, “Game on” in his own head. This whole “calm, cool and collected” act had been hard but you were proud of yourself. Before you knew it you were in the car, and before you knew it, it was dark out. Night time and Cas? Not a good mix.

The best way to distract yourself was with music, and you looked around for your bag but realized it was below Castiel’s feet. You thought to yourself, “Hm okay this could actually work in your favor”. Castiel was watching you and you looked in the mirror to find Dean watching you too, and a wink from Dean encouraged you.

Smiling at Castiel you took him by surprise by bending down over his lap and grabbing for your phone in your bag. You heard Dean laugh quietly and if you could see Castiel you would’ve seen him put his hands up unsure of where to put them as his eyes opened widely in surprise.

After grabbing your phone from your bag you put one hand on his upper thigh as you spoke, “Sorry Cas I just really needed that”. A couple seconds passed where he looked extremely confused until you held your phone up and laughed lightly. He smiled after realizing that by “that” you’d meant your phone, and not being so close to him.

Feeling smug you put your headphones in and just listened to some music. You were finally relaxing until you heard his voice, “You’re pretty easy to fool you know that right?”. Confused you took one of your headphones out and looked to Cas to see him engaged in a conversation with both Sam and Dean. Thinking you were just hearing things you put your headphone back in and continued listening to your music.

One song passes and you hear his voice again, “You’re so cute, thinking you have me all flustered”. Again you were confused but took both headphones out and Dean looked at you confusingly in the mirror and you just shrugged your shoulders. Sam spoke up, “Are you okay (y/n) you seem a little off?”.  Cas turned to you and looked genuinely concerned, “Yes (y/n) is everything okay?”.

You parted your lips to speak but his voice rang in your head, “I thought you were supposed to be an expert, but I’m not even touching you and you’re already all worked up”.  Not wanting to concern either brother you tried to speak but suddenly it felt like every nerve in your body was awakened, especially your core.

Smiling through the pain, or rather pleasure, you barely got out, “Yeah I’m f-fine ju-just feel a little o-oh-off”. The boys gave each other a look and Dean said, “We’ll be at the hotel in 5 think you can hold it together until then?”. You nodded your head but Cas answered, “Why don’t I just use my grace and help her?”. Again Sam and Dean looked at eachother and nodded their heads in agreement.

Cas put his hand to your forehead and his voice consumed your thoughts again, “I’ll make you feel good, reallly good”. Waves of pleasure were sent to your core and you felt your clit throb. Just when you felt like you were about to scream his hand left your head and so did the pleasure. Castiel smiled, “There that should do it”.

Panting you nodded your head and softly said, “Yeah thanks”. Dean pulled into the parking lot and you all got out. Sam grabbed your bag and passed it to you, “You sure you’re okay (y/n)?”. Sam was so sweet and before you could thank him Castiel’s voice was in your head again, “Awe Sam’s so cute, if only he knew that you weren’t in pain, but that you enjoyed it”.

Shaking him out of your head you smiled, “I’m fine Sam thank you though”. He reached in the back to get his own bag and said, “Well the good thing is at least Cas will be sharing a room with you so incase you feel bad again he’ll heal you”. Cas sharing a room with you? You were definitely in for an interesting night…

Dean and Sam said their goodnights and thus begun your night with Castiel, but not before you got a text from Dean, “Have fun kiddo show em how it’s done xx”. Cas had been messing with your head all car ride and you wanted to know what the hell he was doing. Was he toying with you for fun?

Castiel entered the room to find you sitting on the bed and once you saw him you got up, “Cas what is this? You kno-”. You were interrupted mid sentence by his lips meeting yours. He kissed frantically down your neck, “I know you want this, no need this”. He was right you did want this.

You let him lead you towards the bed but trying to shut off your brain wasn’t working. He was lying on top of you kissing down your body as his hands tried their best to remove your clothes. Castiel stopped, “Why don’t you trust me? Lying is a sin”. Castiel was far from pure.

Laughing you answered, “And so is making me almost cum in a car full of people Castiel”. You felt him smile against your skin, obviously you’d had a good point. He spoke softly, “Just let yourself enjoy this okay? Afterwards ask the questions”. He impaired your thought process by continuing to kiss all over your body and you just barely got out an, “Okay”.

He knew you too well, “Fine (y/n) let me show you”. Castiel backed up until he was resting against the headboard and he pulled you so your back rested against his chest. By now all of your clothes had been discarded and your skin against his sent goosebumps all over your body.

Your head rested in the crook of his next and one hand massaged your breast while the other found your clit, “Let my hands speak for me instead of my words”. His hand was huge, his fingers long, and you thought you’d faint.

One finger slid up and down your slit while his other hand tweaked your nipple causing a moan to escape your lips. Castiel smiled again, “that’s it (y/n) you sound so fucking beautiful”. He loved every moment of this, and seconds late his finger circled your clit slowly. He was toying with you.

He heard your breath hitch, “Feels good doesn’t it?”. You nodded your head unable to speak. His finger moved faster and you moaned louder, “fuck Cas”. Castiel loved hearing you say his name and to show you he inserted one finger inside of you.

His finger went in and out and you could barely process what was happening, and then he inserted another finger inside. His two fingers moved fast and you felt yourself coming undone. You didn’t even realize but you began to buck into his hand and you heard him mutter, “Shit you’re amazing”.

Your moans got louder, “Cas I’m so close”. Looking up at him you saw him grin and if you weren’t feeling immense pleasure you would’ve cared more. You became very aware why he was grinning when once again it felt like every nerve in your body awakened. Castiel was using his grace again like he’d done in the car.

His fingers worked frantically while his grace sent wave after wave of pleasure through your body and you knew you couldn’t hold it in anymore. Cas was right there encouraging you, “Cum for me (y/n)”. That was it, you came undone. Your eyes closed and your body shook frantically with all the pleasure it was feeling, When your orgasm hit all you could do was yell out his name.

Finally it was over and he pulled out his fingers and left you panting. Your head still rested in the crook of his neck and when you looked up you saw him lick his fingers clean. He grinned again, “You taste so good baby”. You felt so relieved, but also so tired. Castiel kissed your forehead and held you tight, “Believe me now?”.  

If you weren’t so tired you would’ve made some funny remark. He laughed and moved your bodies so you were now resting against the pillows, “I’ll take that silence as a yes”. You nodded your head before cuddling up next to him. Cas was full of surprises, but something told you they didn’t stop here.

Heathens (Part 3)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Cursing, Angst

Words: 2k

Part 2

The last time you see the Winter Soldier, Steve had busted you out of prison. Yes, prison – you went to prison for Captain America and Bucky. Now, everyone else on Team Cap was there too, but you had started out on Team Iron Man, and really, you felt like you should have gotten some leeway like Natasha had. But no, nobody was there to stand up for the mercenary who refused to sign the Accords on the stiff belief that you wouldn’t be fighting for anyone ever – so you were tossed to the bottom of the ocean with the rest of them. It was pretty wild; you were in a straight jacket and had taken to pacing your cell in order to keep from the inevitable panic attack.

He had almost missed you; you knew he hadn’t imagined you would be down there – but the moment he turned to leave your own voice had surprised you.

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“Being Messi’s sister” part 2 of part 14 enjoy :) <3

You didn’t know what to do..Should you answer the phone or not.
On the end you didn’t..It was around 6pm,you left your phone in the room upstairs..You camed downstairs and went into the kitchen.

“Hmmmm” you said to yourself looking into then fridge..
“Y/N!!” Leo yells,he was right behind you..

You jump and scream…Leo was laughing.
“I always get you” he laughs
“Leo..I will kill you the next time you do this” you smiled.

You took milk and oreo cookies and started to eat them.
“You’re just eating something Y/N” Leo sits next to you
“Leo and you’re really boring sometimes” you look at him
“Rude” Leo just looks at you and walks away

You laughed and continue to eat.Seconds later Pedro and Pique camed..
“Hola Y/N!!” Pedro smiled
“Hola” you laughed
“I at one second felt like I’m in Hawaii” you laughed adding and the boys laugh 
“What’s up Y/N” Pique hugged you
“Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii Pique” you smiled
“Now that was weird” he laughs
“I know..I’m sorry” you laugh

Guys and you were sitting as usual in the living room.
“Pique?” you look over at him
“Yeah?” he looks at you

At first both of you were serious..Then both of you start laughing for no reason…
“Okay…When will you meet me with Shakira?” you laugh
“What?” he laughs
“Mhhmmm I mean it Pique” you wink
“It’s okay..You don’t have to” you added tapping his back


It was around 9pm now..Guys were still hanging out at your place.
You went upstairs..You took your phone and called back Neymar.
He answers right away..
“Y/N where are you? I was so worried!” he said
“Well..I couldn’t talk to you” you laugh
“Why not?" 
"Meet up in the park next to pizza place?” you said biting your lip
“Sure..See you there in 10 minutes” he said hanging up

All the way to the park you were thinking how will you say the reason to him…
Neymar was standing there.You nervously walked towards him.
He saw you and he right away smiled.
“Hi” he hugged you
“Hey” you smiled hugging him back
“So are you mad at me because of today?” he looks at you

He was playing with his hands..You knew right away he was nervous.
You put your hand on his..
“See..I am not mad at you..It’s just..I feel so stupid” you laughed
“Stupid because you rush away?” he looks at you

It was dark so you couldn’t see his eyes that well..But the light that was further away made his eyes shine..

“Yes..I’ve never..Umm..” you laugh again putting your hands on your head.
Neymar took both of your hands and move them away.
“I get it Y/N..And it’s okay..It’s my fault..I was really horny at that moment” he smiled and you laughed hard
“Well I am glad we solved that out” you smiled kissing his cheek
“I am glad too” Neymar smiled
“And I don’t know why were you so shy about telling me that right away..Like I was dying because you didn’t answer” he explains and laughs at the end
“You were that worried?” You come closer to his face smiling
“Yes I was..And don’t please do that again” he looks down at your lips

You smiled and kissed him.
“You’re so cute” with your index finger you touch his nose
“No you’re even more cute” he smiled
“Oh stop it” you smiled

You sat down in Neymar’s lap.You two started to kiss..One person walked passed you two.
“Get a room!” that person yells and you two laugh

“Shall we go?” Neymar looks at you
“I’m tired..Carry me” you smiled
“Okay” Neymar stands up and you jump on his back
“Ugh you’re heavy as an elephant!!” you yelled
“What did you say!?” you yell
“I’m just kidding” he laughs

You smiled and kissed his head
“Can I mess up your hair?” you asked
“No you can’t” he said
“Oh come on..Just a little?" 
"No Y/N” he laughs
“Ugh..Fine” you said rolling your eyes..But then you smiled and kissed his head again
“Why are you kissing my head?” Neymar laughs
“Because I want to”
“And plus…Your hair is so soft” you added and Neymar chuckled

Neymar carried you like that all the way home..

Part is done loves! Tell me what you think ;) As always love you all <3