stupid kids and their adorable family dynamic

astraleyedandroid  asked:

what if humanstuck au where kanaya is eridan's big sister

no no please let me
let me tell you how strongly I feel about family AUS

and how they have fucked me up

From AUs and otherwise, all of the blood groups are familial units to me (Like Karkat/Kankri are brothers, Feferi/Meenah are sisters, Serket sisters, etc), and primarily it’s their Ancestor functioning as a parent. (Or in the Peixes case, sometimes their lusus.) 

Sometimes the families blend! Now, I LOVE different blends godddd Kanaya sister with Eridan little sibling is adorable. I did one with Aranea as the older sister at some point and she would read him loooong and convoluted fantasy books and it was adorable.

In my longest standing private RP, the Ampora family and Serket family are blended, So Cronus and Eridan are brothers to Aranea and Vriska as sisters. (With Mindfang and Dualscar as bickering but long-suffering parents who are viciously protective and obnoxiously proud of their stupid kids. They’re terrible. It’s amazing.)

What this means is whenever I see any pairings that break the familial bonds I’m like AUUUUUGHHHH NO STOP THAT’S YOUR SISTER NOOOOO

Like… I love family dynamics in AUs so much.

you all should…. send me some…