stupid jessica


“Pain is always a surprise. I try to avoid landmines. Avoid caring. I can even see it coming. But until it hits, you have no idea what pain is.

-Jessica Jones (Jessica Jones SE01E13: AKA Smile)

The Mortys of s3e6

I took some notes.

Toxic Morty

  • 1st thing, he’s confused and scared, requiring rescue and taking Rick’s word for everything
  • He’s in constant pain, and assumes he’s gone to hell
  • Quickly becomes suicidal in the face of hardship
  • Defers all autonomy and thought to Rick, out of fear and self-loathing
  • “Yes Rick, I agree Rick.” As he’s downcast, and knows he can’t argue, but for reasons beyond just fear of provoking Rick
  • Exists in a constant state of defeat
  • Any action of Rick’s reminds him of his own failings (annoying voice, etc)
  • “I don’t like confrontation!” “I don’t like this, this is scary!” is the most assertive he gets, as well as the attempt for creativity with his toxic-clay pottery
  • Doesn’t understand Rick or his anger, but that’s simply the way of things
  • Doesn’t want to be on camera, too ugly :c
  • “I got the tank,” but no accomplishment matters in the face of his shittiness

Summary: This poor bastard. Zero self-esteem and he relinquishes all autonomy and agency to the abusive Rick, leaving him completely helpless and useless. He is consumed by his own perceived failings and would rather not exist at all.

“Healthy” Morty

  • 1st thing, he’s indifferent to Rick’s apology to the spa hand, and his first action is suggesting shuffle music
  • Not only shuffle, but actually forms a plan to continue such adventure and spontaneity
  • “I love you, Rick.” Acknowledges appreciation for Rick’s pride in him, and shows that his bond with Rick is something Morty still considers positive
  • Clever in class, and unafraid to speak up now. Social anxiety is gone, replaced with confidence.
  • Capable of solving everyone’s problems, almost as if by magic. Much like Rick.
  • Uncaring for others’ emotions or opinions, unphased by either. Much like Rick.
  • “Happy to help, Rick!”
  • Enamored, or at least obsessed with the infinite possibilities of life.
  • Solution to the mysterious voicemails is not acknowledged. Rather, the problem is Rick’s concern over them, which Morty addresses by simply stealing and breaking the phone.
  • This required tricking Rick by taking advantage of his trust in him. No mind is paid to his distress. Much like.. well, Rick.
  • Rick’s emotional needs are not acknowledged, despite him seeming aware of them.
  • The phone is the problem, not the Toxics.
  • Confident his way is always the correct way (“I downgraded to a clamshell” once with Rick, and again with Jessica)
  • Goes blank at being called garbage by Toxic Rick.
  • “Seems like he’s in a lot of pain. Tch, lot o’ pain.” Pretty callous acknowledgement there.
  • “But y’know, you shouldn’t have to deal with that, man!” Telling of his world outlook having no room for the plights of others, even Rick’s distress over the situation is disregarded. Health to Morty involves a disconnection from anything that might hold him back or demand his sympathy.
  • Offers shallow, yuppie buzzwords as advice rather than offering an interpersonal connection or thoughtful solution. Distance.
  • “Big fat brain missing eating all those big fat problems,” is his descriptor for Rick. He also ruffles his hair, making it doubly patronizing.
  • He sees this as just what Rick does.
  • “Focus on the Good.” Something our Morty struggles with.
  • “Taking that away from me.. That wouldn’t be healthy.” For a brief moment, we see him rattled by a threat, and there’s subtext implying his readiness to turn on Rick in an instant to keep his vanquished self at bay.
  • Leaves Rick troubled in the parking lot, with empty assurances of “World’s greatest grandpa!”
  • No scruples calling Jessica stupid, even thinly veiling disdain behind “haha just kidding”.
  • Impatient with others, casually rude. Talks over others, rambling freely, practically unaware of consequences he wouldn’t even care about now anyway.
  • Doesn’t get hung up on his own stammering
  • Describes himself as “only a child in the ways that matter,” implying his experiences (and mentality) are years ahead of his body.
  • Slams table when Jessica doesn’t meet expectations, immediately insisting she try detox.. His way is the only way, once again.
  • Further, he tried taking her phone. For control, to break it like Rick’s?
  • “You’re your own person, Stacy.” At first sounds respectful, but his wonton disinterest in people would be a good reason for his lack of judgement.
  • Far too pleased with himself
  • Refers to the Toxins as ‘stuff’, disowning and severing himself from them. “The bad parts of us” have been removed and this is as it should be.
  • Actually calls Rick a “useless old turd” when he refuses to stop the Toxics.
  • Onto Rick’s ploy immediately with the traced call.
  • Had Jessica listen in on his conversation with his new girlfriend.
  • “You’re a better man than me Rick, I’m healthy enough to admit that!” And he runs. Ditching Rick, and his suffering inner demons.
  • When finally caught, it’s as though he knew there would be no other way with this Rick. “Do what you gotta do.”
  • Ego-maniacal and self-interested without conscience, even as described by his new partner.

Summary: Over-confident, spontaneous, capable, arrogant, controlling, and indifferent to others’ needs. Toxic Rick calls him a “sociopath”, which doesn’t sound far off the mark. This is a dangerous and egotistic Morty who resembles much more of a Rick than any Morty should..

My summary of the Defenders so far: Three unlikely heroes team up to try and stop a stupid white boy from being an idiot but his idiocy prevails ‘cause he’s a stupid idiot.

Every Episode of the Defenders
  • Scene 1:
  • Matt: Plot plot plot!
  • Jessica: Exposition exposition exposition!
  • Danny: I am the Immortal Iron Fist!
  • Luke: Danny Rand is an idiot.
  • Scene 2:
  • Jessica: Plot plot plot!
  • Luke: Exposition exposition exposition!
  • Danny: We should storm the Hand Stronghold with no planing or tactics!
  • Matt: Danny Rand is an idiot.
  • Scene 3:
  • Luke: Plot plot plot!
  • Matt: Exposition exposition exposition!
  • Danny: Something stupid and obviously wrong!
  • Jessica: Danny Rand is an idiot.