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Your weekly reminder that:

  • Victor Nikiforov’s name is officially spelled with a C as decided by the show’s writers
  • The YOI Wikia is WRONG, they know it and they refuse to correct their mistake, therefore invalidating their role as a source of objective, factual information. If they can’t even get a main character’s name spelled correctly, then none of their information can be considered reliable because who knows what else they changed just because the admins wanted. (ETA: At the very least now they have a note that acknowledges Victor as the canon spelling, but why they insist on keeping the incorrect one is beyond me)
  • If you write it with a K because “that’s more correct in Russian”, I hope you also write Atabek Altyn, Yuriy Plisetsky (or Yuri Plisetski) and Akuseeru, Ruuppu and Ruutsu Nishigoori, because those are more accurate and correct spellings in relation to those characters’ countries of origin, and if you don’t use those spellings, then you don’t care about being “culturally appropriate” and are just being stupid :D

If you spell it with a K for aesthetics… I mean that’s your prerrogative and I’m not gonna bitch at you for it but I’ll also never undestand why


There you go ! thanks for the 100+ followers again, this was really fun to make ! I might do some again but I don’t have much ideas, don’t be afraid of submitting or sending in asks my friends !

I hardcore headcanon that Ed became something of a mythical figure to the Amestrian military (and probably Amestrian public) after the Promised Day

Like immediately afterward he goes home and stays home to help Al recover, then travels the West as like a scholar, then settles down with Winry and has kids–it’s pretty obvious he never went back to the military at any point during that, and that he’s stayed well and far out of the public eye.

So what’s that leave the military with? “Hey you heard of Edward Elric?” “Oh yeah isn’t he that dude who passed the state alchemy exam at 12, punched God in the face, toppled the whole military coup with Fuhrer Mustang, and vanished? Yeah he had a cubby here for like…4 years.”

And with so many people knowing half-truths about what really happened in Amestris, I fully believe that hundreds of fantastically stupid and marginally correct rumors spread about Ed. “I heard Ed Elric met God twice.” “I heard he’s the only person to ever successfully break the core law of alchemy.” “I heard he’s a 4,000 year old prophet who discovered immortality and that’s why he’s so skilled.” “I heard he fought a tank.” “I heard God personally took his limbs away and that’s why he’s half-metal.”  “I heard he actually invented alchemy.” “I heard he once beat up Fuhrer Mustang with his own hands.” 

Like it’s the most central, prominent piece of small talk among new recruits–who knows the best little factoids about the child prodigy who hangs with God and saved the world and disappeared Jesus-style immediately after. Mustang walks out into press conferences, maximum security with reporters clamoring to lobby their questions at the leader of the entire nation, and somehow he always ends up with a flood of “Can you confirm?” tall tales about Ed.

“Fuhrer, is it true that Edward Elric discovered how to transmute his soul into a higher plane of existence and so he quit the military to achieve the status of a god?” 

“Edward Elric is a 32 year old man who lives in a farmhouse out east and raises sheep part-time. Last I heard from him he was learning how to make raspberry pie and trying to teach his daughter how to count to 7. Who the hell feeds you this information? Next Question

Park Jihoon Mafia AU

warnings: sexual harassment, mentions of shock/panic/anxiety

  • everyone in your high school knows who park jihoon is
  • he doesn’t have ANY friends at school and he never talks to anyone
  • people say that they’ve seen him get into fancy black foreign cars after school 
  • and this guy in your homeroom swears he saw tattoos on jihoon one time when they were changing for gym
  • and of course, the rumors conclude that he must be part of 101, a notorious gang in your town
  • you choose to just ignore these rumors, opting for not judging him
  • when the new semester in school begins, he’s assigned as your deskmate
  • you’re a bit intimidated by all the rumors and how he never talks, but you decide to ignore it
  • he just stares out of the window the whole day or checks his phone
  • one day he gets a message and obviously panics
  • during lunch you’re getting something out of your locker when he comes up to you
  • “(y/n), can you cover for me? an emergency came up.”
  • you were surprised that he was even talking to you, but you nodded
  • “(y/n), where did park jihoon go? is he skipping school?”
  • “no, teacher, he felt sick and had to go home.”
  • the next morning, you see him and send him a thumbs up
  • “thanks.”
  • you still try not to be intimidated by how short with words he is
  • you have cram school that goes pretty late into the night, so you often have to take the bus home at 11 or even midnight
  • one night, you’re leaving at 11 when you realize a group of guys is following you
  • they start saying stuff to you, so you tell them to leave you alone and duck into a convenience store
  • you just purchase a pack of gum or something random, waiting for them to leave
  • and you don’t realize it, but jihoon sees you and notices how uncomfortable and scared you look
  • you leave the convenience store and continue walking and get to your bus stop + board quickly
  • and you realize the guys from earlier are also on the bus
  • you want to get off, but the bus already left the stop
  • you take a seat towards the front and try to just ignore them but one of them comes and sits down next to you
  • “hey baby, why don’t you come home with me tonight?”
  • “i asked you to please leave me alone”
  • “ay, don’t play hard to get, babe”
  • suddenly someone’s punching the guy
  • “she told you to leave her alone, punk”
  • jihoon yanks the guy away, glaring at him
  • the bus driver is like uM is everything okay?
  • jihoon reassures him that nothing happened, and turns to glare at the guys
  • “this is our turf, you’re lucky that i’m not calling my hyungs to take care of you properly”
  • you’re still really shaken up from what happened and you don’t really realize what’s happening around you
  • the guys get off the bus grumbling and jihoon turns to you, immediately taking off his school uniform jacket and draping it around you
  • “are you okay? did they touch you?”
  • you shake your head, letting yourself warm up in the jacket
  • “you’re safe now, i’ll make sure those guys don’t bother you again.”
  • you two sit in silence for a while, jihoon periodically glancing down at you to make sure that you’re not crying or going into panic or anything 
  • “what’s your stop? i’ll walk you home.”
  • “thank you, jihoon-ssi”
  • jihoon glanced down at you with a small smile
  • “jihoon-ssi? aren’t we deskmates?”
  • “well yeah but we’ve never talked”
  • “you can just call me jihoon, don’t worry”
  • he walks you home and makes sure that your parents are home and everything in case anything happens
  • “thanks again”
  • jihoon nods
  • “i’ll see you tomorrow!”
  • your parents are already asleep, so you decide to tell them the next day instead of waking you up
  • the next morning you’re shoving your stuff into your backpack when your parent’s like 
  • “(y/n), there’s a boy here to walk you to school?”
  • and you rush to the door and your mom’s like
  • “um excuse me did you get a boyfriend young lady”
  • “no, mom, i’ll explain when i get home!”
  • jihoon is standing there awkwardly, his hands are shoved into his pants pockets
  • “hey, i figured i’d go with you to school since i live pretty close to here.”
  • “oh! let me just go get my stuff, you can wait inside if you’d like”
  • jihoon stands in the hall awkwardly while you rush to get your stuff
  • he’s walking me to school….why
  • when you get back your mom is chatting excitedly to jihoon while he just stands there
  • when he sees you he looks super relieved lmao
  • the bus ride to school is a bit awkward? but jihoon actually talks for once
  • “your mom is nice”
  • “yeah, she can be a bit much sometimes, but i appreciate all she does for my family and i”
  • “she seems sweet”
  • when you guys arrive at school people immediately start talking about how you guys arrived together
  • “do you think they’re dating….”
  • your friends immediately start asking you questions at lunch and you explain 
  • you’re super embarrassed by all the attention you’re getting
  • like geez it’s just going to school together, not posting a couple picture on instagram…
  • he also picks you up and goes home w/you from your cram school?
  • “….i was in the area”
  • that night when you explain what happened w/the guys to your parents your dad wants to drive you home from cram school but you convince him that you’ll be fine with jihoon
  • your mom approves of this new plan bc she likes jihoon
  • (and his face lol)
  • so it becomes a regular thing, him walking with you to school + back from cram school
  • one day this random ass guy shows up on your porch
  • “hi, i’m here to walk you to school!” he says cheerfully
  • “um, who the hell are you?”
  • “i’m jihoon’s hyung, mentor, brother, thing”
  • “…..right.”
  • you get a text from jihoon like a couple seconds later
  • “i’m not going to school today, so i asked my hyung to walk you. be safe please!”
  • wow your heart isn’t speeding up at aaaaaall
  • “i’m ong seongwoo, at your service!”
  • “ok.”
  • you two are riding on the bus when he looks down at you in amusement
  • “you really don’t seem like jihoon’s usual type”
  • “we’re not dating.”
  • “oh, believe me, i know.”
  • you side-eye him
  • he snorts
  • that night after cram school you ask him where jihoon is
  • “oh, he didn’t tell you? he’s in the hospital.”
  • “uh yeah, he got shot…”
  • “SHOT?????”
  • “yeah, his run got ambushed…….”
  • blank stare
  • “oh shit he didn’t tell you.”
  • you stare at him blankly
  • “where the hell is he?”
  • you text your parents some bs about staying over at a friend’s house and have seongwoo take you to the hospital where jihoon is
  • he has a private room
  • and all these super handsome guys in suits are standing around the room
  • you just kind of barge past them
  • “sorry kid, i thought she knew!” seongwoo yelled sheepishly
  • “yah, park jihoon, how the hell did you get SHOT?”
  • “ey, it’s the girl, maybe we should leave…” you hear someone say, and everyone kind of clears out
  • jihoon looks awful and he has a huge bandage over his right pec
  • “you’re here?”
  • he looks really surprised but also a bit pleased?
  • “stop smiling asshole, why are you hurt?”
  • you hit him on the arm, making him groan in pain
  • “don’t hit the invalid, please!”
  • “oh, sorry, sorry” you check to make sure he’s okay, fussing over his blankets and stuff
  • “so you wanna tell me why you got shot”
  • jihoon just kind of stares at you for a moment, reaching over to push your hair behind your ear
  • wow cheesy af
  • you blush obvs
  • “you know the rumors about me at school?”
  • “that you’re an asshole?” you asked bluntly
  • “no, no,” jihoon groaned “that i’m in 101″
  • “oh… yeah? and?”
  • he kind of just stared at you
  • and you stared blankly back at him and then oH
  • “are you trying to tell me you’re in a freaking gang?”
  • Jihoon just kept staring
  • “park jihoon, say something! my crush is literally lying in the hospital because he got fucking shot and he just told me he’s in a fucking gang and now he’s not saying anything?”
  • this stupid self-satisfied smile spread across his face
  • “stop smiling, you stupid jerk!”
  • “you like me?”
  • “what? n-no?” blushies!!
  • “you totally just said you liked me”
  • “…”
  • “yeah”
  • “i like you too~”
  •  “don’t be irritating”
  • jihoon reached down to lace his fingers with yours
  • “aww, young love” seongwoo stuck his head into the room, making you roll your eyes
  • “jihoon, out of all the guys you could have sent to pick me up for school, you sent that idiot?”
  • jihoon starts wHEEZING
  • “lmao jihoon’s girlfriend roasted seongwoo”
    “shut UP jaehwan”
  • jihoon pulls you down and kisses you gently
  • (since his heart was beating really fast)
  • you start laughing at him as his face turns bright red
  • “aw, cute”
  • you kiss him again wowow
  • you know that he leaves to go do his duties after school while you’re at cram school
  • and every day you kiss him and tell him to be safe
  • “i know, babe, i will be”
  • you get to know his hyungs pretty well
  • they inform you that he’s been crushing on you since he overheard you defending him that he wasn’t in a gang (before you knew him)
  • “but you were in a gang”
  • “yeah, but you were so trusting in the fact that you shouldn’t trust a book by it’s cover, i couldn’t help but like you!”
  • “and he would talk about you EVERY SINGLE DAY”
  • “shut up seongwoo”
  • jihoon would be like bright red but you’d find it totally adorable
  • if he ever can’t walk you to school, he doesn’t send seongwoo anymore lmao
  • you’re not a huge fan of his involvement in 101 but you understand that it’s not really something he can leave
  • you’re just worried for his safety
  • one time you bring him home to meet your parents and they actually really like him?
  • i mean he’s charming and sweet
  • your dad is suspicious at first but warms up to him
  • and when he’s leaving you kiss him goodbye quickly on the front porch
  • and as you’re heading back inside, he does the wrist grab™
  • he kisses you again but this time it’s way deeper
  • like lip biting, fast heart beat, hands gripping hips deep
  • and you pull away breathlessly, kissing him again lightly 
  • “what was that for?”
  • “just wanted to let you know that i really love you”
  • you hug him, letting your head rest against his chest so that you can hear his quick heartbeat
  • “i love you too, babe”

a nice intro to this mafia universe :) this one was like dipping your toes into the pool to see if it’s cold?

**unlike the harry potter scenarios, i HAVE NOT pre-written this series. as soon as i finish a scenario, i will post it.


Gender is unknown, but it is hinted to be a girl by MJ when he asked DDOCA to call him “Oppa”, a term for a female to call their older brothers.

DDOCA is someone who is always following ASTRO and helping the boys film themselves playing around, sneak peaks at what they are doing or simple things like life behind the scenes/official camera.

AROHAs wishes they were DDOCA who is always with ASTRO and playing around with them.

cr to @moon-hyuks for DDOCA’s model (??? idk)

Sorry for this being late but here is my February limited spread. It’s themed around love and matters of the heart, since I always think Valentine’s day when February rolls around. This spread is great no matter what your relationship status! As always, you can use this spread for yourself (please tag me, I love to see!) or you could head to my shop and purchase a reading! I’m also offering a bonus Oracle card with every reading purchased through the month of February, so head to my shop and check it out! (The back of card image is from the After Tarot deck.)

February Limited Spread: “Stupid Cupid”

1.) The Current State of your heart.
2.) That which your heart needs less of.
3.) What you love most.
4.) That which needs your love most.
5.) The direction your heart is headed. 
6.) A painful (but unavoidable) pain your heart may face. 


You know what’s just so powerful about Fullmetal Alchemist? How some of the best scenes can be presented with so little, physically, happening. So little outright stated or done, and yet get across such devastating impact on nuance alone.

Honestly one of my all-time favorite moments is our introduction to General Raven. Mustang is pretty sure he can trust Raven, but wants to feel out the waters first. So he strikes up some small talk, Raven asks how Mustang’s adjusting to Central, and Mustang makes some off-handed comment about how he can’t get used to all the hustle and bustle and flying rumors and talk. And he lists a few “absurd rumors”, like Scar was spotted feeding stray cats, or immortality had been discovered, or even that King Bradley is a homunculus.

Pause. Bam. And the split second after that is agonizing because of the sudden weight behind Roy’s play here. That he, out loud, has stated the most incriminating piece of information he knows, dressed up as a rumor. And it’s dangerous. …Then Raven gives a pitying, exaggerated laugh and tells Roy he’s gotta work on his small talk since he’s not gonna get very far helping to spread stupid rumors. Roy laughs it off, a bit abashed. And they honestly, truly, fully let you believe the moment’s passed. That we got nothing vital out of it. Raven lumped in the “homunculus” rumor with the rest, and he’s still something of this neutral, doofy character who is seemingly unaware of the situation.

And following this line of light, amicable banter, he invites Mustang to come into the cabinet meeting with him. Mustang is more surprised than anything—he’s just a Colonel after all! What could Raven—

–and Raven shuts the door behind them, and all eyes are on them, this probing sense that, no, Mustang isn’t some sort of tag-along. He’s here for a reason, one that suddenly terrifies him. Then Raven—Raven just rubs his chin, speaks musingly, “Hey Mustang, why don’t you share that funny joke with everyone here? I’m sure they’d appreciate it. You know, the one about the Fuhrer being a homunculus?”

Freeze. Beat. Not a single voice has been raised, not a single weapon drawn, and yet the danger here is thick enough to feel around your windpipe.

And they’re not even done yet. Enter a figure, a voice, “Yes, Colonel Mustang, and what if I was a homunculus?” And Bradley appears, composed, calm, cordial almost. “Would that really be so bad?”

And Mustang, Mustang says nothing. He looks on, pained, composed, terrified and yet somehow just a bit exhilarated with the manner in which he’s been caught. He knows, intricately, how beaten he is. He knows there’s nothing he can do to untangle himself, and he’s at their mercy, implicitly. All he can think, with a strained, horrible smile on his face, is that he finally understands what Hughes meant by “the military is in danger”

That the danger wasn’t closing in on them, it was coming from them.

And this set up, this execution, this emotional manipulation is everything right with the Fullmetal Alchemist series, for which Arakawa has my endless, undying awe. Because damn.

anonymous asked:

Prompt: Neil talks to Andrew about his insecurities about the scars on his face. Possibly him mentioning getting cosmetic surgery? *please*

Hey :) hope you like it! 

Prompts are closed for now but will be reopened on monday, 3rd of July! Thank you<3

One morning Andrew finds Neil in the bathroom, the door half-open. He steps into the doorway, because he knows Neil doesn’t mind, and leans against the doorframe to watch Neil. 

His shoulders are rolling while he washes his face, he’s bent over forward over the sink, and Andrew drags his eyes all over Neil’s muscled back, down to his firm, currently sweatpants-clad butt and back up to the mop of auburn hair. Neil’s lean and, frankly, hot as fuck, and Andrew has learned to live with the fact that he, too, is a junkie. 

When Neil stands upright again, drying off his face and then looking into the mirror, for a split-second, he startles at the sight of someone behind him in the mirror, but then his face lights up and he smiles at Andrew in that awful, sickly cute fucking way that makes Andrew want to punch him, or maybe kiss him senseless.

“Hey.”, Neil says. 

“Hey.”, Andrew replies in the same tone of voice. Neil gives him another smile, “I’ll be ready in a minute.” Andrew just nods and waits.

Neil leans forward towards the mirror, inspecting his skin for impurities, and frowns at his own reflection. His fingers ghost over the burn mark under his eye, and the deeper scars the cuts left behind. “…you know… I’ve been thinking about getting them removed.”, he confesses and scowls, eyebrows drawn together. “Matt’s dad… he could do that.” Neil’s eyes find Andrew’s in the mirror. 

Andrew lets him talk, and steps closer when Neil is finished. Neil turns around to him, leaning against the sink, chewing on his lip with vulnerable insecurity in his eyes that’s only reserved for when he feels able to open up. 

Andrew reaches out and runs his thumb over the thickest scar, and then presses the pad of his thumb into the burn mark. Neil looks down at Andrew’s chest and grabs his wrist gently, holding on to him, and it makes Andrew’s stupid heart jump more than when he stands at the edge of the roof or punches someone in the face. 

“Would you do it for yourself or for them?” They both know who ‘they’ are; journalists, fans, possible future coaches and teams. 

Neil’s adam’s apple bobs when he swallows and then he looks up at Andrew again. “…I… I don’t know.” 

“Figure it out, and we’ll talk about it then.” Andrew’s hand runs back to find Neil’s nape, and Neil’s shoulders lose some of the tension they’ve been holding, making him slump a little and exhale in a sigh. 

“Don’t you think they’re ugly?”, he asks, and his eyes flicker up to Andrew’s.

Andrew lightly slaps the back of Neil’s head. “Don’t talk stupid shit.” 

A smile spreads on Neil’s face, and he rolls his eyes, and Andrew has to pull him into a kiss really quick because otherwise, he might smile back one of these days. 

Fragments - Part 8

Word Count: 3488

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of being roofied? 

Fragments Masterlist

“Y/N!” Donna beamed so bright her smile could light up the night sky.

You smiled and pushed your hair behind your ear. “I uh…I got your message and I thought since I was close I’d stop in…unless it’s a bad time…”

“Never a bad time for you, get in here!” She practically pulled you inside, yanking you into a bone-crushing hug. “Dean called and said you were alive, I didn’t believe him, but here you are.”

“Here I am.”

“So…wanna get blingo’d, eat a buncha junk food, and have a girl’s night?”

“God, yes.” You smiled. “I see why we’re friends.”

Donna opened her home to you and let you use her shower while she ordered all kinds of take out. She laughed it off when you told her you had no idea what foods you liked best and said she’d take good care of you. You trusted her in that regard.

You walked out of the bathroom, your hair thrown up in a messy ponytail, wearing a pair of sweatpants and one of Dean’s flannels you’d stolen. Donna gave you a knowing smirk as you sat down next to her on the couch, peering into one of the takeout bags. “That’s Dean’s. Smells just like ‘em.” She laughed. “You take it or did he give it to ya?”

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The Second Task (Gryffindor!Calum)

ooooh boii was this requested

pairing: reader&Calum

warnings: nothing tbh

word count: 4,235

Summary: third part to the triwizard tournament imagine I posted with gryffindor!calum a while ago, this time describing the second task

i suggest you read the first and second part before you dive into this one 

Quiet Saturday afternoons spent in the library were something you’ve always enjoyed. Most students go out with their housemates, maybe even pay a visit to Hogsmeade, but you just liked the peacefulness the big library held on the days it was empty. You’d spend hours, getting lost between tall racks of books that went all the way up towards the ceiling, sitting on the floor and leaning your back against the wall in the Invisibility section. Funnily enough, whenever someone would pass by they’d stop with wide eyes and look at you puzzled. The books within this section are, appropriately, invisible, so sometimes sitting on top of a pile of old books could bring a good laugh for you and a confused glare from others.

Ever since a couple of weeks ago when you seemed to be constantly glued to the chairs of the library, Calum decided to tag along since he had nothing better to do and wanted for you two to spend your spare time together anyway. The second task is slowly approaching so you’ve been studying constantly, searching for any way you could possibly get Calum to come out of this not only successful but, also, in one piece. You had only one day left to make sure that happened and you did not wish to risk it.

He usually just sits around, throws little paper balls at you, because he loves the annoyed expression on your face every single time; or he busies himself with homework. Silence is something you’ve always appreciated about this place, but apparently that’s the thing Calum hates the most about coming along with you in here.

„Talk to me.” He whines, tapping your ankle with his shoe under the table.

„Stop.” You don’t even lift your head to look at him, because you already know his lips are carrying a pout.

Ever since the Yule Ball, you two have basically been attached to the hip. After class, he walks you to your next one, when you have Charms together, he keeps on blowing paper planes at you, writing silly stuff on them such as „you smell like pumpkin today” or „you look more interested in Professor Flitwick than you look in me, should I be worried?”. He always sits protectively in front of you in the Care of Magical Creatures and makes sure your fingers are intertwined behind his back. It’s just small stuff like that to make you feel closer to one another, but also to give all of his friends something to tease him about and for your friends to gush about at night before sleep.

Too caught up in your book of Advanced Potion Making, you don’t even pay attention to Calum’s fingers tugging at the end of your robe. He then rests his hand on top of your knee, drumming in between the rip of your jeans. Still not really diverting your focus from the textbook, he keeps on doing whatever he pleases, continuing on rubbing his thumb over the exposed patch of skin in small circles, then stopping abruptly.

You gasp when the heel of his shoe tucks behind the leg of your chair and pulls you closer, your front now almost sitting on top of the small desk. His lips are adoring the ever-growing grin he always seems to be wearing, hands going back to their previous spot, only this time raising higher. He presses his fingertips into your thigh, something he always does when he wants for you to know something. He’s needy.

„Calum.” You warn.

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Let's reduce the hate anons! :3

Okay firstly I want to apologize because I’m bringing back something that certainly not happy bubbly cheery on your dash because I just login back to my Tumblr. So, I just gone for about two days and it seems like this fandom suddenly so full of hate lately with those bombarding hate asks from some retarded anon. It just getting worst and worst and. The recent case I found that someone (or some people?) was “being super polite” by sending anon asks to @fureiaa (thanks @dreamsinparadise for tagging me on your rant).

To be honest, I don’t know who she is and never talk to her even once but seriously anon, you’re already overboard because you were wishing her to get raped and died. And the worst, you were using my homies @viridian99 @akanojikan @rose-of-yonezawa and @i-dont-look-good-i-look-great as excuses to send some hatred to her. THAT.IS.NOT.COOL :|

Yes, I’m triggered af and hella mad right now. This is the worst hate anon case I’ve ever seen after I joined SLBP fandom. You had no idea what had you done, anon (not only this current anon but for all of the hate anons). You’re making people to think that the entire people in Tumblr are social justice garbage, easily get offended and full of toxic friendships just because of some irresponsible retarded people like you who spreading hatred to this fandom by lurking in anonymous, even until this seconds and the seconds ahead. Hat tip to you for ruining our peaceful and loving fandom because of you’re lowest of the lowest of the lowest attitude, Anon-sama :)

I’ve seen some of people already tried to remind us about how wrong spreading the hatred using anon, just like what @sinfulinsecret wrote in this post and @thedaydreamingotaku wrote on this post. Also with some rants about hate anon that my homies stated Wini’s rant, Minami’s rant ( @minminami), Viri’s rant 1, Viri’s rant 2, Momma’s rant, Kan’s rant, Nikki’s rant ( @nikkihime), Soua’s rant, and another rants that I might be not seen yet. But well… It seems all of those posts didn’t work at all because those haters just simply retarded. Their brain didn’t do its function well as the normal brain would do. Or maybe when we all are line up to get brain before we born, they just simply not in the line and go straight to the world instead so THEY HAVE NO BRAIN AT ALL. And, haters gonna hate really fit to describe them, literally. No matter how we will warn or even rants and cursing them, they will just continue to hate us unconditionally. We will always get so wrong in their eyes.

I’m getting hate anons too on my blog and of course that annoying me as hell. And I got it just because I simply spamming trolls to Milord Nobubu’s blog when he’s online again after a while and made Nobu Month event with my lovelies lmao please get a life anon :|
I did some action to respond their hatred to me, and it’s kinda work (at least for me) because I didn’t get any hate anon lately. So I want to share you my experience. Here are the steps I’m taking to face hate anon.

1. Turn off anonymous
Yes, this is the most simple and practical step you could take to prevent hate anonymous. It’s 99,99% guaranteed that you wouldn’t receive any hate anon on your blog. I’m saying 99,99% because you could get hate anon through another blog that get hate anons. This is for the example, where my momma @rose-of-yonezawa get mentioned in another’s people hate anon in this post.

So, even if we turn off anonymous, we would still get hate anon after all (again, just because it’s simply haters gonna hate)

2. Do not always reply or answer their asks.
I know there must be some blogs that couldn’t turn off their anon because of they knew that some people were to shy to reveal their identity (in a good way, obviously not like those haters) to send them request or just simply saying that they love your blog. The blogs that didn’t turn off their anonymous clearly would be an easy target of hate anons.

I’m turning on my anonymous again after a while and… I got some hate anons back on my asks D: I never reply or answer those hate asks that sent for me and they just… Stop. At least the asks that had same writing type never sent me hate asks anymore.
So I have this conclusion that what the haters want from you is to respond their hatred toward you, or we would simply say, they want your attention by seeing how you react to their asks (and maybe the whole people on this fandom because yeah some people must be would reblog your answer and the anon could see their reaction too). You would satiate them once you reply or answer them. The haters were like “Oho~ so you got so worked up because of this? Let’s roast you moreeee”. They would keep sending you hate asks for more and more and more. Again, haters gonna hate so no matter how you explain your situation, you will always get wrong on their eyes. (Well, damn you haters =_=)

Of course this step would not work directly if the case was like what @fureiaa had because that retarded person using someone else to spread his/her hatred. We needed to confirm the truth about what those haters said first. It would be better if you ask directly to the person they mentioned. You would get the absolute truth because it’s the person him/herself who confirmed that what’s the haters said not true. You could explain and clear all the misunderstanding that the haters made. After that you could imply ignore the upcoming hate asks that pops out on your inbox because you already know that was all lie.

3. Block the hate anon asks
I’ve done some experiment with this step with Wini and it would be very effective to get rid of them because it would permanently block the anon IP address. You would never receive any asks from the blog even if they were off of anonymous. If you still get hate anon, just block them again. It means you have more than one haters that sent you hate anons. At least you would reduce one of the source of toxic people in this fandom because they would never be able to spread hatred through your blog by blocking those asks. Reduce 1 hate anon = reduce 1 hate in this fandom. You can see the steps How to Block Hate Anon post made by @andallwaswell-ish (This is very useful, you all need to check it! ^^)

Well, this is just simply my own experience when I’m facing hate anons and it’s kinda work for me. I hope it would work to you too and help you to prevent and reduce toxic posts in this fandom. I really wish we could bring back the peace and the love we had before those retarded anons attacking this fandom and spread toxic post through their hate posts. And for @fureiaa I might not know you and we never even talked before but nobody deserve any hate anons, not even you. I wish you all the best.

And lastly, let’s make this fandom back to its peaceful and lovable state! :3

mrs-kagari  asked:

Writing prompt: Akko confessing to Diana?

Ask and you shall recieve!

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“Jeez, I get that she’s the great Diana Cavendish and all, but why does she have to be so busy all the time!?” Akko groaned to herself, walking through the courtyard searching for said blonde.

When she had woken up that morning, she had been confident, sure of herself. She’d walked - well, more like jogged - to the cafeteria for breakfast with a conviction not usually associated with her, with only one specific purpose in mind.

In fact, she had been so focused on that one purpose that she ended up crashing into the exact girl she had been thinking about, spilling her unhealthy combination of various sugary cereals and ruining Diana’s perfectly pressed uniform.

Diana hadn’t minded much, simply warning Akko to be more careful in future, but Akko knew there was no way she could do what she had planned to now.

But no way was she going to give up.

But as the day went on, she continued to miss her opportunity. Whenever she tried to talk to Diana, someone else took her away, asking her for help with something, and of course, being Diana, she was always happy to oblige. Other times, Akko would end up humiliating herself or causing Diana some kind of inconvenience, completely ruining the moment.

Akko’s patience was beginning to run thin.

And now she couldn’t even find Diana! She’d searched everywhere but she couldn’t find her anywhere! She’d considered going into town and checking there, but the teachers insisted that she hadn’t left the school, and Diana would never leave without permission.

So now, she was sulking, walking with her arms crossed and a pout on her face, the dark clouds overhead adding to her sour mood.

“Just my luck, I guess…” Akko muttered, sitting down in the grass. She’d walked out pretty far, and no-one else was around, leaving Akko in silence apart from the slight breeze that made the grass sway.

Akko didn’t like the silence.

“UUUUUUUUGH” Akko groaned, falling backwards so she was lying down. “DIANA WHY”

“Well, while I’m not sure exactly what I did wrong, I sincerely apologise for it.”

“Diana!?” Akko bolted upright, looking behind her to see Diana standing a few feet away, arms crossed, a concerned and confused frown on her face.

“May I join you?”

“O-oh, uh, sure!”

Diana swiftly walked over and sat down in the grass next to Akko. “I noticed you seemed rather frustrated today, and it only continued to worsen as the day went on. Is everything alright?” she asked.

‘Of course she’d notice…’ Akko thought with a sigh. “Yeah, I’m fine, I just…”


“I’ve been wanting to talk to you since this morning, but every time I see you something goes wrong! I’ve been looking for you all afternoon but I couldn’t find you anywhere! I even searched the broom closets!”

“My apologies, I- wait why would I be in a broom closet?”

“I don’t know, a lot of people like to hide in closets!”


For a few minutes, the two sat in silence, but unlike before, Akko didn’t find the silence stifling, but rather, quite comforting. She let her gaze shift to the witch next to her, who had her eyes closed, her lips parted slightly in a relaxed sigh. Her shoulders were significantly less tense than they normally were, her eyebrows no longer furrowed. Not many people got to see this side of Diana - the Diana who just wanted a chance to relax, the weight of her responsibilities slowly wearing her down.

But with Akko, she felt calm. She felt like it was safe to drop her mask, just for a little bit, in the company of the one she trusts the most.

She turned to Akko, staring into her eyes, sapphire meeting ruby as her hair blows in the strengthening breeze.


“Y-yes?” Akko replied, embarrassed to be caught staring.

“What is it that you wished to talk to me about?”


Suddenly, it was a lot harder to talk. Weird. All the courage she had felt when she first woke up had melted away throughout the day, leaving her with but a shred of determination to battle her rapidly increasing anxiety.

“I…” -can’t do it- “The thing is, I…” -she’ll hate you- “I, um…” -she’ll never love you back-

“I’m sorry, I can’t…” Akko lowered her gaze, staring at the soft grass beneath her boots.


“Akko, please…” Akko turned away slightly, holding her knees to her chest defensively.

“Akko, look at me,” Diana insisted. When she didn’t receive an answer, she gently placed her hand on Akko’s cheek and turned her head to look at her. Akko didn’t bother to fight it, but kept her eyes turned to the ground.

“If something’s bothering you, you can tell me,” she said. “I promise, I won’t laugh at you, I won’t judge you, I just want you to be happy.”

Akko could feel her cheeks heating up at her words, lifting her gaze to look Diana in the eye. “You won’t hate me?”

Diana moved her hand so that it sat comfortingly on the shorter girl’s shoulder and gaze her a small, supportive smile. “I could never hate you.”

Akko took a deep breath, ignoring the nagging in the back of her mind. “OK, OK, just…give me a moment.”

Diana nodded. Akko pulled away from Diana’s grip, closing her eyes and taking deep breaths, thinking, collecting her thoughts, figuring out how to say how she felt because Akko’s never been good with putting her feelings into words and she really doesn’t want to mess this up.

“For a long time, I hated you…or, I thought I did, but…I think I was just…scared?” Akko began. “I dunno, scared doesn’t seem like the right word but it’s the best I can think of. I just got all these weird feelings around you, and I didn’t know what it was and I thought it was a bad thing, so I started disliking you. But then, whenever we got into a fight and you said anything negative about me, it always really hurt, even though I knew it shouldn’t.

“But then I went to your house and I learned more about you, and how kind and gentle you really are, and I wanted to be friends with you. And then, as we grew closer I realised that it wasn’t a bad thing that you were making me feel. And…um…”

Akko had to pause for a moment, her face burning, her chest tight. Diana waited patiently as Akko attempted to calm down, although she already had an idea as to where this was going.

God she hoped she was right.

“Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, I um…well…I think I kinda sorta maybe, uh…love you just a little bit?”

There. She said it.

Akko refused to look at Diana - which Diana was honestly fine with as she struggled to calm her racing heart, her face almost as red as Akko’s. She cleared her throat, collected her thoughts and regaining her composure, something she had grown quite good at over the years.

Despite the heat burning in her cheeks, her lips turned up into a smirk as she leaned closer to Akko.

“Just a little bit?”

Akko’s gaze slowly drifted to Diana, eyes widening when she realised how close their faces were as she quickly looked away again. “O-OK, maybe a lot…”

Diana’s teasing smirk morphed into a gentle smile as she leaned closer, placing a quick kiss on Akko’s burning cheek, so light that Akko barely felt it.

Didn’t mean she blushed any less though.

“E-EH???” Akko cupped her cheek, turning to Diana, who simply gazed at her lovingly. “N-nani?”

Diana chuckled as Akko slipped into Japanese by accident, only to grow even redder upon realising it.

“D-don’t laugh…”

“I apologise, it’s just that you’re so cute, I can’t help but smile.”

Akko buried her head in her hands as she screamed happily - a pillow would’ve been more efficient but unfortunately there aren’t many of those out in the fields surrounding Luna Nova.

Diana waited for a few minutes until Akko managed to calm down. As the colour of her face started to look a little less like a tomato and a little more like a peach, Akko looked back at Diana.

“S-so…does that mean..?” Akko gazed up at her, hope and fear swirling in those mesmerising red eyes.

Diana nodded, reaching up to hold Akko’s face. “I love you, Atsuko Kagari.”

Akko’s cheeks turned red once again, but this time, she found that she was a lot less flustered. In fact, she couldn’t contain the huge grin that spread across her face as happiness flooded her heart, eyes sparkling with joy, unable to keep herself from tackling Diana in a tight embrace. Diana managed to catch herself before falling backwards, sitting back up and returning the hug.

Akko pulled away slightly to look into Diana’s eyes, her arms still wrapped around the other witch’s back as she sat in her lap. Diana lifted her left hand to cup Akko’s cheek, thumb brushing against the brunette’s soft lips.

“May I?”

Akko didn’t answer, instead closing the distance between them, capturing Diana’s lips with her own. Diana, caught by surprised, blushed furiously, before returning the kiss. Neither of them had kissed anybody before, so they didn’t really know what they were doing, simply pressing their lips together. That didn’t make it any less special though. Diana pulled Akko closer to her so that their bodies were touching, one hand still cupping her face, the other wrapped around her back. Akko responded by wrapping her arms around Diana’s neck, threading her fingers through the blonde’s unbelievably soft hair.

The kiss didn’t last long, but when they parted, Akko found herself breathless.


“Wow, indeed.”

A stupid smile spread across Akko’s face once again, her eyes tearing up.

“A-Akko! What’s wrong?” Diana asked, worried she went too far.

“N-no, I just-” Akko rubbed her eyes furiously. “I’m just really happy, that’s all…”

“As am I.”

For a moment, they sat in each other’s arms, staring into each other’s eyes, hearts racing.

A single droplet of rain lands on Akko’s nose, making her scrunch up her face. Diana burst into laughter as more drops followed, and before long, Akko found herself laughing to.

Akko stood up, helping Diana to her feet and placing a chaste kiss on her lips before grabbing her now soaked hand and running back towards the school and out of the rain, Diana letting herself be dragged along behind her.