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sidebar: the laptop crashed and fried last night while I was working on the charity commissions so sorry and thank you to everyone who’s still waiting! I’m getting to them as soon as I figure out the technobobble. 

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Taurus & Capricorn
  • Taurus, looking through Capricorn's things: Where is it...
  • Capricorn, standing in the doorway, holding Taurus's bag filled with snacks and ipad: You'll get it back after finals, I told you that
  • Taurus, whines and stomps thier feet: But that isnt till next week!! I need my hot cheeto fix!
  • Capricorn, shakes head: You can whine all you want, you'll be grateful when you get a 83 instead of a 68 on U.S. history

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Hi, I sent a prompt but my old, stupid iPad is playing up so you either didn't receive it or received it 12343 times, lol. It was: Kara travels to a new Earth and meets the second incarnation of Supergirl, who is also Kara and Cat's daughter. This experience inspires her to reveal her feelings to Cat. Thank you!

Kara knows it’s probably dangerous, but when she was overwhelmed by the weight of responsibilities and expectations of her Earth, she’d bring out Cisco’s device and hop worlds for a few hours. At first she just checked in with Barry on Earth-1, but eventually that got to be no better. When she’d show up there, she’d end up helping with whatever mess he’d gotten into lately.

And it’s not that she didn’t like helping, Barry was a friend and a good man, and Kara was always glad to help out. But he didn’t usually need the help, and it seemed to turn into trading one set of responsibilities for another. Not exactly the restful escape she’d been thinking of.

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Thomas Sharpe

…..who may or may not have played a part in me missing my flight from LA to SD this past Tuesday…..

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I know this might be a long shot but...

My iPad went crazy and deleted my prompt save file! I save prompts and requests(whatever you call them) in a lovely list so I can refer back to when I do get round to doing them but my stupid iPad deleted them! So please if you have ever sent me one can you send it again? I want to try and get my list back! And if you have not asked but what to, send me that my way!

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STUPID DOODLE (Digital Drawings): iPad/iCan’t | “Practise” - Step by Step~

“I am anxious about these ones too. I wanted to experiment with colour and lightings. These are not bad, but they bother me a little now looking back on them… I guess if to improve is to just keep getting practise in.” - Student.

Sam&Dean+ Purple

Barely anything in their lives was constant. Everything around them was always moving and changing. The only constants they had were each other and they were always so scared they might lose that too. A lingering touch, a casual brush against the other, just as a reminder that this was real. They were still together. 

When things got really bad they would need more. Skin on skin, practically melting into one another just to make sure the other was still with them.

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Headcanons for nighttime cuddles and rituals for s/o and our sleepy prince? :)

Your wish is my command! Sorry for the little delay, stupid iPad didn’t give me the notification!


* Boy oh boy, Noct can’t seem to keep his hands off his s/o especially after a long day of meetings with Specs and training with Gladio and not having a break to see you.

* After a little hugging from behind and tender kisses toward his s/o neck, he always asks how their day was even if they did completely nothing. Just listening to his s/o voice as you talk about your day, it easily lulls the Prince and eases his soul.

* Hot cocoa and cookies before bed? Hell yeah and did I mention how amazing he can make them? Thanks to Iggy of course.

* Their bed filled with soft and warm blankets especially when those cold winters come on by.

* After a warm shower(sometimes his s/o will join in) he changes into his sleep clothes which consists of cotton bottom sweat pants. He’s so comfortable with his s/o that he even sleeps shirtless though it did take him a long time to get over his embarrassment.

*Depending on how tired they are, they’ll stay up and watch a movie or two until their eyes become too heavy.

* A quick game of King’s Knight is always a must. There’s never a dull moment with the whole gang getting together and playing. But there’s something even more special with Noct and his s/o playing especially when you don’t know how to play and he takes his time to teach you.

*Once ready for bed, Noct can’t help but to bring his s/o close to his chest. He can’t help but smile at their blushing faces

*Noct can’t help but listen to his s/o soft breathing, he makes sure his s/o is wrapped up and comfortable in bed. Their comfortable is his top priority.

*After making sure his s/o is fast sleep. He gently places a loving kiss on their forehead and wishing them a sweet goodnight.

*Noct and his s/o both fall asleep in each other’s arms and wrapped up in their soft blankets.

Preference 97: It's just cuddling.

A/N: so I got a request for Ashton about cuddling and the guys walk in and think something more is happening. I accidentally deleted the exact message, I meant to reply. Stupid iPad. If you want Luke, Calum and Michael just let me know.

You and Ashton were in his bunk on the tour bus with the curtain closed. The other three guys had gone to get coffees, since they needed a coffee fix. You and Ashton didn’t want a coffee so you stayed in his bunk talking and cuddling, since you both loved to cuddle each other. Ashton had his hand on the small of your back and he was rubbing his hand up and down slowly. You just lay there in his arms without a care in the world. You grabbed your drink and took a sip when Ashton sneezed causing you to jump and spill your drink over him. “Omg Ashton I’m so sorry you said”, you lifted his top up when you were startled again by the curtain opening “I brought you….never…ugh…mind” Calum said. “Let’s go there getting it on” Calum said and Luke and Michael whistled. You chuckled and climbed out of the bunk “we were just cuddling when I spilt my drink over him” you said innocently, because the whole situation was innocent. “You’re a bad liar Y/N” Luke said. Ashton climbed down too and put on a clean shirt “we were just cuddling” Ashton said firmly and the guys just rolled their eyes and made kissy faces at the two of you. It always amazed you how the guys always turned something so innocent into something much worse.

STUPID DOODLE (Digital Drawings): iPad/iCan’t | “Little Hellsings: Halloween” 

“I am anxious about these ones since I’m trying out various different styles here. I want to eventually find a middle ground with my drawing style - like I want to combine different techniques and have a higher outcome - it isn’t simple. This is an experiment if anything. - Student.

I want to do these again in the future. Have a better understanding of drawing stronger poses, backgrounds and such. I’m still learning and I’m nowhere near as good as I know I can be - It is frustrating.