stupid interviewers

kevin and neil headcanons because i dont see nearly enough for them

☆neil: what is ‘dabbing’ kevin: absolutely not
☆kevin has to chop vegetables into tiny pieces and sneak them into neils dinners because his eating habits are shit
☆they go grocery shopping together and neil keeps putting junk food in the cart and kevin keeps shoving it back onto random shelves with varying levels of rage
☆neil: do i even weigh anything to you? kevin, holding him a foot off the ground: no. its like holding a bag of grapes
☆whack each other w their exy racquets when they get too Extra during practice
☆scary movie ride or die fans
☆kevin curls up and watches through his fingers and neil punches kevins leg when a jumpscare gets him
☆kevin: *mentions anyone who has even slightly inconvenienced him* neil: you should kill them
☆kevin can always sense neils bullshit and he will, inevitably and invariably, be able to tell when neil is doing Something Stupid
☆neil photobombs kevins interviews at/after games ALL THE TIME
☆kevin: it was a tough game but our hard work paid off
☆neil: in the background wearing 3 pairs of sunglasses and dumping an entire gatorade over his head while maintaining eye contact with the camera
☆neil can suplex kevin
☆they are savage at dragging like god help whoever brings down their Roasting Session upon themselves bc they will taste the wrath of a god
☆neil makes a game of how many outlandish claims he can make and still have kevin believe him
☆neil: did you know i once spent a week in australia and had to eat nothing but jellyfish and twinkies to survive
☆kevin, wide eyed and scandalized: how are you alive
☆neil WILL pick a fight in a fast food restaurant and kevin has to bail him out
☆kevin listens to 80s pop music when he works out and neil finds out. neil Finds Out.
☆neil plays 21 loops of tom jones’ ‘whats new pussycat’ and kevin tells him to put in 1 ‘its not unusual’
☆kevin will send neil a million texts until he gets a response. like in a row, in the span of 15 seconds buzz buzz bitch where are you
☆neil watches chopped and kevin loses his mind because neil will drag a contestant for mixing caviar with peppers while at the same time eating like mac n cheese with nutella
☆they get too into laser tag and get kicked out

thanks i love them

I only care about Teen Wolf if the Teen Wolf is Scott McCall played by Tyler Posey.

I do not care about Teen Wolf Liam Dunbar.

I do not care about Teen Wolf The Stilinski Edition.

I do not care about Teen Banshee & Cop Boyfriend.

I do not care about Tragedy Wolf (though I do love his girlfriend).

I just want Scott McCall going to college with his pack and being successful and happy and fighting the monster of the week and not being constantly fucked over by his entire life.


“When I was auditioning… they would send me the log lines of the character and if it said beautiful or gorgeous or pretty even they would delete it before they sent it me, because I would immediately call them and go ‘I will not be cast, It’s not going to happen!’ Not to put myself down or anything but I just always wanted to be a comedian.” [x]

not to be dramatic but if the halcyon doesn’t get another series i’m gonna jump on a plane down to itv’s headquarters and kick someone’s ass. i have already suffered through the extremely unjust cancellation of home fires. at the time, i swore i’d never watch another itv drama again but when i heard about this show i decided to get invested. against my better judgement, i gave itv another chance not to let me down again and if they behave like money-grabbing assholes who value shitty reality shows and fucking piers morgan’s fucking stupid interview series over good dramas centring on women, queer people and people of colour i will be down at itv studios fucking committing murder

President Trump has recently instated an immigration ban on these countries in the picture above. In an interview with ABC News Trump claims he did this to put a stop to terrorism, and then cited the San Bernardino shootings and 9/11 as examples for decision to ban these countries. 

Here’s the big problem with that. 

One of the attackers in the San Bernardino shootings was a U.S. born citizen and the other came from Pakistan, a country not on the list. Furthermore, using his example of 9/11, all the hijackers came from Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Uae; none of these countries are on the list. 

I’m not a fan of stupidity, and this has to be one of the dumbest attempts to justify such bans (which I’m not entirely against provided they made sense).


“Oh so you’re a fan of The Voice?”

“I do like The Voice, yeah. I do.”


bts deserves more.

and i’m not just saying this b/c of the stupid interview, or the threats against jimin, even though those two things alone make me upset.

but it’s also the sense of entitlement from some fans that shouldn’t even be a thing. while i enjoyed seeing bts in newark, the crowd was weak esp when it came to certain members’ stages. the amount of fans that didn’t know the lyrics to their title songs was embarrassing. the lackluster cheering before they came out for the encore was disappointing. 

we want bts to come here and perform for us. we want them to learn more english. we want them to interact with us more. they work insanely hard to meet our requests so we need to do better and show them that we appreciate them. 

we need to stop making excuses and give bts more. they deserve more. 


That’s not right, is it?

The Signs As Kpop Group Members

Aries: Looks mean but is actually very kind+sociable
Taurus: Slays airport fashion and is always eating during fan meets
Gemini: kinda shady but still cute
Cancer: either staying in their own lane or the complete opposite
Leo: Look at that hair
Virgo: Visual AF
Libra: Says something stupid during interviews or completely zones out
Scorpio: Mean Maknae
Sagittarius: Chill but goes from 0 to 100 on variety shows
Capricorn: Leadernim who hides emotion
Aquarius: Asleep in the dressing room of music shows
Pisces: Hides during V app recordings

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