stupid interviewers

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I personally do not like LMP at all, but I love how badass motherfucker she is towards the interviewer, like Debbie Rowe in some ways. These women just don’t take shit and that’s what Michael would have needed when Bashitface was around…

Remember that stupid ass Arabelle bicardi interview where her and some other dummy were talking about God knows what in convoluted language that literally has no non-psuedo philosophical meaning and it was called like “Poetry is not the final girl”. Quite the tragedy

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Still mad about that whole, John intimidates Daisy stupidity. Saw an interview I was unfamiliar with of the two of them on Getty videos from when the princes visit the set John literally jokes that if ep8 does poorly he's flying to Nigeria and 1/2)

(2/2) Daisy giggles and agrees and says she’ll come to and live with his family to escape and John agrees and they giggle. How the hell can people look at them and say their friendship is anything but loving, sweet, and pure? Not. intimidating. Ugh

oh my gosh this sounds so pure. i must find this video. i love the peanuts and still cannot believe there are people who think daisy is intimidated by him. that was the worst ask i’ve ever seen.

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Sorry to be a Debbie Downer but what good does it make for her to have a t-shirt that reads I'm With Schmoopie if then they go and deny over and over again on written interviews and play stupid on taped interviews? I am sure they are an item but this playing hot and cold is ridiculous.

I can’t disagree with that. I really wish they would stop denying and actually admit the obvious, ‘cause it’s about time. But I’m totally on board for the slow outing theory, though, and I think they both did their last denial earlier this year, and there won’t be more of them. I hope so.