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Greased. - Chapt.1  - Bucky & Steve x Readers - Series

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A/N - So I hope this goes well and everyone enjoys it. It’s reverse Grease to a point. I will probably be completely inaccurate here, but here goes nothing.Had to include OC due to not being able to juggle to main reader POV. Avengers AU. I don’t own Grease nor the Avengers, js.

Steve x Reader
Bucky x OC (Rachel)

 - Imagine Grease but in reverse. It’s the 50s and two best friends are in The Widows gang, a group of not so friendly girls. They  fall for the not so dumb jock and the other a class clown. This could only go wrong. 50s College AU

(Chapt.1) (Chapt.2) (Chapt.3)

Warnings: Future smut, just cursing in this chapter.

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For the five word prompt, 'Why do i love you' or 'Are you stupid or stupid' with Saeran, maybe? ^-^

Prompt: “Are you stupid or stupid?”

“We made it!” you exclaimed in relief as you bent over to catch your breath. Your face was flushed, stray strands of hair stuck on your sweaty face and you peeled them off one by one as you grinned smugly at the man seated next to you. He too, was panting slightly, but not nearly as much as you were. A drop of perspiration was sliding down the side of his face though, and he was fanning himself with his hand with a rather irritated scowl on his face. It was a hot day, you had to admit – you were definitely going to smell later – and he didn’t seem too pleased with being made to sprint like that earlier.

“it’s so hot today,” he grumbled under his breath, reaching up to adjust the air vent above him so that the cool air would blow directly at his hair and face.

Of course, that also meant depriving you of the much needed cold air.

You frowned a little, reaching up to adjust the air vent so you could enjoy the air-conditioning instead. That earned you yet another glower from your boyfriend, who smacked your hand away lightly and shifted the air vent back towards him.

Now it was your turn to shoot daggers at the redhead, and before long this turned into a childish game of seeing who would get the air-conditioning. The other commuters cast the both of you disapproving glances, but you couldn’t care less. It was a hot day, and you would have the air conditioning, even if it meant tackling your boyfriend to the ground and kicking him out the bus at the next stop.

Eventually, Saeran wisely gave up fighting and allowed it to face you, and settled for shifting closer to you so he could also get some of the cold air on his face. So the both of you were practically squeezing together on a single seat, your thighs pressed against each other and his chin directly behind your head. The proximity allowed you to feel the summer heat radiating from his body in waves. It wasn’t all that comfortable, but this was the best compromise you were going to get.

Besides, you couldn’t deny that you liked having him seated so close, given that the man was usually so averse to physical contact even when you begged him for it, simply because he was just so awkward and shy when it came to that.

“How long will this ride take again?” he asked, absently gazing out the window at the blur of cars, cement roads and tall buildings passing by.

“Twenty minutes,” you replied confidently. You had done your homework the night before, and this was the shortest way to get to the cherry farm that you and Saeran had been interested in visiting for the longest time. You just hoped you wouldn’t miss the stop when it came.

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start a craze (ignite the airwaves) // septiplier

Boys in a band, touring and writing songs and pining. AKA Septiplier Band!AU, where they all meet when they’re teenages and start a band.

Also on AO3.

DISCLAIMER: Any situations written involving real people are fictional, and are in no way meant to be actual implications on their personal lives, s'just for fun! So please press that back button if any of this makes you uncomfortable!

“Hey, you’re the Irish exchange student, right?” Bob asks, handing him a can of coke.

“Half-right,” Jack says, twirling a drumstick between his fingers. “We moved here from Ireland. Signe’s the exchange student. People keep gettin’ that mixed up.”

They’re in the basement of Bob’s house, it’s crowded by instruments and old furniture, including a single couch pushed into the corner.

“Sorry,” Bob says, pushing up his glasses. “Wade said he met you on Friday and wanted you for the band. So you’ve gotta be pretty good, huh.”

“I guess, he was sick today apparently, but said I should still come audition,” Jack tells him, then nods at the bass in Bob’s hands. “You’re the bassist?”

“Yeah, I have no real musical talent,” Bob laughs, “but I’m passable at bass, thus Mark dubbed me the bassist. Sorry about the room, by the way, my parents are the only ones that let us play.”

“Nah, It’s cool,” Jack says, “thanks for the coke.”

“No problem,” Bob says, smiling, “you can show us what you got as soon as Mark gets down here.”

“Already here, Bobby m’boy!”

Jack turns, and is faced with a strange rush of something at the sight of this Mark guy. Probably because of how close he’s standing to him.


“Oh hi, I’m Mark, I sing and write lyrics and stuff,” Mark says, taking a step back and sticking out his hand. His voice is deeper than Jack would’ve expected it to be. “You’re Sean, right? You’re gonna be in our band?”

“Jack, actually,” he corrects as he shakes Mark’s hand, feeling lightheaded. “And… you haven’t even heard me play yet.”

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A summary of TFA
  • Finn: Ooh, a hot dude! Oh, he's dead. Oh- a hot girl! Another one bites the dust, Kylo Ren wins again. Nevermind, actually, Hot Dude's alive AND we're gonna rescue Hot Girl."
  • Poe: Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work I- holy shit, what's up with these Stormtroopers? They're already patting me down and I haven't even told them I'm gay! Now this SUPER CUTE one is trying to "rescue" me...
  • BB-8: (what the fuck do you think you're doing with my dad? That's right, I'm talking to YOU, little jacket-stealing traitor!! You'd better be damn good to me, or I swear I'll make Poe dump you)
  • Rey: I'm just a simple lesbian, living in the desert- OMG cute droid alert! Whoa, a *nice* man! Never met one of those before! Uh... why is he grabbing my hand? Doesn't he know I'm gay...?
  • Kylo: GOD EVERYONE I just want to live my Hardcore Emo Teen life, but NOOOOOO. You have to bring my dysfunctional family back TIME AND TIME AGAIN
  • Hux: Fuck Kylo and his stupid hair and stupid cape and stupid mask and stupid lightsaber and stupid face and UGHH I HATE HIM SO MUCH.... oh shit he's like a fucking oven, he's so hot and I am literally so turned on right now
  • Phasma: I came out to attack people and I'm honestly having such a good time right now. Ugh Ren and his anger management issues. Ugh Hux and his homoeroticness. UGH THE WORLD IS SO ANNOYING HELP PLZ
  • Leia: really, considering I used to make out with my brother, wear golden bikinis, and watch my home planet blow up, my life could be a lot worse. Lots of people have emo children these days. I hear it's a thing thing
  • Chewbacca: Han look we're home Han look there's a girl Han look I'm dying Han look Big Deal has a boyfriend Han look it's your son Han look out he's- HAN NO
  • Luke: . . .

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love triangle headcannons or scenario (whichever you prefer) for xanxus and squalo? say s/o's varia's cloud guardian but with a mix of hibari's personality + lussuria's motherly love (for s/o's cats)

           “Really,” you muttered, rubbing your temples as you heard Xanxus and his Rain Guardian shouting at one another in the halls. You couldn’t really discern what they were arguing about, but you figured that it was something stupid and that it wouldn’t concern you. Hopefully. Typically, you were the one who shut them both up by going out there by grabbing collars and throwing some punches. You hated it when people disrupted your peace; you had a lot of paperwork to get done, as the Varia’s Cloud Guardian, and yet Xanxus and Squalo had their daily fights.

           You weren’t even sure how you survived here sometimes… It was completely ridiculous, and seemingly everything the Varia did clashed with your desire for silence and alone time. Someone always ended up getting into some kind of brawl with someone else, and unfortunately, every so often, you were caught in the middle of it, leading to your involvement as well. Insults were slung back and forth regularly, and you couldn’t believe what you were listening to sometimes.

           But even though you hated putting up with the somehow functioning mess of the Varia at some points, you did enjoy settling disputes with your fists occasionally. Your actions tended to tell people you weren’t in the mood for their ridiculous antics.

           Shaking your head, you returned to your work and tuned out their screeching. As you scratched your pen against another report, you felt a warm, fluffy feeling against your free hand, and you turned to see one of your cats sitting down on your desk.

           “[Cat’s name]…” you mumbled, a smile slowly forming on your face. He just knew when you were feeling annoyed.  At least your cats seemed to understand you, and you could never hold back a smile when you saw them.

           He purred and swished his tail before loafing up and closing his eyes.

           “Want a snack, hmm?” you asked, opening one of your desk’s drawers and taking out his favorite treat. You hung the snack in front of him, and when he opened his eyes, he easily pulled it from you.

           Your smile widened a little when you saw him contently enjoying his snack. “You’re the cutest ever, aren’t you? I love you, [Cat’s name].”

           He turned back to blink at you and licked his lips. You let out a light laugh and then focused on your paperwork again.

           You had just finished signing off the report when someone slammed open your door, and your expression instantly fell into an apathetic one. And then you were irritated, your brows furrowing a bit as your lips pulled downwards into a frown. In your doorway stood both Xanxus and Squalo, and you resisted the urge to kick them both out of your office. One of them was your boss, and the other the Second-in-Command of the Varia, so you did have to be a little respectful.

           “What.” Your eyes narrowed, and [Cat’s name] hopped off your desk before hiding behind it.

           “This scum isn’t good enough for you,” announced Xanxus suddenly, approaching your desk and not sparing a glance to the swordsman seething beside him.

           Squalo growled at his boss and snapped irately, “You’re the idiot who isn’t good enough.”

           It was this argument again… You had told them that you liked them both, but that didn’t seem to be acceptable for them.

           You stared at them unwaveringly and then answered without hesitating, “I don’t have time for your stupidity.”

           “[Name],” the white-haired man said as he walked closer to your desk and then placed his left hand on its surface.

           You looked back down at your paperwork without answering. You really didn’t have time for their stupidity.

           “Hey. Don’t look away.”

           Xanxus had plucked the pen from your grip, and you protested shortly before looking up in annoyance. You had work to do—!

           The crimson-eyed man was oddly close to you before he leaned back and threw your pen behind him and across the room. You frowned, but remained silent.

           “Don’t make me burn that stupid report,” threatened the Varia’s Boss as he saw that you were about to look down again at your work and retrieve another pen from your desk.

           You found yourself looking at both Xanxus and Squalo, your gaze flicking from one to the other. The way they were staring at you unnerved you…

           You were acutely aware and embarrassed of the blush that was starting to rise to your cheeks. You hated it when that happened; you tried to keep yourself indifferent towards their advances, and yet… Those two knew exactly how to set you off. You didn’t want to break your neutral façade, but it was slowly cracking. Looking away from them both and in a last attempt to make them exit, you raised an index finger towards your door and said lowly, “Out.”

           Xanxus and Squalo glanced at one another from the corners of their eyes, and you couldn’t help sinking back into your chair a little when you noticed. They didn’t quite seem to be in the mood to leave at all.

           Squalo was reaching out with his right hand and pulling your arm down, his hand closing over yours as his eyes flashed, a smirk on his face.

           “Voi. I don’t think so.”

           And then you were feeling oddly trapped, your face reddening when the two men leaned towards you without any intentions of backing away.

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Okay this might be a lil quick but i loved your stories so could we get a morning after? Or three mornings after bc Draco is an awkward coward?

sorry this took so long! i wanted to write the third part almost immediately, but didn’t have time. also, i just want to say that people’s nice comments and requests for more always just make me so happy and is what makes me want to continue to write, so thank you ☺️

My Writing

Part One // Part Two

Draco woke up just a few hours later, around six in the morning. He let out a groan, and then tensed up when he felt a warm body next to him. In his sleep, he had forgotten the events that went down with Potter, but now they came back with full force. He sighed sadly and got out of the bed, careful not to wake Harry who was snoring quietly.

Draco looked down at the soft, unbothered expression on Harry’s sleeping face and smiled. Draco hated himself for thinking it, he really did, but Potter was just so fucking adorable.

With that thought, Draco shook his head and quietly left the room. He headed towards the front door to leave the house and Harry, who probably wouldn’t even remember their stupid kiss and sharing the stupid bed and the stupid cuddling and all the stupid events from the previous night.

However, as Draco reached the front door, he was caught up in his thoughts, and didn’t even realize that Harry had woken up when Draco closed the bedroom door and followed him until he felt a soft, warm hand grasp his elbow.

“Where are you going?”

Draco turned, quite surprised, and looked at the clearly still sleepy man standing before him. His hair was a mess, even more so than usual, green eyes vibrant, and the previous unbothered expression Draco had viewed while he was sleeping was now replaced by one containing confusion and hurt.

Draco blushed when he realized that Harry’s hand was still on his elbow, and that he had been staring at Harry for a solid minute without answering his question.

“I-I was-”

“Leaving,” Harry cut him off. “Why?”

“I just didn’t think you would want me here anymore,” Draco answered in a quiet voice and tried to pull his arm away, but Harry didn’t let go.

Harry looked at Draco as if he was stupid.

“What the bloody hell would make you think that?”

Draco took a deep breath.

“You just think of me as a friend.”

Harry gaped at him, and his hand slid off of Draco’s arm.

“Are you kidding me, Draco? Do you not remember anything from last night? You should, because I was the drunk one and I still remember.”

Draco narrowed his eyes at Harry and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Exactly, you were drunk! You didn’t know what you were doing!”

Harry just rolled his eyes, which just angered Draco further. Before Harry could respond, Draco spoke again.

“Stop treating me like I’m stupid!”

“Then stop acting like it, Draco! How much more of a hint do I need to give you?”

Draco clenched his jaw.

“When I brought you home from the bar and got you into your bed, you thanked me for being a good friend. Friend. So excuse me for thinking that’s all you thought of me as. And never say that I’m stupid again.”

Draco then turned back towards the door, now thoroughly fed up with Potter, but Harry stopped him by, once again, grabbing his arm.

“Hey, I’m sorry. I just…you have no idea how frustrating it has been for me to be pining after you and thinking you didn’t see me the same way.”

Draco whipped back around at this.

“Actually, Potter, I have every fucking idea of what that’s like. Especially after last night. The past twenty-four hours have consisted of the biggest bloody mix of emotions I’ve ever felt in my life!”

Draco tried to sound angry, but he could feel all of his rage quickly seeping out of him.

Harry gave him a sly look and stepped closer to him so their chests were nearly touching. Draco blushed at the proximity.

“If I remember correctly, Draco, you agreed that you would be calling me Harry from now on.”

Draco was surprised that this was Harry’s response to his previous statement, but he didn’t mind. He just gave Harry a playful glare.

“How you remember all this is beyond me. You were wasted.”

Harry snorted and took the last small step forward to press his body to Draco’s.

“I think we both know I wasn’t that drunk…maybe I was just pretending so something like this would finally happen,” Harry said with a smirk.

“You wouldn’t!”

Harry just shrugged.

“You should’ve been in bloody Slytherin,” Draco mumbled, which made Harry laugh.

Harry smiled at Draco and then captured his lips in a kiss. Draco was surprised at the action, but immediately welcomed it, and kissed Harry back with everything that he had.

They both pulled away panting for breath.

“Now, seeing as we both only got a few hours of sleep last night, would you like to accompany me back to my bed?”

Draco grinned and allowed Harry to take his hand. He started to pull Draco that way before he even gave him an answer.

“I would love too, Harry.”


A/N: Kylo isn’t so much in this until towards end but it’s so worth it, trust me. Also, forgive me if a few things about Corellia sound off it was hard getting information off of the planet besides what wookieepedia had so bare with me! Anyways, the next update shall be saturday which im v excited about…enjoy!

Word Count: 6.4K+

Warning: Profanity…duh

Which is worse: the anticipation of returning to home base where Rey, Finn and Poe could be waiting to chew me out…or, the fact that I kissed-and-dashed Kylo Ren? The latter seems far more deadly…the latter it is. Letting out a deep sigh, you leaned back in the pilots seat of the one-maned spacecraft, feeling your heart still racing against your chest. It had been a good twenty minutes since you had left–well, ran away from–Kylo, and yet, your heart was still pounding. This isn’t how it’s supposed to be.

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littlecrow-headcanons  asked:

I hope you don't mind me stopping by again, might I ask for a scenario with Kenma and his s/o as friends with benefits? Any details are up to you (nsfw or not, fluffy or angsty, for instance) but I would appreciate them being college-age and maybe some smiling Kenma? Thank you very much! Keep up the wonderful work!

AN: ♡ Kenma ♡ I have the softest spot in my heart for this precious boy. I love him so much…. Thanks for requesting him! I hope you enjoy some angst (I guess ???) and some fluff ~!

Every Friday was the same. You would finish your classes for the day, head back to your apartment, and they would always end with the sweetest touch.

Every Friday was the same. You always ended up tangled in his sheets. He was the silk against your skin, tasted like warm honey on your lips, and felt like a drug intoxicating your body. You were addicted.

Every Friday was the same for Kenma. He finished his classes, headed back to his apartment, played his games, and waited for your call. You were the sweetest touch.

He would arrive at your apartment at the same time every week, waiting for you to pull him in and drink him up. Normal best friends would never let a friendship go this far, but neither of you cared for now, especially Kenma. He would cross that forbidden line for you, risked all your years of friendship since Nekoma, if it all meant that you would stay by his side.

He needed you. And you needed him.

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They have tried everything. Everything that they can possibly think of. But nothing has worked, and the longer that Magnus Bane stares at the pale, cold face of Alec Lightwood, the faster the little hope he has fades.  Magnus clutches at the chair Alec is currently lying prone on, fingers digging deeply into the fabric nervously and he grits his teeth to prevent the hot, frustrated tears from breaking free from his eyes.

“Don’t you die on me, Alexander.” Magnus murmurs,  hand hovering above Alec’s forehead as if to brush the strands of hair hanging there away, but his fingers never make contact. He lays his hand back down on the chair and watches Alec’s chest rise and fall intently because he’s afraid that Alec will stop moving, stop breathing altogether.

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Korrasami as parents please!!!

I’m not sure if this is what you had in mind anon, but I hope you like it.

This is another headcanon, 5 to 6 years after this one. Korra and Asami are 39 and 40, respectively. Ketu is 15, and Yuura is 9. (GUYS I have thought about this family WAY TOO MUCH GOODBYE)

Korra was late. Of course she was, it was ridiculous for her to even think that she could get out of the President’s office in a timely manner. Asami had warned her and obviously she had been right and now Korra was in trouble.

Korra found Asami’s office automatically, swooping in and landing lightly on the ledge with practiced ease. She retracted the wings of her glider and opened the window that was always left ajar for her. “I’m so sorry I’m late… Asami?”

Korra climbed into the empty office and a jolt of panic shot through her. Asami had already left without her! She didn’t think she was that late. How could she have been so careless? Now Asami was already on her way to Air Temple Island and Korra was going to miss the ceremony and she would never forgive herself.

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sideline [taehyung&you]

Summary: you never noticed how much Taehyung loved you, due to the douche boyfriend you’d been with. but Taehyung helps open your eyes, having you see his love.

a/n: thanks soooo much for requesting anonnie, and thanks for letting me do the switch!! i hope you enjoyed this one super much, because i know i did. ,y kokoro was like soaringggggggg hhahah. <3

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It’s already heart wrenching enough when the one you loved ever so secretly, is taken away. While all that you can ever do though, is watch, envy, and live with regression as the time flies on.

However, the pain in your heart pierces deeply through when the one you love is living in denial, not claiming that their significant other is hurting them. What more can you do though, when you’re just a friend who’s sometimes a third wheel, but mainly sitting on the sideline?

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Everybody Knows (It Sucks to Grow Up)

Oh man, here we are again with Saitama’s parents! And this time, they’re meeting another new hero and learning a little more about Rikki’s past. Cut for length, not for content. Enjoy!

Part of the ‘When We Talk About Family, We Mean…’ series. Also a sequel to this fic in which Zenko has taken up being a hero as well.

Originally posted by paperholm

Zenko dropped her backpack on top of her pink, flower-printed suitcase, crossing her arms as she sat on the bench at the bus station. She didn’t even want to be here, but what else was she supposed to do? Stupid Badd. Stupid Hero Association. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

As she sat and waited for her bus to arrive, a man and a woman wandered over from the inbound lane. Zenko couldn’t help watching the huge older guy lugging what seemed to be five suitcases on his shoulders, and he towered over his partner, who had her hand on her hip. Her long, thick hair hung most of the way down her back, and she was fingering one of the lush ringlets framing her stern face. “Where is he? He said he was going to be here as soon as we arrived.”

“Perhaps we should have rented a car, my temperate egg roll,” the giant said, setting the bags on the ground.

“Nah, I hate driving around this prefecture.” The woman turned her head to look at Zenko, and she quickly looked away, conscious that she had been staring. “Tarou, will you get me a Coke, love? I saw a vending machine near the terminal that had them.”

“OF COURSE. ANYTHING FOR YOU, MY HEART.” Zenko flinched when the man yelled this and then headed back from where they had come.

Zenko glanced at her phone. Two more hours. There were about a billion texts from Badd and even a few from Garou, but she didn’t care. She deleted them all with furious swipes of her thumb.

“May I sit here?”

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Homesick (Klance fic for arrafrost)

Here’s my little Klance offering to @arrafrost the Queen Crab temptress extraordinaire who dragged me into this ship. You’re a mean crab sorceress and I’m gonna fight you and your evil influence (with red heart confetti). Enjoy! Just like how I enjoy these two gay dorks. Ugh, that sounds kinda creepy when I say it out loud. Also, like I suddenly want Space Daddy Shiro to sex up Lance and I don’t know why.

Tags: Keith/Lance (Voltron), fluff, some angst and crying, comforting boyfriends, my stupid first attempt at Voltron because I’m an incurable shipper of two gay space cowboys pleasedontkillmeeeee

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The Night They Met

“…and so I’d like you to meet my really good friend Taylor. She’s the best.” That was all Calvin heard before she was standing in front of him, all tall and beautiful, her eyes piercing his. It was weird, when their eyes met, it felt like her knew her already. Instantly comfortable. 

 "Hi, I’m Calv–Adam,“ he fumbled, sticking out his hand. She grabbed his hand with her own and leaned in closer, her forehead wrinkles in confusion, her face an inch away from his-“I’m sorry I missed that. What did you say?” “Sorry,” he said quickly, “Adam, my name is Adam. Nice to meet you!” “But I thought,” she pulled back slightly and let go of his hand turning to Ellie with a half smile on her face. “I thought it was Cal-?“ 

 He interrupted her before Ellie answer. "Calvin Harris is just my stage name. I use my real name with friends.” “Oh, so we’re friends then?” She turned her face back to him, a flirtatious lift on her lips. “We barely just met.” Adams face lit up. “I would say so, sure. You seem the type of girl a guy like me would be lucky to call a friend." 

Taylor laughed. "Smooth, Mr. Harris, real smooth.” “Thanks,” he answered brightly. “And it’s Mr. Wiles if we’re going to go by last name. Though I much prefer Adam, coming from your lips. And what’s your last name then? Smith or something?" 

Taylor leaned in and laughed harder this time. "Cute Adam, really cute,” she breathed out after she could breathe again. “It’s Swift, if you didn’t know,” she said, before glancing around in confusion. “But where did Ellie disappear off too then? That girl I swear, I’ve been losing her all night!" 

She turned back to Adam, a dazed smile in his face. "I’m sorry what?” He said, after several seconds had passed with no response from him. “I said, did you see where Ellie ran off to?” She smiled at him, pulled into his eyes. His eyes were like magnets, drawing her in, and his proximity was setting off many chemical reactions–her skin practically tingled from being this close to him.

“She must have found more interesting people to talk to,” he answered with a smirk. “I can’t imagine who could be more interesting than you.” “All right Romeo, calm down,” she joked, taking a small step back from his body. Their proximity and his words were making her seriously consider breaking her no boys policy. “Sorry was that too cheesy?” Adam asked, taking a step closer to her, closing the space she just created. “I can’t seem to stop my mouth from saying very dorky, corny things right now. I blame your beauty of course.” He smiled big, letting her know he was kidding around. 

 The two fell into an easy conversation, a teasing back and forth. The longer it went on, the more comfortable she felt. He just got her, right away. Thought she was funny, and made her laugh way too easily. Could she do it? she mused to herself as Adam launched into a description of his morning preparation for the event. Could she break her no dating rule for him? He just seemed so funny and sweet–and nice. A good guy. And the way her body sang when he got close was making her feel like that rule was stupid–who would even make a rule like that? 

Suddenly, a hand appears out of nowhere and clapped Adam on the back. “Calvin!” A booming voice called out. Adams face immediately closed off and turned polite. “Hey Dave, how are you?” He said, shaking his hand. “And look who we have here? The Actual Taylor Swift? God damn man. Better not let Aarika catch you talking to this heartbreaker!” Taylor stiffened immediately, and her face froze in a polite smile. 

“I didn’t know you had a girlfriend,” she said, stepping back from their previous closeness. Adam shook his head no, he didn’t, but Dave interjected, “Oh yeah, what’s it been, seven months now? Where is she, anyway?" 

"Not here,” Adam answered pointedly, the tone lost on Dave, who nodded distractedly, then saw someone else he knew and left the two of them with a drunken wave. 

 "Well that’s nice. Anyway, it was lovely meeting you, Calvin,“ she said, as she stuck her hand out to shake his. "I hope you have a wonderful evening.” Polished, professional, cold. “No, Taylor, I’m not–we’re not,” Adam tried to explain, reaching out to grab her arm before she ran away. Taylor smiled that same smile but scooted back, out of his reach. “Oh don’t worry, I understand. There’s no need to explain. But I really should go find Ellie, if you’ll excuse me.” And she was off, headed toward the bar. Adam sighed, then kicked the chair next to him. “Shit!” He said, running his hand through his hair.


Taylor made her way outside the room where the party was, so she could get some quiet, some air. She felt foolish and stupid, like he had played a trick on her in front of everyone. Her cheeks were bright red, and she played back their conversation, how what she had taken for flirting must have just been conversations. “Wow Taylor, you must be hard up for some man attention, he didn’t even like you. He has a girlfriend. Stupid, stupid, stupid." 

She sighed, then sat on the marble staircase in from of her. Tears, unbidden and unwanted, sprang from her eyes, more from embarrassment than pain. She wiped them away as quickly as possible and tried to compose herself. "It’s fine you’re fine. Just go back in there and find Ellie and Karlie and have a great time,” she told herself. But really, she didn’t want to. She was tired and embarrassed, a little sad even. She just wanted to go home. 

Suddenly, the door beside her burst open. “Have you seen–did you see,” a man was calling out as he raced passed her, a messy blur. “Sorry?” She called back, confused. The man stopped and turned around–it was Adam. “Oh it’s you. There you are,” he sighed in relief, running over to where she was sitting. “Oh, it’s you,” she repeated, although with a much more resigned, disinterested tone. 

“Look Taylor we’ve got to talk and clear some things up–” he started to say before she cut him off. “I don’t date people who are in relationships,” she said shortly, standing up and folding her arms. 

“Of course you don’t–" 

 "I don’t know what you’ve heard, that you thought I might be interested in dating someone who has a girlfriend, but I don’t and will not,” she continued, her voice steely. 

“I know you wouldn’t, I wouldn’t think to ask–" 

"I’m just making that clear right away. I don’t want any conf–" 

"Will you please stop for one minute so I can explain?” Adam cut into her monologue, surprising her by coming in close, his face a breathe away from hers. She swallowed and took a step back. “Ok. Explain. Explain from over there though. And no jokes,” she added when she saw his face about to pull out a corny line about him making her uncomfortable with his sexiness.

Adam sighed and shook his head, trying to catch his breathe. He looked up and tried to catch her eye, but she wouldn’t look at him. Her arms crossed, head down–she looked strong, ready for a fight. But that’s not the Taylor he wanted right then. “Can you do me a favor and look and me when I say this?” he pleaded with her, needing her to see the truth in his eyes when he spoke. 

Taylor raised her head and caught his eye. And swallowed. “Fine,” she said quietly. “Talk.” Adam took a deep breathe. “I am not dating anyone." 

"But–” “Bapa shh–I’m talking ok?” Taylor swallowed her words and nodded. Adam continued, “I’m not dating anyone, I was recently dating a lovely woman named Aarika who I have broken up with. Pretty recently. A few weeks ago." 

"And,” he continued, as Taylor opened her mouth to say something, “that guy Dave and I aren’t close, so there’s no way he could have known. I’m usually pretty private about my relationships. And finally,” he continued, again senses Taylor was about to say something, “It ended amicably, were still friendly, but I have no residual break up pain or a need for a rebound girl. Just so you know,” he finished, “if anyone might be interested. That’s just some knowledge I gave you. To use or not to use, up to you." 

Taylor bit her cheek to keep from smiling. He was just so cute. And so funny. And he sensed her confusion and her questions and he seemed to answer honestly. His eyes seemed honest. She nodded slowly. "Thanks for the info. I’ll keep you in mind if any of my single girlfriends start whining about a guy. Maybe I’ll hook you up." 

"Yeah?” He answered, slowly walking toward her, testing her boundaries. Taylor backed away from him as he moved in closer, until she hit a wall with a surprised yelp. “That’s awfully kind of you Taylor, I wouldn’t want to put you out or anything,” he said, pulling up against her, his hand finding its place on her waist, their faces a hairs breathe away from each other. “It’s no trouble,” Taylor whispered, the sensations of his hand on her waist making her brain turn to mush, her arm almost automatically pulling up around his neck, pulling him in for a kiss. “Anything for a friend,” she whispered, before he suddenly moved forward and kissed her hard on the mouth, pulling her in tight to his chest. 

The kiss was perfect–strong and sweet. He let go of her for a moment and the two of them just stood there, looking at each other. Her hand on his chest, his hand on her waist, their eyes lost in each other’s. He could practically read in her eyes, “don’t hurt me please. I’m trusting you.” And she could read in his, “I won’t. I promise I won’t hurt you. Trust me." 

Suddenly, as if by physic power, they close their eyes and leaned back into each other simultaneously. Their kisses became frantic and feverish. Taylor opened her mouth to let out a moan and he found his way in, their tongues dancing, her hand coming around his waist and pulling him in tight to her body. She smelled like cinnamon and pine, and he couldn’t get enough. He needed her, more of her, all of her. Then, they broke apart, as quickly as they had gotten together. 

They stood there silently, breathing heavily, lipstick off her lips and on his face, his hair askew, his tie somehow undone. "I think this should, um, wait until another time,” Taylor finally got out, wiping the lipstick off his face and reaching to fix his tie. “What, you don’t want to have sex at the Brit Awards after party?” He teased, noting how her face turned bright red at the mention of sex, her eyes focused on tying his tie, smooth twists and a pull tight, straightening the knot. “Just teasing, love” he added when she didn’t respond, but her face turned even redder. He decided he liked making her blush, and vowed to make her blush as often as possible. 

“There, you’re perfect!” She announced smiling big, ignoring his words. He laughed and glanced in a mirror. He whistled. “Not bad, Swift–tie many ties before?” He joked, noting it’s smoothness. “I’ll never tell,” she answered with a smirk. She seemed edgy, nervous. “So well, I guess we should head back inside, yeah?” Taylor said after fixing her own hair quickly in the mirror, swiping the lipstick in her purse over lips quickly. 

“How do I look?” She asked Adam, turning back to him with a smile. “How did you do that?” Adam asked her quietly, watching her. “Do what?” She asked, double checking to make sure none of it smudged. Adam shrugged. “Look so perfect so quickly. You’re just…beautiful.” Taylor caught his eye, and he wasn’t messing around this time, he was serious. She blushed again and looked away, tugging at her hemline nervously. “I’m not perfect Adam, come on,” she said, uncomfortable with the compliment. She’d never been comfortable with people complimenting her beauty. 

Adam leaned against the wall, his hands in his pockets. “Why do you do that? Deny that you’re beautiful, that you’re gorgeous? I’m an impartial party here, just calling it like I see it. I’m just curious.” Adam asked. Taylor stood next to him, but not facing him. “Honestly?” She asked. “Of course,” he responded, turning her to face him. 

“Well, it’s like, I don’t know. I never really feel beautiful, not the way you say it. Like, I know I can put together an outfit, I know I can look presentable for sure. But beautiful?” She shook her head softly. “I just don’t feel that often. Certainly not when I’m a mess at a party,” she smiled, her hand running through her hair again, quickly glancing at the mirror once more, making sure everything was in the right place. 

“I guess that will be my new mission then,” Adam said softly, watching her raptly. “What’s that?” She said turning back to him. He leaned in, kissing her softly. Then he pulled back, smiling. “Making you feel beautiful every day. New mission.” She giggled, his words turning around in her stomach, turning into butterflies. “Sounds good to me. Unfortunately, I’m heading back to the States tomorrow morning, so your mission will have to wait,” she said, kissing his cheek shyly and stepping back. 

“You doubt me, Miss Swift. I’m wounded,” he laughed, grabbing her hand and walking her back to the party door. “I’ll find a way, trust me,” he whispered before opening the door, the party suddenly swallowing them with its noise and chatter. But his hand in her hand, his words in her mind–for some reason, this time, she chose to believe.

Give A Vow

“And do you, Molly Hooper, take this man Timothy to be your lawfully wedded husband until death do you part?”

She was really quite lovely in her wedding gown. Everything was perfect and calm and all around boring. Sherlock had come along in case there was another murder or Tom ended up being an asshat or something else interesting. Since his arrival he’d picked at his nails, composed three songs mentally, counted backwards from one hundred and refused to look in the direction of the bride. Now, he was texting clients on his phone and ignoring every word the couple said. So when the crowd took a collective gasp, he was entirely out of the loop.

The next thing he knew, Tom stormed down the aisle with red cheeks and swinging arms. Molly followed closely behind him, crying and blubbering, and he was entirely confused as to why. The couple had been on the edge of marital bliss. They shouldn’t be angrily storming away from each other for another four months at most. By his time line it was supposed to be another six months after their official wedding date that Molly left a placid and unfulfilling relationship. Not that he wasn’t mildly pleased with the situation.

It’s just, Tom had ruined the trajectory of Sherlock’s overall plan. His cursed inattention had cost him the advantage of knowing why, although a large percentage of the guests were staring at him expectantly.

“What? You can’t possibly expect me to fix their lovers tiff?”

John smacked his arm. “Lovers’ tiff? Sherlock! You have to fix this.”

“Me? Fix what? She’s the one that wanted to get married!” The stares were stifling. What did they expect him to do? Chastise the couple until they decided to make up?

“You git, weren’t you paying attention at all?” It was Mary’s turn to hiss at him. He cocked an eyebrow, narrowed his eyes at her. “No then. She said your name. In her vows, she said your name. Not Tom’s.”

“What? Why would she say my name?”

“I don’t know, Sherlock. Why do you think?” He really didn’t like the way John and Mary gloated when he was clueless. He didn’t gloat nearly as often as he could. One would think they’d be as considerate.

“What am I supposed to do about it?”

“Well, clearly, you’ve got to talk to Molly. Go on then.” Mary shoved him towards the petal covered carpet, John motioning emphatically towards the door.

The staring didn’t stop as he marched through the giant doors of Molly’s marriage chapel. He could hear the Tom scream across the parking lot, his vision bleeding red as he approached Molly’s yellow buggy. Sherlock couldn’t help but note that Tom didn’t well a suit well, all flapping sides and wrinkling sleeves waving around the air. Molly said something about taking a break to calm down. The loud bang as Tom’s fist crashed against her hood was enough to light a fire under Sherlock’s steps.

He hadn’t gotten to know Tom in the months since Molly’s engagement. While he hadn’t considered that Tom could be violent, he’d never seen him angry. The increasing tint to the groom’s cheeks and the aggressive way he loomed over Molly snapped in Sherlock’s mind. Before he’d properly planned the move out his fist connected against Tom’s jaw, a distinct pop signaling dislocation. He hadn’t realized that the would-be husband had grabbed Molly’s arm until she was half to the ground.

“Touch her in anger and I will find creative uses for your organs, Timothy.” He did not bother to watch Tom scurry away. Instead, he kneeled to Molly’s position on the ground. She was too busy wrestling her wedding dress to realize he’d offered her a helping hand.

“Stupid wedding with a… a stupid ballgown and a stupid train. I didn’t even want a long train but he just thought it looked so magical. Stupid bloody man. Did he have to wear the magical train?” She sniffled and huffed, alternately wiping at the tears in her eyes and moving giant mounts of poofing fabric out of her way (again.)

Sherlock cleared his throat, offering his hand once more.

“Go away. You’ve already ruined enough with your stupid asshat face and big floofy hair.”

“Floofy hair? I didn’t do anything.” She ignored his chivalry. Somewhat awkward now, he tucked his hands back into his pockets. They exchanged scowls.

“You know what you did. Avoiding me all day, refusing to look at me. You behaved like a cad.”

“I behaved like I always do!”

“Which is like a cad.” She finally managed to straighten herself out, glaring as Sherlock kept his eyes level with hers.

“How did I do anything? You’re the one that said my name. I didn’t make you say it.”

“Of course not. You think I don’t realize what you’ve been doing this last month?”

His face paled. He hadn’t thought she’d noticed. She’d shown no signs.

She continued her berating, poking him in the chest to punctuate each point. “Bursting into my room stark naked! ‘Oh, I didn’t know you was in here, Molly!’ You and you’re lot of lame excuses.” Poke. “Oh, I need you for a case, Molly, it’s urgent!’ The urgent case of the little girls missing rat? Remember that one?” Poke. “You and your stupid purple shirt all unbuttoned, sans scarf, hair all wild and whatnot. Did you make sure you’d looked like you’d just got sexed or is that just how you always look?” Poke. “You cursed man, showing up today and hardly looking at me after you pestered me for weeks! Weeks!”

She was truly flustered. The curls in her hair fell free, her brown eyes burning with anger. His chest was sore where she’d jabbed her finger at him. He was close enough to see the shimmer from her makeup and smell the soft vanilla scent of her perfume. Her cheeks were red and her eyes scrunched and she looked absolutely like she was about to cry.

So of course he did the only thing he could do. He kissed her. She was close enough, it was only a tilting of his head, the quick movement of his hands to secure her angle. It really should have been chaste. Her ex-fiancé was still leaned against the building, making horrible choking noises as Molly’s arm’s wrapped around his shoulders.

So, it wasn’t the long game he’d planned for, but the outcome was certainly better.

[bullet meme - sending it again] She’d never liked hospitals, but over the years she’d gotten used to them. She could even pretend the damn plastic chairs were somewhat comfortable. Katherine ran her hand gently through Jason’s hair and shook her head. “You stupid, stupid, brave, stupid, caring, stupid, amazing, stupid man. You didn’t need to jump in front of me.”

“I wasn’t going to let you get hurt, K.” He tells her groggily through the pain medication and tries to sit up, stifling a groan from the bullet that penetrated his shoulder and stomach. Two bullet wounds in one go, a record they was for sure. “I’m okay, just a bit sore from the surgery.”

“Don’t you dare try and move, hon.”  Katherine reached over and pressed the button to raise the bed a little, trying not to jostle him too much.  "Not letting me get hurt doesn’t mean you have to get shot twice, Jason.“