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Sunny Days-chapter 7

Sunny Days Masterlist

Summary- After their night of lust, Sunny and Negan discuss the future. Can they come to an agreement?

Word Count- 3k+

Author’s Note- This was difficult to write so it took a while to get motivated. Smut and fluff is just easier. This is neither of those. Angst and drama. Still not beta’d. I live for comments and feedback. I promised my husband I would figure out how to use the word thunder-lust.

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Sunny stretched languidly in her bed. She opened an eye and took at a look at her clock. She bolted upright. It was almost noon. Had she slept through her alarm? No. She hadn’t set one. Last night, she had been too tired from her encounters with Negan to remember. She glanced over her shoulder to get a peek of him wondering if her momentary panic had woken him. The other side of the mattress, however, was empty and cold.

She left the comfort of her bed, goosebumps raising on her legs as her bare feet touched the cement floor, and quickly threw on some comfy clothes. She tip toed through her bunker in search of some sign that he was still here. The bathroom was empty. No coffee brewing in the kitchen. She decided to check on the chickens. Maybe he was in the barn.

He wasn’t. She went through the motions of her chores. Feeding and watering the chickens. Gathering any eggs. Watering the garden. Putting everything away where it went when she was done. She vaguely remembered seeing a bag and his bat as he dressed her last night in her room and ran to see if his things were still there.

They weren’t. She sat on the edge of her bed and stared at the ground waiting for tears to flood her eyes, for her heart to shatter, but it didn’t. She felt nothing but adrenaline pumping through her veins fueling anger.

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You Yelling Is Terrifying *Bucky Barnes x Reader*

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Requested by @juliagolia87 : So Yeah I am right there with you this week. Basically, I am a raging bitch on my period. So I was thinking the reader could be like a huge bitch because of pain and Bucky could be all shocked and could put on his winter soldier gear cause he feels like he may need protection. Also fluff. Hope this isn’t too long or crazy.
Warnings: Winter Soldier makes an appearance, not in the way you’d expect, MAJOR fuckin’ fluff
Admins Note: When one of your best friends requests the best fluff ever! I am so in love with Julia atm it’s not even funny; this request is ace – Ro

“You ate my chocolate?” You ask, a calm but angry undertone in your voice that caused Bucky to stop in his tracks and look at you, his silver eyes meeting your (E/C) ones that are blazing with fire. He’s dealt with you on your time of the month for around two years, only, this time, he can tell it’s different, you’re more irritable and angry. 

In fact, he had been on the receiving end of this behaviour for two days, glares and snappy comments being thrown at him and honestly, it terrified him. He’s dealt with a lot of scary people, people he still had nightmares over but something about the love of his life being snappy, angry and… bitchy, well, that’s terrifying than any Agent or HYDRA assassin to him.

“I’ve had enough of this bullshit, Barnes” you point at him and he raises his eyebrows at you “I’m fed up and annoyed of this, every time you come home from some stupid fucking mission you go into this rut, you forget most things and it’s annoying” you stab the pointed finger into his chest, he steps back a little afraid, it’s true, he does come back and forget how to be human but you’re usually very supportive. 

“Laundry seems to be a new concept to you” you darkly chuckle “cause you don’t fucking do any, I’m forever cleaning up after you, I’m not your mother; if you want to be babied all the time go to Rogers” he’s silent and still, almost statue like and that pisses you off, you narrow your eyes at him, your boyfriend, challenging him to say or do something but he knows better and that annoys you. 

“Oh, look” you obnoxiously gesture “silent and still, that’s all I’m dealing with, it’s like I’m dating a frigging statue right now. Is there anyone in that brain of yours? Is this meant to scare me?” you asked, he lightly shakes his head, fear in his own eyes and he feels like utter shit, he hasn’t felt like this since his Winter Soldier days 

“Good, lord knows why anyone finds you scary, look at you, you look fucking stupid. I can’t deal with this. Go be a fucking idiot with Steve” you leave to your bedroom and slam the door shut.

It’s silent throughout the apartment, you figured either Bucky is being really silent or he did, in fact, leave to Steve’s, you wouldn’t blame him since you blew your top off at him and yelled at him for basically nothing. 

You are curled in bed, nursing some pretty bad, painful cramps and you silently wished you didn’t yell at your boyfriend because you needed his affection and medicine… more medicine than his warmth but you wouldn’t be opposed to a cuddle. 

You hear the washing machine and dishwasher on, you frown and sit up, Bucky must still be at home.

“Bucky” You call out throughout the apartment, you hear something clatter to a halt and frown once more “James?” you call once more and you hear heavy footsteps, wrapping your arms around your knee’s and resting your cheek on one you wait for the door to open. 

You didn’t know if you should apologise or what… you never really yell at him, everything you said is how you felt but if you had a problem, a serious problem you never snapped at him; you felt bad and feeling like this on your period isn’t a good thing.

The door opens slowly and reveals your boyfriend, you frown and sit up straight, Bucky is clad head to toe in his Winter Soldier gear; goggles and mask included plus Steve’s shield, he left it here when he brought Bucky back home. His goggle covered eyes peeked over the top, you wanted to laugh but you knew why he was dressed like this, protection against you if you got angry again. 

“Yes, doll?” his voice muffled, you blink at him a couple times but all you really want is Bucky to hug you, you outstretch your arms to him and he lowers the shield and you can almost picture his frown but he places the shield propped against the wall and walks to you; taking his boots, goggles and mask off.

 He knelt beside you, you pull yourself into his lap once he sits down and he hesitates but holds you close to him; not really comfortable with his Winter Soldier gear on but it’s him and you just wanted a cuddle. 

“I’m sorry about earlier, I didn’t mean it” you mutter and look at him, he simply shrugs and leans against the headboard “I don’t mind looking after you, you’re mine and I like caring for you” he chuckled at you, kissing your hair as he smiles. He lazily rubs circles into your tummy to ease the cramps, you rest your cheek on his leather clad chest and sigh gently, fingers playing with the ends of his hair.

“Its’ fine, you’re on your monthly” he sighs gently “plus, I could do more to help you, it’s no fair that you do all this for me; I put the laundry in and the dishwasher is on” he mumbles into your hair, you smile lightly and snuggle closer into him; you know you’d have to redo it all, he knows that too but it’s nice that he is trying and putting the effort in for you, you sniff lightly “are you crying?” he asked with mock disbelief and you huff in annoyance. 

“My emotions are playin’ up, shu’up” you pull away and wipe your eyes, Bucky lets out a few chuckles by accident,you cry a little harder “don’t laugh at me” he sighs and pulls you to him, kissing your cheek and wiping your cheeks with a small smile as he sighs gently at you “sorry, I can’t take you seriously in that get-up, you look silly” you chuckle through the tears, Bucky refrains from laughing with you and mocks offence.

“This outfit brings dread and fear to my enemies,” he tells you bluntly, you continue to chuckle at him “people run in fear and terror from me, I’m scary, terrifying and threatening” you raised your eyebrows at your boyfriend “not right now, I don’t want to scare you” you nod with a small giggle. 

“Okay, but the terrifying Winter Soldier got scared of his girlfriend” you smugly smile at him, you narrowed his eyes at you, only making you laughing at him even more as he sighs and rolls his own eyes; you kiss his chin, 

“I think you’re very adorable, I bet your enemies are terrified of you” he nods lightly with a grin, you snicker quietly and cuddle back into Bucky. 

“And in my defence… you yelling at me is terrifying” he mutters and hugs you a little tighter, you smile gently and pat his chest, it’s good to know you strike fear into him; it gives you the upper hand in this relationship. 

(I had to told myself back from smut, cause I almost wrote the dirtiest thing I have ever thought but decided… that should be given an entire one shot to itself, metal arm kink needs a whole moment of it’s own aha. You can request; imagines, one shots and headcanons by myself and Angie - Rosalee)

Mission Impossible AU Clint Barton 

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Hi! Could you do 20. things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear, for nursey and dex? Something happy would be preferred but it's totally up to you. Love the blog!

20. Things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear

Dex just needed to borrow Chowder’s notes from yesterday’s lecture. That’s all he needed to do. He just had to run into the Haus, grab Chowder’s notebook from the kitchen table, where Dex was promised it would be, and then he’d be on his way.

Chowder had also promised Dex that the Haus was empty, saying that everybody had classes or jobs to go to. So when Dex walked up to the front door to find that it was completely unlocked, maybe that should have been the first warning sign.

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Take Me Higher - Chapter 8

Things have been going pretty great on this plane, right? Wouldn’t be too fun if it stayed that way, huh?

SFW, AU. Previous chapter here.



9 hours and 17 minutes in.

After the emotionally draining event with Grace, Hannah was finally able to settling in for a nap. 

And by “nap”, I mean curling into a ball in her chair and running over ever detail of her flight thus far until she hopefully falls asleep.

Hannah Hart is a bit of a thinker, if you couldn’t tell.

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