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Paul Ryan Still Getting Schooled By 8th Graders

And these 8th graders have a reason to be angry when their future is being sold out and the education system in America is being wreck by these so called “grown ups”.

You did this to the nation. You decided that you’d rather tear the country down because of some delusion that the rich man was gonna make you rich, too. You decided to ignore every single person, even Republicans, who told you that you were flushing the United States down the shitter, and you sure showed us. Yeah, you did.

You need to choke on your votes. You need to feel ashamed. When this is over, even if we have to wait until 2019, you need to beg for forgiveness from those of us who knew better.

But you won’t. At this point, you could walk into a room where your mother has been raped and murdered, see Trump standing there with a bloody knife and a dripping dick, and you’d still say, “Why do libtards hate America?”


The Rude Pundit, “Random Observations on Comey’s Testimony (and a “Thank You” to Trump Voters)”

That about sums it up. Again, elections do have consequences.