stupid gop

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has threatened to sue Ted Cruz over the senator’s eligibility for president, saying that unless his rival stops telling “lies” he will take the issue of his birth in Canada to court.

With less than a week to go until the next Republican primary contest in South Carolina, Trump also lashed out at party leaders, making a veiled threat to run a third-party campaign. The warning came in response to Trump’s complaint that he had been booed during Saturday night’s debate because the audience had been stuffed with wealthy donors who opposed his maverick run.


Donald Trump threatens Ted Cruz with lawsuit over presidential eligibility.

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oh please oh please oh please

GOP: “stupid illegal immigrants you can’t come on to someone’s else’s land and do whatever you want. This is American land, it’s not like my people immigrated here from Europe and violently stole Native American Land and then eventually illegally overthrew Hawaii by imprisoning their queen and slaughtering their people, so you should just go back to where you came from”

OK, so let me say first off that violence is NOT the answer but if ANYONE deserves a bop in the face, we all know who that is. 

SO, secondly, this was supposed to be just an illustration with Kamala Khan and Tintin standing together with a message of hope and strength but then Trump and Cruz started saying really dumb and awful things and I couldn’t help adding them in. I didn’t want to politicize this/ make it more of a comment on how stupid the GOP is, but it’s just how I feeeeel.