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'I was naive': after losing healthcare battle, factory workers fear next blow
After 105 days on strike, the billionaires – including Donald Trump’s ‘jobs czar’ – won, leaving many Momentive workers unhappy and worried about their futures
By Tom Pietrasik

No, not “naive.” You voted for a egomaniacal, ignorant, self-serving billionaire. And you believed he’d be looking out “for the little guy”?? Give me a break. Not only is The Orange One going to screw over the country, this has global ramifications. Nit-wits.

United States of Dummies.


Republicans Turn On Each Other After Trumpcare Fail

Time to play the Republican blame game. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down.

“Republican legislative leaders are in a bind. While they appear to have failed for now in their goal of destroying the Affordable Care Act, their eagerness to shower tax breaks on the wealthy at the expense of health coverage for millions of Americans has crimped their ability to pass other fiscal legislation.

This is not a lament. It’s just as well that they haven’t done anything big, given their goals. But it is a stunning demonstration of incompetence that, with control of the House, the Senate and the White House for six months, Republicans have not only failed to enact any major bills but have also created a legislative logjam that is bound to get worse.

This is largely because congressional leaders have tried to overcome solid Democratic opposition by using “reconciliation” rules — which prevent a Senate filibuster when applied to certain legislation on revenue, spending or the debt limit. But until the health care reconciliation measure is either passed or abandoned, they cannot use those rules to pass other legislation, like broad tax cuts for the wealthy that are a key element of their agenda.”

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The Republican political operatives talking about Trump getting back on track are just heartbreaking at this point. They’re like a kid saying how his alcoholic father will be better once he gets a job and then everything will be normal. You just want to hug ‘em. These poor dumb-dumbs don’t get that they voted for a narcissistic psychopath who has delegated all responsibility to Russian spies. Sweet, stupid GOP hacks.