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  • Extreme Christians: Don't you DARE abort that baby! No matter what, you're a murderer if you do. Plenty of people would love to adopt that baby.
  • Same-sex couples: :)
  • Extreme Christians: No, not you.

The Damned- Part 2 (Joker x Reader)

“Imagine being raped and left alone to die in streets. Your savoir comes in the form of Gothams most wanted criminal. What will happen once the two of you start to get closer?”

Requested by @iknowyouwuvme​: “One shots where the joker finds a raped reader fallen on the road & saves her & slowly starts falling in love with her.”

A/n: Heres part 2! I hope you guys enjoy this. It might be awhile until the next part.

Warning: Mentions of Rape, trauma, and abuse.

“Please, stop…I don’t want this…”

You flung up into a sitting position, your hand clutching the front of your nightgown. Soft pants escaped from you as your (e/c) orbs darted around the room, trying to understand where you were. You’re head pounded as your realized that your bad dream was nothing compared to the nightmare you’d actually experienced only the other day. Your skin was cold despite the sticky sweat that covered your body.

You inhaled slowly, trying to calm yourself. Concentrating on your breathing, trying to think of anything, anything, but that night. You didn’t want to remember any of it, you wanted to forget.

Forget and move on.

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Tease {Michael Mell x Reader}

request: anonymous asked:*backflips at the words bmc* Micheal x Reader where they both are doing things to tease the other but it bites them both in the ass because by the end of the school day, they’re both so riled up, Micheal practically throws Jeremy out of his car at his house before taking off to his place (Reader lives with Micheal because their family is a chaotic one) and they have the house to themselves and they either go to the basement or bedroom but either way things get S T E A M Y Then post sex snuggles

yes please.

warnings: smut smuT smUT!!!!!, swearing, fluff???

word count: 3.7k

It started out as an innocent little game. A game that spiraled into ridiculous, hilarious and, hot sex.

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