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“The Romans” Chapter 11 (Good Sacrifices)

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Hey you guys!!!! Sorry the chapter is so late, I know you guys are giving me major side eye right now but I hope this chapter can make it up to you guys. Once again I have to say thanks so much for the support on this series. Im super glad you guys enjoy reading it. Thanks a tone for all your comments and reblogs. Hope you enjoy reading!!!!

Tonight was a special night in the Roman residence. Derek had gotten all of the family together to reveal that they were in fact expecting a new edition to the family. Ahsha was now growing a little baby bump everyday and it was getting harder to hide. Although no one expected a thing, if she didn’t have a cute little crop top on to show her flat tummy her normal attire was chic but sometimes baggy kinda like a modern Aaliyah vibe. Tonight as the family came over Derek and Ahsha left everyone totally out of the loop. Everyone thought they were coming over for their annual family gathering that they promise to keep up. Along with Kyle and Terrence after dinner everyone gathered in the family room to play charades. Derek and Ahsha were both captions of their teams as the winner agreed to give the other a massage. Derek’s team was winning and the game was basically over. Ahsha was going to massage Derek tonight along with getting into a couple of other things but before they did they had one last phrase to describe but this one wasn’t actually on the cards. Ahsha stood up in front of everyone to start the game. No one notice but Derek had the biggest smile on his face as he decided to sit this round out because he already knew what was happening. Ahsha held up five fingers.
“Okay its a five word phrase” Kyle said enthusiastic. Ahsha shook her head yes. She then pointed to Derek.
“Tall, black, muscles.” Cyrus called out. Ahsha giggled and shook her head no.
“DEREK!” Jade said as Ahsha shook her head yes! Ahsha held up three fingers
“Okay three letter word for”…Terrence said with a confused look on his face. Ahsha started to move her hands in a circle to describe something as “also”.
“AND” Ziggy called out. Everyone was so stumped in the room that she was glad he finally called it out. She broke her silence and gave Ziggy a high five.
“Yes come on college!! Ahsha said as Derek laughed at his wife’s antics with Ziggy. He was also really happy that they were finally getting along.
Now Ahsha continued her silence and held up five more fingers.
"Okay five letter word” Pete said now trying to get into the game as everyone was getting competitive. Ahsha then pointed at herself. Aunt GiGi answered “You”!! She shook her head yes but encouraged her to go further “AHSHA” she yelled her name.Yes she shook her head as she jumped up and down getting more excited. Ahsha then drew a letter “R” with her finger and Sloane figured it out.
“Derek and Ahsha are….” She yelled over everyone else.
Ahsha now held up eight finger. Sloane started to get a hunch and she was now sitting up in her seat.
“Eight letter word.” Sloane said her eyes glued on her daughter.
Ahsha began doing a curving motion from the top to bottom of her stomach in the shape of an open circle.
“Belly, Big Belly!!” Cyrus yelled
“Fat belly, Full After dinner!” Pete yelled
“PREGNANT!!” Sloane and Jade screamed as they jumped up out of their seat.
“Derek and Ahsha are Pregnant!!” GiGi finished the entire quote as the women were a little faster in this news then the men.
“Yes”!!! Ahsha finally broke her silence and the whole role went up into an uproar of happiness.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh” Pete and Terence yelled in unison. Sloane rushed over to Ahsha and grabbed a hold of her shoulders.
“This isn’t a joke?” Sloane rushed out.
“Nope” Ahsha said plainly as she lifted her shirt to show her mother her small pudge. Sloane grabbed on to Ahsha and held her really tight.
“I cant believe this I put it in the atmosphere when we went to my appointment I called it. I blessed it” Jade revealed.
Derek walked over to his wife and stood behind her wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her on the ear.
“Actually grandma, Ahsha was already pregnant. We just wanted to keep this little secret to ourselves for awhile. That’s why she didn't come back to the lab”. Derek smirked
"Wow congratulations you too!” Pete announced in a joyful cheery tone. As he grabbed Ahsha’s face and kissed it.
Everyone was still gushing and suddenly Ziggy came to a revelation. It was like someone had scratched the record player in the room and cut the music
“Wayment, Wayment Ewwwwww! So yall be having sex while I’m in my room?” Everybody in the room turned their heads to look at Ziggy with faces that said they thought he was stupid. His mother GiGi just shook her head and rolled her eyes.
“Lord that boy is so stupid” Cyrus said shaking his head as everyone continued to marvel over the new parents of their new edition.


This Wednesday was a very exciting day as Ahsha had finally reached her four mouth mark. She now had a define but small baby bump and her belly button was starting to push outward. Sloane, Ahsha and Derek pulled into the Jackson Field’s OBYN parking lot and today was the day they would find out the sex of the baby. Derek was extremely excited for this visit because they would actually be getting the first look at their baby and it would be a big difference from the first visit. Ahsha and Sloane held hands talking and laughing as they approached the building. Derek followed close behind as he admire the two ladies. The three entered and took the elevator up to Dr. Phillips office. As the trio entered the waiting room Ahsha and Sloane sat down as Derek signed in.
“Hi, how are you? My wife and I have an appointment to see Dr. Phillip.” Derek stated.
“Oh hello Mr. Roman, you’re Ahsha’s husband aren’t you? Nice to meet you dear”. Deloris said in a chipper voice.
“Yes, how did you know?” Derek smiled
“Oh we talked about you while we were waiting on your first visit here. She still has that glow”.
“Yea she does, doesn't she?” Derek cooed in admiration as he turned back to look at his wife while she was giggling with her mother.
“Hey is it okay if my mother in law joins us today on our visit?” Derek asked
“Sure honey your allowed one extra guest on any visit so it’ll be fine”
“Okay great! Well it was nice meeting you Mrs. Deloris.”
“You as well Mr. Roman; Dr.Phillips should be out to see you soon”. Derek went to sit back down next to his wife and mother in law and they were chattering away.
“Okay okay break it up you too.” Derek cut in on their conversation.
“I’m sorry honey, I’m just so excited about my first grand baby.” Sloane said squeezing Ahsha tight in a hug.
“Yea I know but I want my wife back!” Derek chuckled kissing Ahsha on the cheek.
“Owwww I promise once she has the baby I'm throwing her back to the wolves you can have her.” Sloane teased. Ahsha laughed at the both of them in their protective tug of war on her. It felt good to have both of her favorite people with her. The trio waited for another five minutes and Dr. Phillips came out to greet them.
“Mr and Mrs. Roman its great to see you again.”
“Hi Dr Phillips!!” Ahsha welcomed. “This is my mom, she’ll be joining us today”.
“Nice to me you I’m Dr. Philips!” She said while extending her hand.
"Sloane Hayes, nice to meet you.” Sloane gave a warm greeting.
“Okay so lets all head back.” As they all got to Dr. Phillips office just like the first visit Ahsha laid back on the bed and of course the doctor checked all of
her vitals.
“So Ahsha how is your body feeling these days?” The doctor questioned.
“I’m feeling really good Dr.Phillips, I’m eating regularly, I’m still dancing which is helping my blood flow, other then the occasional morning sickness I honestly cant feel the drastic changes; I can just see them”. Ahsha said pointing at her still small but growing belly.
"That’s wonderful! The doctor exclaimed. And have you seen any hormonal changes thus far”?
“Well Derek says I’m doing this three in one combo lately. He says Im angry, horny, happy but I think he’s just being dramatic.” Dr. Phillips laughed at Ahsha’s statement.
“Mr. Roman do you care to elaborate?” Dr. Phillips raised her brow while writing down her notes on Ahsha hormonal changes.
“Well doctor lately I literally never know what I’m going to get from my wife but I’ve just learned to adjust with her. Before pregnancy my wife had a little bit more patience with me. The other day in the middle of the afternoon she threw the remote at my head and we had the biggest argument about me leaving the toilet seat up which I knew couldn't be because I'm very careful not to risk her "falling in”. Derek did air quotes. “So I asked her when and she told me it was last week but she forgot to tell me about it.“ Sloane started to snicker to herself in the corner at her poor son in law. "Then after we argued I’m literally watching my every
move because I don't wanna keep poking the bear and then she comes to find me and takes advantage of me for all her sexual needs which I don't mind but its confusing. Ahsha comes down in my office that same afternoon with the look in her eyes that she wants to stab me but she rips my shirt off instead.”
Ahsha is now giggling at her husband’s story. To herself she was perfectly normal but when he listen back to her husband described her behavior she had to laugh. “But Dr. Phillips it gets better
after she gets into my pants, she wants mint chocolate ice cream”.

“Ice cream”? Dr. Phillips asked.
“Yes, ice cream and after we get the ice cream she sits in the passenger side of the car licking the ice cream and the cone with the biggest smile on her face like a kid in the candy store. Then she wants mine after she finishes hers and I wouldn't dare say no.” She finally seems like looking at her out the corner of my eyes and has the nerve to ask me what I'm looking at. I usually say nothing but in my mind I think I'm married to a crazy women.“
Now all the ladies were laughing at Derek’s experience with Ahsha’s hormones.
"Ahsha you are so guilty” Sloane says.
“I know I know, I’m sowwy daddy!” Ahsha cooed towards Derek.
“Well If it makes you feel better your stories are a lot better then many of the husbands that accompany their wives”. Dr Phillips stated.
“Oh I wouldn’t put up with anyone else except this one right here”. Derek stood up to walk next to Ahsha who was now rubbing her belly on the bed and he kisses her knuckles. “Plus its never a dull moment being married to my wife so I'm grateful”. Derek smiles as he looked down at Ahsha.
“Well I’m glad you have a good attitude, you know sometimes when couples get pregnant its a big lesson learned as the roles may switch. Ahsha usually has more patience with you but now you have to be more patient with her. But everything sounds normal. Seeing as though your wife is pregnant with something that is half of you psychologically she want to be in your presence. Women experiencing pregnancy will get angry with their partners and immediately after want sex. Its the inner closeness shes seeking, and the ice cream afterwards is just simply because she had worked up an appetite after sex. Dr. Phillip concluded.
"Yes I’m defiantly learning that patience is key.”. Derek smiled.
“Okay great! Mr. and Mrs. Roman as I'm looking at my calendar as of two days ago you too have now passed your first trimester so you have great things to celebrate.”
Ahsha squeezed Derek’s hand and was so delighted to get that pressure off of them of all the risk that happens during the first trimester.
“Okay are we ready to see your baby?”
“Yes, I wanna see my little angel!” Ahsha beamed. Dr. Phillip walked to Ahsha to rub the ultrasound gel on her stomach and everyone stared the the screen. What they saw next would change their lives forever.
“Okay Derek and Ahsha this is your beautiful baby.” Dr. Phillips said moving the machine on Ahsha’s stomach.
“OH MY GOD Derek look there’s the head!” Ahsha clasped her mouth with her hand. Derek took a deep breath trying to hold it together and grasp that he was getting the first glimpse at his little future.
“Ahs I know and look at the spine, that's our baby!”. Derek kisses Ahsha on the lips.
“You want to hear the babies heartbeat?” Dr. Phillips asked.
“Yes, please! Ahsha responded. The doctor turned up the volume on the machine and a strong heartbeat came out. As soon as Derek heard this he got a lump in this throat because he was getting really emotional. He took a deep breath as one tear fell from his eye. Ahsha placed the palm of her hand on his face and wiped it away.
"That’s so crazy Derek” She said in shock. Ahsha had fallen more in love; with her brand new blessing and with the man that helped conceived that blessing.
“I know Ahsha”. Derek couldn’t say much he was speechless in this special moment. He couldn’t believe he was apart of creating something that made his whole world complete. Something so special, something so precious.
Sloane walked closer to the screen to get a better look and Derek stepped aside still looking at the screen. She had an odd look on her face.
“Mom whats wrong?” Ahsha asked.
“Nothing, Its just…. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry. ”Sloane said as one tear fell down her face and she squeezed her hand.
“I knowwwwww” Ahsha voice cracked and she finally let her tears fall. She started to wipe them away as she was so overjoyed. Derek grabbed Sloane’s shoulder and hugged her.
“Looks like we’re going out for more Mint Chocolate ice cream huh?” Derek raised a brow and smirked. After which all the ladies laughed and wiped their tears.
“Do we want to find out the sex of the baby today?”
“Yes we do but not us my awesome mother in law wants to throw us a gender reveal party so shes the only one to know today”. Derek stated.
“Okay I’m gonna look now, you wont be able to tell but I will” Dr. Phillips confirmed. She moved the mouse on Ahsha a little further and quickly took a look. “By the way, your baby is the pefect size so as of now everything looks good and as you heard the heart beat is strong”. Dr. Phillips took a second more and she was done. “Okay I now know the sex". The doctor said with a straight face not to alarm either Ahsha or Derek of any possible answers. She wiped the gel off of Ahsha belly and turned the light back on.
“Well that was way more fulfilling then the first visit” Derek said rubbing the back of his head smiling. Ahsha pulled her shirt down and buttoned her pants back again.
“Okay you too we’re on a really good journey lets make sure we keep it that way”. Other then that everything looks wonderful and you and the baby are good. You have a couple of more weeks to keep busy but around five to six mouth your gonna have to slow down so that we’re in the clear of any risk. That only means advanced “choreo” but you can always go on walks or do yoga to keep in shape and keep that blood flowing. Plus I'm going to prescribe you some prenatal vitamins for you to take. This will continue to help with the babies development. Other then that your all done for the day.“ Dr. Phillips concluded.
Derek grabbed the back of Ahsha neck and kissed her temple.
"Okay Doc that sounds great, thank you again.” Derek complimented.“ I'm positive that once my wife gets home she’ll remember all her questions she wanted to ask while she was here but forgot so if she does we’ll send you an email.”
“Great, I’m always on call so Ill defiantly get with you both and if you don't understand anything please don't be afraid to call me.”
“Okay we will. Thank you!” Ahsha concluded.
Ahsha and Derek walked out of the room as Dr. Phillips was getting ready to reveal the sex of the baby to Sloane. The doctor turned towards Sloane with Ahsha’s files.
“Alright Ms. Hayes I'm gonna tel you the sex are you ready?“ Dr.Philips asked. Sloane felt like she did when she found out the sex of her baby and this was a blessing to be the first one to find out the sex of her first grandchild. Sloane took a deep breath with an excited smile on her face.
"Okay Dr. Phillips I'm ready!!!” Sloane answered.


The Roman mansion was buzzing with all of Ahsha and Derek’s friends and family for the gender reveal of the new baby. All the devils girls were in attendance and most of Derek’s team mates were as well. Dr. Phillips had been given strict orders to only tell Sloane the sex of the baby and ever since she found out she had been so tight lipped that it was driving Ahsha crazy. Everyday Ahsha tried to get even the slightest of hints out of Sloane but she was just too good. Sloane needed help planning the party so she told Kyle the sex and then Ahsha even tried to interrogate her best friend but the southern bell was all for torturing her best friend with the dust she was giving her in answers. Ahsha and Derek were matching in all white. Ahsha wore a white long gown that showed just a hint of cleavage for a sexy flair that swept the floor. Derek wore and all white fitted button down with white jeans.
“Okay Okay, we have gathered all here today to find out the sex of my new godchild”. Terrence beamed on the microphone as the music came to a fade. “Now before we find out what the sex actually is let me first start out by saying how much of a blessing this little bundle of joy is gonna be to our family. I wanna say to both Ahsha and Derek ;I know you both will be the best parents that this child could have. Ahsha I know that you will be the perfect mother supplying all the love and care that he or she needs and I feel confident in my brother; your husband, that he’s gonna do everything in his power to make sure your family is always well take care of in every way possible. Both you and the baby. And to Derek, my best friend, I wanna say that I know you will be nothing but the best father in your child’s life making sure your presence is felt in every aspect and loving your child entirely to the full capacity. I’m sure you know that Ahsha is the perfect women to give you a
blessing this grand as she will continue to nurture this beautiful flower that is your family. The both of you have created something that is a symbol of your love and also something that will stand in perfect peace”
. You could hear a pin drop around the room as everyone listened to Terrence’s genuine words to the couple.
Ahsha got misty eyed taking his words in and a single tear fell onto her face and Derek wiped it away as he squeezed his wife tightly. “Last but not least as I’ve told both of you before, anytime you need me I’ll defiantly be there for you without a doubt. Plus if you guys ever need a babysitter I’ll be glad to take the baby………………right over to Kyle’s house.“ Everyone in the room laughed at Terrence joke and Kyle walked over to Terrence and took the mic away from him.
“Okay that’s enough stand up comedy from you Terrence.” Kyle stated.
“Right now were going to me passing around two jars, one that says boy and the other that says girl and everyone who want to take a bet and guess at the sex of the baby you defiantly can”. Devil girl Chelsea and Lizzy came around with the two jars and everyone was so excited to make their bets. While everyone was emptying their pockets Terrence, Pete and Cyrus all came up to Derek as Ahsha was taking pictures with the other Devil Girls as they were all excited for the new baby. All of the dancers surrounded Ahsha and hugged her rubbing her belly in excitement. There was no doubt that this baby would be loved.
“Well D, how you feeling man?” Terrence shook Derek’s shoulders in excitement.
“Man T it feels surreal I mean this makes it final, we’ll no longer be guessing. We’ll have all the answers.” Derek rubbed his hands together eyeing his wife from across the room in admiration.
Yea well if you ask me, I’m just hoping and praying that its a boy.” Pete confessed. Ahsha and Sloane are too much as it is and Derek I know you know what I mean”.
“Yea you know I know what you mean. I think my wife has yours beat out though. Ever since pregnancy my wife can be scary.” Derek added.
“Yea well if you’re gonna knock my daughter up you might as well do it the right way and get us a boy.” Pete laughed.
“Why? You didn’t do it the right way when it came to Ahsha.” Derek smirked with his petty reply.
Haha See that’s my boy right there you better watch out Pete” Cyrus chimed in. Derek and Terrence laughed at Cyrus having Derek’s back.              “Look I gave you your wife didn’t I; so we’re even”. Pete chuckled        
“No but really a boy would be great or a little girl would be too. Me and my wife will take whatever we get and love he or she unconditionally. I just want to be a good father no matter what sex the baby is you know.” Derek concluded
“Defiantly D you will man.” Terrence agreed.
Sloane and Kyle stood at the top of the steps over the balcony with a huge box that held balloons and confetti with the color that would reveal the sex.
“Okay can we have Derek and Ahsha in the middle here we are about to reveal the sex of our new baby.” Sloane announce excited on the mic.
Both Derek and Ahsha met at the center of the room beneath the stairs and the crowd gathered around them cheering. Derek placed his arm around Ahsha waist and kissed her temple.
“Are you ready baby?” Derek asked
“Yea babe I am!” Ahsha answered now kissing Derek on the lips to seal their fate as this moment was a permanent one in their marriage.
“OK on the count of three Kyle and I will be pulling the strings on the box and everyone will know”.Sloane spoke on the mic and everyone’s heart was beating fast.  Are you guys ready?” Everyone started to cheer. “ONE….TWO….THREEE”!!!! Kyle and Sloane pulled the box open as it was facing upside down. Derek and Ahsha stood in the middle as the crowd went wild. Ahsha and Derek was holding hands filled with excitement by the crowds reaction. They couldn’t tell what the sex was because both the men and women where so overjoyed. All of a sudden Ahsha and Derek felt the paper confetti falling onto them and Ahsha looked to her sides and she was shocked to see pink confetti surrounding her. Then it hit her. It was a girl! Their new bundle of joy was a baby girl! Ahsha began to jump up and down
“Huhhhhhhhaaaa Oh my god”!!!! A loud gasp came from Ahsha’s mouth that mocked the one of when she made the team as a devil girl for the
first time, but this feeling was much more fulfilling then that one. Sloane ran from the top of the stairs to join Ahsha. Derek saw the pink confetti and his heart sprang out of his chest and he roared in happiness.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh” He and Pete both yelled in unison as they were getting yet another little sassy women in their lives and they honestly couldn’t wait. Of course they were hoping for a boy but it was something about a little girl that turn the men into melting doe. Ahsha was so overjoyed that she bent down and placed her face in the palm of her hands and tears started to fall from her eyes.Derek bent down next to her and held her in his arms. Kissing the top of her head.
“Derek we’re having a little girl”. Ahsha said whimpering.
"I know Ahs, Now I'm gonna have two ladies that light up my life”. He said kissing her tear stained face.
Ahsha and Derek stood up and Derek wrapped his arms around Ahsha tight and he was never letting go. This woman was his and their new addition was already his heartbeat. Ahsha continued to cry into his chest her happy tears as he rubbed her back and eased her excitement that hit her so hard.
“Congratulation!! My daughter is having a baby girl! Sloane said as her eyes started to water. Ahsha grabbed on to her mom and squeezed tight.
"Mom I cant believe you knew this and kept it for this long”. Ahsha laughed through tears.
"Oh Ahsha I cried like a baby the first day I found out but I knew I couldn't ruin the surprise and I'm glad I didn’t. Your reaction was priceless honey.”
Kyle, Terrence and Pete rushed over to the couple to serve up their congratulations.
Kyle rubbed Ahsha stomach “Awwww my Carebear is having a sweet little Gummybear.” Derek laughed at her remark.
“Congratulation honey!” Pete hugged Ahsha tightly and kissed her on the cheek.
“Thanks Dad” Ahsha squeezed him back in their embrace. They all shared conversation and the room was filled with smiles and joy and Derek and Ahsha was happy that their baby girl could bring so much happiness to everyone’s hearts.
Well Derek we didn't get our boy but we got yet another women in our lives to make us jump through hoops”. Pete raised his class to Derek
Derek just chuckled and shook his head. “There’s always next time”. Derek joked slapping Pete on the shoulder.
"Next time?” Ahsha interrupted.” Excuse me but once again can we focus on one pregnancy at a time please.“ Ahsha whined
"C'mom lets go join the other ladies, we’ll give these two some time to think about the other obstacle courses we’ll take them through once the baby gets here”. Sloane teased at Pete and Derek as Ahsha and Kyle followed her over to the living room. Before Ahsha left Derek grabbed her chin and places a kiss on her lips as his own way to thank her for making him a father.The ladies left the three men to talk again. As the celebration went on Derek and Ahsha separated for a second to chat with friends and family. Derek was surrounded by all his teammates. They all reminisced
on how they couldn’t dream that Derek would be in this place in his life because of his playboy ways but they all toast to him that they were proud of him for finding his way with a women like Ahsha as they could all relate to dating women who had no real intention with them. But he also got great advice from the player on the team who was married and had kids as well and Derek felt lucky about his future. Derek notice that with all the company he and Ahsha hadn’t had a moment alone with each other the whole day. He decided to go look for her as they always found a way to each other in any event or time without each other. Derek walked over to the group of ladies as they were taking pictures with Ahsha.
"Excuse me ladies, I don't mean to interrupt your little photo shoot but I need to speak with my wife for a sec”. Derek cut in.
“Uhh Uhh D-Ro we are busy.” Kyle tried to stop Ahsha from leaving.
“Let me see what my other baby wants ladies I promise I’ll be right back.” Ahsha pushed her and her belly up to stand up. Derek grabbed her hand helping her in the process. As Derek and Ahsha walked away from the bunch Sloane yelled. “Lock the doors please, we have company”. Derek started to laugh as Ahsha turned red. She couldn’t believe her mom was making fun of her sex life. Derek and Ahsha walked into the kitchen to share a moment alone. Derek placed his arms around his wife’s waist and they swayed from side to side in a dance from the relaxing jazz playing throughout the house. Derek placed kisses on Ahsha's cheek and he adored her.
“Derek!!” Ahsha whined.
“Yes Mrs. Roman” he cooed
Sooner or later you wont be able to fit your arms around me completely, look at this little girl trying to get in between us already and she giving
me those flutters because you’re near me”.
Ahsha laughed rolling her eyes.
“Are you jealous already baby? Derek asked already knowing he answer. He thought his wife was so cute.
"No I'm not jealous, you were my daddy first” Ahsha said flirting with her husband. Derek kissed her nose and looked into her eye that shines so bright back at him. He could get lost in those eyes and life would be perfect.
“What?” Ahsha asked curiously noticing him in thought.
“Nothing I was just thinking…” Derek answered with a warm smile.
“Thinking what?”
“Thinking that I hope she has your eyes, and your smile…… Damn look at me now I have two weaknesses” Derek chuckled.
Ahsha looked at her husband with star in her eyes and her soul smiled at her husbands confession. She had no words she just kissed his lips. They continued to sway and all Derek could think about was his two girls and how they would give them the world. As long as he had breath in his body they wouldn’t want for anything in any capacity. Suddenly Derek stopped their sway and he gave Ahsha a curious look as he squinted his eyes at her.
“Ahsha did you take your prenatal vitamins today?
“Ummmm” Ahsha stuttered
“Ummm what? Ummm nothing? Women you better take those pills” Derek demanded
“I know babe, I know Its the P.B. but Im gonna take them now they’re in my purse”.
“P.B?” Derek asked crossing his arms.
Pregnancy brain Derek, it just makes me forgetful. Even Dr.Philips said when your pregnant things slip your mind.“ Ahsha added
"Yea well don't make me tell you again”. Go take them now Ahsha.“ Derek cooed to his wife in a sexy voice.
"Okay I’m going now.” Ahsha smiled. As Ahsha began to walk away Derek grabbed her hand.
“I love you” Ahsha concluded.
“I love you more”. Derek shot back
“Owwee you love me enough to bring me some chicken and pasta?” Ahsha bribed.
“Coming right up beautiful?” Derek smiles content. “Now go take your pills!! He yelled as she sashayed out of the room. Derek could already feel himself being so protective over her.


Ahsha was at her 5/12 mouth mark now and it seemed that she was trying to do more and more everyday. She had formed a round belly on her little frame and she was defiantly beginning to waddle. Ahsha’s last performance was a mouth ago just before they announced the gender of the baby. They now knew they were expecting a beautiful baby girl. Everything was great with Ahsha and Derek. Aside from mini spats and hormone changes which came with the pregnancy but the were trying to handle it. Although the ongoing fight in their household right now was about Ahsha slowing down and taking it easy on dancing. She knew this was a sacrifice she would soon have to face but for their baby it was well worth it. Derek was coming from practice when
he was headed from the locker room when he received a text from Kyle. "Your wife is here overdoing it. Derek I know my best friends hormones are crazy right now but you need to put your foot down”. 

Derek pinched the bridge of his nose after reading Kyle’s text because he had told Ahsha that she need to stop dancing because it was doctors order. But every time she would come to the arena she would tell him she was just going to look over at practices only Derek knew that was too good to be true so he started having Kyle to let him know when she was getting out of hand. Derek walked further down to the studio where the Devil Girls were rehearsing and their his wife was in dance heaven round belly and all.
“Ahsha can I have a word with you”? Derek asked politely tryig to mask the frown on his face
“Okay One Sec” Ahsha started to say when Derek cut her off
“NOW!” He interjected but he was still keeping calm. Kyle understood were Derek was coming from because her best friend was literally still trying to be so hands on with the team and now carrying a baby.
“Its fine go head carebear ill take it from here” Kyle shooed her out the room.
“Ok I want those turns to be perfect ladies!!” Ahsha said before she walked out of the studio to meet Derek.
“Hey baby, something wrong”? Ahsha asked genuinely.
“Uh lets see, I told you that you need to slow down with the team and yet you’re still here in full dance mode.”
“Derek I promise we were just doing warm ups.” Ahsha lied.
“Ahsha I’m not blind I can tell that what you were doing were defiantly not warm ups”. Derek huffed
“But Derek!”
“But Derek nothing Ahsha the doctor told us mouths ago that passed five mouths you needed to slow down and you still haven’t. All this time I haven't stopped you from dancing but now you need to cut this shit out” Derek concluded.
“Derek we’ll finish talking about this later, your being dramatic.”
“No we wont talk about this later because there is nothing left to discuss, we’re leaving, go get your things Ahsha.” Derek ordered.
Ahsha had lost this fight and she realize that this would probably be her last hands on practice with the girls. Ahsha stormed off mumbling something under her breath. Before Ahsha came back Kyle peaked her head out of the studio to talk to Derek.
“Hey you guys okay?” Kyle questioned.
“Yea she’ll be fine shes just a little upset, thanks for texting me”. Derek stated rubbing the back of his head
"No problem D, that girl just wont stop so I know you’d want me to step in.”
“Yea I know she hates it but she probably hates me more for putting the nail in the coffin” Derek said in a melancholy tone.
“Ops Here she come” Kyle said darting back into the studio. “Call me if she tried to burn the house down”. Kyle giggled. Derek nodded her way.
Ahsha was now walking towards Derek and he could tell the look on her face said it all. The entire ride home Ahsha ignored Derek on purpose and it was bugging him because he was only trying to do what was right by both Ahsha and their daughter. After they got home Ahsha got in the shower and continued her silent treatment. Derek walked into the bathroom after she got out and yet the couple found themselves in another argument.
“Ahsha I know how it sounds and you know I would never get in the way of you doing what you love but if I don't stop you, you'll work yourself to death. "Look I'm really not trying tell you what to do but your forcing my hand.”
“Forcing your hand?” Ahsha repeated raising her brow
“Yes, Ahsha dancing needs to come to an end right now.”
“Derek I’m a grown ass women. I don't have to force your hand because I can do what I want” Ahsha yelled
“Yea but I promise you that was your last practice”. Derek spat as he turned to leave out the room
"Okay we’ll see! Ahsha challenged. Derek turned around, raised his brow and clenged his jaw at Ahsha because now he was done with the back and forth
Derek walked up to Ahsha and roughly snatched her towel off from around her pregnant body. Ahsha’s naked body was now exposed.
Ahsha pushed Derek in the chest "Derek what the hell?” Derek’s face was so serious that Ahsha immediately knew she went to far in challenging her husband.
“Obviously you need to take another look in the mirror because I'm guesting you haven't noticed that your pregnant yet. And while you’re looking Ima need you to find my wife cause I don't even recognize you. My wife knows when to swallow her pride and understand when her husband only wants to take care of her.
Since when do we fight about the well being of our child Ahsha? Anything else we can argue over but not this baby, we cant”.
Derek stepped dangerously close to her and her belly was the only thing in between them. He leaned in to look into her eyes as he spoke words that were meant to be final."Listen you’re my wife and I let you get away with a lot of shit to keep you happy but Ahsha make no mistake and lets be clear you belong to me. Ill be damned if you fall and hurt yourself at a practice, or our child”.
"I belong to you! See there you go trying to control me!”. Ahsha cut in
“No Ahsha its not even about that, fuck that! Its about when you walked down that aisle to be my wife. From that point on its been my responsibility to protect you and take care of you and now that includes my child. We may argue about a lot of shit but one thing about it you have always had security and I have
always made sure you were taken care of. So let me say it again, YOU BELONG TO ME. Just as I belong to you and only you. Plus that baby growing inside of you is 50% percent me and she belongs to me as well so I advise you not to test me”.
Derek said with a smug look in his eyes. Ahsha wanted to scream and slap the crap out of Derek for being so cut throat but deep down she knew she had pushed him to this which only made her more upset. Tears started to well up in Ahsha eyes because
every word he was saying was true. She told herself many of times that giving up dance wouldn’t be for long but now that she finally had to stop it broke her heart. But she would do anything for her beautiful baby girl that was growing inside of her everyday. Derek’s approach was way too harsh for her right now as her emotions were high but he was right. Ahsha got so frustrated. She began to shake and she turned around to lean on the sink and a loud cry came out of her. As the harsh noise left his wife’s body he felt sick to his stomach. All he wanted to do was make sure Ahsha and their baby was okay but he hurt his wife in the process and that wasn’t what he wanted to do at all. They had fought about this for the last couple of weeks but he sometimes forgot to remind himself that his wife was pregnant and her hormones made her sensitive. Sometimes he felt he was too rough in his approach with her. Derek finally turned softer.
“Ahsha I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you”. Derek said rubbing her sides with his brow still furrowed in frustration.
"Derek”! Ahsha said in a quiet voice wiping her face as more tear continued to fall. She moved his hands away from her body in a way that he could see she was upset.
"Yes” He answer.
“Can you give me a moment, I need to be alone”. She pointed to the door and her voice broke and with that so did Derek’s heart.
"Baby I'm”…
"Derek please, I just…..need to get my thoughts together”. Ahsha yelled.
Derek rubbed the top of his head and gave her her space. He walked out the bathroom and walked downstairs to the gym to go sweat out his frustration.
Ahsha stormed out of her house and decided that she would leave home and go to her mothers house to clear her head. She needed to get her thoughts together about her marriage because it seemed like all she and Derek was doing was fighting lately. Right now it seemed as though they were going up and down. One day they would be fine and one day they both were ready to kill each other. Everything was draining her mentally and physically. Between her marriage, her new house guest, family, the baby,and the fighting with Derek, Ahsha needed an escape and she now realized all of the mouths worth of stress was catching up with her. Even back to the Mary situation,
Derek’s meltdown about Jade being sick, her and Derek’s argument over Ziggy staying, being overwhelmed about being a new mom. She wanted to just sweep everything under the rug and move on but it all was still there. Dance was literally her getaway and now that was gone she felt like she was shrinking down in size. She sometimes hid her feeling because she thought it was her hormones but truth was even though their marriage was still standing Derek and Ahsha had been through a lot. She thought about calling Kyle but she often got tired of whining about her marriage problems. She needed some
good energy right now and Sloane would be the perfect one to supply that. Ahsha got to her mothers house and tucked herself under her mother’s blanket on the couch. No matter how old Ahsha was she always needed her mothers love and care. It was something about being in Sloane’s presence that could always make her feel okay. She didn’t know what is was but she could only hope that her daughter felt the same way about her. Sloane sat on the couch and Ahsha laid in her lap as she rubbed her hair.
“Ahsha I hate that you’re down sweetie, I really dont like seeing you like this.” Sloane started
“I know its just that Derek and I are fighting a lot lately and it seems like its just one thing after the other. Im overwhelmed mom”. Ahsha confessed.
“What are you guys fighting about?” Sloane asked right out
“Mom today Derek and I got into the biggest fight because he saw me at the studio with the girls”.
“Ahsha at the studio?” Sloane replied in a high pitched voice. “Didn't your doctor tell you to take it easy now that you’re further along. If I were Derek I’d be upset too.
"Mom I was just doing warm ups I wasn…. Sloane cut Ahsha off
"Ahsha I don’t wanna hear that lie, you and I both know you were not warming up and Derek isn't a fool” Sloane stated. Ahsha realized she was busted.
“I know, I know mom, its just…… A single tear fell from Ahsha eyes as she took a deep breath.
"Its just what sweetie”? Sloane asked now trying to be more sensitive with her daughter.
“With everything that’s going on that's literally my moment to clear my head; to just not think. I know Derek was right for being upset but...
"But what? Ahsha you are pregnant now you have to do whats best for your baby.” Sloane said in a gentle tone but her message clear
“I know but Derek is so demanding sometimes, he just makes me so angry”.
“Ahsha if the man wasn't stern with you, you’d run him in circles. Derek is already wrapped around your finger but you know what kind of man you married. Ahsha you married the Alpha male don't forget that. You know he’ll do anything to make you happy but you also know he’s going to take control when you get out of hand. Face it, the qualities you love in him are the same ones that got you upset. You’re just upset that Derek had to get you together.”
“I know and mom it doesn’t help that were both stubborn. I know he gets tired of me challenging him all the time.” Ahsha confessed feeling bad.
“So just stop Ahsha”. Sometimes as women we have to just realize our husbands are right. We hate to admit it but sometimes they are and in this case Derek is”.
Ahsha’s phone started to ring and it was Derek but she kept sending him to ignore he had called her four times in the last hour.
“Why are you ignoring him Ahsha?” Sloane asked frowning at her daughter
“Because I cant argue with him right now. I left home to clear my head before I have to face him. I know I was wrong but I just need time and I know he’s upset that I stormed out the way I did.”
“Ahsha I think you’re a little hyper sensitive right now with the pregnancy. You defiantly were wrong with going to the studios with the girls and I glad you got busted when you did. I'm on Derek’s side”. Sloane said folding her arms.
Huhhh so much for our mother daughter bashing session" Ahsha rolled her eyes annoyed that Sloane was on her husbands side.
The time was now 9'o clock Ahsha and Sloane continued watching television and Sloane’s phone started to ring. She looked at the called I.D and it was Pete.
“Oh its your father he must be calling to tell me that his meeting ran late.” Sloane said answering the phone.
“Hey honey, you on your way home?” Sloane said in a chipper voice…………..“Ahsha is right here is everything okay?” Sloane’s voice started to change.“On the way to the hospital, Pete what happend?” Sloane stood to her feet. “What?” Now Ahsha was at full attention as her heart started to beat fast at her mothers sudden frantic voice.
“Mom what’s going on”? Ahsha sat up on the couch.
"Ahsha put your shoes on Derek just calld Pete and told him he was in a wreck.” Ahsha heart sank as she had regret ignoring her husbands phone calls.
“Okay we’re on the way, we’ll meet you there.” Sloane said as she hung up the phone. Ahsha frantically dialed Derek’s phone but it was now going straight to voicemail.


Sloane and Ahsha rushed into the ER and headed straight for the receptionist desk. Another women was standing at the front desk when they enter but Ahsha was so frantic that she didn’t even see the lady and she almost knocked her down with her round belly.
“Ahsha slow down!” Sloane grabbed her arm. “I’m sorry ma'am my son in law; her husband was just in an car accident”. Sloane stated. The women saw Ahsha in her pregnant condition and immediately moved out of the way.
“Oh goodness you two can go before me, I'm just here checking checking on my co payment”. Please go right ahead. The women suggested.
“Thank You!” Sloane responded. Tears were falling from Ahsha’s eyes and there was no way to stop them, her voice was trembling as she spoke and her hands where shaking.
“Yes, I’m Mrs. Roman and my husband is Derek Roman he was just involved in a car accident and I need to see him now”. Ahsha said through her tears as she started to rub her belly with her shaking hands.
“Sweetheart everything is gonna be okay I promise” Sloane cooed to her panicking daughter.“Yes ma'am Mr. Roman is back in room 107 if I could get your identification I’ll be more then happy to send you right up”. Ahsha’ hands were shaking and she couldn't find her drivers license. 
“Honey calm down, Ill get them.” Sloane grabbed Ahsha’s Chanel bag and found her I.D. and handed them to the receptionist along with her own.
Okay Mrs. Roman, I'm gonna open up the double doors and you can go right up”.
“Thank you!” Sloane responded as Ahsha couldn’t utter worlds. She needed to see her husband she needed to make sure me was okay. If anything ever happened to her Derek she didn’t know what she’d do. He was her world and she was his so she couldn’t image that ever coming to an end. How could she have just been so mad at him an hour before? If anything fatal happened to her husband she would hate herself forever. As Sloane and Ahsha stepped onto the elevator, Ahsha felt and uneasy pain in her belly and she knew her nervous energy was passing on to her daughter. Derek and their baby girl had already bonded so deeply just as she got excited when he was around
Ahsha knew she could since something was wrong. Ahsha closed her eyes and began rubbing the side of her belly trying to calm herself down.
“Its okay baby, Mommy’s okay. We’re going to make sure daddy will be just fine”. She said to herself as she wept in Sloane’s arms as the elevator was going up.
“Its okay Ahsha. I promise Derek will be just fine.” Hearing Sloane say those words out loud as she had just told them to her daughter inside her head Ahsha wept even harder because she was literally a mother to her own child now but Sloane was still taking care of her when she needed to be. This was a beautiful moment. Ahsha now had her first real experience as a mother. The elevator doors opened and the two ladies walked out and saw Pete in the waiting room. Sloane grabbed her daughter by the hand.“I'm going to wait right here in the waiting room with Pete. If you need me Ill be right out here.” Ahsha shook her head in agreeance and wiped
her tears. Ahsha eyes were now red and she looked exhausted.
She scanned the halls for room 107. Ahsha finally spotted the room and she came crashing through the door, her and her round belly. Derek was sitting up on the bed, appearing to look normal watching Sports center but his shirt was cut completely on one side and his arms was bandaged up from the crash.
“Derek”!! Ahsha yelled frantically “Oh my god baby, are you okay! What happened?” Her tears started to fall again as she ran over to the bed
“A driver side swiped me. Some jackass wasn't watching the rode trying to get over and when he hit the side of the truck my window bust and the glass cut my arm. Ahsha but I’m fine I promise”.
“No you’re not fine. Baby look at your arm”? Ahsha listened to her husband in terror. Derek could tell that she was really upset. Ahsha moved closer to him trying to see if his other arm was injured.
“Stop Ahsha its not that bad. Really, I'm fine” Derek said trying to ease Ahsha’s frantic state.
“No Derek let me see your arm its still bleeding!” Ahsha faught back.
Derek put his guard down and Ahsha scanned her husbands body and he seemed to be okay despite his arm injury. She began
feeling up his body slowly,checking intensely for anything that may be wrong. Derek watched her carefully as he was glad to have his wife by his side but he was more concerned with her being upset in her pregnant condition. Ahsha touched the top of his other shoulder carefully.
“Does this hurt?” Ahsha looked into Derek’s eyes to detect anything wrong.
“No Ahsha” Derek chuckled. “I’m fine my shoulder is just aching and the nurse has already given me meds so I'm just waiting for them to kick in.” Derek assured. He tried to look into her eyes with confidence but she was already too worried. Ahsha started to cry again, and her voice cracked as she started to speak. “Derek can I just…….
Derek knew what his wife needed and he nodded her an okay. Ahsha moved in closer to him and wrapped her arms around his back carefully trying not to touch his arm. She held on to him so tight and she cradled him in her bosom.
"Derek I was so scared”. She said shaking. Derek placed his hand on her belly and rubbed it gently.
“I know Ahs but baby I’m fine, I promise I’m not going anywhere”. Derek cooed "Now baby please stop crying I don't want either of you upset. Daddy is fine”. Derek concluded speaking more to his daughter still rubbing Ahsha’s stomach lovingly. Hearing the sound of her husbands voice made her feel slightly better.
“Derek where were you going?” Ahsha asked
“Ahs you left home upset and you weren't answering my phone calls so I called Kyle thinking you were there but she said you weren’t. So then I figured you were at your moms house and I decided to give you some time. But it started getting dark out so I decided I was gonna come and get you because I didn't want you driving by yourself that late.” Ahsha felt like such an idiot for being upset with Derek and she couldn’t help but get emotional from the effort her husband took to come and get
her knowing she was upset.
“Derek I'm so sorry for ignoring your calls. No matter how upset I am I shouldn't have done that”. Ahsha grabbed his chin so that he could see the sincerity in her eyes. Derek intertwined his hand in hers.
"Ahsha I get it, all that matters is that we’re together now.” Derek knew Ahsha would never leave him out on a limb on purpose. If it was one thing he knew is that his wife would always be there when he needed her and this time was no different so he would never hold that against her. They both just wanted to stop bumping heads. Suddenly the doctor returned to the room.
‘Ahh Mr.Roman, I see your lovely wife is here to take care of you. It looks like my job is all done.“ He joked. Ahsha smiled softly.
"Hello I'm Ahsha thank you so much for taking care of my husband.”
Ahh, yes well your husband is a very lucky man and I don't mean just by being married to you he joked again. Luckily when they driver side swiped him he didn't hit Derek with full impact or it could have been a lot worst”. The only thing is that the glass from the impact tore through some of your husbands muscle tissue so
essentially Derek it will heal in about two weeks because it didn't penetrate deep enough for nerve damage but you will have a little bruising". “Now you wont be able to play for these two week because you don't want to stress that muscles tissue so it can heal. Your arm may be sore but I know with your wife you’ll be back to a
speedy recovery.”
The doctor concluded.
“Okay sounds good Doc, I cant argue with that considering it could have been worst”. Derek added in a cool and calm voice. Ahsha never knew how he could remain so calm sometimes but she guest that’s one of the things she loved about her husband. Even if something was happening with him he never broke. He was just that kind of man.
Okay, I'm gonna re-wrap your arm because you’re bleeding through a little and Ill send you some pain meds to the pharmacy. Later on tonight you should be able to be discharged. But please make sure he takes it easy Mrs. Roman.“
"Yes I will thank you”! Ahsha concluded. Ahsha closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Derek grabbed her hand.
“Hey, Hey you okay?” Derek asked. Ahsha was still amazed by this selfless man she married. Here he was the one injured but all he wanted to do was make she was okay. In this moment Ahsha realized that life was to short and that she was more then blessed to have this man to spend the rest of her life with. She couldn’t imagine her life without him.This was one other thing to add onto her list of stress but it beat not having her husband. Ahsha snapped out of her thoughts and cleared her throat.
“Yea babe……I'm fine”. We just gotta get you home so I can take care of you”. Ahsha concluded.


As the next three days approach The Romans were out of their normal routines and it was weird for both Ahsha and Derek. Ahsha wasn’t dancing and Derek wasn’t playing. Everything was different and Derek could since his wife was more distant. Her presence was their but he notice something was blocking the true light behind her eyes. He had asked her many times If she was okay and tried to be concerned but he didn’t want to pressure her or come off to hard. With all their marriage had gone through Derek knew Ahsha was just tired right now but she tried to keep calm as possible for the babies sake and he didn’t want to interrupt that. Derek had spent the day out
with Cyrus and Ziggy as Ahsha said that she was going to go baby shopping with her mother. Derek had sent his wife message all through the day in which she replied but was very short in all of her responses. Derek knew that Ahsha was not acting like his wife and everything felt different. He had to get down to the bottom of it. The time was now 7:30 and he called Sloane to see if Ahsha was still with her.
“Hey ma, is Ahsha with you or did she leave already?” Derek asked over the Bluetooth in his car
“No shes been home for an hour now”. Sloane answered…“But Derek I need you to talk to her because something is defiantly not right,something is off with her, and of course she stubborn so she says everything is fine but I just know”. I think shes still a little sad about not dancing”. Sloane concluded.
“Yea I feel it too, but don't worry Ill handle it whatever it is. I told you and Pete I’d take care of her and I will”. Derek said furrowing his brow.
“You always do honey and we know that, just talk to her.” Sloane said in a confident voice at her daughter’s husband
“Okay and Ill have her call you later". Derek ended the conversation. He then hung up to call Ahsha yet she didn’t answer. Derek pulled up to their home and hoped she was just sleeping. He made it upstairs to the bedroom and he saw that the bed was still perfectly made and their was not sign of his wife. He called her phone again and she still didn’t pick up. Derek thought to himself “I know she isn’t doing this shit again but he was trying to suppress his anger lately. He walked down the hall to Ziggy’s room and knocked on the door to Ziggy with his head phones in.
"Yo Zig, whats up man?”
“What up D”.
“Hey did you hear Ahsha come home?”
“Yea but she left back out about thirty minutes after she got back with her moms” Ziggy answered.
“Oh okay cool” Derek answered turning back around to walk to the master bedroom. He took a moment to stop and he sat on the bed because he needed to take a deep breath and think. He laid back on the bed and rested the back of his head in one of his hands. His temple was pulsating and he was trying to pull his thoughts together. Derek’s mind was running wild. “Where is she?” Why isnt she answering me?“ Is she okay?” Did she just get too stressed and leave me?“ "She cant take my child”. "I’ve stressed her way too much and now shes wants out". “Derek you gotta find her”. The was the exact deja vu from a couple of months ago when he was deep in thought about his mother wanting to come back in his life but this was worst. As soon as he thought his brain would explode his wife came in an brought him out of the darkness
by kissing his temple and his brain was freed. He thought about Ahsha and how she could take him out of any darkness and into a special place of calmness. He wanted to do the same for her and take all stress from her. Some place special to free her subconscious of everything they had gone through. Derek continued to think and every once in awhile thinking about Ahsha he could see her smile and hear her infectious laugh that could clear his mind any day. Suddenly Derek’s got a hint. I never gave her a special mental place of calmness but I did give her a physical space to clear her head. Derek’s temple stomped throbbing and he opened his
eyes. He got up from the bed and grabbed his car keys. He knew exactly were Ahsha was.
Thirty Minutes Later….
Derek drove his black Ferrari up next to couples new black Escalade. Ahsha was standing in front of the car leaning staring at the night view in a trance. She didn’t even look back to see who was arriving because in here heart of hearts she knew her husband would find her. It was only a matter of time because they were too well connected and this was also the place her husband would come when he needed to get away from the chaos and just breath. Ahsha was now at the couples “spot” the overlook. Derek got out of the car and stood beside his wife. The couple shared silence for a while just taking in the view of the hypnotizing lights from the city.
You know, I came up here a lot when I was thinking about asking you to marry me. I would think about all of the ends and outs of our relationship and where we had been together and where I could see our future going.” Now all I can think of his how off track we are.“
"We’re not off track Derek”. Ahsha stated still staring into the city lights
“Ahsha were fighting every week, stressed about family, your not dancing, I'm slightly injured and to add on to everything this car accident happens and that just adds on to everything else. Baby your pregnant and I feel like we haven't even been able to enjoy it all which is killing me." Ahsha turned to Derek with her brow furrowed and touched his face.
"Derek don't blame yourself for the car accident, I’ll take the stress of you being slightly injured any day then for something to happen to you that would make me loose my mind.”. Plus the baby is doing just fine, I just needed a moment to clear my head.“
Derek said with regret in his voice "Dancing use to do that for you huh? You’ve been so distant lately. Ahsha you’re my wife I can tell when things are off, you cant hide things from me.” This was the first time since the other night that they had actually got to talk about their argument because after Derek got into his accident they tried to carry on but Ahsha was still stressed over it. Ahsha took a pause as her spirit was calming.
“Derek we’re doing the best we can”.
“No, Ahsha you deserve better then this; I refuse to stop at just doing the best I can with you, I promised you everything and you deserve it”. And here I am stressing you over and over. Baby please understand that I would never try to come between you and your dream,I just want you to be careful”. Ahsha now placed her hand on top of her husbands hand and looked into his eyes as a single tear fell to her face.
“I know Derek and I’m sorry I keep challenging you, its just……dancing has always been that one thing that could clear my mind from everything; you know, when I'm all on instincts. So I guess I just didn't wanna face that its ending right now”. Derek took a look down at his arm in his sling and even though he would be clear to play
again in two weeks he knew exactly how his wife felt.
"I guess both of us are gonna be sitting down in the bleachers for awhile”. Derek added
“Yea but Derek you’ll be back in no time” Ahsha complained
“Yea but Ahsha I'm gonna be just fine while I cant, you know why?”
“Why ?” Ahsha asked as if she was all out of answers.
“Because basketball isn't the only thing that does that for me anymore. Baby when it comes to you, that's when my head is clear. No second guessing and no B.S. in my brain driving me crazy. When its about you I'm all on instincts. When it comes to you and my child only three things matter; Love, Protection, and Happiness. Everything else falls under those things. Ahsha, before you if I couldn't play for two weeks and miss three games I’d be a wild mess, so I get that you
needed a space to fall apart. It feels like you’re watching your dream stand still but as long as you have me and I have you we will both be fine.” Baby don't you see how connected we are?“ Derek chuckled. What did your doctor say that you needed to do when you reached five to six mouths?”Ahsha turned to Derek and took a deep breath. “She said I needed to take it easy.” Ahsha answer.
“Okay and what did my doctor say when I got into the accident?
"He said remember to (Take It Easy). Derek joined her in saying the last part.
"See everything we do we do together and this wont be any different. Derek concluded with conviction by wrapping her in his loving embrace.
"Well I guess its just like someone I love told me a long time ago”. Ahsha stated.
“What’s that?” Derek asked curiously wiping her tear away.
“Its not how we start its how we finish.” Ahsha smiled as she thought about the words that her husband once told her.
“Yea? Derek quetioned "Well we have quite awhile to go.”
“Why do you say that”? Ahsha replied back.
“Because I plan on doing this dance with you forever” Derek cooed kissing the top of her hair. Ahsha smiled content knowing that she would dance with this man until her last seconds.
“Oh and another thing, my love” Derek added
“I know sometimes I can be stubborn and its hard to get through to me but Ahs I hear you. And I want you to know that the night at the restaurant I heard you then too. Baby we are still getting this right and I agree that we still need our time alone before the baby comes. Ahsha I just want to be able to enjoy all the little things about each other that we use to before everything got so crazy”.
“Yea me too, but that is impossible with everything going on right now, plus we have Ziggy in the house. Ahsha responded
"Yes and thats exactly why were leaving the country” Derek said plainly.
“What!!!” Ahsha said shocked
“Yes, I've already booked our flights and packed for us so women we're going. Ahsha I just wanna focus on being in love with you right now”. 
"Derek we cant just go! What about Jade and her appointments or Ziggy in our house”? Ahsha questioned
“Ahsha what about us?” Derek fought back “Baby we have to make us and our happiness a priority.” Derek concluded. Ahsha knew her husband was right. They needed to be selfish and think about them for once and for all. A satisfied smiles grew on Ahsha’s face as she decided not to fight her husband on this anymore.
Well since your whisking me away where are we going?” Ahsha crossed her arms.
“You will find out when we get there.” Derek smiles back at her as he kissed her on the lips sweetly.