stupid gif warning

it’s late here and I’m laughing way to hard i mean just, I’m rewatching the scene from season 11 where the reds and blues get pissed at doc and donut for coming to help them then told their ride to leave and just like, look at doc and donut sliding.

like, could you imagine being on the team that made this scene and it’s just you and 5 other people pushing the two idel characters off screen like idk I just find it really funny


Shadowhunters’ Calendar: February - A Photoset of Malec (Magnus/Alec) or Blackhallow (Aline Penhallow/Helen Blackthorn) a day

  ↪February 9th: Tarot and Flower Cards

“Instead of replying, Alec reached down and took Magnus’s hands. Magnus let Alec pull him to his feet, a questioning look in his eyes. Before he could say anything, Alec drew him closer and kissed him. Magnus made a soft, pleased sound, and gripped the back of Alec’s shirt, rucking it up, his fingers cool on Alec’s spine. Alec leaned into him, pinning Magnus between the table and his own body. Not that Magnus seemed to mind.
‘Come on,’ Alec said against Magnus’s ear. 'It’s late. Let’s go to bed.'” 

texture (x) pics (x) insp in a Jace and Clary gifset made a long time ago.