stupid gerard and his cute rambling

  • interviewer: so how was making danger days?
  • ray: it was fun
  • mikey:
  • frank: yeah we had tons of ide-
  • gerard: it was just this idea that came to us you know from seeing people walking and breathing at the same time it was so inprirational it was the best and did you know i went to art school and did some comics and we threw that in there and hey i have a hot wife lol wife wife wife shes an artist too we get each other so much i have a child with her yeah a mini her and me its so cool and we just wanted a change with everything and stop being so dark and add some colour and disco and dance music you know lol wait what i'm not gay what are you talking about i have a wife silly
  • interviewer: oka-
  • gerard: a hot wife
  • interviewer:
  • gerard: totally not gay