stupid gay face

So I went to a party today. My aunt’s 40th bday so it was in a restaurant or whatever. I had a reason to put my suit on. Woho… All the weird glances of my distant relatives were expected. But it wasn’t as bad as I thought it woud be. The only thing I felt weird about was at the beginning of the dinner. Of course they forgot to bring the vegetarian food (just for me and one other girl) so I started eating when pretty much everyone already finished. I hated that. But the food was good. I didn’t have to sit inside all the time, trying to avoid small talk with everyone. I mostly spent time talking about games with my younger cousins outside. Welp. And I came home earlier yayyy. 

Also, the DJ girl was such a butch. We both glanced and nodded at each other as in mutual understanding of each others gayness xdd