stupid forbidden otp

barely a 2.5 minute clip and we have

- billie saying it’s ‘unsettling how comfortable it feels’ to be back
- and that it’s a ‘horrible decade’ (the time it’s been since they were last working together on dw)
- and somehow managing to make the question ‘what kind of fun has it been?’ into an innuendo
- also david saying he’ll gladly agree w everything billie says

it’s been 12 years and these two still haven’t learned how to be subtle have they

also i was just talking with @aroseofstone and like… it’s sadly ironic that billie was absently mentioning how she ‘didn’t get how important dw was til she had kids’ while in davids presence when she damn well knows how obsessed he’s been with the show since he was like 3 and how important it is to him. we’ve all experienced this before with the tentoo snafu and a few other times but she can just be quite thoughtless sometimes. and you could kinda tell david was taken aback by it a bit but in the end he just went along with it and agreed with what she was saying anyway. and it just goes to show how head over heels he is bc could you imagine if anyone else said something like that? if there’s one thing david gets slightly combative about its this show… he’d defend his eternal love for it to the grave but he didn’t here. i feel like its almost a microcosm for their entire relationship they’re polar opposites almost to the point of incompatibility and even hurt each other sometimes but somehow they’re still completely infatuated

aroseofstone  asked:

David/Billie or Ten/Rose


This choice is extremely difficult for me, as you’ll know if you’ve been following my blog for some time. As everyone knows, I adore Ten and Rose. Adore with all my heart. They make me laugh and rant and squeak and cry constantly and I’ll never get enough of them. And invest much of my free time writing supplementary accounts of their somewhat tragic romance. BUT. You’ve given me the perfect opportunity to rant about a couple that I hardly ever have a chance to open up about.

If you’d like to join me for this moderately long d/b adventure…

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