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Fairy Tail Chapter 544 Review

And so the Alvarez arc ends

Our cover page is blank. Y’know, I kinda like that it’s blank. Like the simplicity of it.

So our chapter opens on Acnologia and Natsu squaring off. Okay, I’m going to say this once, Acnologia eats magic. He is immune to magic. It doesn’t matter if Natsu is using 7 magic at once Acnologia can just be immune to it.

We cut to the real world and, big shock, Fairy Sphere isn’t working

All seems lost till…

No… Just, no… You don’t get to pull this and wave it away with a joke… This horse crap. We haven’t seen Meredy in almost a year, since the Neinhart battle. You don’t get to do this without any foreshadowing. Fucking hell.

So it appears that Meredy has linked all together and in all honesty, this doesn’t really bother me. I mean seriously, it’s just enhancing fairy sphere and I’ve already said I was okay with the fairy sphere plan, so really it’s just adding more magic. It honestly makes sense. But I do have an issue with something else…

This. This montage of all these characters coming and giving their magic. Why does this irk me. Well it’s how this arc was structured. This cliche of everyone we’ve met giving their power is often seen in finally arcs and it’s one I usually am okay with. But the reason this doesn’t work for me is because of the narrow scope of this war. We barely focused on characters outside of FT, and the ones here in this montage that could be argued that they contributed are the wizard saints and Ultear. But everyone else, what have they done? What is their stake? With a war, you want to show it’s effects on everyone. Not just the people fighting, but the people watching. Sho and Wally didn’t have to fight, but how are they affect by this war? How are the people of Galuna affected? How does Flare feel? Did Lucky and Marl fear for Happy? They don’t have to be involved in the battles, but we do have to know their feelings. In a sense, “We don’t beat the dragon king, we all die” is a reason, but that’s only a fundamental idea. There is so much more potential to this moment that’ ultimately  feels shallow.

So Fairy Sphere works and Acnologia is cut off from magic…. Somehow? Yeah they make a big deal about how there are two Acnologia’s, but apparently the same effects apply to both? But hey even if he can’t move he’s still invulnerable to magic right?

You know I didn’t have a problem with Lucy and her thing, but I really do have a problem with Natsu and this crap. No. He’s not the only one who can beat acnologia at this moment, all of you could! I am completely fine if Natsu got the final blow, he’s the main character after all, but not like this. Not with the other 6 characters sacrificing all their value that’s been established just for Natsu in this incredibly forced situation. Fuck off.

And so this all ends with a giant flaming punch…. Why change anything…

Y’know this moment with Acnologia would mean a lot, if there was more to him. Like, this comes off as more regretful he can’t get what he wanted, but he had no larger goal outside destruction.

Again this would mean more if there was more focus on Natsu and if he was feeling like friendship wasn’t enough or something…

Well we need to get in our last Rave Master rip off, and what better than Lucia’s death scene.

Back in the real world, Acnologia explodes…. Cool…

Hooray! Rejoice! This arc is finally over!

And the DS return…

Okay Points for not having Natsu fall into Lucy’s tits. Actually round off applause there was no fanservice this chapter. Like it really wanted to treat this with the sense of poise an ending should have.

Well… 11 years people, all built up to this. And next week, it’ll all be over. Can’t wait to see what happens. But by those ending captions I’m sure a ton of shippers are happy.

Post Chapter Follow Up: Well that was… Something…

Alright let’s hit the positives, first of all the art work. Everything in this chapter was just beautifully drawn, characters were detailed liked crazy, action changed to this more thick chaotic look and it really made the mood come together.

The next this is, Meredy is a horrible deus ex machina, but the thing that she’s doing with everyone adding to the sphere honestly is okay. It’s not perfect, but from what’s been established in the series, it makes sense that we’d need this many people to make a sphere to hold Acnologia. Another thing I will give this chapter is it trying to give this sense of grandeur. Everything was done like this was an epic climax and didn’t undercut itself with stupid jokes or fanservice. But as you’ll see, these small things don’t save this climax.

The best thing is probably the scale. This is a great way to show just how 11 years has crafted this world. But this ties into the negatives because, while it does have this great scale, it means almost nothing. Because of how narrow focused the war was, this loses a lot of weight and just becomes an empty gesture.

Also on the negatives, it the actual fight. Yes this is a disappointing way for the series’s big villain to end. I think the worst part is, there’s nothing new. It’s Natsu making a platitude about friendship and doing a big punch. Same as always. It also doesn’t help that both sides characterization was flat.

It’s like this wants us to forget that Acnologia is immune to magic in general, but just pulls the win out of it’s ass. It’s not like fairy sphere makes it impossible to lose his natural abilities.

All I can say is this chapter was underwhelming… Like I knew it wasn’t going to be good, but after all this time spent on Acnologia and building up to it, it’s underwhelming. It hits all the same beats it usually does for FT fights, just on a bigger scale.

Final Verdict: 3/10

  • Underwhelming
  • Everything I expected it to be
  • Scale is nice, but very shallow sentiment

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Nalu fans are just vermin, Natsu said nothing about that letter being difficult you guys just want stupid fanservice ship moments

Just look at what he said ‘the problem’s this though…” Natsu wasn’t worried about going away for a year to get stronger to protect everyone, he was worried about saying bye to Lucy, his best friend and partner, to the point where he couldn’t even tell her in person so he had to leave her a note. He didn’t have to leave a note, he just could’ve took off, but no, he left a note for one person and one person only.


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I'm kinda curious why do you hate yoi? Fandom is weird as hell but what's so wrong with the series alone?


The Yuri on Ice fandom has utterly ruined the show for me, and honestly, if the fandom didn’t harass real life figure skaters, hallmark executives, and people who don’t like their precious show, all with their battlecry of “well you’re just homophobic”, then i probably would’ve just dismissed yuri on ice as “ok.”

It was mediocre.

A fanservice-fueled mess of romantic cliches, awkward figure skating animation, and sexy butt shots.

Let me lay this down, alright?

Its writing is disjointed, and its characters are either one shot characters or terribly inconsistent, like I still don’t know if Victor is a sociopathic simpleton or just a juvenile, shallow egocentric adult who just doesn’t know how to coach AT ALL.

Or if Yuri is confident or NOT confident.

We never saw ANY reason for him to suddenly be confident in himself, other than he’s sexually attracted to Victor, and Victor is sexually attracted to him, and this for some reason culminates in a sudden increase in talent.

Victuuri as a relationship is also rather poor, which is BAD since the whole series literally hinged itself on it.

It’s based off a drunken encounter that failed to be endearing to ME, because I was wondering why the fuck a stripper pole is present at a black tie formal event banquet.

I also don’t find Victor’s reasons for being attracted to him compelling.

What, he was ballsey while drunk? He skated kinda nice in a youtube video?

Or he just wanted to fuck the shit out of him?

Like…ok, fine. That could work.

Except it didn’t, because Victor never went into that shit at all.

Yuri didn’t even remember it.

And what, they developed a bond while training?


What is there to like?

And even if we did see it, look at the characters.

Let’s ignore canon relationships, and look at them as people.

what is there to like about Yuri Katsuki?

That he’s shy and “sweet?”

If you made him female, he would be the least interesting moe shoujo harem chick ever seen.

You would absolutely not like him if he were, say, Shinji Ikari, nervous and unsure of himself in times of crisis.

People like Yuri for only a few reasons, and they’re as follows:

He’s a stand in for them, a gay stand in so they don’t have to be threatened by a cute anime girl.

And he’s shy and flustered and uwu soooo cute, but also sexy and assertive and a power bottom, so I’m told.

These are not traits that stand on their own. They are entirely dependent on an active base of fangirls with no desire to see said character doing anything else or developing.

He’s DULL in other words.

And so is VICTOR.

He’s the ace who can do anything, but chooses to be interested in the guy with low self confidence.

Wish fulfillment. That’s what that is.

Sexy guy takes interest in the “nobody.”

Oldest trick in the book.

And if your argument is that the characters don’t need to be good…uh, yes, they do, because it’s a “sports anime,” purportedly…

Sports anime NEED to focus on either characters and their relationships, or the sport itself.

Yuri on ice fumbled both.

We saw Yuri and Victor vaguely talk about stupid ass shit that revealed nothing about themselves as people…and drop sexual innuendo.

Then we had some bloated individual character drama that either got dropped from the main plot or was simply boring.

Like Sala and her brother?

That weird guy with the fucked up mascara and his angst over his bitchy ex girlfriend?


Those two people I don’t even remember, the Pewdiepie lookalike?

Seriously, Yuri on Ice could’ve been really, really good if it had cut some of the extra characters.

Made Victor and Yuri more like PEOPLE, and not puppets that existed solely to sell some yaoi fangirl bait.

And if Yuri Plisetsky and Otabek were the main couple, yeah.

The thing is, anon, that these things don’t make it the worst anime ever.

I’ll say that liberally.

Yuri on ice isn’t the worst anime ever.

I liked parts of it.

Mostly Yuri P, Otabek, and JJ. I thought JJ should’ve had more of a role, he was talented and his skating was daring, that was a good dynamic.

But why did I really hate this anime?



Because they’re gay.

I can guarantee you that if one of them was female, ya’ll would hate it.

And if you’re saying, ok, but it’s revolutionary because it chose to make them both male, that’s a good thing, isn’t it animentality?


It would’ve been revolutionary to have a real story.

Hinged on competition.

And actual anxiety, not anxiety that comes and goes according to when the writers feel like putting it in there.

Panic attacks, nausea, inability to perform…and not YURI fucking crying and then suddenly being perfectly able to perform right afterwards simply because Victor…


That’s right.

Yuri’s “anxiety” is used as a romantic plot device.

It’s an excuse for Victor to comfort him.

It magically vanishes whenever it doesn’t need to be there.

But my point is…

That Yuri on ice could’ve built up a relationship between them…one without the sauna scenes, without the sexy posing, without the sexy lip touching and ass groping and stupid fanservice touching.

It could’ve built it slowly.

and then the last episode.

They could’ve kissed.

And then it would’ve excused all of the absolute mess that was its story, and its characters.

If they had chosen to make it SEEM like a conventional sports anime instead of hyping it up as gay from the start, then i could’ve forgiven anything else.

I could even forgive its creepy ass anon hate flame warring fandom.

But they didn’t.

They chose to give us two guys sort of kissing, and then having the plot change NOTHING.

They chose to give us a teasing wedding proposal that didn’t seem like one, since Yuri never said yes, and they don’t wear their rings in promotional art.

Nor does Yuri actually WIN his stupid metal.

They gave us a dog in the hospital and a lot of back hugs.


Mediocre anime, anon.

I wouldn’t hate it just for being mediocre…

If its fandom didn’t so actively lead the charge against “homophobes,” acting like their fujobait is some kind of revolutionary of the LGBT movement, the spearhead that ends all homophobia.

Love on ice isn’t plagiarism.

Your anime is just WEAK.

It’s imitated the work of others, and then claims ownership of that work, calling anything even vaguely like it plagiarism.

It claims domination over all forms of lgbt media because it doesn’t “Sexualize” even though the first episode has Victor’s ass in our faces. Even though everyone inexplicably decides to strip and show off those oiled abs for all of us.

It tells me that this honest review is nothing but homophobic.

That by noticing sexualization, I am sexualizing gays.

It says that because I don’t like the show for fetishizing a gay couple, for touting it as an icon of gay media when it didn’t even have the guts to refer to the two of them as a “couple” and chose instead to have Kubo Mitsuro leave it as “ambiguous” that I am some kind of irrational beast who just doesn’t like gays.

Yes, anon.

I hate yoi.

And let me be candid with my followers, too, the new ones, who didn’t, perhaps, know about this.

I hate yuri on ice.

Not because it’s implied that Yuri and Victor have a relationship.

But because it’s implied they have a relationship.

And yaoi fangirls, ah, they don’t care.

They masturbate with their feelings, remember? As long as the guys are hot, they’ll claim LGBT activism.

They’ll stress how important it is, how special it is, that Yuri on ice is successful (ignoring the fact that they made it successful, AS IN they, the fetishizing young women audience exploited in the past by many other forms of fanservice).

And that…cannot be torn apart from the show.

I cannot judge the show separately from the fandom.

It is a part of it, it IS the show.

Without its fandom, what does it have to offer?


Look at Free!

What happened to it?

Now compare it to snk, what do you see?

Snk has an apocalypse, monsters, a fight for human survival, the depths of the human will.

What does Yuri on ice have?

A meandering story with shallow problems and sexy guys being cute for a camera.

Some corporate-cut standards box full of shit that’s been done before, just not in a gay way.

What’s wrong with the series alone?


It just can’t stand alone.

Why is Kaisoo kissing such a big deal?

When has kissing another boy been such a problem in kpop? Them kissing isn’t the worst thing ever. I’ve seen gayer.

Their own members have kissed.

Let’s not forget pervert Heechul.

Even T.O.P. and G-Dragon kissed.

It isn’t a big deal. If Super Junior can make out with each other whenever they want, then Kai and Kyungsoo should be able to kiss too. Who says it was even a love one? It could’ve been a bro kiss. And if they are more, then good for them. Gay relationships are a thing. Live with it. It’s 2015 for fuck’s sake.

Fanservice & Slow Burns...

Someone needs to tell you Scalia haters what fanservice means.

What’s the fucking point of servicing the fans of the smallest shipping fandom on the show? What does that accomplish exactly? The Scalia tag was mostly silent before that trailer came out. There is absolutely ZERO point in fanservicing a ship that was entirely a crackship that many of these fans didn’t think would happen in the first place.

99% of the time, fanservice is done for the majority, not the minority. Anyone with a brain would know that. Stydia, for example, is the very definition of fanservice. It is a ship that exists almost entirely because Stydia shippers pushed for it so hard. It is the writers actually servicing the fans by giving them what they wanted.

That is not so effective with a fandom that was mostly inactive just a few weeks ago. Stop throwing around the word fanservice to describe Scalia, you ignorant lackwits. And that operates under the stupid assumption that fanservice is inherently a bad thing, which it isn’t. It needs to be taken to extremes before it qualifies as a bad thing, and not even Stydia reached that extreme.

As for whether or not it was rushed, this started back in season 4. If you didn’t see it, that’s your problem. You missing something that was blatantly obvious to anyone who was paying attention does not mean it was rushed. It only started to pick up steam this season, but it existed before that.

Why I need to explain the concept of a slow burn to you people, especially the Stydia fandom, is beyond my understanding. But Scalia was a slow burn, probably too slow considering how many people completely missed it.

I swear, you Scalia haters are getting more ridiculous each day, which is no small feat considering that you keep repeating the same bullshit over and over again.

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remember when yoongi purposefully failed that paper kissing game so bts wouldn't have to do it?? and most fans praised him like "he avoided stupid fanservice" "he's individual and unique and not for the industry" "bts was uncomfortable with it" or whatever..but joon was like "awh i was actually excited for it" like bitccchhh namjoon wasnt uncomfortable he wanted to play the fucking game namjoon is a bisexual king praise him for wanting to do this gay fan-service give him attention too pls

and joonie fanboys bts says cute he calls jin handsome funny n attractive when he’s serious and yoongi a cute talented producer grandpa crying together n saying he knows his “immature side” as if its a secret between them.. and jhope his other half that takes care of bts w him and jimin mature, kind.. flexible n sexy but “mochi cute” and caring for tae making a whole song for him and helping him w english and complimenting him and jk is obvious enough jk is his baby they love each other. hes gay


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Went on a harrie blog and they were trashing niall for doing fanservice ??? Like wtf are they aware that singers are supposed to do that? Honestly how far up harry's ass are they?

Hi anon!

Niall is doing well and Harries know that. Harries need to attack him for something.

Niall has more followers on Twitter. He posts things on Instagram that don’t directly relate to him selling us things (like his golf pics, watching the fight) whereas Harry’s last post was over 6 weeks ago and was for Dunkirk. Niall told us we’d get the album if we got tickets to his tour instead of having us preorder his album before tickets went on sale. Niall did radio and summer festivals and showed us he could perform solo before selling tickets to his tour. Niall talked about a tour months ago in interviews and tweeted about his calendar filling before springing the tour on it, while Harry let everyone else speak for him. Niall makes actual music videos, instead of using recycled footage from a pay-for-docu series recorded months ago (which is actually just an ad for another pay-for-docu series). Niall has spoken positively about the other men and the band since the beginning of his solo rollout, whereas Harry talks about “that band” and doesn’t seem to know anyone else. Niall goes on a variety of radio shows and talks to a variety of hosts, whereas Harry mostly sticks with the same crowd.

They’re basically doing everything in completely different ways. So it’s easy to pick on Niall.

Especially when it’s…working. Say whatever you want about their images and online behavior and interactions with fans (all of which, it could be argued, is what fanservice comes down to), but objectively, it’s working.

(These were updated 8/28.)

Now, I know that Harries will argue these are only some measures of success and fall back on the #1 (in some places) thing, or say that Harry doesn’t want commercial success, and so on.

And maybe that’s true. But you know as well as I do that if Harry were actually doing well on the charts, they’d be screaming about it. If he wins a Grammy, they’ll scream about it. When any other commercially successful musician says anything nice about Harry, they scream about it (even if their commercial peak was decades ago). When they thought he was going to perform on the TCAs, they screamed about it. So the actions and words don’t match.

Beyond that, I think something else is going on. I’ve noticed a lot of the enthusiasm for Harry’s work has declined. I think that there are a lot of fans who aren’t really excited for his work anymore, even if they were in March.

I know a lot of people are noticing Larrie blogs are dropping, and they think it’s because they’re Harries who aren’t here for Louis. Possible. But…they’re not even here for Harry really. Part of this could be because he hasn’t done anything new, but they’re not even reblogging old photos, etc. They’re just…gone.

Also, there are a number of Harry’s tickets going up for sale and people trying to get rid of them because they suddenly can’t go, or the people they were supposed to go with don’t want to go anymore. These were the hottest ticket in time just a few months ago. I’m sure people are getting rid of Niall tickets, too, but I haven’t seen that on my dash (not once) and follow a lot of Niall-centric blogs that would be reblogging that to help other fans get tickets. But I do keep seeing Harry ticket resale posts on my dash.

I’ve also noticed that blogs that have never blogged about Niall are getting in on his tour and reblogging posts about him and how he’s doing, and blogging less about Harry.

While I don’t have hard numbers behind any of this, my sense is that there are a lot of people who are doing the bare minimum to look like they support Harry, but who are actually bored with him. Since you get attacked if you say you’re not happy with solo Harry’s rollout, it makes sense that some bloggers would continue along with the Harrie party line of how fanservice is stupid, even if they secretly are following the careers of the other men.

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"stupid fanservice" I wouldn't even go far it was probably just a straight up joke (with eyeball getting sad as the punchline)

Nah…. the writers know very well the fanbase loves it when something gay happens on this show. It’s also weird considering the gems are supposed to be against different gem relationships but they’ve ignored that rule before and no one calls it out 🙄🙄.

So it just feels like pointless fanservice

Why Yuu and Shinoa can be an endgame?

I always dreamed to write a big yuunoa proof post. So here you go. Some things you hear many times, some things can be new. I will talk only about manga and novels cause anime and games are still for me nice (like the ring finger) but additional bonuses.  And please forgive me my grammar, I know some sentence sound very funny. :”) 

Let’s check the facts:

Keep reading


Here some Bunny Lucy (she looks like Erza too lol) for everyone! :3

And of course… AAAAH Thank you for +210 followers Omg I’m so happy! (*´艸`*)♡

Sorry it’s only a scketch… I tried some dynamic poses and this outs good! Also sorry for the fanservice eh eh \(//∇//)\, my art manual shows me to draw only those type of poses…like Mashima did you write this?

I’m rereading the first few chapters of Jojolion becase Gappy is a fucking idiot I love him but more importantly Yasuho is such a good character and so good at dealing with Gappy like

Find a dude naked half underground?? Don’t freak out and run away all anime like INSTEAD she’s cautious and calls the police and gets pictures

Gappy does not listen and eats those dango the wrong way twice like an idiot?? She could’ve gotten mad or called him an stupid or w/e but it’s so funny she knows it’s so funny

He gives a huge emotional speech and immediately pops a boner after hugging her?? Tell him to let go and then just brush it off because yeah gross but he actually doesn’t understand that it’s inappropriate so there’s no use calling him a pervert and hitting him

He looks at her boobs and has no fuckin clue what they are and asks about them?? Again she could’ve KYAAAA YOU PERVERT but she just dude how can you measure my boobs just by looking at them what

All within the first 2 chapters too like it seems like minor stuff but?? With all the cute anime moe girls that are written as easily offended and tbh kinda stupid for comedy and fanservice it’s just so refreshing having a cute girl act realistic and intelligent even though she’s not the protagonist

Pretty much Yasuho is the best and if you don’t like her I don’t like you

I just 100% some stupid anime fanservice game because I thought it was funny. And because I could. And I wanted the marker on my account.

Let it be known that on this day October 13th 2017 A.D., Brandon Pahno beat the anime ladies with disproportionate forms to a pulp. He then deleted the game from his hardrive never to play it again.

He also got it for 5 bucks in the mid summer so it’s not a huge loss.

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Hellooooooo mate :), do you think you can give me a list of fanfics rec of suho pairings pls? /.\

Hi there, anon ^.^

And yes of course, :D just keep in mind that with the symbol * it’s rated!


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;^; sorry, I don’t really see them in a relationship besides as umma and son ~ (: but here’s tag for you to see what others wrote (yet I still ship them!) O O


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(Numbered ones are all written by my unnie laughingvirus)


Gender bender/Girl;



(Numbered ones are all written by my unnie laughingvirus)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11


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My stories ^^;

A part of us (xiuho)

*Addictions to Obsessions (kyungmyeon)

All about us (kyungmyeon, subaek, suhan, xiuho)

An angel’s cry (suho centric, mainly suhan and xiuho)

*Baby, hear me weep tonight (kyungmyeon)

Baby, I’m sorry I love you (discontinued?)

Be my number one (subaek)

*Be with you until the end (sukai)

Big boys don’t cry (suhan)

*Birthday Sex Specials (suho centric, pwp)

Confessions of a deer and his angel (suhan)

Crushed (sulay)

Falling in love with my stupid stepbrothers (suchen, sulay)

Fanservice (suhan)

Fifty shades of love and hell (krisho, sulay)

Here we stand (subaek)

Hurricane love (suhan)

Jar of broken hearts (krisho, sulay)

Kissing you (xiuho)

*Let me take care of you (kyungmyeon)

Let’s take it home baby (subaek, suchen)

Locked in love (suhan, xiuho)

Loving Kim Joonmyeon (suho centric)

Must be love (suyeol)

One chance (xiuho)

Our forgotten romance (sucheni)

Our love must go on (suchen)

Ours (suho centric)

Outcome of heart insurance (suchen)

Pretty (seho)

Reassurance (xiuho)

Shattered memories (sukai)

*Sleepless nights (kyungmyeon, subaek, suchen, suhan)

The angel’s guardians (sequel to an angel’s cry) (suho centric, mainly suhan and xiuho)

*The black butterfly (kyungmyeon)

The diary of a ugly nerd (suhan and xiuho)

The little adventures of Kim Jongdae (kid! jongdae, mommy! junmyeon, daddy! luhan; suchen, luchen, suhan)

The one we all love and adore (suho centric)

The proposal (subaek)

The story of us (subaek)

The underlying crush I have on you (suhan)

Tick Tock (seho)

Who says I’m in love? (suhan)

You’re my escape (suyeol)

- -

It literally took me more than two hours for this list!

Will be updated regularly when there’s new fanfics to read ^^

P.S. I had done this on mobile, so I know a few of them aren’t linked and doesn’t have the writer, but I’ll fix them soon when I get on my laptop ~ D:

missisjoker  asked:

OK i gotta ask- once srydia is over, what other trashy ship are you going to move your salty ass to? I mean come on, it's such a major entertainment- how will you fill the hole left by it?

The problem with me – I don’t shit on ships as long as the shippers are decent and leave me and the pro tag alone. That happened with srydia shippers, without them I would have not moaned about this stupid, fanservice shit ship.

For now, in Supergirl fandom, I like Karamel. Supercorp/Karolsen (fanatic) shippers make me regret the fact I was born. I just need Teen Wolf to end. And then I can’t wait to be called a racist homophobe :)

Other shows… ship wars in GOT are pointless because all ships are fucked up. In Westworld I don’t ship anyone, I just want to be mindfucked there. Supernatural – all my ships are dead for a LONG time. Poldark – I read books, my ship is going to be safe and sound, the rest ships – I don’t care. I’m waiting for new Star Trek show, but hope the only ship is going to be the starship, lol. On Lucifer there are no ship wars too. So yeah, Supergirl.

anonymous asked:

the steroline engagement is so stupid and just fanservice no vampires get married you cant spend forever with just one person

Well, my dear anon I would like to revert your attention all the way back to season 1 and to an underrated character called Alexia Branson.

When we first meet Lexi we know that she is much older than Stefan (350 years old to be exact) therefore she has lived through more, seen more, experienced more and loved more than Stefan has.

We also find out that the love of her life is human.  Was human.

In the episode after she dies we meet this love of her life who is now a vampire, meaning that she turned him. Why? Because she wanted to spend the rest of forever with him and him with her. So not only do vampires want to spend eternity with one person, there are humans out there who are literally willing to die to have that honor. Spending forever with someone isn’t a bad thing or an obligation, it’s actually a blessing. Lexi had lived through all those years and yet she still wanted something so simple and human as committing yourself to someone you love. 

So there is your proof that yes, vampires do want to spend the rest of forever with just one person.

Lexi turning her human is just the same as Stefan asking Caroline to marry him. He wants an eternity building a life with her. And yes he didn’t have to propose, but he wanted to. Not only did he know Caroline wanted a wedding, but in a way it was to show her exactly what he wanted. He wasn’t running away again, there was no other girl, he wants her forever. He wants that honor of being the one to make her smile, every day, for the rest of their very long lives.