stupid face being stupid

Imagine Viktor and Yuri doing hilarious mock versions of Yurio’s selfies just to send to and annoy the hell out of him. 


There’s a great mammal in the ocean known as the 52-hertz whale. All year, he practices his love song for the female. Travels thousands of miles to find her. But when he finally gets the chance to serenade her, she doesn’t give him a call back. Why? His love ballad is sung at 52 hertz, a sonic signature one note higher than the lowest sound of a tuba. The average female hears at 10 to 15 hertz. So she never hears his song.


I dont care for the drama tbh. Sure, it was wrong of the person to google search his name and a face reveal and find those photos on pinterest(one of them is on pinterest btw) and post it on tumblr to see if they were the only person to see the gta v character resemblence. Face it, literally any one of us in the fanbase thought, look at the resemblence of the person and Delirious’ gta v character. Tbh, i have already seen that photo so i really dont care for it. They deleted their tumlr post already, what the hck else do u want. They even made an apology post on their blog, kay?

But on a completely different note, i thougjt i would literally draw his gta v character with a beanie and little sleepy z’s because hey, its my fanart, i drew it, this is my fan page of him and Evan, and i just got bored and tired of the drama so i drew something related to someone i really love being entertained by. Anyway, enjoy it because im not taking this post down. I havent done anything wrong in this post except use my freedom of speech to declare that i just dont want to see no more drama on a fanbase i really love, okay? Okay, awesome. Bak to normal fanfictions then. :)