stupid dumb loves!!!!!

to all of my followers, and especially my younger ones, please don’t believe in all of the tumblr ideology without thinking about it critically. while tumblr can be right sometimes, a lot of it is just virtue signaling and mob mentality. if you don’t agree with something you see on tumblr please don’t think it just because that’s what everyone else is doing and you don’t want to feel ostracized 


get you a man as supportive as scott mccall

im not saying nina taught sonny to read, but that is what she tells people

Why do I choose pain when I can choose happiness?
—  Poets Love Her
Things I can't ever imagine

- People having crushes on me.
- Being someone’s last and first though through the day.
- People smiling cause I message them.
- People being in love with me.
- People wanting to be with me forever.
- People canceling plans to be with me.
- People talking to their friends about how much they like me.
- People getting excited to see me again.
- People fangirling over me.
- People thinking about kissing/hugging/cuddling me.
- People smiling/blushing when they think about me.
- People wishing I was by their side.

  • Chris, on the phone with Victor: so what's it like being married to the man of your dreams
  • Victor: *glances over to Yuuri*
  • Yuuri: *standing halfway in the fridge, in the process of shoving a handful of shredded cheese in his mouth*
  • Yuuri: *whines when only like half the cheese makes it into his mouth*
  • Victor: it's okay i guess

Day 5: After the barrier/Overworld @fransweek

Huh, it was a looong time when I had a time to drawing >:c 
Gladly I finished it! 
My ideas are warped >D But once again, Frisk is the one who marry Sans xD Not opposite.

I would love to color it, but …. I’M TOO LAZY :D