stupid dumb idiots!!!

The history of "netflix and chill ;)"

Since the dawn of man fuckbois all over the globe have been attempting to uncover new ways of tricking girls into thinking they are good guys. In the prehistoric era, cavefuckbois would hunt animals for their women to show their affections when they were hunting the booty all along. Medieval fuckbois would write tragic plays and invite their prospective lovers so that when they are feeling vulnerable after the death of their favorite character, they can comfort them and get closer to what they want. Pioneer fuckbois would propose to churn butter together only to surprise girls by churning their butter instead. Now with digital technology taking over, modern fuckbois have to be more cunning and creative. They disguise their desire for the booty by inviting their prey to partake in a seemingly harmless activity that they have come to love. “Netflix and chill ;).” The added emoticon emphasizes the casual nature of the activity. Sadly, girls all too often fall for their clever games and are surprised when the television never gets turned on. Until this ceases to be the case, fuckbois will continue to be.


I have been scouring the depths of the vast amounts of kpop vines…I think I hit bottom  ◔̯◔

Please fire me. I was told by my boss that the instructional paper I had to write was too instructive and informative and therefore couldn’t be used. I had to rewrite it leaving out all the pertinent information.

I got busted for posting sexually explicit content with my last post of my Sub fucking his fake mouth.

I will be censoring posts like that from now on as to not get hit again.
Which means if you want to see the uncensored versions of them you will now be paying to do so privately.

I am still having an issue using certain tags. #Findom #Domme #FinSub #FinDomme #Domination #Submission #Submit #Dominate and many others are unavailable for me. Suggestions? I’ve logged out and logged back in.. Not working.