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how did you learn how to draw (sorry for the basic question)

I have alot of siblings, if you want attention you gotta fight for it.
Age 1-4: drawing pictures for mommy and sisters for attention all day, every day.
Age 5: drawing at a high school level to impress my two elder artist sisters. They were not as happy as mom or the principal.
Age 6-8: Used trace paper for practice on all my disney coloring books, only stopped when my eldest sister told me that that was cheating. Being little I believed her and felt bad for a long time. Which is stupid.
Age 9-11: doodling on all of my homework and notebooks.
Age 12 to now: learned of the magical world of manga/anime, my love for drawing became so much more intense.

Basically I would find or picture in my head what I want to draw, then draw it, I redraw things over and over again until I’m satisfied.
Just straight-up practice and dedication.

I hope this was a good answer to your question anon. ❤Thank you for your interest 🙇


so this is a work-in-progress, but i started this piece today. drawing girls is my favorite thing to draw, aside from stupid doodles on my notebook. she kind of describes how i’ve been feeling lately: shy, strange, and out of my element. i’m in a bit of a shaky place, but things like art and music are keeping me grounded right now. here’s some of my favorite tunes i’ve been listening to:

battle cry x angel haze and sia
haunted x beyoncé
better off x haim
bloodflood x alt-j
falling x florence + the machine 
woman x the 1975

xoxo, isabelle