stupid dolly

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Hi can you do a Jerome x reader when the reader is pregnant with Jerome's baby and he doesn't freak out when he fines out and a little bit smut

I sit on the couch trying to keep my eyes open when the door creaks open slowly. My eyes shoot open and I stand up slowly. I turn the tv off and go to a close by closet. I close the thin doors grasping a baseball bat ready to swing at anything.

The intruder closes the door and walks through my home. I hold my breath hoping he/she/it wouldn’t hear me.

A tall figure walks in front of the closet and passes slowly. Minutes go by with complete silence. Suddenly the door is ripped open. The first instinct was to swing the bat, but to my luck the person caught it.

I yank it out of their grasp and am about to swing again till I hear a mischievous laughter. “Jerome.” I sigh and turn the light on seeing my stupid boyfriends face.

“Hello dolly.” He says kissing my head and giggling. “You scared the hell out of me! Why didn’t you tell me you were coming.” “Because I didn’t know I was coming. I don’t really have plans for these kinds of things. You know that baby.” I sigh and go back over to the couch sitting down and turning on the TV.

“I missed you though.” Jerome says pulling me close to him. He kisses my cheek making me blush madly. I still can’t help falling more in love with him everyday.

“I misses you too Jerome.” I say and kiss him. He pulls me closer and grips my hips. I push him down slightly and straddle him. As I unbutton his shirt I kiss down his chest savoring every moment of this.

Suddenly Jerome flips us over so he’s now towering over me. “Gosh doll you’re perfect.” He says as he grinds onto me. He wastes no time lifting my skirt up and literally ripping my panties off my body. “So beautiful baby.” He speaks as he strokes up and down my lips with his long fingers. “Baby I need you.” I say and tug softly at his hair.

“You need me baby? Huh?” Jerome mocks as he undoes his pants. In seconds his cock is up right and free. He rubs his tip through my lips and wastes no time pushing in. He thrusts into me hard and fast grunting as he does.

“Jerome.” I moan and arch my back off the couch. “Come on baby. Come on.” He says and thrusts faster and harder into my tight pussy.

“Let go for me baby. Come on doll.” He says in my ear and kisses my neck as I release the same time as him.

In minutes we fall asleep; me being to tired to realize he came inside of me.

A week later I’m late by a couple days. “How?” I ask myself looking at my calendar confused. I shake it off and continue with my day.

One month later I’m 100% sure something is not right. I go to the closet drug store and buy a pregnancy test. I get home and take it immediately. The few minutes of waiting felt like hours. If I’m pregnant my life is over. Seeing as Jerome will want nothing to do with the child or me. He’ll probably just leave and forget I ever existed.

The timer goes off and I look at the little white stick. I slump on the floor and burry my face into my knees. “I’m pregnant.” I cry silently.

“You who!! Doll! Where are you? I’ve got a surpri- (y/n). Baby why are you lying in the floor?”

“Jerome please leave. You’re going to anyway so just do it.” I say not looking up at him.

I hear him fumble around and pick up the stick. “What is this?” He asks in a low voice. “GO AWAY JEROME!” I scream taking the test back and trying to get past him.

He grabs my arms and makes me look at him. Surprisingly he’s extremely calm. “Are you pregnant (y/n)?” He asks having a serious look. I look into his eyes and I just can’t resist. “Yes.” I nod and start crying.

“Why are you upset baby? This is what you wanted remember?” He asks “but this isn’t what you want Jerome. You’re one of Gothams most wanted men right now. You killed your mother, broke out of Arkham, and is killing people for a living. You can’t have this.” I say trying to make it clear. “You’re wrong.” He says and picks me up bringing me to the bed.

“No I’m not.” “Let’s face it dolly. None of us are getting any younger. So maybe this kid won’t be bad. He could carry my legacy once I’m down and out of the game.” “Or she.” Jerome smiles and rubs my belly. “No baby. I have a feeling. Little J is his name.” I laugh and cuddle up to him. “Whatever you say J.” I kiss him and lay down closing my eyes. “I love you doll.” “I love you too Jerome.”

Reasons Why Joe Sugg is an Absolute Cutie

- His height is adorable
- He is every girl’s leg goals
- His bushy ass eyebrows
- His rants about life when he is drunk
- He didn’t mind when Caspar tried to shove him in a suitcase
- He tried his best to do Vlogmas even though he was tired from his tour
- He is so humble and modest when he wins awards
- His wears matching underwear with Caspar
- The way he rakes his hair with his hands
- His voice was a gift from God
- He hugs everyone who meets him
- His gorgeous sunshine smile
- Plays stupid dolly dress up games for his gaming channel just because we tell him to even though he hates them
- Always modest when someone compliments him
- Him and Zoe are sibling goals
- He apologised for third wheeling Zalfie
- He thought a fig was a kangaroo’s ball bag when he was drunk
- He is an absolute gentleman
- He almost cried when Caspar pulled the prank on him about not wanting to be roommates anymore
- He cares about his fan’s safety and tells them not to chase his car
- He really wants a child
- Runs competitions for his fans
- He got super excited when he took the Audi R8 for a test drive
- Has a go at his lights for messing his vlogs up
- He ships Jalan - His face lights up the entire world

Joe Sugg, we all love you to pieces!