stupid detective

Glad to see other Comic Book Writers are also super leery of Nick ‘Imma Make Captain America a Nazi’ Spencer. 

So I’ve recently gotten into this show called Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (a mouthful, but it’s worth it).

I can’t even properly describe how much I love the character of Dirk Gently in this, how much I relate to him on personal levels. I see so much of myself in him, in how he acts and behaves, and how other people react to him, and the things he says, and I just get him, because in a lot of ways I am him, or very much like him. (In like, a metaphorical way, not a literal “oh my god I’m going to change my name to Dirk” way.)

It’s also made me a huge fan of Samuel Barnett.

So here’s something I’ve been working on for the past two days!

i don’t really think this would happen, but if Ran does find out about this baby Heiji and Kazuha suddenly started babysitting she would like to help out

Shinichi would just be covering his face the whole time which she would take as him being super shy and adorable.

this is all based on this idea

sort of a screencap redraw of my favourite scene in the entire detective conan/case closed series! (it’s that serial bombing case. in the anime his hair is still spiky) 

i have been waiting for years for any continuation of this scene. like. sure takagi wont just forget what conan said?

AU where dirk is investigating a bunch of mysterious disappearances that somehow have a connection to a cafe/diner. So of course he has to start frequenting it for investigative purposes, Farrah, it has nothing at all to do with him liking a certain employee named Todd
Until Todd goes missing or is in danger, in which case it has everything to do with him

I think the reason Lena turned against her mother is because she’s literally good at heart and Supergirl’s words made her realize that she’s nothing like her family. After all this time, Lena has been having battles with herself, her being a Luthor and all, along with that stupid alien detection device. Someone showed her compassion and believed in her and because of that slowly Lena begins to believe in herself