stupid da taking up my life

anonymous asked:

you shouldn't like murphy tbh, he's a murderer not like bellamy or something

this is too sweet a fruit of stupidity to pass by, so despite my better judgement i am going to answer this piece gray faced piece of shit.

john murphy is a murderer, zippidy fucking doo da, we all know he is and no one is trying to deny it. where you’re wrong is that bellamy is no better than murphy, he has just received redemption because he did these things for his sister, he still fucked up a lot:

  1. shot chancellor jaha
  2. forced kids to take off their wristbands
  3. threatened wells life on multiple occasions
  4. threatened to kill jasper
  5. hung atom from a tree because he was disobeyed
  6. hung murphy for no reason other than the mob wanted it
  7. tortured lincoln (stabbed him in the hand, whipped him with a seatbelt, put a knife to his throat)
  8. killed dax

if bellamy fucked up this much, why is it so easy for everyone to forgive him for his crimes while people continue to hate murphy for his. and people will argue that bellamy did what he did for his sister or survival or whatever else, and i don’t disagree with that. what i disagree with is how people erase what he did, simply because clarke may or may not love him, because he loves octavia, because he felt remorse. how are we to know murphy hasn’t felt remorse or guilt or regret over killing connor and colin? and just because he hasn’t shown it in the 2.5 seconds he’s on screen doesn’t mean he hasn’t felt it. murphy is the kind of kid who has lost everything and everyone he’s ever cared about, he was probably in jail from a young age, he’s had a pretty shitty life, so excuse him for not becoming super emotional every time someone asks him why he did things. he’s built walls around himself, he’s let himself become isolated and he’s comfortable like that because if he gets too close again, he might lose another person he cared about. 

murphy is in the gray, just like all the other characters. he has a light in his darkness and sometimes, though rarely, he lets that out. so don’t come to me saying that he’s somehow lesser than bellamy or clarke or raven because he isn’t. and don’t tell me you wouldn’t do the shit he’s done either, if you were hung for something you know you didn’t do you’d desire revenge too. murphy is human like all of us, he’s made mistakes, but you have to give him a chance to redeem that just like you gave to bellamy.

now if you would kindly go find something else to occupy your time other than shitting on murphy or me