stupid comics i draw sometimes


I’ve gained some followers after Varric comic and I want to greet you guys! Hopefully you will enjoy the content I am posting. 

  • So far it’s only Dragon Age blog. 
  • I mostly draw stupid comics, sometimes angst, rarely smut. 
  • Lots of Dorian, my Inquisitor, Vaxus Trevelyan (I playfully call them dorxus) and their adventures as parents
  • I made two master posts that makes searching for art easier - one with older drawings and the second wholly about parents au.
  • my inbox is always open for drawing suggestion but I am very slow with drawing them
  • I don’t mind chat messages - feel free to send me ideas/post 
  • I also reblog Vax’s fanfiction and art gifts in here
  • the rest goes to my main blog 
  • if we are mutuals it’s ok to ask for your oc when I reblog emoji meme or things like that
  • sometimes I ask my followers to submit their ocs for drawing practice
  • please don’t misstag my art 
  • if you want to know more here is: my FAQ

Hope you will like it here :>