stupid college ruined it for me

LGBT movies I recommend!

Brokeback Mountain 

(I really hope you have already seen this tho, its a classic. Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger plays two shepherds falling in love in 1960 Wyoming)


(Dutch, two teenage boys fall in love and deals with it) 

Freier Fall 
(German, two police officers, one with a baby on the way, develops feelings for one another. One of my favourite movies of all time) 

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Im pissed off that whenever I used to ask my teachers stuff about supertasks and general relativity I was told to quit daydreaming and focus on the lesson. They made me feel so stupid and useless just because I didn't wanna do fucking times tables. I can't believe they ruined something I was so passionate about with how they decided to teach it. Why is our education system like this

It gets better in college like I asked my astro prof for more info about hot subdwarf stars and he was like “okei hereS 15 PAPERS FOR U ALSO MY FORMER GRAD STUDENT STUDIES THEM HERES HIS EMAIL”

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Could you maybe write some headcanons about sana and yousef being together and the balloon squad teasing them about it? and elias having crush on noora? and more teasing? and everyone teasing adam/mikael because they act like a married coule?? seriously, your headcanons are life

  • Look the boys will take any chance like straight up any chance to make fun of yousef like that boy is doomed for life like pray for him
  • sana walks past the boys because she was late for meeting the girls and yousef stares a little too long when she leaves and then they start
    • “Oh yousef don’t worry she will be back before you know it”
    • “Yousef, you guys have confessed each other for two weeks control your sad puppy eyes”
  • okay sana once called yousef to hangout while the boys were filming a live video and all hell broke lose
    • like oh the boys will never let him live that one down
    • “ Heyyyyyy sis can you call your boy later we are kind of in middle of the something”
    • “What are you doing” “We’re filming a livestream” “……” “she hanged up”
    • yousef is dying because sana was taking iniative which is rare and he just lost the chance to hang out w/ her
  • i don’t really ship noora and elias because julie ruined her for me. 
  • but i imagine elias falling hard for this girl/guy in college and yousef and sana tease the hell out him
    • “oh so that is your type” “I thought you liked blondes” “SHUT UP”
    • “Oooooh, Elias you have crush on someone, that is cute” “sana get smirk off your face”
  • like revenge is here like sana has so much dirt on him like she can ruin while yousef can tell all the stupid stuff he pulled in Bakka
  • the revenge was very sweet if you asked either sana or yousef 
  • after years of teasing they were giving room to breath
  • not even elias and elias knows everything about the boys because that is responsibilty as the leader of the boys
  • so everybody is like …..K 
  • Okay but they are at this party and this guy just keeps flirting with mikael and adam is like not having 
  • so he goes and just puts his arm around mikael while giving the guy the best glare he could give  and he is like “babe time to go”

I hope these are good for you nonnie i wrote as fast I could

Let Me Know [Taehyung x Reader] REVAMPED

Chapter 1. 

“Y/N-ah!” I turned around to see him. His eyes sparkling with delight and joy. Running down the hallway with absolute glee. I’ve been dreading this moment.

“Y/N, I’ve been searching for you everywhere! You didn’t answer my calls.” He puts on this pout and his puppy eyes, thinking he can get away with it.

“Sorry SeungJae, I was busy with work and school. I thought you were hanging out with Gaeun?” I looked at him. His nose scrunched in the way I used to adore when he was asked ‘difficult’ questions.

“I was, but I’m free for the rest of the day and I wanted to spend time with you, my love.” He winks at me. I went along with it, “Oh, alright, did you just want to take a walk around near the Park?” He smiles, “Sure” and grabs my hand

Five minutes in and he lets go, excuses himself, takes out his phone and calls someone. I don’t think you’re supposed to do that? Unless it’s your mother?? Then I heard it. Her voice.

He speaks so sweetly into the handheld device, “Hey Love, I’m with Y/N  right now, I’ll break it to her gently and then we can get going on our date right after I break it off.” Seriously? On our one year anniversary? Cheating on me?

He hangs up and walks back with a fake smile plastered on his face. “Hey babe.”

I look at him, “Hi.”

He starts off “gently,” “I have been meaning to talk to you…”

“Sure, what’s up? Is it about our one year anniversary?” I looked up in hope. Today was our one year of having a “relationship.” Honestly, I feel like he just asked me to be his ‘secret’ girlfriend out of pity for me.

He looks at me with sorrow. I doubt it though. You’re going to break up with me. I know it too, fool. I’m not stupid. I wish I could say these things aloud.

“Well…I just wanted to tell you that I wanted to break it off…It’s not you, it’s me. I think I stopped loving you in this sense.”

He stopped loving me. Is that a real thing? Stop loving… I look up at him, “Okay” and walked back to my apartment

I didn’t even tell him about the reservation. He didn’t even chase after me. Oh wait, he has a mistress to go to. My best friend.  Is this what it means to fall out of love? To stop caring? I want to cry, but the tears won’t fall. I just felt numb. I checked my phone, it said -4:30-

My reservation at C’est La Vie was at 7 I had a couple of hours to ponder and think. I got back to my apartment after half an hour. I decided that I was going to take my reservation, it was a lot of money. I’m a  poor college student that doesn’t go out at all  and I’m not going to waste my money at a nice restaurant by cancelling over a stupid boy.

And then….this happened. I got near the entrance and I walked into something– or should I say someone, since I wasn’t paying attention. A deep voice spoke,” Yah, you need to watch where you’re going. You’re going to ruin my clothes, person”

I looked up to see a man with dark, chocolate, brown  hair, I would be lying if I didn’t think he was handsome. But there was a problem. He referred to me as a thing that was going to ruin his clothes.

“I’m sorry” I looked up and scanned around to see about six other men standing in the vicinity.

“You know, you can pay attention and be careful unlike all the ditzes we’ve seen in this town” He snarled at me.

I would fight back, but honestly, I was really heartbroken and tired of the way I’ve been treated.

“Sorry, it won’t happened again.” I started walking by to get to my apartment and all of a sudden a hand grabs my left wrist.

“You refer to me as sir, wench. You don’t disregard that you almost ruined my clothes, these are expensive. Don’t think you’re going to get out of it by saying sorry multiple times. ” He kept a tight grip on my arm and it actually numbed out the pain, but something odd started happening. I felt tears roll down my face..

He looked at me in shock, “Yah, are you okay?”

“Taehyung, you made the girl cry” Said the silver-haired man. “I didn’t mean to! She just got in my way and I told her that she should ruin my clothes! That’s not something to cry over, she’s just a loser” He lets go of my wrist and I just walked away to my apartment. I opened the door and I heard footsteps behind me, I pulled out my pepper spray, just in case. (Y’KNOW LIKE A GIRL GOTTA BE ALERT)

“Wait! Don’t go in yet!!!” Yelled a man with bright orange hair, right behind him another male also with chocolate hair like the supposed Taehyung, earlier. They stopped in front of me, panting.

“ Jimin, but since you’re cute you can call me Jiminie” The carrot top says.

“ You can call me Kookie.” The other male looks at me.

I stopped observing them. “Is there a reason why you’re here? Is it to pay for your friend’s clothes?”

They had guilty looks. Jimin spoke, “Um..” He paused, “I don’t know your name, so this is a bit awkward.”

“Y/N” I stared at them. They kept staring back. This was getting awkward. I cleared my throat.

“Y/N-ah” Jimin started. “I wanted to apologize for my friend’s attitude. And since you seem like a nice girl, we wanted to take you out for dinner as an apology.” My eyes widened a bit, these guys seemed different.

“That would be nice, but I have to take up a reservation at C’est La Vie since my Boyfr- I mean Ex-Boyfriend dumped me.” I started to walk inside.

Kookie pulled me back, “Wait, we have reservations there too! Would you like to join us? If you don’t want to be near Taehyung,you can sit with us and we can make you laugh and smile? We could be friends!” He had the puppy eyes on. Ugh, I can never win at these things.


“YAAAAAAAAY!!” The two started to prance around like deers. I looked at them incredulously…

This was going to be interesting.

“WOAH, Noona you look beautiful!” Kookie was ogling me.

I never thought I was pretty, beautiful even. SeungJae never called me beautiful I was just “You look okay”. As sad as that sounds, we never really sought out to compliment each other. For a whole year, too. I don’t even know how I dealt with that.

After getting ready, I got to know Kookie and Jiminie more. Kookie was younger than me by a year and Jimin was older than me by a year. Basically all of them are Oppas and Jungkook was the Dongsaeng, The Maknae, The Baby.

I had a semi-fitted one-shoulder black dress with black ankle boots to match. It was simple, but classy enough (I was actually going to wear my pjs if they didn’t invite me) for this restaurant.

“Oh, thank you. Sorry I don’t know what compliments feel like after they’ve been delivered… haha” It was embarrassing…

“Noona, I’ll compliment you more, you’re very beautiful.” He looked at me with determined eyes, I had no idea if he was joking or not. But he was really cute about it. Jimin just stared he didn’t say anything yet. I waved my hand in front of his face.

“Jiminie-Oppa?” He snapped out of it and he turned red like a beet and hid behind Kookie.

“Y-You’re pretty” was all he squeaked out. He was cute too. I’m glad that there were some decent people on this world.

We walked down to the lobby where all the other guys were and they were ogling. Am I ugly or something? Do I have something on my face? I really don’t have high self-esteem… I’m starting to get nervous.

The man with the platinum blonde hair spoke up, “You can ride with me, Maknae, Jimin and Taehyung”

I started to panic. Taehyung? Wasn’t that the guy that called me a wench? The mean one?  I felt dizzy now. We start heading to the cars, and I had to brace myself for about a two hour ride with people I barely met. Tbh, I still can’t believe the freaking restaurant was two hours away. I honestly wanted to go to that restaurant and stay in that town to go to the famous museums the next day. I just had a thought….. What if they’re going to sell me?. What if they kill me? What if they’re part of a mob? There were so many ‘what if’s’

Taehyung sat on my right and Jungkook sat on my left and I was stuck in the middle…wonderful. Jimin was in the front helping with navigation since he was the calmest one while directing out the routes and directions.  Ten minutes in with the ride and I was already tired. I felt my eyelids drooping and I don’t remember anything after that.


“Hyung, she’s asleep.” Kookie looked with envy when your head slowly slid down onto Taehyung’s shoulder.

“She’s so annoying. Get her off of me.” He looked at you with disgust but inside he had butterflies fluttering around. He felt guilty for being mean to you. You looked so innocent and hurt when you started crying. He wanted to comfort you to tell you it was okay, but he couldn’t give up the act right now. He had to pretend to hate you. He didn’t mean to be scary and intimidating. He had a bad day.

“Hyung, what if I wake her up? She seems tired, can’t she just sleep?”


Jungkook didn’t even know you. He had an interest in you. Age wasn’t a bother for him. He stared at you. You looked so peaceful. He wanted to caress your face and just hold you in his arms. Was he beginning to like you? It’s been only a couple of hours.

You stirred a bit and got even more comfortable with Taehyung and he was becoming aggravated.

“Jungkook, take this girl off of me, who does she think she is, ruining my clothes and rubbing her drool on me?”

Without hesitation, Jungkook swiftly grabbed you and pulled you over to his shoulder without waking you up. He was celebrating inside. Watching you, being able to smell your sweet scent, He put his jacket over you to keep you warm.

“Jeon Jungkook, if you keep treating her like that she’s going to stomp all over you and take your money.” Taehyung sneered with jealousy, but he didn’t want that to be known.

“Taehyung-Hyung, she’s just sleeping.  I’m just doing what a proper gentleman would do.”

Jimin popped in, “Aish, I want her to sleep on MY shoulder, she’s so cute and adorable!!!”

“Hyung she’s sleeping on ME. I win.”

“I call dibs on sitting next to her, Maknae.”

“Fine” Jungkook cooly responded.

Unbeknownst to you, everyone kept stealing glances of your sleeping face.

You were worming into everyone’s hearts the rest of the ride and night.  


We finally got to the restaurant and I realized I was sleeping on someone…. this is awkward… I sat up quickly with shock written all over my face.


He put his hand over my mouth and said a simple sentence, “It’s okay, it’s my job to be there for you, now.” He smiled at me.

I looked at him with utter confusion. Be there for me? What does that mean? I don’t even know him that well. Then he took my hand to drag me out of the car and led me into the restaurant. I sat between Jimin and Jungkook. Awkwardly, Taehyung was across from me. It was already bad enough that he had a horrible impression of me. We ordered our food and everyone started talking. And then a man sitting on the right of Kookie threw a huge smile at me and said,

“Y/N, right?”

I responded with caution, thinking that he might be like Taehyung as well. “…Yes.”

“My name is Jung Hoseok, but you can call me Hobi-Oppa because it’s cute, and you’re pretty cute too. You should go around the table and tell us your first impression of each person by looking at them. I’m curious to see what you think of us.”

I looked like a lost child hearing his words. I only know four of them. How am I going to guess who they are? Hobi told me the other men’s names so I could do this and in my head…I was thinking of plans to leave.

Should I pretend to be sick and go pretend to throw up?

Should I say I’m on my period? Or something? I have no idea. I just stuck with it and went along with what he requested me to do.

“Uhh, okay Oppa. I can try.” I looked around with nervousness. I started with Jimin and then worked around.

“Jiminie-Oppa,you seem like you’re very caring and loving towards friends and family, and you have a very sweet nature.

Easy to be around. Yoongi-Oppa…”

I was scared to over guess what this man was about…He had an intimidating

His eyes narrowed in on me when I was figuring out who he was through first impression. “Swag.”

He looked at me. Opened his mouth and literally yelled “HOW DID YOU KNOW. ARE YOU A WIZARD, Y/N?”

Well….I guessed his  personality and life, apparently I got it right.

“Namjoon-Oppa, you seem very intelligent” He smiled with approval

“Jin-Oppa, very wise and a great eater!” He gave me a thumbs up and nodded.

I dreaded this. I didn’t want to do this one.

“Taehyung….. Oppa” I barely said in a whisper looking down at the table. “You seem pretty cool.”

He narrowed his eyes in on me he opened his mouth, “Are you trying to kiss-up to me?”

This made me furious. “No.”

“You shouldn’t kiss-up to someone who doesn’t like you.” He looked away.

Even if I was furious, I ignored it, I wasn’t having anymore of his arrogance. Who wanted to kiss up to a jerk?

I went on with Hobi-Oppa.

“Hobi-Oppa, you look like the hope to everyone’s day…life?” He giggled. “Y/N-ah, you’re so pure. Do you have a boyfriend?”

I blushed. I didn’t blush because he was a handsome man asking me this question, I was blushing because I was just in a relationship/thing/friendship something merely hours ago. I just shook my head. And moved to Kookie.

“Kookie! You’re a total sweetheart.” His face flushed red. “Kookie? Are you okay? Are you getting sick?”

He put his hand to cover half his face, “No Noona, I’m okay.”

Dinner went by quickly. It was awkward since everyone kept staring at me. I didn’t know what to do. Was there something on my face? I excused myself to the restroom.


“Hey guys.” Yoongi started. “Is it just me or is everyone staring at Y/N.”

The boys looked around the restaurant. It was true. Everyone was looking at Y/N while she was walking to the restroom. All seven boys felt a tug of jealousy.

Jimin felt anxious, “I hope our cute princess is going to be okay.”

Taehyung sneered at his comment, “She’s not cute.”

“Yah! Tae, what’s your problem?! She’s an innocent girl who accidentally bumped into you. She didn’t do anything wrong. As your intelligent hyung that you should listen to, you should give her a chance. You never know, everyone is at a different chapter in their life. She might be at that climax of the story or the downfall of it. She might be suffering.”

Namjoon looked pleased when he finished speaking. He never had the chance to be this philosophical during dinner. It was always food that got in the way of his thoughts.  

He was right. Namjoon was right. He didn’t know anything about the girl. Yet he despised her for no reason. Right when he was about to say something, he noticed it.

Hoseok had a mischievous look on his face.

“Guys, whoever can date Y/N first is king.”

Everyone stared at him with caution. Everytime he brought up a plan or bet of some sort, it never ended well.

“Hobi, are you sure? She looks intimidated by us, especially by Taehyung. Plus I don’t think putting a girl in a bet is a good decision…” Jin looked with worries all over his face. His parental-like personality was displaying its true colors.

“YES. I actually like her. She seems cute. But if she doesn’t like me, I won’t force her to date me. No catches with this one. I actually want to treat her with care. Plus I know I’m not the only one that likes her. She seems different. Even though we’ve just met her, she’s giving off a different vibe. It’s attractive.” Hoseok turned around to nudge Jungkook.

“Hey, she’s my noona.”

“WOOOOOOOOOAH, YOUR NOONA?” Jimin was surprised. Kookie was never like this around girls. He barely talked to them either. “I want her to be mine!!!! She’s cute like a princess, kind and she smells good. Her apartment smells good, too.”

Hoseok saw you walking back from the restroom and smirked.

“May the best man win Y/N’s heart.”


After dinner we got home fairly quick (quick = 1 hour with Yoongi’s speeding). Jungkook, Yoongi, and Jimin were keeping the conversation alive. I sat in shotgun this time because Yoongi-Oppa said that a girl like me shouldn’t be around that much testosterone. (LOL isn’t he testosterone himself)

They explained how they all lived together with Taehyung for work, but they were all going home this weekend to visit their families. All of the boys swapped numbers with me because they thought I was cool and wanted to stay in touch. Except for Taehyung.

Yoongi then spoke up before leaving, “Yah, Taehyung. Walk her up to her apartment and spend some time with her. You owe her for being mean. And the rest of us are tired. So we’ll park the car and head out. We’ll see you after our family visits.”

I stared at Yoongi with disbelief. He wanted this fool -personthatwantedtohumiliatemenotoncebuttwicetoday-, to walk me to my home and step into my home… What was he thinking?

“Hyung, I don-”

“Yah, I can care less. You walk her, stay with her for the night and talk to her. She’s a girl walking alone in her apartment complex, you don’t know how many creeps are around.”

“Fine I’ll walk her and stay with her. Just don’t expect anything.”

After we bid our farewells, the other boys left  so they can see their families by the time it would be bright and early in the morning. It was awkward. Taehyung didn’t even look at me. He just walked behind me. We got to my apartment and I spoke up, “You don’t have to stay, you know…”

He looked at me, I felt butterflies in my stomach.

“I’m staying because I told my hyung I would. I’m not going back on my word” He walked inside and he sat on the couch. I changed, took off my make up and went back out. I sat next to him.

“Why are you here.”

“It’s my house?”

“I don’t like you.”


He was about to say something and then my phone rang. I picked up.

“Hello?” -It was Gaeun-

“You are such a little whore.”


“SeungJae and I saw you hang out with those seven guys at the restaurant”

My heart stopped. They were there? I felt my hand losing strength and my phone felt heavy. I put it on speaker.

“You need to stop whoring around, I know SeungJae just broke up with you for me, but selling yourself for sex with seven people doesn’t cut it in this society.”

I was furious. Who does she think she is?

“What are you talking about?”

“You know, after seeing you and SeungJae together for a year, I’m glad he decided to dump you on your anniversary today. You deserved it. I hope you die. Go kill yourself. And I was never really best friends with you. Just know that. Just delete our numbers and never talk to us again. Bye.”

I was in shock. The three of us have been friends for 15 years. And now it’s been thrown away. I wanted to cry. Then I remembered. Taehyung was right next to me. My breath hitched. I forgot. There’s been so much stress and pain building up, I felt vulnerable. I stood up. Thinking of sulking by myself. I felt a hand on my wrist again. Taehyung pulled me next to him and he hugged me while tears dropped from my cheeks. I put my head in the crook of his neck and I cried. I cried so much. I never thought heartbreak would hurt this much. They were my best friends. It broke my heart. I felt betrayed.

“I’ll be here for you.”

A sentence.

My heart beat faster. I felt nervous around him. I thought he hated me. I thought I was a loser to him. What am I feeling?

I don’t deserve any of this.

None of it. 

PLL 7x19 Review

Hello welcome back to what could be my last review, I don’t know if I will do one after next week, it all depends on if I watch live or not. OR if you guys really want me to do one last one while I cry my eyes out I can. Enough about that here are my thoughts and theories on 7x19, as always they aren’t in any order and may be confusing, but you guys have managed to watch 7 years of confusing so it should be easy to decode me.

 *Just realized this post is over 1500 words long so its under the cut.

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reasons why greek was the best show on abc family ever ever ever

  • strong female friendships. i mean, this makes the show a winner already. casey and ashleigh, casey and rebecca… strong female friendships are so important to me man. their friendships were never ruined over stupid things, or over guys. sO GOOD
  • strong friendships in general. greek is a show that puts friendship over relationships and promoting positive platonic friendship is something i can’t ever get enough of because good friendships are incredible things to have and you don’t see that enough in media.
  • calvin, and heath’s sexuality never defined them - they were just normal college guys, looking for relationships too. heath and calvin were kissing at frat parties without a care in the world and i love that. i love that they had LGBT characters who were never defined by their sexuality. they were people above all else - treated the same as all the straight characters.
  • they promoted positive sexual health and positive sex in general - katherine wanted advice on what kind of birth control to be on, rusty realised that he couldn’t be the one to take katherine’s virginity just because she wanted to loose it before law school (i don’t think sex and love come hand in hand don’t get me wrong but i do buy into the idea that your first time should probably be with someone you trust and katherine and rusty barely knew each other) sex was never a shameful thing for girls to be having (OK there was some issues and name-calling but for the most part girls having sex was GOOD and not a problem and girls can be sexual beings too yay)
  • rebecca realising that she deserved better than the way evan was treating her and ending the relationship despite how much she cared for him because she knew it was important to be in a relationship where both parties love equally
  • couples realising they have issues and need to work them out before they can actually be together (cough evan and rebecca cough)
  • calling out shitty behaviour even though its being done by your brothers (the whole calvin vs tripp thing)
  • it was funny and witty and made me laugh way too much
  • actual decent storylines
  • college is fuckin scary man and leaving it will probably be scarier and they didn’t shy away from that (cappie’s storyline basically) 
  • they didn’t magically get jobs and happy after they graduated (final season was in 2011 in the middle of a severe recession and they didn’t shy away from that fact either)
  • can we talk about casey and cappies love story for a second - “its a fairytale” “no other girl in the world compares to you” i mean come on they were such an incredible relationship and they felt almost real because they had issues and problems they couldn’t work through for a really long time
  • they (eventually) dealt with a love triangle far better than any other show i’ve watched to be honest (evan/casey/cappie)

so ok the show had its problems and it wasn’t perfect but it was a really damn good show and it has so many positive things and positive atributes and it was definitely the best show on ABC family they will never top it ever again bye


Based on Prompt by red-jacket-and-raptors : “Imagine reader who feels unconfident whenever Owen is near her because of their 40 cm height gap. She feels like Hobbit, and Owen tries to calm her down because he wants to be always around her.”

A/n: My friend is only 4′11″ (and she’s 20 years old) and we used to lean on her in highschool or rest our elbows on her shoulders and she hated it so much. She said she never felt so small as when people did that. I thought maybe I could incorporate that into the reader’s persona. Hope you like it!

When Owen sees you leaning against the cage watching the raptors, he comes over to stand beside you.

“You look upset.” He says; he’s always so interested in you. You give him a shrug and a short reply.

“It’s nothing.” But of course, Owen doesn’t accept that answer and turns to face you.

“What’s really wrong?” His green eyes stare into yours but you don’t relent. The last thing you want to tell him is that his height makes you mad, although that’s the simplest way to put it. It’s not like he can help the fact that he’s over 6 feet tall and you’re only 5 foot.

“Really, Owen. I’m fine, See?” You give him a big forced grin but he just laughs. Turning back to the girls, you think about how much you really do like him, but even just standing next to him makes you feel insignificant. Even in college, you were teased for being so short and while you tried to laugh along, it really does bother you. There’s nothing you can do about your height, except wear ridiculous pair of platforms that your sister bought you, but you’re not going to resort to that. It wouldn’t be so bad if super tall people like Owen didn’t always want be beside you talking and hanging out to make you look even shorter than you are.

Owen turns as his name being called and tells you he will see you later. You just nod as he leaves and slide down to the floor to watch the girls play with the large ball that was put in the paddock. It really is quite humorous to watch.

As you sit there on the floor, one of your coworkers comes and sits down beside you. Her name is Heather and she’s been kind to you since her first day and you became fast friends. You welcome her company, but the first words out of her mouth shock you.

“I swear, Y/n, if Owen doesn’t ask you out in the next few days, everyone here might just die from the sexual tension.” You practically jump at her comment and your mouth hangs open before hurriedly asking her.

“Heather what the hell are you talking about? Owen and I aren’t like that?” You can’t help the number of thoughts running through your mind as she scoffs and responds.

“Oh, come on. I’ve never seen two people flirt so hard.” She pauses and makes a face. “Well, except for today, you really seem like something’s been bothering you.” You ignore her attempt at empathy and question her further.

“Heather, Owen and I aren’t flirting. I mean, he’s funny and charming, but he doesn’t like me like that. Besides, we wouldn’t be good together anyway.” You tighten your arms around your legs and rest your chin on your knees, thinking about how embarrassing it would be for people to make fun of you for dating someone as tall as Owen.

“What do you mean you wouldn’t be good?” She seems legitimately perplexed and you give her a clueless look, not understanding how it’s not obvious to her.

“Heather, he’s over a foot taller than I am. I look like a shrimp next to him. Do you know how many people would tease me? I got enough of that in college.” You look away from her, your face turning red when you realize how stupid you sound out loud. If Owen really did like you like she says, are you really going to let something as simple as your height ruin that?

“Y/n,” She says, placing a hand on your shoulder. “If you think anybody cares about your height, you’re wrong.” She looks directly into your eyes to make sure you get the message. “You are beautiful, smart, funny, and thoughtful. Owen looks at you like you’re the only girl in the world. He doesn’t give a shit about your height, Okay? You two need to get together before we lock you both in the shed.” She gets a nervous look on her face and rubs the back of her neck. “Plus, I have twenty bucks that it will happen within the next week so you would really be helping me out.” She gives you a quick smile and jumps up, moving just out of your reach before you can hit her.

“Heather!” In a much better mood, you jump up and begin to chase her, not believing that she would take her craziness to such a level that she would bet on your love life. However, as she turns behind the employee house, and you go to follow her, you run right into Owen. If he wasn’t so tall, you probably would have knocked him over.

He throws his arms around you and laughs, keeping you from toppling to the ground at the halt of your momentum.

“Whoa, where’s the fire?” He asks, still chuckling as you right yourself. You peek behind him to see Heather laughing silently and miming a kissy face at you before pointing at Owen’s back and running off. You shake your head and return your attention to Owen.

“I was trying to tackle heather.” You roll your eyes and lean against the wall of the building, crossing your arms. “It seems that people are betting on if we will get together.” You give him a look of playful disbelief , but he just smiles.

“When,” He says, and you look at him confused.

“When what?”

“They’re not betting if we get together, they’re betting on when we will. Apparently they think it’s a sure thing.” He smirks down at you and you scoff at him.

“Are you telling me you knew about this?” You can’t believe he would let something like that go on in his paddock but he just gives you a small chuckle.

“Well, yeah. I mean, I was going to get around to asking you out eventually. Was going to be today, actually, but you didn’t seem to be in a good mood.”

You don’t miss the way he smiles when your mouth drops open and you stare wide eyed at him.

“Oh, come on. I thought I’ve been very obvious, haven’t I?” He seems a little doubtful and goes on. “I mean, I’m always making time to see you and hanging around when you’re not busy. Didn’t you notice any of that?” He seems surprised but it doesn’t diminish his smile. You finally muster up some words.

“But, you’re so tall.” It’s all you can think to say and he loses it at that and begins laughing.

“What does that have to do with anything?” You turn red at his laughter and get a little defensive.

“I must seem like a hobbit to you. Why would you like me?” His laughter calms when he sees your expression and he smiles, moving closer to you.

“You seriously think I care about how tall you are?” He asks with a smirk as he puts his hand against the wall on either side of your head. Your cheeks get hot as he leans down slowly, building up the moment, and presses his lips against yours softly.

You close your eyes when he does and it takes you a second to reopen them as he pulls away. He gets a smirk on his face and says, “See, I didn’t even have to bend down to reach you.”

You laugh at this, his quick kiss making you feel giddy and forgetting about the height difference. It really was a silly thing to let bother you. However, you slap him on the arm at his comment and turn to walk out from behind the building.

“We probably shouldn’t hang out back here. The rumors will be much worse than that we were kissing.” You feel your good humor come back as you finally let go of the weight of your size and tell yourself that you will try to stop seeing it as a disability. He follows behind you and three of your coworkers, including Heather, let out whistles and cheers, fully bringing back your blush. As you walk by them, you slap heather’s arm but give her a small smile. She sees it and returns it will a full on grin.

You join their group and they try to ask you about the two of you, but you tell them it’s none of their business.

So instead, heather asks you, “So what got into you this morning? You seemed really pissed off.” You give her a small embarrassed smile and glance at Owen.

“At the meeting this morning, he leaned on me.”

Everyone lets out a laugh but Owen. “Why would that make you mad?”

You give a smile and try to hold back your own laughter.

“I hate when people do that! It reminds me that I’m not even tall enough to come up to their shoulders. Just because I’m short, doesn’t mean you can lean on me!” Your little outburst has everyone laughing again and you smile at your group of friends, before giving Owen a special smile of his own. So what if there’s a big height difference? He doesn’t seem to mind, and he seems to really like you; so maybe it’s not such a big deal at all.

( cont. from here )

hanhae //

“i’m going to chalk this up to you being nineteen.” hanhae muttered annoyed. for once in his life hanhae had good advice and that advice was to not do anything stupid. that’s all he’d said. “because if you don’t listen to me you’re going to ruin everything you’ve built for yourself. all that college stuff? the volleyball? will be fucked if you fuck up.” so the bassist wasn’t the greatest at motivational speeches but he was trying his best. at least what he thought would be best for theo to hear. when he was nineteen he didn’t exactly want anyone telling him what to do either but that was neither here nor there. “before you do anything stupid from here on out, lose the cockiness, and think about what i said because i am actually someone who wants what’s best for you.” hanhae concluded as he squinted at theo and added. “little moron.”

Well that caught off Theo off guard. The teen stared at the other, almost as if he was being lectured my his parents. But then again, he understood and he knew that Hanhae of all people would understand. It was nice to have someone to go to, but the sharp tongued Theo just couldn’t help it. It was hard for him to express his feelings, he felt weird doing it. “Tch.. fine, fine.” Theo murmured, clicking his tongue afterwards. He scratched his head, nodding reluctantly to the others’ advice. Change. He needed change, he knew that. With a sigh, he squinted back at the elder, “Watch it! I’m not little!” He argued, although the difference in height between the two telling otherwise.


Love Hurts

Request: Can you please do a liam payne badboy au like him and Y/N are a couple but he’s always up to no good and she hates the thought of him getting kicked out of college n stuff?

A/N: I never get Liam requests so I got super excited to write this!! Hope you like it!


The thumping of obnoxiously loud music could be heard from a few houses away, if it could actually be called music, it was more like a loud mating call for all the horny college students in a ten mile radius. God, you weren’t even out of the car yet and you already regretted leaving the house.

“Babe, will you lightenup, you look like you’re heading to your funeral,” Liam frowns, parking the car next to the curb.

“You know I hate parties, Liam,” You complain, remaining seated and refusing to acknowledge your arrival at the destination, “I don’t know why you insist on going to these things, we should be studying.”

“Jesus Christ,” He groans, unbuckling his seatbelt and opening his door, “If I’d known you were gonna bitch and moan about it this much I’d left you at home.”

“Why do you have to be such an asshole,” You demand, following him out of the car, banging the door behind you, “Sometimes I don’t even know why I put up with your shit.”

“Holy fuck,” He laughs humourlessly, slamming his hand loudly on the hood of the car, “Just fucking go home then, stop trying to ruin my fun.”

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Alright guys, it’s getting to be Halloween, and I’m going to make this post and probably reblog it a few times over October because this is super important.

Some of you might know that I work at a Haunted House – and, in fact, it made it into the top 5 of Buzzfeed’s 19 Haunted Attractions to see before you die. If you didn’t know, now you do. 

This is a list of what to do and what not to do in a haunted house.


Wear comfortable shoes

Jesus H Christ, guys, I can’t believe I have to say this. Do not wear flipflops. You can bet your left ass cheek if you go do a quality haunted house and you lose your fucking shoe, the actor is going to pick that damn thing up and either not give it back until the end of the haunt or taunt you with it until you cry. 

Come in a small group

Coming in a group of 50 people might sound fun, unless you’re after the first 5. Because the scare is over. The first 5 will constantly be scared and having a good time, while your stupid ass has just gotten a spoiler.

Obey the rules

Do I need to explain this one?

Say your friends’ names

Once again, if you’re at a haunt that knows its shit, then those actors have been trained to listen for names. So drop Sheryl’s name once or twice, and she will be followed for most of the haunt with cries of ’Sheryl, help me Sheryl, I’m gonna blast your eyes out Sheryl.’ It’s be best. Trust me.

DON'T (And this list is a lot longer.)

Try to scare the actors

Dude, why would you do this? Trust you me, we can see you long before your dumbass sees us.

Try to find the actors

You are literally ruining your own scares. This is like going into a movie and looking up shit on IMDB while you’re there.

Yell that the actors suck/are stupid/etc

You paid to be here. I am paid to be here. Who’s stupid now?

Touch anything

True story, my first year at my haunt, I was hiding, and these bunch of stupid fuck college boys came through and happened to find the fire extinguisher. So I heard giggles, ‘oh look dude, scare fire extinguisher’. Then I heard it go off, and mutters of 'oh shit man, I fucked up. Fuck.' 

We’ve had props broken because people can’t keep their fucking hands to themselves. 

Touch the actors

Yeah, this one’s separate. Never touch actors, for any reason. It’s disrespectful. Do not grope them, do not fucking hit them, I swear to Christ. We get that you’re scared, but if you know you’re going to swing when you’re frightened, don’t fucking come to a haunted attraction.

And, also, if you hit an actor not only can you be escorted right the fuck out – and forfeiting the money you paid – we can file charges. It is assault. You knew what you were getting into.

Be under the influence of anything

You are a danger to yourself, your group, and the actors. Do not do it.

My haunt had an actor get bitten in the face because some dumbass was on something.

don’t do it.

Try to talk to the actors if you know them

This person is working. They are trying to scare your group. They don’t have time to stop and chit chat when you go 'Oh hai Billy, I found you. Haha.’

If they stop to talk to you, they should be fired, fyi. They aren’t doing their job. 

Added: don’t get pissy when Billy won’t talk to your cranberry fuckles self.

Come at all if you have mental reasons why you shouldn’t

My roommate triggered a PTSD attack in an army vet last year. Yes, she felt awful about it, but our question has to be:

Why did you come to a nationally ranked haunted house?

You know if you shouldn’t come to a haunt. If it is dangerous for you (PTSD, seizures, panic disorders) don’t come. This isn’t really for the actor’s sake, this is yours. 

Take pictures of the actors/props

No you fricka dick nugget, I am not going to let you stop so you can fucking take a picture of me. There are groups behind you. 

And trust you me, if I could 'accidentally’ knock your phone out of your hands and 'accidentally’ break it in this situation, I will.

Stop moving

Once again, there are groups behind you. Please don’t stop moving. Walk at a reasonable pace.

Hide the light source you’re given

Our haunt gives out glow sticks. Because the haunt is pitch black and it allows you to see. Yes, it allows the actors to see you about 30 feet before you see them, but otherwise you are literally blind and are therefore a liability.

If you walk into a wall and crack your head open, because you can’t see where you’re going. I will laugh at you.

Use your phone as a light source

This goes along with the one above this. Like, why would you try to ruin the ambiance of this haunt you dropped money for?

Be a dick in general

If you wouldn’t do it at Disneyland, don’t do it at a haunt. Have some respect for the time, energy and people who are put into this to entertain you. 

This has been a PSA

for emily, on the occasion of her birthday

Grantaire is going to die a virgin. But like really, he’s okay with it. He’s come to grips.

It’s not like he lies awake at night, tormented by chastity that will know no surcease.

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Letters to Me

Description: Phil writes letter to his future self over his highschool years. 

Tags: Never Together Phan, Death, Suicide

A/N: I hate myself for this. read at your own risk. I used the American high school system tbh

Dear my adult self,

Hello! My name is Phil (as you should know) and I am from the past ooh, spooky.

Anyway, this year I am heading into high school. So scary >-< and the teacher (Ms. Rose remember? Probably, unless you’ve got amnesia, then that’d just be sad) advised us to write to you and tell you our plans for the future so here are mine.

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Incognito (Myers-Briggs Fanfiction

August 21, xxxx

Outskirts of the Rational District

12:04 a.m.

“Percival, I really think this is a bad idea…”

The squeamish INFP looked around nervously, twiddling with the loose hem of baby-puke-yellow-sweater.  Call him unusual, but he’d really rather be in his cozy bed than standing in this very, very cold nuclear dump in the dead of night.

“Come on Ollie, live a little!”  Percival (ENFP) flashed his signature maniacal grin.  “When’s the last time you did something exciting?!”

“This isn’t exciting, this is suicide!” the other whispered harshly.  “Why are you even dragging me along in the first place?!  Can’t you get some other INFP to help you break the law?!??!!  And all for some ridiculous INTJ girl who doesn’t even know you exist…”  He wrapped his arms around himself in an attempt to self-sooth.  The ENFP had thrown an arm around him, but for some strange reason, it was doing little to help.

“Eh, tomato, tomato; potato, potato.”

“You said that the exact same w—”

Percival (ENFP) slapped a hand over the INFP’s face, annoyed. “No one likes a know-it-all, Oliver. Sheesh, no wonder I’m your only friend.”

Oliver (INFP) slapped the other hand away, indignant. “You are not my only—ahh!” The slap had sent him off balance so that he fell backwards and into the huge pit of…for lack of better term, waste. Thankfully, the INFP was a light-weight, so the sheer mass of garbage stopped Oliver (INFP) from sliding more than a few feel. However, it was far enough to land next to—

“Oh my god, there’s a dead body!”

The ENFP’s eyebrows creased together in a frown. “Oliver, stop messing around! I’m seriously about this, and I’m not letting you screw it up for me!” The only response he received was a timid squeak of panic. Percival skillfully trotted down to where his friend lied, being careful not to step in any suspicious-looking shadows or puddles. He squinted his eyes at the “dead body’. “Dude, that’s just a robot.”

Reaching out his hand, he grabbed the other male by the front of his sweater and hauled him back to his feet. “Stop flipping out over nothing,” Percival (ENFP) rolled his eyes.

The other sniffed. “My sweater…it’s ruined…My nana knit this for me on the day she died!”

Percival patted the other’s shoulders in comfort. Well, at least he knew why the introvert wore something so ugly so often. “That’s rough, buddy.” He started to feel guilty once tears pricked the corner of Oliver’s (INFP) eyes.

“It’s alright,” Oliver (INFP) sighed, “At least my little sister will stop making fun of me now…” Yeah… for some strange reason, Percival didn’t think that was going to happen anytime soon.

The sound of an engine resonated behind them. The extrovert put a figure to his mouth to silence the other and crouched down low as to not be seen. Oliver (INFP) got the message and was more than happy to try to stay out of sight.

Once the dump truck was close enough, Percival (ENFP) sprang into action. Grabbing the INFP, he maneuvered themselves to be under the fall of trash being dumped. (Most of it was just failed experiments). That way, when the robots checked to make sure all the waste was securely in the pit, they wouldn’t spot the two trespassing idealists.

Putting his black gloves on (for camouflage purposes), he grabbed onto the rim of the truck. (At this point in time, he was engulfed in a sea of broken computer parts and neutralized chemicals; the un-neutralized chemicals went to the toxic waste dump instead). The drones/robots came out to make sure everything was good-to-go, then went back inside the truck.

Before they could close the back end, Percival (ENFP) heaved himself up and into the back of the truck, dragging his friend behind him.

The two gasped for relief. They could sit back and relax for a couple hours before they arrived at the Rational’s Institution.

“You positive they can’t see or hear us back here?” Oliver (INFP) asked with a worried tone.

“Yup!” The ENFP beamed. “This is the only blind spot. Makes sense though because who would hide in garbage anyway?”

January 16 xxxx

Rational Institution Teacher’s Lounge

5:13 p.m.

“That’s plain ridiculous, Mark.” Marty (ENTP) shook his head at Mark (INTP). “I know you’re paranoid, but this is going too far. We do not need surveillance cameras in the back of our dump truck.”

Mark’s (INTP) face took on a quiet, disturbed look. “I don’t know, Marty,” he mumbled, “I have a feeling about this. I think…I fear that someone in about seven months from now, you know the start of the new school year, will try to use our trash system as a means to sneak into the Academy. They robots don’t see everything all the time.”

The ENTJ looked at the INTP incredulously. “Mark, we’ve talked about this. When you get too paranoid about something, just go to your happy place.”

“I’m not—”



“Shut up now.”


August 22, xxxx

Rational Institution, South Dorm Hall, Room 12

7:58 a.m.

“I can’t believe we’re actually doing this…” Oliver (INFP) looked over his reflection in the mirror.  He was wearing the classic deep blue uniform of the Rational Academy  (Why have uniforms? Because it’s so much easier than having to pick out your own clothes every day.).  He had purposely not attended to his hair to aid his appearance as an “INTP”.  He was even wearing a fake silver wristband of identification that stated his name was “Quintus Pickle” and his personality type was an “INTP”.

“Really, Perce?” he drawled.  “Quintus Pickle? You couldn’t have thought of anything, oh, I don’t know more unbelievable?!”

The other rolled his eyes, attempting to make his hair stand on end to resemble that of an ENTP’s. “Quit your yappin’, Quinty; I don’t want an ear infection the first day.  Besides,” he slapped his uniform to wrinkle it and make it appear untidy, “there are plenty of people with the name Quintus Pickle!”

“Like who?”

The ENFP shot him a mega-watt smile. “Quintus Pickle, that’s who! Say, Quinty, I think you should practice your monotone.  You know, sound more INTP-esque, m’kay?”

Oliver (INFP) made a sound of frustration, throwing his hands in the air.  “My god, you’re so entirely unbelievable, sometimes that I wonder why anyone can even stand your presence!  If we get caught, we’ll get expelled from the Idealist Institution, and you know what that means?  We’ll have to go to a co-ed institution in a Co-Ed District filled with all the other expelled ne’er-do-wells!  And that means we can’t go to college, and my whole future will be ruined because of you!”

The smile dropped off of Percival’s face as he best friend stood all riled up in front of him.  Oliver seemed to realize how cruel his words for, for his expression quickly morphed into one of empathy.  He opened his mouth to speak, but Percival beat him to it: “Don’t you think I know that?  Look, I know you think I’m being stupid, but I can’t shake this feeling that this girl – this INTJ – is my future.  It’s pretty thoughtless of me just to follow my heart like that, but I was never that good at thinking anyway.  It means the world to me that you came along with me and are risking you dreams for this.  Without you, this wouldn’t even be possible.  And don’t worry; I’ll be dead before I let it come to that.”

The INFP’s shoulders slumped.  “That’s what best-buds are for.  I just hope we both know what we’re doing.”

Percival (ENFP) slapped Oliver (INFP) on the back hard enough to make the second stumbled forward. “I’ve got it all under control!  Or rather, my INTP brother has it all under control!  The little hacking-genius altered our files and added us to the Rational School’s database.  There’s so many students here anyway, I doubt they’ll even suspect a thing!”

August 22, xxxx

Rationals Institution, Science Building, Room 304

11:54 a.m.

“Soooooo, Wendalyn, was it? Can I call you Wen?”

The INTJ looked up to the ENTP who she was unfortunate enough to be assigned lab partners with.  So far she had only known him for less than five minutes, and already she knew he was an insufferable idiot.  Why do you hate me, universe? She released a sigh through her nose.  “No, you may not call me ‘Wen’.”  There are so many intelligent people at this Institution, yet I always get stuck with the fools.

“Great!” he smiled and clapped his hands together.  “So Wendy it is!”  She would’ve corrected him again, but figured it wasn’t worth the wasted breath, for she had a feeling that he would persist calling her whatever he damn-well-pleased.  “My names’ Bruce Kent!”

It was going to be a looooong period.

October 15, xxxx

Rationals Institution, Lunch Grounds

12:54 p.m.

“There she is.” Percival (ENFP) smiled dreamily at Wendalyn (INTJ) sitting quietly across the grass lawn with two other friends.  The feeler always seemed to have a smile on his face, but lately, that smile looked more him look more like a love-sick-puppy rather than his default adrenaline-junkie look. (He was very close to being an S).  “Isn’t she so striking???” He sighed and slumped against the pole to his right.

The INFP to his right signed tiredly. “In a ‘don’t talk to me unless you want to die’ way, then yes, she does.”  Unlike Percival (ENFP), Oliver was fitting into the role of “Quintus Pickle, INTP” quite nicely.  All he had to do was act even more introverted and everyone bought it.

Ignoring his friend’s comment Percival said, “I’m going to go sit by her!” and bounded off towards the poor girl.

Oliver (INFP) reluctantly followed suit.

After a few weeks of perusing the object of his affections, Percival (ENFP) still had yet to make any progress with the INTJ.  Of course, Oliver (INFP) knew it was unlikely to make any progress with an INTJ, but he was anxious for her to start showing some positive response because, frankly, he wanted to be done with the whole excursion.

Wendy!” Percival shouted, coming to a stop before the irritated looking girl. “Thanks for saving me a seat!”

“I didn’t,” she deadpanned.

Her other two friends, another INTJ and an ENTJ regarded the pair with curiosity.  While the ENFP (or, as they thought, ENTP) annoyed them, it was too entertaining to watch him rile their friend up for them to mind his presence.

He ignored her, opting to sit right beside her than to make a retort.  “Hey, have you met my friend, Quintus?”

Oliver (INFP) walked up behind Percival (ENFP), sitting beside him.  He timidly waved hello, but offered no verbal response.

“Quintus, Wendy, Wendy, Quintus,” he said, gesturing in-between the two.

“It’s Wendalyn, not Wendy.”  She rolled her eyes, aggravated.

Percival (ENFP) pouted and slumped, giving her big, puppy eyes.  “But your friends call you Wendy…”

“You are not my friend, just a weird ENTP who likes to follow me around for reasons beyond my comprehension.”  Wendalyn (INTJ) took a bite of her apple, dismissing the other.

Oliver’s (INFP) eyes narrowed at the girl.  Was she… bantering with Percival?! Was she actually warming up to his presence and did she, perhaps, even begin to like him?  Oliver (INFP) refrained from jumping with joy.  That would be exceedingly weird behavior, especially for an “INTP”.

“Is there a reason that you are intently starring at my face?”

Oliver (INFP) blinked and realized that Wendalyn (INTJ) had caught him staring.  He racked his brain, trying to think of what an INTP would do. Sluggishly, he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion and blinked once more.

“Aw, don’t worry,” Percival (ENFP), patted her on the shoulder with a smile.  “I’m not the jealous type!”

The smallest of blushes surfaced on her cheeks, yet even still, her expression gave away nothing.  “What do you mean by that?!”  She slapped his hand away.

Unfazed, the ENFP continued grinning and even let loose a small giggle.  “Whatever you want it to mean.”

While they continued to bicker, Oliver (INFP) starred, stunned by what he was witnessing.  If there was anything he was certain about, it was his ability to tell when someone had a crush.  And that INTJ definitely had a crush on his best friend.

Maybe things weren’t so bleak after all.

                                                                                      October 22, xxxx

Rational’s Institution, Math Building, Room 214

3:45 p.m.

“They’re onto us, Perce! We have to leave now.”  Oliver (INFP) was upset, but mainly frightened.  An hour ago before the school session was out, an announcement sounded on the intercom which stated that there were two unidentified students who weren’t rationals had somehow snuck onto school premises and were attending classes as regular students.  It said to alert a teacher immediately to report suspicious behavior.

How a higher-up had discovered the extra count in students, Percival (ENFP) had no idea.  His little brother was a prodigy when it came to technology; he made sure that his hacking was fool-proof!  “I know, I know, but I need just a little more time!  Give me… a week!  After a week, I’ll ask her out.  I swear.

“That’s just dandy, but we don’t have a week,” Oliver (INFP) persisted.  “Co-ed institution, remember?!  Now contact your brother and tell him to re-secure us in the Idealist Institution database!”

“No need.”

The two feelers shrieked like, well, like feelers.  Percival (ENFP) jumped back so that he fell on top of one of the desks while Oliver (INFP) simply clutched his heart and gasped for breath.  

“Mr. G-Goodfellow,” Percival stuttered out, for once not smiling.  “What’re you doing here?”

Mr. Goodfellow (INTP) tilted his head with an odd expression on his face. Looking around the room he said. “This is my classroom.”  He strode over towards the two, casually sliding his hands into his pockets.  “Would you two mind accompanying me to the Headmaster’s office?”

Percival (ENFP) said “Yes,” the same time Oliver (INFP) said, “No.” Oliver (INFP) glared at his companion, harshly elbowing him in the stomach. “I mean no,” Percival (ENFP) wheezed, “Of course we don’t mind going with you to the Headmaster’s office…”

Mr. Goodfellow’s (INTP) eyebrows drew together.  “Why would you go with me to the Headmaster’s office?” He looked genuinely confused.

Without thinking Oliver (INFP) blurted, “Because you asked us to.”  Percival (ENFP) face palmed in frustration; the goody-two-shoes INFP had given away their perfect escape-plan opportunity. Mr. Goodfellow was notorious for his short-term memory issues, so it’s not like he would have remembered or anything.

He stroked his chin in thought. “Hm…” the young teacher murmured, “I wonder why I did that…” Shrugging it off, he motioned for the other two to fallow him, and began leading the way to the Headmaster’s office.

October 22, xxxx

Rationals Institution, Headmaster’s Office

4:20 p.m.

“Let me get this straight,” Mr. Alivio (ENTJ), the Headmaster, massaged his temples in frustration.  “You two Idealists managed to sneak in threw our trash system, hack into our system giving yourselves fake I.D.s, a room, and on our roster, without anyone knowing?”

“That, uh, sounds about right,” Percival (ENFP) nervously rubbed the back of his neck while Oliver (INFP) simply stared at the ground, expression filled with shame.

Mr. Alivio (ENTJ) looked incredulous.  “And you hacked into our systems? By yourself?”


“No.”  The three heads shot towards Mr. Goodfellow (INTP); it was his first time speaking since he entered the room.  He seemed to find the ceiling very interesting.  “They said something about his younger brother ‘re-securing [them] into the Idealists’ institution database’ before I walked in.”

Apparently, Mr. Goodfellow (INTP) didn’t forget everything…

The ENFP sighed in defeat.  “Yeah…my little brother goes here.  B-but he’s only fourteen, please don’t be too harsh on him!  He was only trying to help his big brother out, you know?”

Mr. Alivio nodded towards his co-worker.  “Thank you, Mark.”  Turning back to face the two adolescents he said, “Look, technically I should report you two to the police.  What you two did broke multiple laws, including fraud and hacking. However,” the two boys were holding their breaths, “this just begs the question: why did you two do it?”

Percival (ENFP) opened his mouth, but the nervous INFP beat him to it and blurted, “Percival wanted to hook up with an INTJ girl.” He slapped a hand over his own mouth, horrified that he’d spoken that aloud.

The two rationals shared a look. “…Did it work?” asked Mr. Goodfellow (INTP). He appeared truly intrigued.

Mr. Alivio (ENTJ) shot his companion an exasperated look. “Mark, don’t encourage him…”

“What?  I was merely curious.”

“Almost…” Percival (ENFP) sighed and slumped in his seat. “Now it’s all ruined…”

Mr. Alivio (ENTJ) swiftly stood and strode across the room to open the door.  It was clear that his talk was done with the two feelers.  “Pack whatever things you have; you’ll be on the first train to the Idealist Institution tomorrow morning.”

Oliver (INFP) stiffened, almost afraid to even hope.  “You mean…we’re not going to be put into a Co-Ed institution?”

“PLEASE DON’T EXPELL MY BABY BRO!”  Percival (ENFP) looked almost like he was crying.

Sighing, Mr. Alivio (ENTJ) rubbed the bridge of his nose.  “You two will be expelled from this institution, but I have no power on what the Idealist Institution will do with you, and frankly, I just want to wash my hands of this mess.  Most likely, you’ll be let off with a warning.  Rest assured, Mr. Cornwall, we won’t expel your brother – but he’s not exactly what you’d call ‘off the hook’, either.  I will have a personal talk with him.”

The two nodded and quickly scurried out of the room, not wanting to tempt their good fortune.

Once Mr. Alivio (ENTJ) shut the door after the two boys, he turned to find his companion giving him a rare smug smile.  “Don’t you dare,” Mr. Alivio (ENTJ) shot him a glare.

Mr. Goodfellow (INTP) simply shrugged.  “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” For once, he was lying about that.

October 22, xxxx

Rationals Instutiton, North Dorm Hall, Room 17

5:02 p.m.

Percival (ENFP) knocked on Wendalyn’s (INTJ) door, knowing it would be the last chance to do so.  Sure, he was breaking a major rule, but he’d already broken a few anyhow and he’d be very upset if he never fulfilled the whole reason he came to the Rational’s institution in the first place.

As soon as she opened the door, he became inflicted with diarrhea of the mouth.  “It was a couple years ago,” he started, “When I first saw you. And…I just knew it, right then and there. I would see you every so often on the train, but for some reason, I never had the chance to talk to you. Every time would finally work up the nerve, you’d get off the train, or someone would call you over, or something.”  After that, he explained everything that’d happened the past month.

The whole time she listened, expression unchanging.  When he finally finished she said, “So you are a stalker.”

His eyes widened with panic, and he waved his hands profusely.  “No!  No, I’m not a stalker, never have and never will be!”

Wendalyn (INTJ) did something that was bizarre.  She threw her head back and laughed at him.  At the other’s puzzled expression she explained, “Brue—er, Percival, I knew you weren’t an ENTP.”

He frowned. “…You did?”

“Well, you didn’t exactly hide the fact that you’re a feeler very well, and a strong one at that.”

“Then why didn’t you tell anyone?”

She looked at him with a more familiar expression; exasperation.  “What evidence would I have given, hm?  Plus, I was waiting to see how it would all play out, or if you would tell me.”  Was it his imagination, or did he see a faint blush penetrating her skin?

He spread out his arms playful with a smile on his face.  “Here I am!”

She looked uncomfortable. “Yes…there you are.” A silence followed, but it wasn’t exactly awkward. “So…Percival?” she quipped. Smiling deviously, she asked, “Can I call you ‘Perce’?”

It was an attempt to irritate him by recreating their first conversation.  It only made him smile wider.  “Sure! I don’t mind.”

Her eyebrow twitched.  “I’ll call you Percy, then.”

“Huh,” he tapped his lips thoughtfully, “I haven’t been called that since primary school.”

She slipped something in his hand  “I’ll see you around then, Percy.”  Then she shut the door.

Looking down at the small scrap of paper, he saw a phone number written down.  His heart fluttered.

The Reason I Can't Keep Up With My Studies: These Idiots

Hello, dear Valdaya family,

I’m here to go back to that fateful night in early 2013, where a lone 17 year old girl stumbled upon a cute Dancing with the Stars karaoke bit while watching all of Shawnough’s dances on YouTube.  

Um, let me just preface this by saying I hate both Val and Zendaya for completely, irrevocably, thoroughly ruining my success as a student in high school. And that definitely translated over into college because…man, it’s probably gonna take me an extra year to get my degree with the way things go with these two. 

Okay, back to ‘the moment’

So basically, I’m sitting here watching all these partners be all cute and funny and then I see this mess

look at this stupid man’s face. 

look. at. it. 

From this moment alone, I knew I had to go and catch up on all their dances, back when their dances were still on youtube packages and all and I think I had seen this video during or after week nine. I just know that I watched the finale live *ugly sobbing* but had started shipping valdaya independently, meaning unaware of the tag on tumblr, at least a week before the finale aired. 

Okay I’m gonna be honest…during their season, they were flirtatious.little.fucks. And I’m not the person that gets a kick out of crack-shipping people. I’m only gonna ship people if I see a genuine chemistry and an amazing connection. 

With these two, it was that times ten

I just can’t explain it. While watching all their dances and all their packages I could just feel it, the genuine love they have for each other. I don’t know necessarily if I was seeing romance per se, but I do know that I was definitely not opposed to them getting more romantic. Even though, you know, it was totally illegal. 

They were just so cute together! and it was so blatantly obvious that Val was wrapped around that girl’s finger, like…duct-taped and velcro-ed around that finger. He was fucking smitten. He looked at her like she was the sun. It was freaking beautiful and so refreshing to see two people at opposite ends of their lives make a connection that deep. 

Now did I think Zendaya adored Val just as much? No. Not really. Still don’t. I just don’t think she’s the kind of person to be all gushy and open with her affections.

Zendaya had and still has a different way of showing her love for Val. And I don’t want people to think that just because she doesn’t make goo-goo eyes or spout romantic poetry about him that she doesn’t love him just as much, if not more. Z is way way way more subtle at that. Is she sloppy occasionaly? Hell yeah! But definitely not as much as Mr. Obvious is. 

She showed she loved him by the way she took care of him, and its obvious that’s what she did. Heck I think this is what Maks said during the GMA bit! (i can’t remember). It’s clear that when Val is in the zone, all other factors, including both his mental and physical health go out the door. And it was so adorable watching how she could just make him smile by just looking at him or being able to handle him yelling at her. He yelled at her, and she just grinned and took it all in stride!

I made a comment on the gifset of Val brushing Z’s hair back in the sway 2.0 vid, that I believe Zendaya is his sun as he is her earth. And it’s freaking corny and cheesy as hell but it just made so much sense. I really think that Zendaya is Val’s shining light, the one that can turn the bad moments into good moments, like his personal angel. And then I also truly believe that Val is her metaphorical ‘earth’ because he keeps her grounded, teaches her life lessons she’ll always use, is always there for her, standing up for her, defending her. It’s just how I think their relationship is. They’re soul mates. That’s all there is to it. 

Now do I believe they’re together? 

Honestly? I don’t know

Too many factors play into the fact that they could be in an relationship, and at other times, I think they’re still testing the waters, keeping it casual, because that’s valdaya for you. Fun and easy. 

Only the future will tell. If they’re meant to be, they will be. And I kinda think they are. And I also think that they’re going to stay like they are now for a while yet. I give it a year. Year and half tops until things start to change. But by that time I also hope Z loosens her tight closed-lipped attitude she has with her relationships because lord how much would that suck? To know that they’re dating but they don’t show us or tell us anything about it. Is that selfish of me? Yeah. But that’s just who I am as a shipper. Bitter and selfish. 

So….yeah. That’s my story!

thanks for reading through all of this, if you have. 

Yours Truly, until the bitter end, 

skylarri1991 or just Sky. 

- by skylarri1991

Too Late

He leapt nimbly from garden bed to garden bed, ignoring the rain that fell upon his head. He didn’t care if he got wet, just like he didn’t care if the groundskeeper caught him fleecing some of his lovingly tended flowers. It would be worth it, for the bunch he was quickly gathering in his hands, the colours bright and inviting and appealing in the dreary light of the day.

At least, it would be worth it if Katniss didn’t slam her door in his face.

He knew he’d been stupid. Knew the minute he’d reluctantly told her he wouldn’t be offended if she wanted to see other guys, that she’d been offended. She’d told him so in no uncertain terms, had told him if what they had meant so little to him that he’d even suggest something like that, then he could very well get off her fucking porch and never come back. He’d been so gobsmacked he’d stumbled down the steps, wondering how he’d managed to say things so wrong, when he was normally so good at saying things right.

And by the time he went back to fix it, it was already too late. She was gone.

His first three months away at college had, therefore, possibly been the worst of his life.

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violetstowhom  asked:

bellarke college au with bellamy as a ta and clarke as a student in his class, or maybe they're taking the same course for some stupid requirement, or they always do laundry at the same time, or one works at a cafe on campus, or they meet at some dumb frat party, or JUST ANYTHING WITH BELLARKE IN COLLEGE TBH, and i really love anything you write really, so ANYTHING :)))))

Also tied with this prompt from anon: I have no clue how to work the washing machines in this laundromat and you catch me trying to put pinks with whites and have to stop me from ruining my clothes

I literally love this one which will become seriously obvious when you see how long it became. Thank you for the prompt!! On AO3.

The only other person in the laundromat with him, a small blonde who was really too good looking for her own good (really, how did anyone make baggy sweatpants and a faded band shirt with a soda stain on it look that good?), sighed deeply again. Bellamy certainly hadn’t been paying attention enough to be able to know how many times exactly it had been, but it certainly wasn’t the first. 

He stopped in the middle of folding a pair of his boxers and watched her. She seemed tired, severely so, and just about ready to cry at any moment. Her whole body was dragging, her eyes were drooping, and half of the hair that had started out in her ponytail had at some point fallen out and kept pushing into her face. The blonde dumped out all of her clothes on top of the machine, eyeing them for a second before shaking her head and just grabbing as much as she could hold and shoving it in the machines. 

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"you won't miss me"

He finds her later that night, sitting on the roof of the Haus, lazily smoking a joint.

“What,” Lardo says, her words clipped. She sounds stuffy in a way that lets Shitty know she’d been crying, and it makes his heart ache.

“Well hello to you too,” he chirps, sitting down next to her so close that their thighs touch. She doesn’t move away, so he takes that as a good sign. Lardo turns then and passes him the smoke, but he shakes his head.

“I came out here to talk to you.”

“Okay,” she says quietly, and Shitty knows he’s fucked up. Big time.

“Bitty told me about what happened at your show earlier, and I… I’m so sorry, Lards. I kind of ruined your big night,” he apologizes in earnest. 

He hadn’t meant to take her spotlight, but when he got the email that he’d been accepted into Harvard, well, fuck. It’s not like he could have quietly put his phone away and not told anyone. But then the guys all pounced on him, and Lardo ran out crying, and it took Shitty way too long to realize it was probably his fault.

“I’m not mad at you for that,” Lardo says, resting her head on Shitty’s shoulder. He carefully puts his arm around her, drawing her in close. He doesn’t say anything, lets her get out the words.

They’re not dating, hell, they’ve never even kissed– but this feels so, so right. 

“You won’t miss me,” she whispers into the warm night, and Shitty can hear the tears in her voice when she says, “When you leave. You and Jack will be gone and you won’t even miss me.”

Shitty’s brain nearly short-circuits. “Lards, no offense, but like, what the fuck?”

She makes a frustrated sound in her throat and pushes off him, scooting away and hugging her knees to her chest, joint forgotten somewhere between them. 

“Don’t give me that shit,” she says, not even looking at him. “You know it’s true. You’ll be off an hour away in your stupid fancy college and you’ll forget about all of us. It’s just what happens.”

Shitty can’t speak for a full minute. “Are you kidding me? You guys are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. You’re my family. Lards, you’re– you’re…”

“I’m what, Shitty?” she sighs, finally turning to meet his eyes. Her face looks pained, and she bites her lip like she’s trying not to cry. 

He doesn’t know how to say this, how to name this thing that’s been growing between them since the beginning of the year. He doesn’t want to ruin everything by saying it out loud. He can’t lose this. 

But he knows he needs to say something. Even if he doesn’t know what.

“You’re the best person I know, okay? You’re fucking amazing, and I–I don’t know what I’d do without you. I’m never going to forget about you.”

He thinks about kissing her, just leaning forward the few inches that separates them now and finally doing it. Shitty thinks about the feeling of her soft lips on his, wonders what her moans sound like, how her body would feel under his hands. But then the moment passes, and she’s hauling Shitty to his feet, leading back into the Haus.

“Since when did you turn into such a sap?” she jokes, a small smirk on her face.

“Shut up.” And it’s really all he can say.

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“Seeing anything "Monsters University” or college related makes me want to cry. My dad forced me to stay home for college (because I’m “too stupid to go to real college”) and whenever I talk to my friends from high school, all they do is try to make me feel bad. They tell me I’m “missing out,” and that they feel sorry for me because I “ruined my life” by going to community college. This makes watching MU a really cringe worthy experience for me, even though I wanted to like it.“

anonymous asked:

Hi this is embarrassing but I have a disease where my intestines are too small and my stomach makes awful noises. I got bullied all through elementary, middle and high school and now I'm a college freshman but I'm scared to go to class bc it's just SO uncomfortable for me. I can't focus and I can't do my work and it's ruining my life. It seems so small and stupid, but I don't know how to get over it. Anyway. I've come to you so the responsible one can tell me to man the fuck up please?

Well, I definitely can’t help you with the noises and all that, but a pep talk? Absolutely.

You have no control over this, so there’s no use worrying about it. Spending your time thinking about people who are completely undeserving of your time and attention aren’t going to make your situation better, it’s only going to make your mental state worse. These people don’t know you or your situation, so they have no right to judge you. And school age kids are monsters, they really are, but as people grow up, they (hopefully) mature and won’t bully you for this. You are more than your condition and you need to realize that, because you can’t let something like this, especially worrying over what other people might think, rule your life. You have an education to get. Go to class, earn that degree, and go kick ass in the real world. Prove to people that you can get the job done and that the sounds your stomach makes are completely inconsequential to your ability.