stupid cocaine

The good old days. I miss my best friend a lot, I can’t post the pics of me and together from this night because they are pretty incriminating but Idgaf about my stupid ex.

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What's your favorite way to do blow? Imma bout to get a couple gs

Cocaine is stupid as fuck. Fuck that Short ass buzz

but for real i probably enjoy putting a shit load on top of a bongpack of weed the most cuz it’s kind of a weird high, we call them “snowcaps” haha

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Do you think Harry is a cocaine addict?In the Graham Norton show he seemed like he didn't have any contact with the environment,he was scratching his nose all the time and his pupils were SO dilated :(

I don’t know if I would call him an “addict”, but I do think Harry uses cocaine to relax himself and calm his nerves. He is very close friends with Nick Grimshaw, who is a well known cocaine user, and Harry has proven himself to be a card-carrying follower who does whatever he is told. It’s unfortunate that Harry would make such a stupid choice, but cocaine has long been a “trendy” habit in celebrity-land and being on trend is very important to Harry.


Morgan rewatches OTH and turns into an emotional mess:

2x08 Truth, Bitter Truth

HALEY: I’m sorry I freaked out on you about the bed. At least I have one.
BROOKE: I’m sorry I called you a liar. You fibbed to Nathan, it’s not a big deal.  
HALEY: No, it is a big deal. 
BROOKE: Okay, cease fire! Girl talk. Come on.  
HALEY: I should have told Nathan that I was gonna be with Chris and I don’t know why I didn’t cause, like, the words started coming out of my mouth and then it was just…too late to take it back.  
PEYTON: Okay, you don’t have feelings for Chris, do you?  
HALEY: No. It’s just the first time I’ve ever wanted something for me. It’s not for my parents, it’s not for Nathan, it’s just… for me and Chris can…help me get it.  
PEYTON: So…what’s wrong with that?  
HALEY: Exactly! I don’t know why I should feel embarrassed for saying that I know what I want and I’m gonna go after it like…  
ANNA: Like a guy.  
HALEY: Nathan never apologizes or lies for what he wants. I mean…I don’t know why I feel like I had to. 
BROOKE: Haley, trust me, you can go after what you want and still be a girl.  
HALEY: I know. I totally know and that why this is so stupid.
BROOKE: On the topic of stupid…cocaine, P. Sawyer?  
PEYTON: I’m an idiot. 
BROOKE: Well you’re not gonna do it again, right?  
PEYTON: No! No. Um…I don’t want to. But… I’m not going to. 
BROOKE: Okay.  
HALEY: I’m really sorry. Sorry I just blurted that out. I should have talked to you about it at the club but I just…I just didn’t wanna handle it.  
PEYTON: No. It’s um… It’s my fault. But I just really want us all to be good enough friends that we can talk about stuff. You know? Even when it’s ugly…especially then.  
HALEY: Yeah.