stupid bunch of people i love you all

Quick Kat Rant

If you don’t like Beth. Get the fuck out of the tag. If you don’t like Team Delusional. Get the fuck out of the tag.  IF you don’t like Bethyl. Get the fuck out of the tag. Use the Anti-tag or just freaking use the 3 or the @ symbol. It’s not that hard and it makes tumblr friendly and happy for all. No one needs you to be a little shit head. We could all use let shit heads in the world. It’s like in your favourite tag. You don’t want to go in there to see a bunch of people whining and acting like you’re the crazy one or that you’re stupid for thinking something. 

Have your opinion all you want, just tag it properly. I love her. I want a space to talk about her and to read other peoples posts about loving her or in depth conversation. I don’t want just blatant hate. Just like you wouldn’t want that in your tag that you love.

i honesty think 5sos are a bunch of badasses. you wanna know why? they constantly, everyday get hate about them being a boy band and that they aren’t alternative or pop punk enough. but their response is simply “we love music. we would love for you to come out to a show, hear some tunes and see what we’re about. if you dont like that, its cool” and thats why when people go “uhh that stupid 5 seconds of winter or whatever band sucks they arent even like all time low” i laugh because i love them, i love their music, i love their attitude and i will believe in them until they are old fucks playing reunion shows.