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Hello. I admitted to my loved ones today that I am unsure of my sexuality. I currently feel more lonely and dejected than I ever have in my life. So is mommy right? Is it stupid to question my sexuality because I should just know? It would be great to know that I've torn a huge riff in my family for nothing! Thanks a bunch. Love your blog.

its not stupid at all, sexuality can be fluid, you dont have to know exactly who you are or exactly what you like.  Just live your life and don’t limit yourself because you feel you have to define yourself to the T for others.

Trust me, i get a lot of shit for saying im pan with a preference for guys because its not a tightly defining label which annoys some people for god knows what reason, but i just live my life cause at the end of the day, youre the only one living your life so you gotta live in a way thats right and authentic for you (i say as i acknowledge, obviously and unfortunately, that some situations make that much harder for some people than others)

also if you makes you feel better, after i came out i felt uncomfortable in my house for a bit (even though my parents both showed support) which (at least i think) is kind of normal.  it is an adjustment for everyone and hopefully as time passes and everyone begins to adjust everything will start feeling more normal again (just without the weight of hiding who you are on your shoulders anymore)

hi, @poppysicle here from ao3/tumblr.

so, i found out i was added to this yoi fic shit list thing going around & was completely confused.
i checked out their list of things they DO NOT at all like and realized my fic enthrall was the reason for it due to it touching on mental illness.

i honestly don’t see why to begin with. there are many stories of this sort. and yes, mental illness should not be used romantically–which my story does not do at all. it does have romance in it obviously between victor and yuri but the main focus is on victor’s fight against himself. i don’t know if any of you have read my fic so let me just give you a quick summary.

basically, victor had been dealing with depression for a long time. so after the grand prix final, he tried to commit but was quickly saved by doctor katsuki. victor was so resentful towards him, never giving him the respect and thanks for what he did to victor. but victor works on himself a lot and learns about not only yuri and yuri’s life but his own. he’s picking himself up one step at a time. yuri is not there to fix him, which he clearly states in the story many times, he’s there to support him.

i wrote this fic as a gift for myself because i had played basketball for years and ended up with a concussion that cause a chemical imbalance. if you have ever heard what happened to king henry viii, that’s basically what happened to me. everything about me changed but after almost a year of dealing with it, i finally came clean to my parents and begged for help.

victor is me in this story, all together.

the fact that this story is the reason that i’m on this list kinda pisses me off because i’m just here writing for my own enjoyment & for others–but because someone thinks it’s so “wrong” is kinda stupid actually. especially to the point where they have to stick me on a list with a bunch of other amazing artist/authors is sickening. what is wrong with you?

i had to get this off my chest because i’m just blown away at the fact that someone took the time to do this and act like it’s not a problem at all, even their followers?? they’re the ones recommended these hard working people to them and that’s terrible.

i thought the yuri!!! on ice fandom was full of love? what the heck happened?

#181 - For anonymous x3

Filling the prompts “Van is upset and maybe a bit angry with you because you walked home late by yourself from a night out with friends. And he keeps saying how dangerous it was of you. But you’re not really taking him seriously and keep kissing his neck and tracing his features. But he eventually makes you promise to never do it again.” and “What about Halloween with Van and the lids and you pinning him down to do his makeup all dark and spooky and at first he tries to fight you off but he actually just loves it” and “fic about you seeing van drunk for the first time and he is just completely all over you and has eyes only for you?”

Van hardly slept, so he existed on a timeline all of his own. 1 am wasn’t late for him. It was about the time the night really kicked into gear after a long and easy dinner, and a few drinks. When he was still replying to your messages after midnight then, it wasn’t a surprise. You were out with your friends, but they wanted to go to that new club in the city with the two block line and $20 entry fee. Not exactly your cup of tea. It was Halloween, and you were dressed to bust ghosts. You wanted fun, not shitty techno music and overpriced drinks. Van told you to get in a taxi and go to him.

You were only a little drunk, and the walk to his would sober you up. He was staying in a hotel across town and you’d always loved the city at night. It was even better with all the animated joy of costumes and novelty. When you got to the hotel, Van was waiting out the front. You happily jumped into his arms.

“Babe, did you fuckin’ walk here?” he asked. You nodded and grinned. There was no smile in return. “By yourself? Through the city?”


“What if you got mugged? Or something else? I told you to get a taxi,” he said, stepping back and leaving you unhugged.

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Why I love Shakespeare (and why you should too)

Have you ever read Shakespeare and thought, “This is stupid.  I don’t understand a word of this”? 

Hey, me too! The first work of Shakespeare I ever read was Romeo and Juliet as a freshman in high school, and I remember thinking, I know this is a classic story and all, but why do people think this is so good?  A couple of teenagers fall so madly in love in a matter of days that they make a bunch of stupid decisions that gets themselves and a few other people killed.  

Wow.  We should probably market this as the greatest love story of all time.  

I just didn’t get it.

Within the next few years I read Julius Caesar, which definitely impressed me more, and then I read Hamlet, which I legitimately enjoyed, but there was still something missing.  I’d come to appreciate Shakespeare, but I just couldn't love Shakespeare.  

And then something happened that made all that change.  Something that changed my outlook on everything I’ve ever heard about Shakespeare’s plays.

I saw one performed.  

I know, I know, revolutionary, right?  I saw a freaking play.  But here’s why it was so amazing for me.

To preface, I read the play beforehand, and wasn’t impressed.  The play I’m talking about is Comedy of Errors, which I’d actually never heard of before reading it.  It’s one of Shakespeare’s earlier works.  It’s a comedy about identical twins who happen to have identical twin servants who get separated basically at birth.  They take the same name, as do the servants who have been with them since birth, so you end up with two guys names Antipholus with two servants named Dromio.  They come to the same town (now adults) and everybody gets everybody else mixed up.  

Upon reading the play, I chuckled maybe a couple times, but it wasn’t all that funny.  Then I went and saw it, and it’s probably the second funniest play I’ve seen in my entire life.  I laughed so hard.  The whole thing was hilarious.  

And it was in that moment, walking out of the Globe theatre after my first Shakespeare production, that I started to love it.  

An epiphany of understanding: Think of it this way.  Imagine your favorite book.  A book that makes you laugh and cry and want to be a better person.  A book that inspires you.  Now imagine the sparknotes version of that book.  Raw, basic plot with none of the flourishes and nuances that make that book what it is.  Sparknotes will tell you what happens, but that’s it.  

If you read Sparknotes, would that still be your favorite book?  Probably not.  Mostly because it wouldn’t mean anything to you.  

Reading a Shakespeare play is like reading the Sparknotes version of a book.You get dialogue.  That’s it.  The bare basics with nothing that makes it truly incredible.  

No wonder so many people hate Shakespeare!  They have no idea what Shakespeare even is!

A few weeks after my wonderful first encounter, I returned to the Globe to see Julius Caesar.  Remember how I’ve read this one before?  I liked it before.  But just wait.  

I stand in the Globe as a groundling, just as a working class citizen would have in Shakespeare’s day.  Midway through the play, I lean against the stage in the front row and watch the fake blood flow as Caesar is stabbed again and again.  The conspirators, soaked to their elbows in blood, threaten Mark Antony, a supporter of Caesar’s who has walked in to see their heinous  act.  Antony claims to mean them no harm, and they leave him for a moment alone with Caesar, who lies dead in a pool of crimson.  The murderers exit, and Mark Antony stands alone on the stage.  He stumbles to Caesar’s body, falls to his knees, and weeps.  

“O pardon me, thou bleeding piece of earth,” Antony whispers through his tears to Caesar, “that I am meek and gentle with these butchers.  Thou art the ruins of the noblest man that ever lived in the tide of times.”

He raises his hands upward to heaven, now dripping with Caesar’s blood, his face streaked with tears. “Woe to the hand that shed this costly blood!”  His voice echoes across the hundreds of silent people who suddenly feel as if they have intruded on this grieved and pained man as he weeps over his dead friend.  

A tear slides from my own eye.  

No longer words on a page, Shakespeare is alive.  The words are no longer ancient and out-of-date, but natural and beautiful.  

Shakespeare was not of an age, but for all time, as Ben Jonson said.  

I love Shakespeare.  I love Shakespeare.  Not because I’ve read most of his plays, which I haven’t.  Not because I’ve seen many of his plays, because I haven’t.  

I love Shakespeare because I’ve seen the plays come to life on stage in the way they were meant to.  Plays are meant to be seen, not read.  

So don’t hate Shakespeare because you don’t understand it.  Stop reading and start watching.  Maybe you’ll fall in love, too.  

@wacheypena was kind enough to create an actual kink meme for the Flash/Legends/Arrow/Supergirl fandom!!!

For those that don’t know how a kink meme works, you don’t actually need to submit kinky prompts. It’s literally just any prompt you like, submitted anonymously, and anyone who likes can go there, find prompts, and fill them. There’s usually a skew towards higher rated prompts, but it doesn’t have to be. Any pairing is allowed, any character (including crossovers with non-DCTV shows), any rating, and no matter how stupid or silly or embarrassing your prompt might be, you’re submitting anonymously so go for it.

I’m certainly going to fill a bunch :D I love these things.

(Also, as a reminder, the Mick-for-all is also ongoing at the @mickrorydefensesquad, but that’s Mick-centric. This is broader.)

Go forth and prompt, people. I know you can do it.

ETA: @brightclam - yes, you just send your prompts as anonymous asks, and you can send your completed fics as submissions :D happy prompting! or filling!

What Can I Do

Request:  I was thinking maybe a fic about Bucky being neglectful bc he’s obsessed with training after a near death experience with the reader on an intense mission (they aren’t dating but bffs and have hidden feelings for each other) and she tries to spar with him to snap him out of it but he goes too far and hella angst but ends in smut bc ya girl needs resolution when there’s hella angst @kaaatniss

Words: 2261

Warnings: language, unprotected sex (don’t be silly wrap your willy)

AN: Okay this was waay longer than I figured it would be butttt..Pft. Ya’ll know by now I can’t write short for shit.

Originally posted by acciowintershield

It was almost three in the morning when you woke up. The nightmares had been coming and going ever since the last mission, mostly coming. They woke you up at almost the same time every night, and almost every time you found yourself going through the same motions. You crawled out of bed and head toward Bucky’s room, stopping outside the door. You put your palm against the smooth wood and tilt your forehead against it, closing your eyes. You know he isn’t in there, but you go anyways.

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Wow, has it really been 2 years since I started this blog? Honestly, it’s purely coincidence that the day I created this blog falls basically around the same time as Morgan’s birthday. It’s been a long road. From starting this blog with only the intention of having Rennac and Seth, to deciding to move the rest of my Fire Emblem indie muses here, to entering the Ace Attorney fandom and expanding my roster even further, up to 10 muses (not including OCs of mine). This blog has come a long way and seen a lot of changes, and I’m honestly amazed it’s come this far. I’m proud of it though, and forever grateful I somehow found myself in the indie scene as far as tumblr RPing goes. This one goes out to all you 825+ (at the time of writing this 830) lovelies who have stuck with this blog (which is kinda trash ahaha) and kept me gong this far! I don’t have enough words for how happy and overwhelmed I am, to be honest.

Alright, readmore here because a torrent of sentimental name listing below. I’d write paragraphs about how much I love all of you but that would make this thing the length of a novel. Here we go!

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Habits of My Heart: Chapter 7

This chapter was kinda difficult for me to write. I find it hard to believe that the awful comments Sharna received all season didn’t affect her at all. I’m sure she probably talked to others, but for this story’s purposes she talked to James of course :) Rest of the chapters are found in the tags!

It finally happened. The elimination several people on her social media accounts had been waiting for. On one hand, the competitor in her was disappointed, but on the other hand, she couldn’t help but embrace the relief she felt now that it was over. It was clear from the beginning of the week that her and her partner were never meant to click. She had a hard time wrapping her head around it; usually, the further she and her celebrity got in the competition, the closer they became. In this case, however, it was the opposite. She didn’t want to place any of the blame on him, especially with how they were treated on their last night, but then she’d seen how he talked about her and the show in an interview just a few days later. That, coupled with the way people were talking about her on social media as if it was her fault they got sent home, or that they agreed that this elimination was way overdue, infuriated her to say the least.

She debated texting him to ask if he was busy before she requested to video chat, but decided she would try calling him first and then send a message asking him to call her back if he didn’t answer.

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Click-Newt Scamander X Reader

A/n: I have so much stuff to do and I told myself I wouldn’t write this all now. I clearly lied to myself. I hope you all enjoy this, it’s a bit random. I love you all and have an incredible day
Summary: The reader has writer’s block and Newt helps them as they start to feel down about their abilities and passion
Warnings: fluffy stuff, all the fluffy stuff

This was edited again because certain things did not appear when I originally posted it

The window remained open in your flat as the sounds of people walking and cars whirring filled the atmosphere with a clever combination of business and daily life. Spring sunlight sifted into the room and lit up the walls. Your fingers rapidly punched away on your typewriter, ideas and words flowing from your fingertips and onto the white surface of the paper. The ink spun into words and phrases, ultimately adding the plot of the story that you had fostered inside the realms of your imagination. Clicks and clacks reverberated off the walls of your study area, and this attracted a certain Hufflepuff to enter.

“Still working on that chapter, love?”

“Unfortunately,” you muttered as you slumped your head down onto your desk, causing a stack of your notebooks to tumble to the floor.

With a drained groan, you reached down to collect them, however, a slight breeze had decided to remain out of your favor, thus resulting in some of the looser papers to lift up and float around the room. Newt began to collect the ones that had soared taller than your height, and he gently handed them back to you so that they could be added to the pile in your hand.

“Thank you Newt,” you said. You put them on the desk and returned back into Newts arms and leaned against his chest in frustration. You let a sigh escape, as you had been experiencing a bit of what was classified as “writer’s block.” Newt kissed the top of your head and rubbed your back lovingly. He knew you were stressed, he could see it when you woke up and when you crashed on your desk after pulling an all-nighter. He combed his long finders through your hair, earning a moan of content from your hidden face.

Newt remembered the day you two had first run into one another. He had stopped by a tea and coffee shop in New York out of curiosity and because it was quite cold out and he found himself in need of something to warm himself up. He fixed his coat and opened the door, instantly being hit with a scent of ground coffee and fresh bread. Out of the corner of his eye sat you, focused on writing inside of a notebook.

Newt was enamored with the sight of you. The way that your hair covered your (eye color) eyes and your gentle lips curved in concentration provoked a sense of attraction. It was if an invisible string had been wrapped around his heart and tugged on, telling him to be pulled closer to you. Not only that, but the scene of you being so involved in your writing also intrigued him immensely. It was as if you were lost in your own little world, unknown to you surroundings, unattached to the real world, and that to him, was beautiful. He wasn’t one to believe in love at first sight, for his heart had been shattered before, but he couldn’t push the new found feelings away. He felt like he was a giddy student again, and he couldn’t fathom exactly why. How is it that without a simple introduction, you still had this effect on him?

He wasn’t even sure as to what your personality was like. Were you kind? Were you aggressive? Were you snobbish or prude or angelic? Do you laugh at people in pain or do you help them out? What if you hated animals?

Newt had pulled himself out of the trance and turned back to the counter where a young man was asking him if he was ordering anything. Not wanting to look like a lost lunatic, he settled on ordering a cup of tea. Maybe after he would have the courage to talk to you. He placed the order and paid, but when he turned back around to look at where you were sitting, you had left. He felt slightly down, for his chance had slipped past him.

He decided to sit down to enjoy his tea anyways. He didn’t want it to go to waste like his chance to speak to you had. Once he was finished, he prepared himself to leave by fixing his coat and such and he headed towards the door. He moved through the small crowd of people, but his body had collided with someone. It was you.

“I’m so sorry, I wasn’t watching where I was going and I kind of came in here bustling because I left my notebook and now I’m rambling.”

Newt’s heart fluttered. You weren’t mean or rude at all, you were simply sweet, like icing on a cake.

“It’s alright, I wasn’t watching where I was going either,” he said, earning a small smile from you. Your cheeks turned rosy and his heart started to skip beats at a time.

The two of you had begun talking once more, as you both ended up exiting the same way and walking along the same sidewalk. You talked for an hour or so before you reached your home, and Newt bid you a farewell after asking if you would join him at the shop again. You happily agreed.

Months sped by and after many dates, many kisses, and a few run-ins with MACUSA, he asked you to run away with him back to England. He couldn’t help the fact that he was falling in love with you, but you were a muggle, or No Maj in America. You knew of the wizarding world, and you couldn’t help holding in your love either. So you went with him, even though he doubted you would come. You got a new job as a small writer for a local paper and you moved in with Newt, leaving the two of you more in love than ever.

This brought you to where you were now, grabbing coffee and publishing small works by day, writing you novel by night. Newt knew how passionate about writing you were, he had seen the notes and ideas scribbled and edited in your notebooks, but he also knew what a toll it had on your life.

You often had moments of insecurity, doubting your skills and aspirations, and this happened to be one of those times.

“Newt I just can’t seem to make the plot interesting,” you mumbled, still snuggling into him. The block was agonizing to you, even if you didn’t necessarily show it.

“Darling, you’re an incredible and creative writer, I’m sure whatever you choose the plot will be fantastic.”

“But maybe, maybe I should just stop.”

Newt ceased rubbing your back and peered down at you in confusion. “Love. What in Merlin’s name are you talking about?”

“Newt do you really think that I can do this? That I can write something that people will actually pick up and buy and think is good? Because honestly maybe this is all just a waste of time.”
“Love no-,”

“Really Newt, writing a book was the worst thing I could have done. It’s all a bunch of nothing anyways. I’m not like you, I can’t write a book. I can’t do this. I was too foolish to think I could actually make something in this, this stupid world.”

By now you were hyperventilating and flailing your arms in a mix of frustration and anger and sadness all directed towards yourself. You had always questioned your ability to achieve a finished novel, one that could be out in the world, and all the nights of pondering about the outcome had kept you up.

Newt however did not understand how you had come to feel like this. He had read your short stories and poems before, and he thought they were wonderful. He thought so, and the beasts thought so too. It broke his heart to see you upset over your insecurity in your own passion. He knew you desired his more than anything, and he didn’t want to see you just throw it all away to run errands and write coverage on town events the rest of your life. Your talent, in his opinion, was too great and extravagant for such minor tasks.

“Y/n, listen to me,” he whispered to calm you down. He held your arms and lowered them back to your sides, looking at you right in the eyes.


“Darling I know but please, just listen.”

You silenced yourself and stared back with empty yet teary eyes. Newt continued on while wiping them away.

“Ever since the day I met you, I knew you had something that a lot of people at your work lack, and that, my wonderfully amazing and beautiful darling, is passion. You create worlds and pull people’s emotions in ways that some can only dream of. You are not ‘wasting your time’ at all, and your aspirations are nothing short of incredible. I love you, and I remember falling in love with someone who had a sparkle in their eye and couldn’t tear their hand away from writing stories and such. I fell in love with the most talented and astounding and passionate person.”

Newt scooped you up and twirled you around in his arms, to which you did giggle slightly before he went on.

“Y/n, whatever you write, will be so well written that people all over England, even all over America, won’t want to put it down. You amaze me every day, and I don’t want to have you think for a minute that you aren’t stunning at what you do.”

Newt beamed at you. He truly was proud of you, and he meant every word. Tears began to spill again from your eyes again, and he was worried, but then he realized that they were in fact happy tears.

“T-Thank you, Newt,” you murmured as you leaned up his towering frame to kiss you. He noticed this and hoisted you up in his arms to kiss you passionately.

“I love you darling, please don’t doubt yourself or your creativity ever again. It’s not right to do that to yourself when it’s so obvious that your work is beautiful, just like you are.”

He nuzzled his nose against yours, and for the first time that day, a genuine smile of cheer graced over your lips.

Clicks and clacks of inspiration filled the atmosphere hours later after Newt had made you take a nap with him. After getting rest that you deserved, you popped back up and ran to your typewriter. Newt had never seen you move so fast, and he had never seen you type so fast either. He followed you, in a slower pace, and observed you allowing your fingers to dance rhythmically over each key. He leaned down to kiss you and he cleared all the empty mugs away from your desk. You kissed him back, you smooth warm lips over his chapped ones packing in the love you felt towards the incredible man.

Newt exited the room and rinsed the abandoned mugs. He had a feeling that your writer’s block had been cured, all you needed was a bit of confidence and some sweet affection. Your frenzy and flowing of new ideas was evident, and he smiled at himself as the cool water ran over his fingers. You always had the inspiration and passion in you, he was aware of that. It was in all of your work. The inspiration for this story you had devoted your life to though, had just now seemed to fall into place. You were in your own world once more, your fingers creating the clicking and clacking that would craft your soon to be debut novel.


Why I like but hate PRODUCE 101



that is all. 

But seriously could you imagine your entire dream - something that you must have worked hard on to achieve in the hands of a bunch of people you don’t know, some of which will love you and support you but also those that will hate you and never like you even for no reason at all. 

And those people choose whether THEY think you are good enought to debut and achieve your dreams no matter your talent and skill? THOSE PEOPLE (most probably including me although I didn’t get to vote) who know nothing about music, dance or any other skill required to debut but base it off their own feelings and what they want? or what they think is skillful? When in actuallity the real skill is somewhere else? 

Like seriously at the same time I am salty I didn’t get to vote I am also glad I didn’t cause I can’t shoulder that burden, knowing it was my choice and vote that changed the direction of a nubmer of peoples lives. I can’t hold that responsbility no way would I let ANYONE do that to me why would I do it to them?

And this isn’t a hate post for wanna one. I support every member. This is a hate post to mnet for making a show like this that does this. 

And you guys must be wondering well this is just hate what do you like? I like that it exposes and allows people to see talented trainees from smaller companies that otherwise we may never have seen or met. Allowing them to gathering a loyal following of people who support and appreciate them. Which may not have happened if produce 101 was not a thing - which is very likely consdering the amount of groups and trainees in the kpop world right now that you probably have no idea exist. 

anonymous asked:

heyy, since i've always been a huge fan of chris i was wondering how come he gets all this undeserved hate? i get that there are a few that don't like mon-el (tho it's stupid to hate chris for that) but is there anything else? just wondering, love your blog btw

let me start you off with the fact that not only a few people dislike mon, there are a whole bunch of people on here who not only dislike him but are more obsessed with him than the people who like him

but i can’t answer that question, i can’t tell you WHY these people spew so much undeserved hate about chris, there is no reason, he’s a sweetheart who has never done anything to warrant even a little hate

they hate him because he plays mon and they can’t differentiate between him and his character, it’s actually gotten to the point where they talk more about their hate for chris than they do about mon, which is just ridiculous

so to answer your question, they’re a bunch of people who can’t tell the difference between a fictional character and the person who plays said character

also they’re very offended by his forehead (????), so there’s that

and thank you!!!

I’ve just gotta say, I’m so damn thankful for some of my friends here. It’s amazing how technology allows us to get to know people across the country and around the world. The encouragement and love I feel from these people I’ve never even met is just… mind-boggling. When I’m having a meltdown over (retrospectively) stupid shit, they help me. They make me laugh. And I have felt my creativity blossom in their presence. Thanks, you guys. @autumndiesirae @wolfluvr69 @dirt-luvs-turts @theserandomcharacters and a bunch of others (idk ur tumblr names & I’m ashamed T_T)

A stupid quick little doodle because hoLY FudGE I HAVE 100 FOLLOWERS??THANK YOU ALL HONESTLY, IT MAKES ME HAPPY TO KNOW YOU LIKE MY THINGS? LIKE NO JOKE I GET A BUNCH OF NOTES EVERYDAY AND I’M JUST LIKE ????? I didn’t think my crummy headcanons would please so many people jfc- I love you all tho-

AND I’m going to sleep now since I have finals tomorrow and it’s like 12 asjhfgsdgh, but thank you all so much again! <3 

Walk In Love~ Enzo Amore Imagine

Originally posted by jimdrugfree

Requested by anon

Enzo x You

A/N : I change this a bit. People tell me I have the magic fingers, I disagree. Writers like @bladeambrose10, @lonelunaticgirl, @wwe-smutfics, @ambootyos , @hiitsmecharlie and many more do. 

Curled up in bed, you couldn’t go anywhere today. Runny nose and sore throat. 

“ Stupid cold” You muttered, a bunch of tissues on the floor, on the bed and all around you. Flipping the tv, today was your day off from work. Enzo was coming over to hang out with you, you forgot all about him. 

“ Shit!” You reached over to get your phone from besides you, scrolling to the text icon, pressing it searching for your boyfriend’s name. 

“ Don’t come over, I’m sick. I don’t want you to catch anything” You sent him before curling in bed as you watched TV. Occasionally sneezing wiping your nose, you had soup before. The carton from the soup laid out on the table next to you. 

Your phone dinged, looking at the text that Enzo sent you, “ Don’t worry about it sweet cheeks, I am coming over. Be prepared to be cuddled hardcore”  A small smile made it’s way to your lips, he was stubborn. 

Knock came to the door, wrapping a blanket around you, red nose, your hair in a messy bun with baggy clothes on. You had on Enzo’s hoodie on with a pair of sweats and socks before you walked over to answer the door. 

Enzo stood on the other side with a bag in his hands, “ Oh you look terrible mama” He said once he saw the state you were in. 

“ Thanks, what I wanted to hear” As you spoke, he frowned at the sound of your raspy voice. “ I’m sorry Y/N, I’ll take care of you. Doctor Amore at your service” 

Walking back to bed, crawling under the covers facing him. He walked over, settling the bag down. Your eyes went to the bag wondering what was in it. 

“ I got you some stuff “ He took out more soup, medicine, movies, chocolate, some more tissues and bottles of water. 

Reaching over the medicine, you gave him the look like do I really have to take this. He laughed, taking the box away. “ Yes, you have to take it. I know you hate the taste.” 

Scrunching up your nose, you moved away from him as he opened the box and got out a spoon from the bag, he poured the medicine into the spoon before glancing at you.

“ Don’t make me chase you because I will Y/N” You crawled to the other side of the bed shaking your head. He sighed before walking to the other side where you where but you shifted to the other side. 

“ Just take the medicine babe. It will help” You shook your head sticking out your tongue at him. “ Please mama, for me?” He pouted, showing you those brown eyes and that pout. Huffing, you put your arms across your chest opening your mouth.

He fed you the spoon of medicine, at the taste, you made a face before swallowing it. The medicine made you shiver in disgust. “ Not that bad?” You eyed the chocolate he brought you, taking it opening it. Taking one to get rid of the taste in your mouth. 

Enzo sat next to you on the bed, he took of his shoes before bringing you to his side. You settled on his chest, his fingers raked through your hair. Hearing his heartbeat, you counted until your eyes closed as you fell asleep in his arms. 

Fluttering your eyes opened, you were still laying on Enzo’s chest but he was just watching TV. Sitting up, he rubbed your back turning his head towards you.

“ Sleep good?” You nodded your head laying back down on the pillow next to you. “ How do you feel mama?” 

“ Better” You said, your voice was a little better but you still felt crappy. “ Good, you need all the rest you can get and be warmed up”He turned to his side, resting his hand on your hip underneath the sheets, rubbing circles as he watched you nuzzle your nose into the pillow.

“ Have I told you how adorable you are?” Meeting his eye, your lips lifted up into a smile. With anything he says, he could make your day. 

“ Your handsome” You mumbled to him, a blush came to his cheeks as he bite his lip. He turned to face you, leaning over his kissed your cheek.

Pulling away, you frowned at him. “ I don’t care if you are sick, I’d kiss you anyways.” 

Taking his hand from your hip, you interlace your fingers through his , he brought your hand to his lips, kissing your palm. Little things he did like this made you happy and be around him more than you thought you would be around a man. 

You loved him with all your heart. 

“ Thank you for being here with me and taking care of me Zo. I love you” He smiled wide hearing those words.

“ Always going to be here for you Y/N. I love you too, your my girl” You moved closer burying your face in his shoulder, “ How about we watch those movies and I make you some soup?” 

You nodded your head, he left your side for a moment as he picked out a movie. He asked what kind, “ I don’t care as long as you come back to cuddle.” He chuckled before picked out a movie and went to make you some soup. 

As the movie started, he came back into the room giving you the spoon and soup. “ Careful it’s hot” 

Sitting up, you took it with your hands, he kissed your forehead before settling down next to you.

Looking over at him, he was amazing and you didn’t know what you did or say to deserve him. But you loved him with all your heart and weren’t planning on letting him go any time soon or never. 

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Animal hc three: -The Apollo cabin has parakeets -The hecate cabin has so many damn animals like where do they even come from -Jason has this giant fat cat and he loves it,but it hates piper with a PASSION -Aphrodite cabin has a bunch of large dogs and one kitten. -hypnos cabin has a great Pyrenees -everyone has competetions to see who's pet is the best -especially the Aphrodite and Ares cabins -it's so stupid but funny -if you think that Percy has fish? Your wrong hehates people who have fish

This is all perfect, I love it

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honestly you have 100% the right to be salty about the people leaving transphobic messages about lars. you spent a lot of time and work on that artwork and some idiot came along to spread a stupid opinion where it wasn't wanted. you're allowed to post what you want and don't feel guilty for "overreacting" about anything cause you're not at all

thank you sweet… im just getting saltier and saltier because its kinda like hey heres my representation through a character i love and care about immensely and relate to heavily and then theres like a bunch annoying people just being assholes. like being trans might not be a big deal to them but i’ve been fighting with myself for over 20 years on whether i am or not, like i’ve been that conflicted and scared to even come out and when i do its just :\\ maybe i should go back into hiding

Three Words (Teen Titans: RobStar Oneshot)

The digital clock blinked 2:00am.

Starfire lay still, sighing sigh after sigh she could not withhold. Beside her, Robin slept soundly, his steady breathing the only sound audible, unaware of her troubles.

Starfire sighed again. It was stupid, really. She was so caught up with such useless things. This did not matter.

She knew this, and yet, she can’t help but trace the words on Robin’s back.

“I love you,” she wrote with her fingertips, tracing and retracing the letters across his spine.

Robin had never told her that he loved her. Why this bothered her, she does not know. She cannot believe she would stay up all night pondering this.

Starfire knew that Robin loved her. He shows this to her every day in many ways. The kisses proved them well. His hugs and gestures too. He had told her multiple times that she makes him “so happy” and how she is “the best thing that ever happened” to his life.

And he sometimes comes close too, with his ‘love ya see you later’ before he leaves for a mission.

But still, never did he once say a full “I love you.”


It bothered her immensely.

Of course, she did not want to be the type of terran girl that obsesses over these sort of things. Those are just words after all. Three words. A bunch of letters thrown together.

Perhaps it was just her upbringing. In Tamaran, everyone was very vocal about their feelings. They honor their emotions. Respect them. Flaunt them. Terran people seem to be ashamed of it. They hide and mask and suppress their feelings in any way they could. And yet they still wonder why Earth is filled with sorrow.

Humans are such odd creatures.

Starfire yawned. She wrote another “I love you” on Robin’s back. As an afterthought, she traced a question mark.

Starfire bit her lip. It really was stupid, and perhaps she was overreacting. By tomorrow, she was sure, that she would be over it.

Well, she hoped.

She turned the other way, her back to him, and slid her eyes shut.

As she felt sleep tug at the edges of her vision, she felt strong arms circle her waist.

Robin nuzzled her neck, his warmth tickling her skin.

“I love you too,” he whispered in her ear.


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So Lilly Singh aka @iisuperwomanii made a video about “Types of flirting”. It was as always a pretty funny video and I adore Lilly so much… BUT.. In the video she says (and I quote) 

“As long as you give me the D… JK JK that was a bad joke… Honestly in real life I’m actually really awkward and like asexual so that joke if anything was really just me dealing with societal pressures"

The thing is.. If Lilly is Asexual that would be awesome cause yay representation right? 

But if she’s not, and she was joking, she just made a whole bunch of people think that being asexual means being awkward and bad at flirting… Which is not at all what it is? Plenty of asexuals are super flirty and outgoing and it’s a stupid stereotype saying otherwise..

You may think that I’m getting mad over nothing but I disagree.. Very few people knows what asexuality is so now some people are gonna think about this when their friend tells them their asexual and say ‘oh so you don’t how to get laid?’ and argh…

I love Lilly but this was a bad move