stupid bullshit of a fight

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We don't need silverflint people in the flinthamilton side. Just stay out. Nobody wants your silverflint shit

Well, that’s rather short sighted, but hey, its your loss, I think I write fairly decent porn (not to toot my own horn, but toot toot).

Listen, I’m too old to fight about stupid fandom bullshit. So as Wesley says, as you wish. I don’t need this kind of shit over FICTIONAL FUCKING CHARACTERS, when there are real issues to be concerned about considering my President is a fucking buffoon. (insert shrugging emoji)

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Erwin, Mike, and Levi at parent-teacher conference. Their kid got in trouble.

Erwin and Mike: (I feel like Mike and Erwin would react the same way)

-He’d be calm and collected while the teacher spoke to them.
-Of course, he’d reprimanded the child if he felt like they actually did something wrong.
-But, if they feel like the school is in the wrong, he’d calming explain why they are wrong.


-Levi doesn’t want to be there. He’s got more important places to be.
-He wouldn’t want to sit through they “Now how can we fix this?” Bullshit.
-”Listen, lady, just tell me what me kid did so I can leave.”
-If it’s for a reason he views as stupid, he’ll let them know.
-”I call bullshit on that.”
-He’s gotten into many fights with teacher over the years.


Mcsm idea where Jesse finally breaks down at the end of episode 8, and leads into a season 2.


Everything had gone wrong. They weren’t home, and Jesse was starting to think they might never get there.

Lukas and Petra were bickering once again, much to Jesse’s dismay. They had been doing this off and on ever since they had gotten into that godforsaken mansion. Weeks later and they were still at it, slowly but surely pushing Jesse to his breaking point.

Jesse didn’t know what the current argument was about, nor did he care. He was done. He had tried his best to put on a brave face and stay strong for so long that his facade was finally starting to crack. He just had to hold out a little longer, and he would be okay. But he was lying to himself. 

Breaking was inevitable at this point. He turned away from them, trying to prolong the inevitable. His friends’ words grew louder in his ears, angering him to no end. Ivor wasn’t helping either; standing a good distance away and yelling at the two from afar. He couldn’t take it anymore, it was just too much. 

“Shut UP!” Jesse barked sharply, his normally quiet voice cutting through the air. 

Lukas and Petra stopped midword, their mouths still open in silent argument. They turned their heads to look at the leader of their small and broken group, their eyes filled with confusion.

Jesse was absolutely livid, his small body filled with anger. He was so SICK of all the fighting, the stupid arguments, the complete BULLSHIT that came from his friends. He was DONE.

“I’m so DONE with all this! I-I can’t TAKE this anymore!”

Lukas and Petra were still silent. Even Ivor of all people had gone quiet to let Jesse finally speak.

“You guys are fighting again,

Reuben is DEAD,

And now we may 




Void and Light Tier 4 are Out

So, let me paint a picture for you.  I woke up this morning full of dreams an naiveté.  I had a clear idea of how I wanted to Void, Light and Blood and thought I could do all of them in a single day.  I had a lot of the structure down already for tier 4, how hard could it be?

My confidence only grew when it only took a few hours to get Void ready.  Void players just straight up ban the Observer from viewing the session to the very end, and even go so far as to lie to AB so nobody can Observe them. P nice, I thought.

THEN I get to the light players.  Now, I know that Mind and Light are often at odds with each other (after all, LUCK DO3SN’T R3411Y M4TT3R or whatever), but what happened was fucking RIDICULOUS.  I spent more than 12 hours (minus meal breaks and shit) fighting the Light players stupid fucking bullshit. 

I started out going “Lol, it would be funny if they could replace other players in scenes, so things are AAAAAAAALL about them!”.  But this caused severe crashes because, get this, the Light players expected EVERYTHING  to be about themselves.   “Who’s this not-me trying to auspitize between me and me” they’d ask, right before rage quitting and crashing my damn session.

I’m tempted to just fucking NOT announce the light update at all, be all ironic and only draw attention to Void, but that’s not fair to you guys. Just.  Fuck Light players, man.

Light players also “steal the spotlight” and are more visible than other players. Since there can be only 1, they steal it from each other and cause a big clusterfuck. Can you tell who is currently winning?

Creepypasta #665: Hey Kid, You Wanna Be A Movie Star?

Story length: Long

Half an hour ago, I got into another fight with my girlfriend about some stupid bullshit. I don’t even remember what it was about, but I stormed out of the house. I didn’t feel like dealing with her. Still don’t, actually. The idea was to go to Stone Hills, which is just about the perfect place to cool off and have a cigarette.

It so happens, of course, that tonight was the night a bunch of high school seniors decided to get busted for underage drinking. So now I find myself outside Terror Theatre, standing in front of the back door some idiot forgot to lock properly.

It’s the self-proclaimed “scariest movie theater in the world,” but only because there’s been no maintenance done in 35 years. They don’t even have electric lighting. They use candles. So yeah, it’s creepy, but only because it might actually kill you.

Normally, I wouldn’t give the place a second thought, but it seems like as good a place as any to isolate. I creak open the door. When no one stops me, I open it all the way and step in.

The first thing I notice about the theater is the temperature drop, which is at least 20 degrees. This is my first chance to turn back, I hate the cold, but the door behind me has closed shut and locked itself. Figures I can do this job better than the people they pay to do it.

The second thing I notice is how dark it is. It’s creepy enough with no candles lit, but at 11:57 p.m., the only that that cuts through the darkness is a sliver of moonlight. I turn on the flashlight on my phone, revealing the backstage area.

That brings us to the third thing I notice: the filth. Paint-stained bootprints cover the ground, least the bits of it I can see through all the trash. As I squat down to get a better look, I realize that most of the garbage is used needles. Looks like I’m not the only one to use this place late at night.

By now, I’m jonesing for my cigarette. I take it out and light it as I walk around the screen into the seating area. As the first rush of nicotine hits my brain, all the worry of what I’d seen behind the curtain disappears. My shoulders drop and my mind finally shuts the hell up. I go find a seat along one of the aisles. A light flickers on and a movie starts playing on the screen.

I assume it’s an employee having fun with me, but it doesn’t stop me from nearly losing my cigarette. Words flash on-screen:

“If you are reading this, run.”

I chuckle. I’m not going to give this asshole the satisfaction of scaring me. I sit back and get comfortable.

The movie starts with the camera pointed at the ceiling. It moves with the character as he gets out of bed, naked dick flopping around. It’s some weird, first-person experimental film, shot in black-and-white.

The character goes over to his desk and picks up a half-empty beaker of dark liquid, which he downs before slamming the beaker back down. His hand wipes across his mouth.

He walks out of his room into a dark, narrow corridor. Only candles light the way, so he turns on a flashlight. He walks through the hallway, dick still flopping about, and enters a room that looks like an old infirmary. Hooked up to the beds are several young people with IVs in their arms, slowly draining blood from them. The man takes one of the fuller IV bags and puts it up to his lips, sucking greedily. It’s the first sound I’ve heard all movie.

The camera pans across the rows of beds until it reaches the end, where there lies an empty one. The scene dissolves. The next scene starts in a dark movie theater, which houses just one, lone occupant. I chuckle again.

The shot moves forward as the man does, inching closer and closer to the back of the person’s head. Presumably, that’s supposed to be me, but I refuse to turn around.

When the camera is right behind the kid, I see the man’s arm reach out, holding a flashlight. He flicks it on. A real beam of light hits the screen in front of me.

I jump and spin, but there’s no one behind me. I laugh again, much more nervously this time. They got me good, I think, as I sit back down.


“Holy Jesus!” I literally jump out of my seat, but again, when I turn around, there’s no one there. It’s not funny anymore. I put another cigarette between my lips before turning back to take my seat.

I’m staring into a pair of milky-white eyeballs. The man they belong to is pale, naked, and holding a videocamera. I can see my terrified face on the big screen behind him.

The man reaches out for me, his splotchy hand aimed for my face. I’m frozen as the dirty, cracked fingernails inch closer. There’s something oozing out of the cuticles, but it doesn’t looked like blood. Finally, his dry, cracked fingers touch my lips.

That’s when I run. I spin out into the aisle and I run. As I get to the entrance, two theater employees step out and point their flashlights at my face. When that doesn’t stop me, they try to tackle me.

Fueled by adrenaline I bowl through both of them, driving them through the glass doors at the main entrance. That’s enough to shake them off and I keep running. I run and I run and don’t stop until I’m in my house, hiding under a blanket in my closet.

I can hear their footsteps throughout the house. It’s only a matter of time now. As I sit there, shaking, my phone goes off, making me jump again. It’s a text from an unknown number. I open it and a video starts playing.

In the same POV format as before, I see the doors to my closet. The camera inches closer and closer until the lens is pressed up against the crack between the wall and the door. I’m sitting there, watching myself watch the video of me watching myself. I put down my phone and look up to see one milky-white eyeball staring back at me.

“Hey kid, you wanna be a movie star?”

Credits to: iEnglishGood

You know I see posts a lot decrying how “tumblr has made the internet so toxic!” a lot and I wanna know…

Who’s been feeding you all these damn dirty lies about how people just ignored things they didn’t like on the internet preTumblr because I can guarantee you that it’s not true. At all.

People have been fighting with each other over stupid bullshit on the internet since the internet was nothing but chat forums and porn sites. “Someone is wrong on the internet” has been a meme since the 1990s.

Tumblr didn’t invent fandom drama. Fandom drama has always been there.


Hey, so I’d very much like it if I wasn’t informed about anything involving B and O. Their absolutely fucking stupid bullshit fight is stressing me out so much, especially with B’s latest tweets. Like Silver, if it gets too much, I will have to back out of the BBS fandom, and I really don’t want to do that.

I’m just so tired of this.

why does everything have to be a fucking political debate jared leto playing a transgender character isnt fucking trans erasure it’s a man playing a role in a movie like fuck if we just chose people for roles based on whether they’re transgender or not that would be bullshit. jared leto got the role because he’s a good actor and no transgender actors were turned down because they’re transgender. everyone needs to sit down and pet a cat because this is fucking bullshit and it needs to stop. stop picking fights over stupid bullshit and look at the real fucking issues. transgender people are being beaten and killed every day and you’re more caught up over an actor getting an award for acting than the things that actually fucking matter