stupid beanpole


(New Version!)

[Riot Lorax:]

That was a awful buttload of fuckfart HARD work, but I did it!!! I spanked every single BAD BITCH I found here for now! 
(And another BAD Bitch, which look like a Greed-ler at the first view! But I’m sure, he also deserves it!)

So FUCKING many Once-lers!!!! It’s driving me nuts! Lot of work still to do!

How about just STAHP chopping down all that damn trees…. and/or (then) just whine around about afterwards! DO something against it stupid - dipshit - beanpoles!!!


…………. *distressed tremble* ……..

((Are you missing your post? Feel free to write to us. C: And don’t take it too serious folks… we still love you all! <3))

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