stupid beanpole

charity-angel  asked:

#frozentravel - poor, poor Obi-Wan. What next? Qui-Gon pining, and realising just how much he cares? Or Tahl telling him he's an idiot because he maybe hasn't realised why he misses Obi-Wan so much? (Please let it be that?)

“What are you doing?” Tahl raised her brows in surprise, standing in the medical room doorway. Her intention had been to drag Qui-Gon away to get some sunlight and meditation instead of sulking off in Obi-Wan’s room as the other had done since darkness had invaded the temple a month ago.

The man in question looked up from where he was sitting at the bottom of the bed with Obi-Wan’s bare feet in his lap, a jar of something minty smelling beside him with the blanket up to Obi-Wan’s knees. “Healer’s said it might help and would keep his muscles simulated and blood circulation going, try to get some heat into extremities since his body isn’t keeping them warm. And perhaps help him remember he’s safe.” Qui-Gon shrugged, lotion coated hands still holding one foot while the thumbs rubbed the arches of it gently.

Humming, Tahl nodded, moving in and letting the door shut behind her. “Well that’s better then the skulking I thought you were doing.” She smirked a bit when Qui-Gon raised brows. “You have to admit, you have been sulking a bit.”

To that Qui-Gon just shrugged. “I miss him, he’s alive but he’s not speaking and the sensation he leaves behind in the bond right now is…static at best.” He sighed, staring down at the toes before stroking the scar tissue where the pinkie toe should be. He wondered what had happened there, frost bite perhaps?

“Are you going to tell him what you feel if he wakes up?” Tahl asked while peering down at them, brows raised at him when Qui-Gon looked up at her in surprise.

“I-I have no ide-” Tahl cut in, rolling her green and yellow eyes.

“Qui-Gon, you bonded with him and its not a padawan bond. It might have been so in the start but its clearly deeper now and I understand.” She added gently at his panicked look, reaching out and stroking the back of her hand over his cheek with a small smile. “I’ll always care for you, and you for me… but love is not about possessing as you well know you stupid beanpole.” The Jedi knight offered her friend.

Licking his lips, Qui-Gon looked from her to Obi-Wan and then gave a small shrug. “I don’t know… he was doing so good, what if this… what if he goes back to hiding? I don’t want to make him worse. I want to… look after him, be his friend and not stress him up.” He sighed. “He’s bleed himself dry for the Republic and the Order of the future, I can’t…let him do that here. He’s going to die on a pedestal of sacrifice of his own making if we let him.” He looked up desperately. “Tahl he’s going to wind up killing himself if he gets to continue.”

Settling her hand on his shoulder, Tahl gave a strong squeeze. “Kings and crowns and kingdoms Qui-Gon. The future took Obi-Wan’s crown and kingdom. But he’s still king and all he needs are a few knights to help him. Now get done and I’ll take you to the sparring halls, you need some sunlight.” She smiled encouragingly at him.

Hesitating briefly, Qui-Gon finally nodded in return, lathering a bit more minty cream on the scarred pink patch where a pinkie toe should be and rubbing it in before carefully tucking Obi-Wan’s socks on and covering him up again.

He then wiped his hands. “Alright then, spar and…some meditation I think before I eat.” He glanced down at Obi-Wan and took a deep breath. “Its not like he’s going to wake while I’m gone…” He snorted before following Tahl out.