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Now my day will be better!

Today I received the polish edition of 19th volumes of Ao no Exorcist with Mephisto on cover! σ(≧ε≦o)

Ignore my stupid face, lol.

This volume of Polish edition caught up with the Japanese edition. Now for new volumes I will wait much longer 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

18th volume


Ichihime month → Day 4“ The King & Queen ”  

Ichihime AU as a {King} and {Queen} of desert country.

once upon time .. there was a man who ruled over the land of the desert. he was a kind and generous king. the people of his land were living in happiness and welfare, even though they were surrounded by sand and covered from above by the extremely hot sun, the rain never stopped falling. But one year, the rain stopped!!! it was very strange, for a whole year the rain never fell on this country. that year was called “year of poverty”, the land dried and the plants died, people were hungry, things were never seen in this happy country start to appear (thieves, beggars, dead children) it was hard on the king and he never stopped blaming himself for his foolish thinking. but one night a witch appeared in the palace, she asked for the just king. she was well known witch in the town with her extra ordinary beauty and fearsome abilities. it was said that she can heal any disease and even bring back an amputated extremities. even though the king have heard many times about her unusual gracefulness and how easily men were fascinate by her, he never though that she will be this beautiful. Facing the witch for the first time shocked him, she was supposed to be like all these witch he read about in fairy tales, but what he saw was a little girl with a very beautiful face, she had a long amber hair, a brown charming eyes, a skin looked like it will break with any touch.When the witch opened her mouth, a sweat voice came out with a shocking words. the witch said in a broken tune “I should just die”  - to be continued. 

beautiful in chicago 2017

i was going to do one immediately, and then i didn’t and i deleted the original lab report type post, but then the photo op pics came out and this happened:

so i thought, yeah. i’m going to write a small fanaccount of how i have an irl crush on minhyuk and lost my shit at the mx concert bc i love 7 boys and a long legged weird one a bit more. (i look at hot mess in that photo and way too excited i’m sorry :D)

some videos and pictures have been posted here, but all of my media has been posted on my twitter 

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- asihfod hey!! if i don’t post any sprites this friday and/or weekend,, then, it’s bc,, i’m being extremely stupid and most likely worrying and stressing over vvry stupid things,, to the point where i can’t work on things,,