stupid baby hairs


We have been with him through his bad movies and all his bad haircuts- his fucking haircuts- his crooked teeth (yes children, they were crooked) which were actually amazing and I’m sad they’re “fixed”, and not to mention when he didn’t have greek mythology sized arms! How the hell can he keep getting more handsome? We’re still with him as he continues to mingle with stardom, inadvertently causing new flocking towards his now polished beauty and not because they’ve dedicated parts of their lives to him and ruined themselves in the process 🙃🙃👽

So a genuine thank you to Jacob Pitts for just existing, you beautiful human being💜


I heard the Royal Baby was named Charlotte and I’m sorry I just couldn’t help myself 

So is someone ever going to draw Soul in a “Snuggle Slut” shirt or what

tobin's 100

i don’t know why i needed to write this.
but i needed to write this.

the thing about tobin is that we’ll never understand her. in the way that she lives her life, in the way that she goes about things. she can tell us everything we want to know about why she always travels around and never seems angry or tense.

we’ll never understand why she doesn’t wear a headband, but we never want to see the day when she does. and that’s because we love those stupid baby hairs that fly all over her face when she runs.

we’ll never understand why she hears people screaming her name and gives a shy smile and a wave, but we wouldn’t expect her to do anything else.

we’ll never understand why she looks like a scared puppy in every photo she takes with fans, but that’s how it’s always been.

we’ll never understand her post-game bun, which is actually just her hair folded over in a ponytail, but we know that she does it after every game for some reason.

we’ll never understand why she wears her socks so low, but we can spot her on the field just by looking at everyone’s legs.

we’ll never understand how she came to be this way, but we’ll never stop loving her for who she is.

i don’t remember the day i was first introduced to tobin heath. but something about her was so interesting that i haven’t looked away.

one hundred appearances
twelve goals
two olympic gold medals
world cup silver medal
and a world cup champion.

here’s to tobin and her beautiful self, her ridiculous skills, and her ability to inspire people by flashing a smile.

and may she never grow up.