stupid australians and their stupid faces

anonymous asked:

you had a really bad day but you dont like luke to see you upset?

you had a terrible day where you felt like everything was going wrong. all you wanted to do was curl up in a ball and cry. the one thing that would make this day worse were if luke saw you like this; you hate when he sees you upset because he goes so out of his way to make you feel better. 

you made it back to the apartment, knowing that luke was at work. you pulled on some sweatpants and one of luke’s oversized hoodies and got into bed. right as you got settled and turned on netflix, the front door opened and the tall australian appeared. he joyfully called out your name, but you neglected to reply. furiously wiping the tears off of your face, you attempted to make it look like you were okay.

“hey bab- baby? what’s wrong?” luke immediately sensed that something wasn’t okay. he kicked off his shoes and grabbed your hand into his. he sat on the edge of the bed, looking for an answer in your eyes. 

“nothing, it’s stupid” you replied, voice hoarse from crying. 

“no, it’s not stupid, what is it, baby?” luke asked and suddenly the tears started falling from your eyes. 

“i don’t know, i had a shitty day and i guess everything is just going wrong.” you replied as luke reached out to wipe the tears off of your cheek. 

he scooted you over on the bed, sliding right next to you and pulling you to his chest. as you cried, he whispered softly in your ear and traced circles aimlessly on your back. 

“i’m sorry for crying,” you whisper, “and for getting snot on your tshirt,” you giggle, leaning your head up to look at your boyfriend. 

he laughs, squeezing you closer to his body. “it’s okay, i didn’t like this shirt anyways,” he leans down and places a small kiss on your lips. “are you sure it was just a bad day?”

“just a bad day, baby,” you answer, leaning up to return the kiss.