stupid assumptions

Coming out

Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Rating: Gen
Characters: Jim Kirk, Chris Kirk
Pairing: Background McKirk
Warnings: Stupid assumptions

Kirk is in his office again.

And clearly not by choice, if the horrific pout on his face is anything to go by.

“Cadet,” Chris greets neutrally, thumbing the door shut behind him and stepping forward to hook the strap of his satchel over the arm of the small couch.

“Captain Pike,” Jim huffs, crossing his arms over his chest.

“To what do I owe the pleasure this time Kirk?”

Kirk scowls and scuffs at the floorboards with the toe of his boot. Chris strides past him and flicks his desk monitor on, undoing the top magnetic buckle of his jacket as he stands back up straight.

“Well spit it out son, I don’t have all day.”

“I got another demerit,” Kirk mutters all most too quiet to hear.

“Colour me shocked,” Chris deadpans, sitting down with his annoyance plastered clearly on his face. “What did you do this time?”

“I mentioned that Cadet Poldo is hot in front of Commander Poldo. I hadn’t even realised she was there until she suddenly started screeching at me about “being inappropriate”.”

Having heard of Commander Margaret Poldo’s reputation, Chris suspects Jim might actually be using sarcastic air quotes correctly for once in his life. He decides not to mention it though, lest he accidently bolster the boy’s ego further.

“Cadet Poldo?” Chris asks instead. “I didn’t know Margaret Poldo had a daughter.”

Jim looks at him bemusedly.

“Erm, she doesn’t sir?”

“But you just said-?“

“That Cadet Poldo is hot. Anthony Daniel Poldo, the Commander’s eldest son.”

Chris really wants to say something intelligent, but unfortunately his brain and mouth seem to have temporarily disconnected. And Kirk watching him gape like a naive Plebe is not helping matters.

“So… Not a girl then,” he finally manages to get out just as Kirk starts to snigger out loud.

“Sorry- it’s just that-” Kirk gasps out, breaking into full blown laughter. “Oh my god your face.”

“Oh shut-up son,” Chris grumbles, thoroughly embarrassed. “I’m supposed to be telling you off.”

“How could you forget non-heterosexual people exist when you’re flagrantly pansexual!” Kirk howls through his tears of laughter. “You’re married to another man and you just- oh god, I can’t!”

“I thought you were straight!” Chris exclaims indignantly. “I know it probably wasn’t particularly sensible of me, but I just assumed!”

“23rd century,” Kirk hiccups, still shaking mirthfully, “and he just assumed! Nova, was the shameless flirting with you and anyone else sapient not obvious enough for you? Hell, you caught me trying to shove my hands up Bones’ shirt that one time, and it still didn’t occur to you!?”

“Wait is that what you two were doing in my teaching room last term!? Oh god I’m going to have to bleach everything.”

Jim pauses and then breaks out in a fresh peel of laughter.

“Oh just get out of my office you menace,” Chris sighs with his head now in his hands.

“I’m gonna start calling you Captain oblivious,” Kirk snickers loudly, leaning down to pick his bag up.

“Out!” Chris barks with a finger pointed at the door.

“Actually,” Kirk smirks as he walks out backwards, hands in finger guns “I think you’ll find that I was already out, but you just didn’t notice.”

Chris throws his pan-pride coloured stress ball at Kirk’s head.

  • so the first time Neil and Matt see each other in months is during Neil’s first year in the pro league
  • they call/text/skype/whatever, but they live so far away from each other and Neil was super busy with training
  • and also with snogging Andrew
  • but they have a game against each other
  • both teams walk out of their respective lockers and line up
  • the announcer starts with the names
  • and suddenly Neil Josten’s sprinting across the court
  • everyone’s thinking “oh no”, someone must have started a fight with this kid
  • but
  • he literally launches himself into the arms of the opposing team’s Matt Boyd
  • Matt catches him and spins him in a circle
  • it’s picture perfect
  • right before a match, with the audience and both teams staring, they hug it out
  • they’re clutching each other and Neil’s feet are dangling and inch off the floor
  • and then they just…let go.  
  • walk off to their respective teams like nothing happened
  • the press has a field day
  • someone instantly tracks down Dan Wilds in the crowd, asking dumb questions and making stupid assumptions about their relationship
  • she takes a page out of her baby striker’s book and roasts him
  • an entire period consisted of Matt and Neil being marks, the two of them wrestling past each other playfully but being super aggressive to anyone on either team who hits the other
  • patting each other on the back every time a foul/fight happens and just talking about their lives in between
  • waving their arms and gesturing at each other from off court
  • after the game Kevin climbs out of the audience and starts yelling at the two of them
  • and Matt just shoves his face away and asks Neil about how the cats are doing
Team 7 as parents

Ppl talking shit about Team 7 as adults in the new Boruto series is starting to piss me off.

Yes, the three of them do not make the best parents, but come on, they are the three strongest Ninja in the entire Hidden Leaf (if not most of the Ninjaverse), it makes sense that each of them cannot afford to dedicate 24 hours a day to their homes and families.

Sasuke has a top secret S-class mission to run for the entire village. He did what every Ninja in his position would do. Sakura is the head medic for Leaf; her role is just as hectic and important as Tsunade’s was, why shouldn’t she be busy? Naruto is the fucking Hokage for goodness’ sake. Obviously these titles and their abilities come with a shit ton of responsibilities!

The whole point of this series is that they are Ninja. Ninja must sacrifice their lives for the sake of their villages– hasn’t that been the case since day one?

The fact that Hinata completely understands Naruto’s role and Sakura completely understands the fact that Sasuke can’t be around shows that they are amazing/supportive spouses to their husbands. There hasn’t been an instance of abuse during either of their adult relationships, so quit making stupid assumptions.

There’s a reason why Boruto and Sarada feel they have a connection and they are the only ones who have parents who are not able to pay complete attention to them– their parents are goddamn beasts! The Ninja world (the Leaf village, specifically) depend on them for survival. Would you blame Minato/Kushina for being bad parents when they sacrificed their lives for the village and left Naruto an orphan??

As the story progresses, I think Boruto and Sarada will slowly understand the importance of being a Ninja and come to terms with their individual “Ninja ways”. That’s been the theme of Naruto as a series, after all: for Naruto, the Ninja way was to never give up. For Sakura, it was to battle the odds of her own disabilities/insecurities and stand up for what mattered. For Sasuke, it was simply love.

If you read Gaiden and followed the storyline properly, you’d see all three members of Team 7 try their best to juggle the obligations that came with taking care of their loved ones and uphold their Ninja ways throughout.

It is obvious that Naruto was a great parent before becoming Hokage. As Hokage, he clearly has less time on his hands for family, but he always does what’s right.

Gaiden proves that Sasuke was around while Sarada was growing up. The fact that he doesn’t keep in touch as often doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t care for his family. If you paid attention to the series, you’d know what Sasuke cares deeply for his loved ones– he is just extreme in his expressions of love due to his background and trauma. If anything, the fact that he is sacrificing down time and living away from his family is probably (in his mind) his most pure expression of love.

Lastly, Sakura is a great mom/Ninja. This much is obvious. The fact that she can manage the vilage’s entire medical operation and become a full-time mother for a human being as down to earth, sweet, intelligent and compassionate as Sarada proves as much.

In a nutshell, please leave team 7 alone.

Today i’ve learned that any animal with deer like legs would not be able to sit on a chair, a stool would work tho, but not a regular chair of any type

Stay Professional Pt.8

Work AU! Fluff, Angst and Suggestive smut: Jungkook x Reader

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 (Part 9 will be a continuation) 

Summary: Jimin walks in on your heated argument with Jungkook. Jimin’s job offer still stands. How the cards unfold is frustrating for both parties. If only someone could swallow their pride and make the first move

A/N: this is a lot of angst. 

Panicking, you wiped away your salty tears that rolled endlessly down your cheeks to leave a red tear-stained face. Jungkook opened the door and found himself face to face with Jimin, the last person he had wanted to see. 

“What’s wrong? You look tense.” Jimin lips curled into a sly smile. 

“What do you want?” Jungkook’s voice was cold, disrespectful and Jimin didn’t like it one bit. 

“Is this how you normally talk to your seniors? Looks like I didn’t teach you properly.” He rolled his eyes, letting himself in before stopping his steps at the sight of you in Jungkook’s office. He scanned your flustered expression and turned on his heel to face Jungkook again. 

“Am I interrupting something?” 

Yes. In fact, you are.” Jungkook’s voice sounded evidently annoyed. He was biting on his tongue to stop himself from speaking his toxic thoughts. 

“I-I’ll be taking my leave then, Sir.” You spoke in a quiet voice, the sound of your clacking heels quickly emphasised your goal to escape. 

“Wait.” Jimin grabs you by the arm, forcefully making you stop your way out of Jungkook’s office. He took note of your tear-stained face and looked over at Jungkook again- he had his jaw visibly clenched and eyes adverted to the marble floor. 

“What happened?” Jimin asked although he had a rough idea of what had occurred- as he had planned for this to happen. Only silence had answered him. Jimin eased his grip on your arm and changed his expression into a more gentle one. 

“Tell him Y/N. After all, isn’t he going to be your future employer? After all I did for you, you’re just going to leave me for your own gain.” Jungkook smirked coldly, his gaze pierced through you and your eyes began to water again. 

“I-I can’t believe you’d assume the worst of me.” Your voice started to tremble from rage.

“You’re saying that to me? You just said I’m some kind of fuck boy that only hired you to sleep with you.”

“Essentially that’s what you did! And here I was, thinking that we had something genuine! You’re heartless Jungkook!” You raised your voice, at that point you didn’t care that Jimin was there. You needed to tell him these things and that’s exactly what you were planning to do.

“If I wanted someone to fuck I would’ve paid for a prostitute Y/N! You’re just making stupid assumptions with no evidence! Whilst I have evidence on my side! Written evidence, in fact!” Jungkook angrily pulls out the card from before and threw it in Jimin’s direction. 

“Jimin told me how you were with girls Jungkook. You used them like how you used me. You played with their feelings and you didn’t give a damn about how they might’ve felt!” Jungkook felt a shot to his pride. Essentially, he knew that was the truth, at least in the past. But this time, he had no intention of doing that to you. You made him feel alive again. Every time he was with you, he felt warm- he wanted to see more sides of you and watch you grow under his guidance. You gave him butterflies that he couldn’t tame. 

“And you believe him?” Jungkook gulped, frenzy washed over his face. 

“Why wouldn’t I believe him Jungkook? What would you’ve done if I had fucked you and just left the next morning without a proper explanation? You didn’t even specify what the emergency was- of course I’m going to assume the worst of you!” You massaged your burning headache. It had been a long time since you’d cried this much in front of anybody. Unluckily, it just had to be infront of your boss. Another wave of silence hit the office. This time, the atmosphere thicker than before as Jimin stood planted in his spot, carefully observing the chaos laid out in front of him.

“Why are you here Jimin?” Jungkook’s question was straight-forward. He had no patience left to sugarcoat his thoughts. 

“I was going to discuss Y/N’s situation with you in person. It appears I might’ve made matters a little difficult for the both of you.” Jimin tried to sound sympathetic but it didn’t work because his emotions were fully detached. 

“Yeah you really stirred up shit this time. If this is about your job offer to her go ahead. Not like she’d want to stay with me anyways- she thinks I hired her just to fuck her.” Jungkook growled with rage burning in his stomach. He absolutely hated the idea of you leaving him for Jimin but his dumb mouth didn’t shut up in time.

“I accept your offer Jimin. You’re right, I am a burden to him. In more ways than one so please tell me when I should arrive at your office.” You spoke out, clearly infuriated at Jungkook’s childish behaviour. It was the spur of the moment- but it was a sentence that turned all tables. You didn’t actually plan for this to happen but your lack of professionalism got the best of you. 

If he’s going to play stubborn, I’m going to show him how to do it better. 

You watched as Jungkook’s eyebrows quickly knitted together after processing your words. Obviously, he wasn’t expecting you to reply so quickly to Jimin’s offer. 

“I never said anything about you being a burden.” Jungkook immediately whispered- panic clearly painted on his face as he realised that you were seriously about to leave him. 

“Sorry did you want something else? We already fucked you know.” You smirked at him, giving him his signature cold stare back at him. It shut him up completely. Jungkook was at a loss for words- he had just processed the fact that you were in fact, going to leave his side for Jimin’s. And that seemed completely berserk to him. 

“Y/N. You’re going to regret this. You’re not in your right mind. Don’t do it.” Jungkook warned, his face suddenly terribly close to your own. 

Watch me.” 

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I have noticed that a tremendous number of young people wonder if they should, or if it’s proper to read the Harry Potter series or not due to their faith, especially Christians, and I am shocked every single time. I swear- fuck it, it’s just FANTASY, it was a book series intended for kids; so if you want to read it, read it! That kind of magic and witchcraft won’t send you to hell; those who read them are not evil people, get over that stupid assumption and leave behind your guiltiness for liking them!

[breaking Hufflepuff conventions] All Hufflepuffs are pansies Aesthetic

So, let me get this straight. (haha “straight” lol I love the idioms in this language).

We have asexuals who decide to come out either to their friends, colleagues or just some people in general and they get a response along the lines of: “but have you TRIED having sex/ making out/ being with someone??” and if they answer with “no”, their identity suddenly somehow, beyond my ability of comprehending, loses it’s credibility in the eyes of these people, because they don’t realize, that you don’t need to push yourself to try to feel sexual (or/and romantic) attraction if you’ve already figured out that you don’t in some other way than, let’s say, “experimenting”. But, their identity suddenly isn’t valid in the eyes of the people they came out to, just because of the lack of “sexual” (or/and romantic) experience, which has absolutely no connection to feeling or not feeling this kind of attraction in the first place.

On the other hand we have asexuals like me, who were maybe just slow to realize that we don’t feel something like sexual or/and romantic attraction like others do, or realized that we don’t, but at the time didn’t know there was such a thing as the orientation asexual , and have indeed tried some things we may or not regret/feel repulsed by now. So, one of us comes out and of course, the question posed to us almost immediately is: “but have you TRIED having sex/making out/being with someone??” and in this case the answer is “yes”, and maybe even an elaboration along the lines of “yes, but I didn’t like it” or “yes, but it felt wrong”. And, you know, since people tend to brush aside those asexuals who have figured their orientation out without these experiences, that this time, someone who identifies as asexual and has at least some experience, would finally be valid in their eyes. BUT NO. The next reply we get is: “haha you can’t think you’re asexual just because you didn’t like going out and making out with a guy, he probably just wasn’t good at it!”, and in my case, even if I don’t like going into details about these things, because I am stubborn, I tell them, that if it’s this stupid assumption that makes them think that I’m imagining things, they are still in the wrong, because it wasn’t just one guy, but the feelings and experiences were always the same. And I get dismissed by the same fucking answer: “two or three times sometimes just aren’t enough to know”. 

So here are my questions. Some asexuals get brushed aside because of bullshit like “the lack of experience and therefore verification”. Other asexuals, who have experience, get brushed off because of some other excuse people make up. Is this some kind of paradox?? Is there no way of getting a favourable and understanding answer? Is the lack of sexual/romantic attraction a-spec people  feel really that difficult to comprehend or are people just insensitive?

We live in a cruel world. No one is allowed to have a good heart— or else he or she will be blamed for being soft-hearted, weak, and easy. No one is allowed to feel so much— or else he or she will be embarrassed for being assumptive, stupid, and sensitive.

But even though how cruel the world is, don’t be like it. So what if you took someone seriously? So what if you gave so much trust? So what if you chased someone to stay? Love is a magnificent thing, you shouldn’t be sorry for feeling it. Don’t be embarrassed for your capability of feeling love, because not everyone gets to feel that. Let yourself fall in love. Stop hesitating with the fear of getting hurt. Time will eventually heal all wounds, and you’ll also get used to his or her absence.

Everyone gets hurt.

On a night we won’t remember - Montgomery de la Cruz (part 3)

<< Part 2  I Part 4 >> ????

Word count: 1226

a/n: I don’t like it at all, i’m sorry if this sucks but i didn’t see another way to develop the story. Hope y’all still enjoy xxx

The sunlight woke you up from a deep sleep. You were still stretching out when you came to the realisation the bed you were sleeping in wasn’t yours, but you weren’t clueless. You were sleeping in Montgomery’s bed. The boy probably ditched you because you were alone in his huge bed but he couldn’t be far away. Your eyes start wandering around the room when you realize you’re completely naked. Memories from the night before start to pop up, about the two of you getting drunk and him taking of your dress and, oh god, his mindblowing naked body on top of yours.

Yours and Mont’s clothes were spread randomly across the room. So finding your bra and panties was a little problem. After searching them and Monty not entering the room you decided it would be the best to sneak out. After all he still dumped you, it was fun for one last night and as much as wanted to be with him it seemed like it was time to let him go. You clearly didn’t remember him telling you how he missed you.

You took your shoes in your hands so you didn’t make too much noise. When you came down and  walked as slow and quite as possible outside keeping your eyes on the kitchen where the radio was playing. Without looking you walked against a table in the hall what made you scream out in pain.

“Aah fuck, stupid table, fuuck.” Monty heard you and walked out of the kitchen.

“Were you leaving? I made breakfast for you.” Fuck you thought by yourself, the fact that last night happened made things already awkward enough you just wanted to get out of there before he broke your heart again, he was probably going to tell you about how drunk he was and this wasn’t going to work anymore and blablabla. You just wanted enjoy the last memories. But since your stomach started to rumble you decided to follow Montgomery to the kitchen where you saw an extensive breakfast with pancakes, coffee, fresh orange juice, fruit and everything else you can imagine.

“What is happening? These are the things you should’ve done when you called me your girlfriend Mont.” You say a little stunned with all the effort he put in the breakfast.

“Yeah see I wanted to talk about that. I made a mistake y/n, a big mistake. The last two weeks were like hell for me. I should have never let you go.” He said while walking closer to you.

“So with one hook up you think everything is fixed? Maybe start with telling me why you broke up with me in the first place and please give me some water my head is pounding.” You said while sitting down, as much as you wanted to look cool and all that you were hungry and honestly the food he made smelled incredible. Monty filled a glass with water and sat in front of you.

“I can’t really give you an explanation. Well I can but I figured out myself it’s ridiculous. Bryce was telling me you got a crush on Zach during our relationship which made me insanely jealous. I wanted to ask you when he told me but when I found you, you were with Zach, so I guess I just assumed things. He kept repeating it so after a couple times I really believed him.” He said while looking at the ground, obviously feeling ashamed about the reason he was giving you.

“Do you hear yourself Mont? You just assumed Bryce was right and you didn’t feel the need to, even after your stupid assumptions, ask me? So I could tell you about how Zach has been my friend long before you even knew Zach or me?” you started to get angry, this had to be a joke. You knew Montgomery could make some pretty dumb mistakes but this was something next level.

“My jealousy just took over. I already figured out how stupid I’ve been, really. I want to be with you”

“Maybe you should have considered that before you listened to Bryce. As much as I want to be with you again Mont I don’t want you breaking my heart again over a stupid rumour. It’s obvious you don’t even trust me.” You start picking up your things and begin to walk to the door you felt so disappointed by all this, maybe if he gave you a good reason forgetting all this was easy but he dumped you because of a fucking rumour.

“No, y/n wait!” Monty screams “You’re right, about the trust. I should have asked you and I should have never listened to Bryce. I’m really sorry. I think I understand if you want to go now but just so know I’ll fight for you.”

“You better do Mont, you better do.” You say while walking out the front door while looking at the ground. He made you feel even worse than you already felt. Breaking your heart was one things but not trusting you and believing you? You’ve had a one year relationship where the hell was that build on? When you were walking home the rain starts falling out of the air. You had another 30 minutes to go so you decided it would be better to get back since you’re already soaked. You run back at Montgomery’s place.

“Okay I’ll stay here, but just because of the rain!” You say when Montgomery opens the door while your teeth are clattering against each other. Monty shows a wide smile.

“You want a shower to warm up again?”

“That would be very welcome.” You walked upstairs and started to undress when Montgomery suddenly came in.

“Here I got you some- oh sorry I didn’t knew you were already taking you clothes of.” He said before putting one hand in front of his eyes and one hand filled with clothes.

“Nothing you haven’t seen before Mont.”

“I’m trying to be a better person okay!” he said while his hand came back down from his eyes.

“Trying is something.” You laughed. Montgomery wasn’t a ‘good’ person but you looked it that way, not that you needed a bad boy in your life but he made things different and excited.

“Can I shower now?” you asked

“Oh yeah of course, I’ll drop the dry clothes here.”

“Thank youuu.” You said before undressing further and walking in the hot shower. You only now realised how much you loved Montgomery, before the two of you broke up he was so good to you. He took care of you every time you needed it, supported you no matter what, he knew everything about you and you about him, but he also hurted you a couple times, very bad. When you told your friend about it they said you should already break up with him but you never felt like that was the right thing to do. You felt like you found your soulmate and he found his but he didn’t understand. He wanted to be though and from the moment you came to close to the deeper inside he pushed you away. Even tho you had been heartbroken the couple weeks you also thought a lot about your relationship. Montgomery was what you wanted but was he what you needed?

Let me know what you think and if I shoud continue? xxxx

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"That's why the aliens won't talk to us."

There’s an old sarcastic joke that everyone seems to make: “Aliens haven’t contacted Earth because they just see us tearing each other apart with politics, war, and religion.”

I say sarcastic. But even among the science community, it seems to be almost meant to be philosophical, to say that we here on Earth are the worst of the worst and in the entire universe, and to me, that’s an extremely stupid assumption to make.

I can only believe that elsewhere in the universe, other intelligent species have developed their own cultures and politics, and have had their own wars and genocides. They have their own economies, their own science and space programs, their own injustices and triumphant historical heroes.

Earth is not special. Earth is not the worst of the worst. When we joke about the aliens not contacting us because they see us killing each other, that’s to say death and destruction are solely Earthly phenomena, that all these other alien species turn their noses up at us in disgust, or look down on us with pity.

No. I think out there among the cosmos, there are other civilizations fraught with exactly the same types of issues we face on our world. I think “human nature” isn’t limited to humans at all, but could be the “nature of intelligence”; that is, all intelligent societies there may be across the universe are riddled with flaws and blessed with strength.

There will always be a being who wishes for power over others. But so too will there always be a being who wishes for others to have power. Out there, wherever in the universe other civilizations exist, I confidently believe there are lifeforms fighting anti-intellectualism in their own alien societies. Beings who are developing their own technologies to travel across the stars and embark on adventures of their own. Beings who gaze in awe up at the stars and wonder if there are other civilizations after being told again and again their planet, is the center of the universe, their species, the supreme. I hope we find each other, because I know when we do, it will be the best of each of us, those who built the biggest dreams and had the greatest visions.

If we ever do encounter other intelligent lifeforms, I don’t think either of us will start a war, or run away in disgust. I believe from that day forward, we will share one goal:

To never lose each other.


New prompt! This is a mix of all the prompts I received about yesterday’s clip.

The prompts were:

“ I have a prompt request if it'a okay because I love the bakkoush siblings and Yousana :) Based on the latest “Ramadan” clip : Elias is angry at Yousef and confront him. “

“ Prompt after the newest clip of sadness, (please only get to this if you have time) Elias pov, talking some god damn sense into Yousef about what he’s doing. Cus Elias doesn’t have time for nonsense like this. “

“ Hellooo I have a prompt if you are looking for ideas: Elias grilling Yousef about what’s going on with him and Noora (I’ll let you decide whether he lets on that he ships yousana haha). Also possibly Sana overhears?? “

“ I have a prompt. Sorry, I know you probably have so many, but I want things to be okay, even if everything is so sad now. So I was thinking that while Sana was in her room, crying, Yousef will come back to the boys and he will be sad and will tell them everything, he will start to cry and then he will ask permission to Elias to let him see Sana and he will go to her room and she will not let him enter, but he would do that anyway and they will see each other crying and they will fix everything.”

“ Hi! Okay so I know you already wrote something about Elias confronting Yousef but I wanted to ask if you could write something about Yousef finding out what the boys said to Elias and realizing that Sana could have heard them and Elias could have thought he was playing with her sister’s feelings… let me know if you decide to write it! “

So I decided to make a mix of all these prompts. I didn’t want to make Elias angry or violent or anything like this because I think that being Ramadan he would want to try and be patient with him and understand him. 

I hope that you like it and that it doesn’t upset anyone.


Elias was still shocked and angry about Adam’s and Mikael’s revelation about Yousef meeting Noora when his friend joined them.

“Hey, I’m sorry I’m late” Yousef said greeting each boy with a hand shake

When he got to Elias, though, he didn’t returned the greeting and just stared at him

“Where were you?” Elias asked

“Just out, dealing with some stuff” Yousef said shrugging

“It’s that how people call it these days?” Mikael asked laughing

“What are you talking about?” Yousef asked confused

“I know you were with Noora” Elias said bitterly

Yousef widened his eyes at that comment and looked at the rest of his friends trying to figure out how he could know

“Mikael and me saw you and Noora in a park in our way here” Adam explained

“It’s not what you think. I have an explanation” Yousef said facing Elias

“Really? Enlighten me”

Yousef thought for a moment about the best way to explain everything, he didn’t want his friend to think that he had been playing with his sister all this time, because he hadn’t, not at all.

“I met Noora to tell her that there won’t be anything between us, ever”

“And why would she think that there could be something between you in the first place?”

“Because…because we kissed a couple of weeks ago…at the karaoke place” Yousef admitted looking at the floor

It took Elias a moment to process all the information, his mind went back to that day and then to the days that had passed since then, everything was starting to make sense, especially certain girl’s behavior.

He wanted to scream at his friend, he wanted to curse him, he even wanted to punch him but he tried to calm down, he decided to give him a chance to explain everything, he wanted to forgive him.

“That’s why she’s so upset” Elias whispered more to himself than for the others to hear

“Who?” Yousef asked

“Who do you think?” Elias said, he didn’t want to say his sister’s name out loud, he didn’t want to reveal her feelings, not in front of the rest of the boys

“How could she…?”

“She saw you. I’m pretty sure she saw you”

“What? No, she couldn’t, how?”

“She didn’t leave with me, she probably just went back inside after the fight”

“I screwed up, I screwed up big time” Yousef said covering his face with his hands

“She’s been acting really weird since that day, always sad, always angry. I thought it was just about the fight but I’m not so sure anymore” Elias explained

“What’s going on?” Mutta asked “I’m lost here”

“Nothing, this is between me and Yousef” Elias said

I screwed up, I screwed up, I screwed up” Yousef kept repeating

He looked at the sky and then back at his friend but something caught his attention.

“Is that Sana’s bedroom?” he asked pointing at a window on the house

“Yes, it is” Elias said confused as to why that was important

“The window is opened. Have you talked about me and Noora here?”


“Do you think she…?” Yousef left the question unfinished

Elias widened his eyes when he realized what his friend was implying.

“Let’s go”

Both of them entered the house leaving three confused boys behind. They went straight to Sana’s bedroom and tried to open the door but it was blocked, like something was against it.

“Sana? It’s me open the door” Elias said

“Leave me alone Elias” Sana said

“Sana, please, why are you blocking the door? What’s going on?” he tried again

This time she didn’t answer. She had been crying for the past half an hour. She looked at the paper on her bed, the one with Noora’s password. She was tempted to use it, to expose Sara and to hurt them all the way they had hurt her, but something was stopping her. She didn’t want to be like this. She wanted to be a better person than them.

“Sana? It’s me, Yousef. Please let me in”

She froze the instant she heard that voice. What was he doing there? Why did he want to talk to her? Was he there to tell him that he was dating her best friend? She was definitely not ready for that.

“Please, Sana…” he almost whispered.

He turned around to look at his friend with a defeated expression.

“She’s not going to open the door” he said

“You think the window is still opened?” Elias whispered

“There’s only one way to find out” Yousef said making his way out of the house.

He went back to the backyard where the boys still waited for them. He got to the window, which was in fact opened, and climbed it getting in the bedroom with a jump.

“What the…what are you doing Yousef? Who do you think you are to enter my bedroom without my permission?” Sana yelled angry

“I’m sorry okay? But you wouldn’t open the door!”

“And why do you think is that?” she asked exasperated

“We need to talk”

No, we don’t” she said wiping away the tears that had been rolling down her face.

“Please, don’t cry” he said taking a step towards her, a step she took backwards.

He nodded and looked behind him, all the boys were looking at them from the grass. He walked over to the window and closed it, this was a private conversation.

“Let me say what I have to say and then if you want me to, I’ll leave”

She avoided his eyes but nodded knowing that he wasn’t leaving anyway.

“Did you see us? At the karaoke place, did you see us?” he asked

She closed her eyes and said nothing

“I’ll take it as a yes.” He nodded “Did you hear the guys talking about me meeting her today?”

Again Sana said nothing, which he took as a confirmation.

It’s not what you think” he said

“I don’t want to know”

Just hear me out please”

Sana took a deep breath and sat on the bed preparing herself for the pain.

“I kissed Noora because I wanted to forget about you”


“I…I thought you didn’t feel anything about me, I thought there was no hope between you and me.”

“So you kissed my best friend? Great” she said bitterly

“Sana, you ignored me for a week, you unfriended me on Facebook, then we spent this amazing afternoon together and I thought that everything was going to be okay, but then you didn’t talk to me during the whole week”

“Neither did you”

“I know…But I thought…I thought that maybe I was bothering you, that maybe me always trying to contact you was annoying to you. I thought that if you felt something about me you’d talk to me, that maybe you were just being polite and that’s all”

“I didn’t talk to you first ‘cause I was afraid that it was all a game to you” she admitted

“It wasn’t. I swear it wasn’t” he said taking a step closer. “When I got to the club that Friday and saw Even there, I thought that I was right, that you were only being nice to me so you could reunite us. It was stupid and I’m sorry. So when Noora kissed me I kissed her back thinking that I’d be able to forget you. But I couldn’t, so I stopped the kiss, told her I was sorry and left”

“You stopped the kiss?” she asked

“Yes. I didn’t know you were there, if I had known…I wish I had never kissed her.”

“I wish you hadn’t…”

“After that, you kept ignoring me and again my fears came back, I was sure that you didn’t feel anything about me, I was ready to finally give up on you but yesterday…playing with you, seeing you smile, it made me feel alive and I realized that I didn’t want to give up on you, I don’t want to give up on you”

“It was the first time I’d smiled in two weeks” she said looking at the floor “It was important to me. So that’s why it hurt me so much when I found out you were with Noora today”

“I was with her to tell her that I’m not interest in her, that nothing will happen between us, because I like someone else…I like you. And even if you hate me now, even if you never give me a chance, I can’t pretend that I can forget about you and be with someone else. I just can’t”

“We have a serious problem of communication you and me” she said shaking her head and feeling stupid for making assumptions.

“We do” he said approaching her and crouching in front of her. “But maybe now that it’s all out in the open we can get better”

“Not everything is out. There’s still one more thing that has been left unspoken”

“What is it?” he frowned

“I like you too” she said smiling

His smile matched hers after hearing those words from her mouth.

“But we can’t keep doing this, we can’t keep assuming things and not talking to each other” she said

“I agree. And I promise that I won’t act stupidly again”

“That’s a lot to promise” she laughed

“Okay, I’ll probably act stupidly, but I won’t ever hurt you again”

And I promise I won’t make assumptions and I’ll talk to you when things happen”

“Cool. It’s a deal” he said smiling

“It is”


This is it!!

Thank you so much to everyone that sended at prompt and I really hope you’ve liked it!

Thank you all for reading♥

Stop hating on Karmi

Okay, so I’m on Twitter, minding my own business and seeing if there’s anything new on the Big Hero 6 show.

And what do I see? Karmi getting hated on and people hoping she won’t be in the first episode.

What the hell?

Okay, whether you guys like it or not, Haley Tju has been cast to voice a classmate of Hiro named Karmi.


We know nothing yet and people already put Karmi on their blacklist. How pathetic.

Who cares if Hiro has a love interest or not? If it doesn’t take away from the main storyline and the female character is well played (in other words isn’t created to be solely a damsel in distress satellite around the male character) there’s absolutely nothing wrong!

Love is a part of life, guys. Yes, the movie focused on familial and platonic love, and had no romance at all. And it’s okay. The series will probably turn around these types of love as well! But getting no romantic love at all is not really realistic, so Hiro getting an innocent crush on a girl who’s probably around is age might be something to come.

Also, she could also only be an eventual good friend of his, because male and female friendships actually exist.

But please, wait until the moment actually arrives before doing stupid assumptions and hating on a character you don’t even know.

Thank you.

it’s okay

The smokes burns in his eyes. 

Even above ground, in the cockpit of yet another stolen shuttle, it’s making his eyes water and he has to blink to get clear sight onto the long stretch of beach under them, scanning for two familiar figures. His vision is still hazy and the smoke everywhere - as are the flames.

The console beeps. Two humans detected, fitting the given parameters, one male, one female, not more than half a kilometer south.

“Yes! Okay, listen,” Bodhi calls. He tears his eyes away from the disaster outside, starting to frantically flip switch after switch on the flight instrument panel. His fingers hurt with every switch he touches, his arms ache, protesting to be so much as lifted higher than his elbows, and his face is burning - his whole body hurts. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he is surprised to find that his legs form an exception. He can’t feel them at all. That is probably something he should worry about, but he doesn’t have the time, not yet.

“I’m gonna try and get us down, low enough to get them in, but it’ll have to be quick! Kay, do you hear me?” He is yelling, for once, because the crumbling planet around them refuses to die quietly, but also because everything he does hear sounds oddly muffled in his head. “We won’t have much time before they’ll notice we’re not one of their evacuation shuttles and start taking shots at us. Get Cassian and Jyn, and then we’ll get the hell out of here!”

“Understood.” The droid nods and leaves the co-pilot seat. “I will act as quick as possible,” he says and positions himself near the shuttle hatch.

Bodhi throws a quick glance over his shoulder into the main part of the ship. Baze is hunched over on the floor, cradling an unconscious Chirrut in his lap, who had still made it aboard on his own, but apparently been knocked out sometime in the last few minutes by his general injuries. A flash of worry shoots through Bodhi. Had it not been for the two guardians, he would have been blown to pieces together with the stolen Imperial shuttle, not sitting at the helm of another stolen Imperial shuttle one of the same model, planning to rescue two of the very rebels that might have just thrown the vital spanner into the Empire’s works.

Baze looks up and points past Bodhi. “We need to hurry!”

Bodhi’s head snaps back and what he sees is terrifying. The horizon consists of nothing but blinding red light and he quickly averts his eyes. This is already the second time within forty-eight hours that he witnesses a horizon getting swallowed by sheer forces of destruction. The first time, due to a mysterious interplay of chance and divine intervention, he had not been dragged down with it. He isn’t yet sure about the second time.

He pulls the lever for the thrusters next to the console and calls, “Initiating descend… now! K-2, get ready!”

The shuttle goes into hover mode, hanging in the air just a few feet above the shore of the burning planet. The hatch hisses open and fresh smoke and newly stirred up sand blows in when, according to plan, K-2SO leans out and reaches for the two people huddled together on the beach. He first grabs hold of Jyn, being closer, and hauls her in, then wraps his other arm around Cassian, lifting him too, up and into safety. Or at least closer to it than before.

“All aboard and only slightly singed,” K-2 informes Bodhi, setting down Cassian next to Jyn.

“Kay -” Cassian is interrupted by his own cough and clutches his side as his body shakes. He doesn’t even try to get up, instead leans against the now closed hatch and takes a deep breath once the coughing subsides. He looks up at K-2 and shakes his head, a disbelieving smile beginning to build. “Force, I’ve never been more glad to see you.”

The droid shortly glances down at himself, before answering. “Technically, you do not see me, this is merely another K-X model with my memory drive - and not even a well-maintained one, I’d like to point out - but I appreciate the sentiment. It’s good to see you too, Cassian.”

Next to him, Jyn drags a hand over her face.

“Yeah, thanks,” she says and it sounds deeply heartfelt. It seems to take her an incredible amount of effort, but she pushes herself up on her knees and stands, starting to make her way toward the cockpit. “Feelings aside, who’s flying this thing?”

Jyn leans heavily on the pilot seat just as K-2 says, “Our pilot, who else?” His tone implies he thinks every other assumption incredibly stupid.

“Bodhi?” She asks, incredulous, and Bodhi can feel a hand touching his hair, Jyn apparently needing haptic proof that he is real.

“Hello,” he says sheepishly, craning his neck to catch a quick look at her.

Jyn is breathing hard and her eyes are red-rimmed. Why would they not be, just moments ago, she must have been convinced that moments was all she had left of this life. Bodhi’s eyes meet Jyn’s and her mouth curves into a relieved smile.

She returns his greeting. “Hi there.”

Now Cassian, too, scrambles to his feet, wincing visibly. He’s unsteady on his feet and K-2 catches him once lest he falls before making it front, to Bodhi and Jyn. In the cockpit, Jyn takes over and wraps her arm around his waist. With Cassian supported by her, K-2 reclaims his position in the co-pilot seat and transfers parts of the controls to his station.

Knowing K-2 now has a handle on things, Bodhi allows himself another glance back and seeks Cassian’s eyes. They seem tired, so very tired, but they also emit a deep gratefulness.

“You got us out,” he says. “You really got us out.”

Bodhi swallows and nods, burning the image of Cassian and Jyn, breathing and leaned against each other, into this memory.

Less than a week ago he’d never met either of them, but right now he feels like he’s known them a lifetime. Maybe, Bodhi ponders, going through something like this alters time, making it go slower while everything around happens way too quickly, allowing it to fit in all the things that would be enough for much more than just one single life. He has no idea if this even makes sense and shakes off the thought, all that really counts is that they’re alive.

“Yeah,” Bodhi mumbles, forcing his attention back on the instrument panel. His eyes are starting to burn more and more and the distant drumming in his ears is constantly getting louder.

“You’re injured,” he hears Cassian point out.

Now that the adrenaline flowing through his system is slowly coming to a halt, he suddenly feels too exhausted to reply, ‘So are you’.

He barely registers Jyn’s voice calling out his name. Cassian also says something, but Bodhi is having trouble understanding him over all the noise, the drumming is just too loud by now.

Once they break the atmosphere and the familiar pull of jumping into hyperspace fades, so does his consciousness. Everything around him goes black. But that’s okay. He got them out.

an alternate r1 ending from my ot3 fic that is probably never going to see the light of day but they all live and our brave pilot got them out and this just needed to be said thank you for your attention

As You Were Now

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader where the reader is super traditional and wants to wait to have sex until her wedding night. All throughout the day, the reader is excited and then when the moment comes, she becomes shaky and nervous. Spencer stops what they were doing and comforts her after she feels she’s disappointed him. @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn @unstoppableangel8 @iammostdefinitelyonfire26 @hogwarts-konoha @lukeassmanalvez


This is the day you’d been waiting for your entire life.

Ever since you were a little girl, you’d imagined marrying your Prince Charming - the man that swept you off your feet and showed you what love was really about. Although you had friends that had given themselves to a man they loved, or sometimes a man they didn’t, before marriage, you had decided to wait. It was what you wanted.

For a while, you didn’t think that day would come. Failed relationship after failed relationship left you wondering if the day would ever come. No one wanted to wait. No one understood why you insisted on waiting. And then Spencer came along. He didn’t care. Whatever was comfortable for you was all that mattered to him. Your geeky, lanky knight in shining armor. Did he fit the traditional version of a knight? No. But that didn’t matter. Spencer made you feel special, loved and perfect just as you were, so when he got down on one knee, you’d said yes before he even got the question fully out of his amazing, rambling, wonderful mouth. 

Now you were seconds from walking down the aisle, your mother and father by your side, giving you away to the man you loved. This was worth the wait. 


After the ceremony, during which time you both shed an inordinate amount of tears, you arrived at the reception and danced your first dance to Perfect by Ed Sheeran. Then you both cried some more. As you swayed back and forth in each other’s arms, you eagerly anticipated the moment that you’d be able to finally give yourself to him. You’d waited so long for a man worthy enough and you’d finally found him. 

Maybe your mind should’ve been more on the reception - your attention turned toward your loving guests, delicious food and amazing music, but you just couldn’t keep your mind from drifting to thoughts of your husband. You did take everything in - it was your big day after all - but you definitely found your mind drifting toward the lacy, white lingerie you’d picked out, wondering how he’d react to finally being able to be with you in that way. 

When the reception finally died down, you stepped into your limo, hand-in-hand with the man you loved more than you ever thought possible and made your way to the hotel where you’d spend the night before leaving on your honeymoon the next day.

After checking in, blushing glances shared between you at the front desk, you headed up the elevator toward the honeymoon suite. There was no one else in the elevator, so you leaned against his chest, listening closely to his heartbeat and then it hit you. Spencer was going to see you. What if he didn’t like what he saw? What if the sex wasn’t what you both thought it would be? Every what if on the planet flew through your head and in an instant you went from excited to nervous.

Spencer slid the key into the lock and pressed his lips to the side of your neck. It brought a shiver straight up your spine, but it wasn’t the kind you anticipated. The door swung open and you backed up into the beautiful suite, breathing heavily as his lips made their way from the side of your neck to your cheeks, nose, and lips. “You are the most beautiful woman in the world,” he whispered, his mouth hovering centimeters from yours. “How does it feel being Mrs. Spencer Reid?”

“Amazing,” you said truthfully. The feeling of being his wife entered your mind and the nervousness faded away for a second, until it came back with full force as quickly as it had left. “How does it feel having a Mrs. Spencer Reid?”

“Like a long time coming. I finally found you.” Why were you nervous? He was literally perfect. Why wouldn’t your body cooperate? 

Gently, Spencer backed you into the bed, his lips and tongue ghosting over you collarbone. Out of nowhere, you felt your body start to shake. Something must’ve escaped your mouth, or maybe he’d tuned into the fact that you started to shake because your husband stopped dead in his tracks. “Y/N, what’s wrong?” He asked. “Are you okay?”

He pushed up and placed his finger under your chin. “I don’t know. I’m just…I’m really nervous.” You felt your whole body heat up and not in the way you would’ve liked.

“We don’t have to do anything tonight if you’re not ready,” he said quietly. He kissed your forehead and pulled away, smiling. “Do you think you can put a finger on why you’re nervous?”

Spencer sat next to you on the bed, his arm slung limply around your waist, while you tried to examine the moment. Marriage, or any relationship based on lies, wouldn’t last, so you told him the truth. “I guess I’m just afraid that after all this time you might not like what you see, or we might not be compatible sexually, you know? It’s probably a stupid assumption. You’ve never given me a reason to think anything like that, but the thoughts just dawned on me all of a sudden.”

“It’s not stupid,” he said. “If that’s the way you feel then that’s the way you feel, but I can assure you that I will love every inch of you, no matter how big or how small, no matter how taut or how soft, for the rest of my days. Your body is the least of why I love you.” Sucking in your lip, you managed a smile. You just weren’t ready. “As for compatibility, love is more important than chemistry in my opinion. Do you love me?” 

“More than anything.”

“Do you find me attractive?”

You blushed. “Very.”

“Then whenever you are ready, we’ll be fine.” You leaned in to kiss him softly. He started to reciprocate and then pulled away.  “Not tonight. No pressure.”

“Are you sure?”

When he nodded and kissed your forehead again, you felt a sense of relief. He was really okay with not having sex tonight. You were still disappointed for yourself, but he was okay, which made the whole thing so much better. “Go get changed and then we can cuddle in bed for a while before we go to sleep.”

With a weight lifted off your shoulders, you went to get changed into a tank top and a pair of shorts. When you finished, Spencer was already dressed in a pair of flannel pants and a t-shirt with the covers of the bed pulled back so you could jump in with him. Leaning against him, you relaxed while he slowly combed his fingers through your hair. “Okay, so what was your favorite part of the day?” He asked.

“Our first dance. Definitely.” The joy that overtook your heart made your smile a mile wide. “It was everything I ever imagined as a little girl. What about yours?”

“Our first dance runs an extremely close second, but for me, seeing you in your gown as you walked down the aisle with your parents was probably the best for me. I’d had some nerves as I was getting ready this afternoon, but as soon as I saw you walking down the aisle like an angel on earth I knew everything was going to be okay - that you were the woman I wanted to spend my forever with.”

As Spencer spoke, you started to cry. Nearly twenty minutes later, your nerves had completed subsided. You had no idea why you’d been so nervous, but as you thought about maybe moving forward with what you’d originally wanted to do, Spencer began to yawn. There was no pressure, right? So you decided to mold yourself to the front of his body, breathing in steadily and letting it out until your breath had begun to sink up. “Tomorrow night?” You asked, giving his hand a light squeeze as your eyes began to close.

“Anytime you want. Whenever you’re ready.” He kissed the back of your neck, his nose sliding gently up your spine and into the back of your hair.

With his continued reassurance, you both drifted off to sleep, your breath sunk up as one. Sex would wait, or it wouldn’t. When you were comfortable, it would happen. Until then, there were other ways to be close to your husband - as you were now.

Faerie Tale Theatre [Pt. 2]

[ ➤ Change pronouns and adjust to fit your muse! ]

Little Red Riding Hood

  • “I want to grow up, I just don’t know how… I have limited experience.”
  • “Who wants to live with a pack anyway? If they don’t want me, FINE.”
  • “Three days and not one edible thing has come down that path.”
  • “Now there’s a tasty little DISH.”
  • “We can be alone together, just you and me.”
  • “On anybody else, this would look perfectly hideous, but on me, ahh, beautiful.”
  • "Stay where ya are, ya miserable flea-bitten fur-bag or ya’ll end up a rug on my floor!”
  • “What great, terrible teeth you have!”
  • “What took you so long I damn near suffocated!”
  • “Well in addition to be eaten by a wolf, I’m sick as a dog.”
  • “Sweetest tongue has sharpest tooth.”

Hansel and Gretel

  • “How can I possibly sleep with you rolling around next me like a pig in the mud.”
  • “What’s to become of us? How am I to feed my poor children?”
  • “I’m sure they’re eating venison with a prince right now without any a thought for us.”
  • “Surely God will take pity on two children and watch out for us.”
  • “We must have been very bad children for them to leave us in such a place.”
  • “Nibble, nibble little mouse who is eating up my house?!”
  • “Eat me out of house and home will you? We’ll see who eats what.”
  • “She doesn’t see very well, but she has the nose of a wolf.”
  • “Heart to batter, batter to heart, death’s a treat, so sweet to eat.”
  • “I want fat, fat, fat! Rolls of fat, flesh and more flesh! Soft, undulating, quivering jiggling young flesh!”
  • “You sit in a little cage all day, while I’m running to and fro: ’fetch this, boil that, c-c-c-cook.”
  • “I don’t care if DO you lose your temper! You’re a horrible woman!”
  • “Our sorrows have ended and we’ll live together in great happiness!”

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

  • “She was always kind of… spunky.”
  • “Let me sleep for 2 more weeks… I’m dreaming about food.”
  • “My teacher says to not let anybody see my papers because it’s a big secret.”
  • “Little kids don’t think as well on Saturdays! It’s a scientific fact!”
  • “What if you got a thousand bees all in one place? Then if you got a million queen bees and some kings too? You’d get a million-trillion bees!”
  • “We have to be very carful, there are highway men and robbers all around, they may be close by!”
  • “I don’t care if she’s ‘just a little girl,’ that doesn’t give her the right to barge into people’s homes without their permission.”
  • “What if one of these weeds has a poison thorn and it sticks me and I die right here in the front yard?!”
  • “I’d think a green cow would look something like a dragon, don’t you think?”
  • “I’m TOO smart!”
  • “I’ll wear my prettiest dress, and comb my hair real nice and smile my best smile, and for sure they’ll fall for it!”
  • “They’re the nicest bears in the world.”

The Princess and the Pea

  • “Oh yeah, real tough being prince: you’re rich, you’re powerful, oh it’s a real burden!”
  • “I know exactly where I am: I’m lost.”
  • “I’ll probably sneeze to death, but anything for chivalry.”
  • “You have the most expressive eyebrows I’ve ever seen!”
  • “In my spare time I like to count horses and think about my feet.”
  • “For the past few hours you have been rude, obnoxious, arrogant, and not a great deal of fun.”
  • “You are simply a rung on my ladder to success. An object to be stepped on.”
  • “I’ve traveled all the major roads, I’ve stayed in 2 or 3 kingdoms, I’ve been wooed by a couple village idiots, and I’ve met some very interesting people.”
  • “Good company, bad company… at least you’re not alone.”
  • “The whole family’s a little bit off, and seeing is how I’m sitting here talking to myself I’d fit right in.”
  • “It was like I was sleeping on a boulder–I’m black and blue from head to toe.”


  • “I wonder if you can wish to the moon, or just the stars… they’re in the same universe.”
  • “You can move, you can talk, you can think on somewhat limited basis of course, given you’re a teenager.”
  • “He attacked life with the gusto and the innocence of a small child.”
  • “I understand you, but the other people? They start to talk and think you’re a little bit you know– bugabugbuga.”
  • “I’ve got to be the stupidest person I’ve ever met.”
  • “You’re going to go home, you’re going to tell the truth, and promise to never ever do this sort of thing again.”
  • “You take your money, bury it in the ground, you wait overnight, and you’ve got 5 times as much!”
  • “Ever see a wooden donkey? I’d make a fortune!”
  • “I’m so sorry, that’s why you’re here, because I was so bad and thoughtless!”
  • “It’s part of my job, but I love wood.”


  • “You have been so kind to me, allow me to give you something in return.”
  • “You’ll learn that beauty and talent are a blessings, but if they are too much admired, they can be curses as well.” 
  • “I won’t marry your creepy son, I won’t! I won’t!”
  • “I’m sure he’ll find you delightful, and your story fascinating.”
  • “How does one conquer Gaul? Doesn’t one already have the gall, as in ‘he had the gall to call me a nitwit?’”
  • “It takes more than sweet songs to get by in life.”
  • “I do my best to secure your future and this is the thanks I get?”
  • “I’m always the bride and never the bridesmaid.”
  • “Prince or no, I can’t marry anyone without my mother’s consent.”
  • “Flower angels can slip in and out all sorts of places… even dreams.”

Snow White and the 7 Dwarves

  • “The years do not effect my beauty, my skin could be satin.”
  • “That gawky brat! How I hate her!”
  • “Cold soup… cold meat… cold peas… I could eat it all if I weren’t so tired.”
  • “That’s a STUPID assumption,_____!”
  • “Her heart is in this box. You’re lying again.”
  • “When a mirror tells a lie, it shatters in shame.”
  • “She’s a witch! I knew it when I saw her, and don’t call me stupid!”
  • “The gentle arching of my eyebrows fascinates me, most others eyebrows are grotesque and misshapen.”
  • “I don’t even miss the castle anymore… It’s so big and cold and lonely. But I do miss swimming in the moat.”
  • “No one can argue now. Now there’s only one beauty in the land.”
  • “I cannot imagine anyone hurting you, you should only be loved.”
  • “Each and every mirror as you turn to look at it, will turn to black.”