stupid anon haters

anonymous asked:

You Gochi fans are just attention hungry and plain stupid. It's not our fault you ship two horrible characters that has zero chemistry and nobody supports them. That's why you just have few shitty fillers in dbz and zero merchandise.

Dear anon, sorry for the late reply. As you see, I’ve a life and a job and even working to get a master degree.

So, its almost impossible to keep track of mails and even unnecessary for me to reply to nonsensical asks like you send. 

But this is the last time I’ll spare to enlighten your ignorant ass.

There are already wonderfully detailed posts about what Toriyama said and you’ll find them in my old blog. Check the link in my faq here. I’ll reblog them here too but not right now.

As well for about what you said about Goku, I can clearly see that you’re just here as a casual fan and lapping up whatever trash you find here in this cesspool of a fandom here, youtube, reddit, etc. You have never even seen the real manga, let alone buy and read it.

Or maybe you’re just too dumb. Feel free to ask any Japanese fans about their opinion since you dont even understand the manga yourself. Also read established or upcoming mangakas and illustrators and find out why a staggering number of them loves Goku.

Check out polls from old anime magazines like animage, newtype or get your hands on older copies of WSJ (tho I feel you wont since youre a miser and doesnt even support the mangaka of the work mentioned. Instead go through stupid memes and fan made videos and think them as canon). 

And even online polls too. I have even managed to screencapped the largest anime/manga voting polls by Japanese fans for 2016 and 2017 of TAAF (Tokyo Anime Award Festival) -

I’ll have also made posts relating to your queries. Just look them up in my blog later, theyre in queue.

P.S. whatever you’re seeing in dbs relating to any OTPs are all fillers. Except battle of gods movie and the manga part of Goku loving his strong-willed wife.

Just enjoy your OTP without being a stupid ass 😕


Anon hate.



I don’t understand what it is that drives people to go and hate on someone else’s blog, but that isn’t right. If you have an opinion, and it isn’t very nice, and you KNOW it isn’t nice. KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.


Maybe you think that since this is online nothing bad can happen? Well guess what idiot. You are now responsible for someone dying.


And there are ways it can be traced back to you and your computer. If you are spreading around anon hate.


I don’t care.

You don’t deserve to be on here, because anyone who wants to destroy someone’s beautiful life isn’t someone who belongs here.

As for those getting anon hate.

Guys, just know this:

1)There will be PLENTY of blogs that disagree with that hate

2)Think of some happy things, stay off tumblr for a few hours, calm down

3)Don’t get too down k? I know it will hurt, but you deserve better than to here that from some stupid person who won’t even show you their face while hating on you. 

4)Be brave. Don’t kill yourself over those THINGS who don’t know how to be humans.

5)Talk to someone. I don’t care if we don’t follow each other, I don’t care if we have never talked before. If you really need to let out your frustration and feelings of crap, talk to me about it. I won’t judge, I won’t laugh, I won’t try and tell you what to do. I’ll listen, and I’ll respond. And I will do my best to help.

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You use the word "social justice". It does not mean what I think you think it means. Or otherwise you're cool with racist advertising. Whatevz.

You use the word “racist”. It doesn’t mean what I think you think it means. But whatevzzzzz right?

Clearly it’s much better to have the one or two Asian Victoria Secret Models (that rarely appear) model specifically the “Asian inspired” lingerie line because everything “Asian inspired” HAS to be worn by Asians right? Or is it just too unbearable to see a Caucasian woman dress in a sad excuse for anything distantly related to a geisha to model lingerie to an audience of probably mostly Caucasian women.

If anything, as an East-Asian myself,  I feel it’s much more offensive that someone has to deliberately say “Hey this thing is supposed to be Asian related so let’s call up an Asian looking person to model it.” Is it all dandy with you if they have a Black model wear it? I mean if there was an Asian model wearing that “Sexy Litte Geisha” but she was bloody Cambodian, would you care? Nah, we all look close enough right. If there was something called the “Sexy Little Zulu” would you demand a black model wear that too even if she/he has no known Zulu heritage? Cos really what’s the difference, am I right? Just as long as they LOOK the part right, Anon? 

We’re all just “People of Color” afterall. We’re all in the same boat. Might as well just be called “Non-Whites” like the other laundry basket. The whole POC bullshit is probably the thing that ticks me off the most about Social Justice bloggers. The predominately white (it seems from my dash) army of Social Justice Warriors may feel that their backgrounds are all the same morphed white american culture doesn’t mean other races feel the same. In fact there’s plenty of internal racism and unique cultures within our own races. Just because East Asians look the same doesn’t mean we ARE the same. Same with Europeans, Middle Easterners, Asian Indians, Africans, Hispanics, etc etc.

So who gives a shit who wears something with an “Asian inspired” label? It’s not like a Yellowface or that shit.

I don’t know what you are anonymous grayface, but you surely know a thing about racism. You automatically assumed I was white after all.