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And while I’m on the topic let me just say the taylor swift tix thing is kinda crappy and unfair. Don’t even start with me on the whole “but you can watch the videos!!!” thing. Y'all know good and well the people who can afford to buy merch and dozens of albums are better off than those of us who can’t afford it. It’s not a coincidence that the only way you can get high boosts is to buy things. Fact of the matter is if you can spend money on Taylor you have an advantage in this fandom. And I’m not blaming the fans. If I had the money I would buy a crap ton of merch and albums too. The problem is with the system and how money always seems to be an issue.

Jk: *says he doesn’t remember the name of the actress and the movie she’s from*

What everyone thinks that means: omg he’s totally gay or dating another member or smth

What I know that means:

Gnomeo and Juliet 2: Sherlock gnomes coming spring 2018

Me: i can’t go out tonight i have lots and lots of stuff to study

Friend who i haven’t seen in months: only for ONE beer??? I have to be home early too

Friend who i haven’t seen in months: has a beer before i arrive. Then another two. Then breaks his leg when leaving the bar, meaning i have to go with him to the hospital and wait til he gets a cast and i can take him home

Me: ……….. why.

ali / tobes’ apology means jack shit to me and OTHER PEOPLE WHO SHE HAS DONE SHIT TO. she doesn’t address anything she’s done. this 30 year old bitch has used the n word, said that a 14 year old was “fap material.” she’s done so much. like you can read whatever she’s done on @alitobes. her apology means nothing, she’s also RECENTLY tried guilt tripping her friends when they unfollowed her. like, i literally have caps lmfao, if u wanna see them i’ll ask if i can show u them. @maregis there’s no point apologising when you won’t even acknowledge what u did because you’re keeping your followers in the dark by doing that