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how do the nordics react when someone does the Italian hand meme to them?

Denmark: Cries because he thinks they’re mad at him

Norway: Assumes it’s sign language of some kind and starts signing in NSL to ask them what’s going on

Sweden: Thinks they want him to give them something so he digs around in his pocket and hands them a piece of gum

Finland: Finds the gesture vaguely threatening and puts up his dukes to fight

Iceland: Stares blankly at them for five minutes

Valentine's Day

Franklin finally takes the courage to ask Tracey out. It’s the cutest thing ever, with Tracey shamelessly flirting and Franklin blushing.
Of course, he asks Michael and Amanda if it’s okay first. Amanda comments that at least they know him, while Michael goes full protective!dad mode. They both agree, tho, that it’s Trevor the one Franklin should really worry about. But in the end, Franklin takes Tracey out for dinner. (Even if Michael asks Jimmy to follow them “discreetly”.. After a while, Franklin notices him and just asks him if he wants to join them).
Michael treats Amanda with an expensive dinner in the best Thai restaurant of Los Santos, and it’s like they’re young and in love again. When they’re going home, Michael receives a text from Trevor, who’s having a “wild night” at the strip club with Lamar.
He hopes the pervy pic he receives an hour later is a mistake, but he grins anyway. “Son of a bitch.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

45 Days of SonnShine: 16x05 Pornstar’s Requiem

Oh hey! First kudos from Liv!

The 2nd time Sonny broke the case..  

In this episode we see Sonny begin to adjust this methods and show a bit of insight and astuteness with the witnesses/perps/victims. To quote @knittingharlot “he puts them at ease and then… BOOM!” 

Mic drop. Exit stage left. They never see him coming. heh.

I love this final scene. Just like Rollins, Sonny didn’t approved of Evie’s choice. You can see it in his face. It wasn’t judgement though, it was sadness. Sadness for this young girl who couldn’t see anything better for her life. However he personally felt though, he recognized what Evie chooses to do with her body (within the law) is her choice, not theirs. He also acknowledged Rollins had very strong feelings about it, note the way he firmly but gently guides her out. He also calls her Amanda, not Rollins which I think was a really nice touch. Now maybe one day someone will do the same for him.

I also wonder if two years later, would Sonny have given up so easily? Thoughts?


The Westerosivision Song Contest, often shortened to WSC, Westerosivision, or WesterosSong, is an annual song competition held, primarily, among the member houses of Westeros since 239 AC.

This is Amanda Conner

Amanda is comic book artist best known for her work on JLA Classified and Power Girl.

Yes that’s right a female artist was hired to work on Power Girl and guess what? Of all the interviews I’ve read and listened to that feature Conner not ONCE did I ever read or hear her complain about Power Girl’s costume, despite the fact that feminists and progressives constantly keep complaining about Power Girl’s “boob window” and how it’s “problematic”.

I constantly hear this argument from feminists and progressives that women feel uncomfortable when they look at characters like Power Girl because they represent an unrealistic standard of beauty and only exist for the male gaze and blah blah blah…….

Yeah funny how feminists/progressives don’t mention Conner whenever they bring up Power Girl because it totally debunks their argument of women finding Power Girl’s costume “problematic”.

And I know what people are gonna say “Well she probably doesn’t even like Power Girl and only worked as an artist on the book to get paid” to which I say bullshit because during Amanda and Jimmy’s current run on Harley Quinn they actually brought Power Girl back because they loved the character so much!

So this entire argument of women can’t like female superhero costumes because they’re sexist and “problematic” is complete and utter horseshit!

Also let’s not forget if you got to a comic convention chances are you’re gonna see a shit ton of Power Girl cosplayers because her costume is that popular with cosplayers, so the feminist argument of “Well nobody would dress like Power Girl IRL” is total fucking bullshit because you see tons of women cosplaying as Power Girl at cons. 

And chances are when you Google Power Girl on image search you’ll most likely find an Amanda Conner illustrated picture from either JLA Classified or her run on Power Girl from 2009-2010.

Case in point this image which a cover of JLA Classified Number Four popped up when I did a random image search for Power Girl, so Amanda Conner isn’t some obscure artist that nobody has ever heard of.

Point is feminist/progressive argument of Power Girl’s costume being sexist and “problematic”is a load of horseshit because a female artist got her big break by drawing Power Girl and she loves drawing and writing for the character so it’s not like she only drew Power Girl because she was getting paid to do it.

Please respect Gerard Way.

Guys, regarding Gerard’s recent tweets. Please do not stalk him like waiting outside his hotel room. It’s not right. He is a human being, just like you and me. Would you want to be cornered by a lot people waiting outside your hotel room? Gerard loves us, but we should respect his privacy. Seriously. The fact that people have been doing that scares him. Would you really want to terrify your idol? Please respect Gerard’s privacy as well any other celebrity.

svu cliches I’m getting sick of
  • Olivia being kidnapped
  • Olivia ‘under fire’
  • Fin stating the freaking obvious
  • Amanda being the crooked cop
  • Making Barba a misogynist
  • Olivia playing the role of boss only to be called a bitch- she’s actually let some shit slide, like Cragen
  • every female character getting a different love interest every other season
  • antagonist weirdly managing to come back for ‘revenge’
  • each squad member having a fucked up family member (especially Rollins sister)
  • every character at some point in time being over dramatic for no fucking reason
  • the ‘lovable ignorant’ character cliche (not saying any names)
  • male characters slut shaming
  • the ‘dramatic man who is catholic and divorced/getting divorce so let them be an asshole to others’ cliche
  • the ‘oh they’re partners with chemistry so instead of being friends in a platonic relationship they must be fucking’

I have a question: how in the world is Nightcrawler supposed to grow a beard? He has fur all over his body, which would include his face, so how would he shave? Does he trim his face every day? Wouldn’t the facial hair look different from his fur? Could he even grow facial hair?

This was a horrible look for him, by the way. And he did it because his girlfriend told him about another attractive guy she saw.