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heyhey ^----^ i'd love to know what your favorite evak headcanons are <3

Good day my lovely! 

okay yay omg this will probably just turn into a ramble of nothingness so be prepared. 

  • So they are 100% that super annoyingly adorable couple that just flirtatiously tease each other…constantly. I mean this is basically canon. They totally do this. There are so many “Oh my god you like Twilight? ugh nope sorry baby I just have to break up with you now” and then there is that super gross “Oh okay, you just try to get rid of me” and then they touch noses and giggle and flirtatiously push each other away only to bounce back. and then one of them pretends to bite the others neck and it’s just super embarrassing because they forget that Magnus and Mahdi are standing there with them, watching it all and just being like “omg get a room” 
  • Okay they watch so many movies. Movies of all kinds. Of course Isak lets Even pick, every time. He loves seeing the passion in his eyes as they watch a film that Even considers as the ‘artistic expression of a genius’ the way Even taps him on the shoulder and whispers excitingly in his ear “watch this, look, look, look! Did you see that? How brilliant is that?” and honestly Isak didn’t see it because he was too busy watching the man of his life glow and become captivated in his passion for film. Sometimes they will put some old film that Even is obsessed with on mute and Even will tell Isak what the characters are saying based on Even’s own script. He just makes up what the characters are saying and doing in his head and turns the movie into something completely different. Sometimes it surprisingly works ??? but then other times it is so ridiculous, so completely stupid that they both just end up on the floor in fits of giggles until one of them suggests they just watch an episode of The Walking Dead or something. 
  • *sigh* and then there are the drawings. So so many drawings. You don’t think they would stop now that they are together and Even ain’t got any explaining to do? no no no. There are drawings for everything. Sometimes when Isak goes to his locker in between classes a note will fall out that has a drawing of Even basically sleeping bored and tired in class and then on the other side their will be a parallel universe where Even and Isak are together listening to music and eating kebabs. When they are living together and are out of milk Even will leave a drawing on the fridge of a dancing milk carton with a big googly face and Isak is just like “Eveeeeeeen, if we’re out of milk, just buy milk?!” but he pockets the drawing anyway because Even’s drawings set his heart on fire and remind him how lucky he is to have such a creative and beautiful boyfriend. He loves his drawings and one day Even will find out just how much he does. When he goes looking for a pen one day and instead finds a shoe box under Isak’s bed that is full of every single drawing Even had given him. He knows if he says anything to Isak about it, he would just get all embarrassed and awkward so Even puts the box back and never brings it up but instead he puts more effort into the drawings. He gives Isak a drawing for every little thing, because knowing that something as small as this can make the man he loves more than anything else a little bit happy, is the best feeling in the world. 
  • One of my fave head canons is Isak’s silly raps. Omg now that Isak is happy and confident and accepting of himself, his raps? oh boy they are so much more frequent, it is embarrassing. He raps in the shower, while Even is cooking him breakfast, he raps when he is doing his homework and just can’t get the damn question right. He raps when Even forgot to do the laundry and Even likes to call that one “you and your dirty laundry” It is actually so adorable. He makes up the most stupid raps about silly things like shampoo and bacon and there was this one he did about the spot between Even’s brows that he loves to kiss. And then eventually do you know what happens? Isak goes from rapping…to singing and oh my heart, Even can not deal. He is so hopelessly in love when he hears Isak sing and when it happens he is transported into pure heaven. Okay this is getting too much I know but I’m just imagining Isak as the kind of dad that sings to his kids and makes up these silly songs and it’s just- this is too much for my heart omg.

Okay this got so long so I’m gonna leave it here but ahhh I can think of so many more so if anyone has any prompts or wants some more stupid fluffy ramblings from me, shoot me a message. 💚



Dude is it like to be so old and look like a kid? Lmao joking obviously.

I love you so much, I love how you’re honest and real with us, I love how you can light up my day just with some stupid shit, I love everything about you. I can’t say a bad word about you even when I want to. You’re literally perfection to me. I want all of your dreams come true, I want you to tour with Jack as long as you can and want to, I want you to rap with Skate all the time, I want too see more tweets when you call Sammy daddy because those are the best hahha. You’re a person that everyone need in their lifes, and meet you and just hug you and tell you how precious you are is my big dream. Please never change, always be so stupid in good way, tweet as many stupid-in good way-shit as you can, rap as long as you can, be yourself as long as you can, because that’s why everyone loves you. 

I don’t know any better person than you.


“Even though I love Disney movies like Wreck-It Ralph, and I’m super excited for BH6, it kind of bugs me how "modern” they are. Movies like The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and so on are timeless. You can still appreciate them decades later. Even newer movies like Tangled or Frozen will have the same value years from now. But while making Honey love taking selfies is adorable now, it’ll probably seem pretty stupid to kids of the future, with how technology changes so much.“

This is the most adorable thing I ever seen!
And to you people who still gonna keep telling yourself and others that the baby is fake, leave. Just leave the fandom and special don’t talk to me.
I’m so done with it.
Louis Tomlinson is a dad
to a beautiful boy named Freddie, I couldn’t be more happy for him cause I know how much he loves kids. 
I don’t believe that the baby will just disappear and they will tell us that all this is fake and Louis was never the dad srsly doesn’t anyone hear how stupid it sounds?
And don’t give me the fucking “It’s Modest” crap bullshit. People need to grow up.
And if that ever would happen (they tell us it’s fake) which it won’t then please come and laugh at my face but right now just get away from me.

And a special go to hell to them who are throwing hate on Brianna and calling her slut for carrying Louis` child. If you wanna throw hate do it on Louis then if you have to cause he was the one who made her pregnant, but no you won’t do that cause he is the man and all. Disgusting.
Why can’t you all just leave it ? 

hope ya all get a wonderful day, all the love J x

***please ignore the terrible edit or something, i literally have no talent lol bye**

seven thousand people. 

why do that many people follow me? are you guys okay??


animalfry ur fuckin ugly and a LOSER but i still manage to literally love you more than anything. thank u sm for everything you’ve done and lol you’ve literally seen me sob my eyes out and u still didn’t judge me and u literally know aLL my secrets and u STILL don’t judge me so thank u for that i guess. also thank u for supporting me through every stupid idea i have and thx 4 being so supportive w my love for troye even if u don’t share my passions

digging-troyler k i love you a LOT and i also love how much ur family loves me it’s actually pretty gr8 considering i’m LAME but yeah i’m only friends w you for ur food and money k cool have fun in vegas without me bye loser. just kidding i adore u so much i’m even wearing the sweater u got me it’s RLY warm and soft so thank u sm ok bye don’t get TOO trashed tonight

just-travis listen………… u know those people that are like “yeah! we talk for like, 10 hours every day!1!1” when they only talk for 3 or 4? yeah, we’re not those people. we ACTUALLY talk for TEN HOURS STRAIGHT every day. what do we even TALK about for that long oh my god but ya i love u sssssssm thank u for sticking w me even when i get annoying or emotional over boys or annoying AND emotional over boys. ya thx sm

trovesivan ok willow we don’t talk all the time but ur literally so cute and nice and uGH i actually adore you so much and ur way too cool for me. we rly need to actually have a conversation one day and learn each other’s favorite colors and songs and everything ok i love you sm

troyelikesboys zoe……… i love you so much. ur so funny and cool and pRETTY and NICE and i can’t even believe we’re friends because lol you’re perfect and i’m LAME but i actually love you a lot a lot a lot okay frick

itmetroye k listen marykate you’re so cool and pretty and uGH i am so jealous of u for those very reasons and i’m not sure whether ur coming to vidcon or not but either way you need to come to california soon k cool thx sm

troylerslayvan5ever emily ugh i love you SO MUCH and i am sO PROUD OF YOU FOR EVERYTHING OKAY you basically know how much i love you but seriously, i love you so much. thank you for always always being there for me and i love u loser

kurtcobainvevo courtney k you’re literally WAY too cool for me like i still don’t understand why you talk to me but seriously you’re gonna grow up to do such amazing things and i love everything you stand for and i love hearing your opinions on things and your life is literally so cool and you’re so cool and wow bye

and lastly… i’m gonna cry lol

troyesivan listen………………………………………………….. troye. okay. alright i’m a little nervous because there is a chance you may see this this time. alright so, i love you. to say you have changed my entire life and my entire personality and my entire outlook on life is such an understatement. to say you make me happy is an understatement. basically, i don’t know how to tell you anything. ok but lol listen at the LA meetup you told me some r e a l  ly unexpected things that actually left me speechless and awkward so i never got to tell you things. thank you for everything you’ve done. for me, for this fandom, for the WORLD okay. thank you, thank you, thank you. i really hope you’re happy and that you’re doing okay because you deserve the absolute world. you deserve the whole thing and i hATE that my awkwardness has constantly stopped us from actually having a conversation every time i meet you but next time will be different okay. i don’t want this to be too long so i’ll just stop here but troye, we love you.

ok!!!!!!! now the part i have been dREADING BYE ((not in order of importance or anything ok))

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OK I’M LITERALLY EXHAUSTED i’m so sorry if i forgot anyone i promise it isn’t personal i’m just stupid


duskwightredmage  asked:

what if humanstuck au where kanaya is eridan's big sister

no no please let me
let me tell you how strongly I feel about family AUS

and how they have fucked me up

From AUs and otherwise, all of the blood groups are familial units to me (Like Karkat/Kankri are brothers, Feferi/Meenah are sisters, Serket sisters, etc), and primarily it’s their Ancestor functioning as a parent. (Or in the Peixes case, sometimes their lusus.) 

Sometimes the families blend! Now, I LOVE different blends godddd Kanaya sister with Eridan little sibling is adorable. I did one with Aranea as the older sister at some point and she would read him loooong and convoluted fantasy books and it was adorable.

In my longest standing private RP, the Ampora family and Serket family are blended, So Cronus and Eridan are brothers to Aranea and Vriska as sisters. (With Mindfang and Dualscar as bickering but long-suffering parents who are viciously protective and obnoxiously proud of their stupid kids. They’re terrible. It’s amazing.)

What this means is whenever I see any pairings that break the familial bonds I’m like AUUUUUGHHHH NO STOP THAT’S YOUR SISTER NOOOOO

Like… I love family dynamics in AUs so much.

you all should…. send me some…