im 12 in dirty basketball shorts with a cracked as fuck motorola im in your room and your mama said you gotta play with me cause im her friends son and i keep bouncing my leg and saying “skrt skrt” behind you and you go use the bathroom and i break your playstation R2 button


and then they got sent to detention 

LOL im sorry but you cANT tell me they were in the same class without this stuff happening,, they’d probably start off the school year next to each other and then end up on opposite sides of the room by the end of the year lmao

anyways pls tell me you got the reference… if not lolol here

Two women, disguised as men in order to join the army, are bunkmates and spend months trying to hide their identities from each other. Both eventually come clean and the two grow close, and when the war is over they set up a bakery and blacksmith’s shop and get married.