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Selfie Culture   #borobodur #temple #indonesia #selfie #buddha #yogyakarta #religious #buddhist #culture #muslim #javaIt was cloudy when I visited Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist temple, which makes for the white background in this shot. One of the many Buddha statues that adorn the temple sits placidly in front, while four Muslim women take selfies in the back. Diverse religions and ethnicities living together in a peaceful blend, is something beautifully normal in Indonesia and other Asian countries. I also like the dynamic, created by the person leaning into the picture, who’s foot is still midair.

Hsinbyume Pagoda - Mandalay, Myanmar

The Hsinbyume Pagoda is a uniquely shaped, white washed pagoda just outside of Mandalay. The Pagoda is topped with a gold spire, that enshrines an image of Buddha. The seven tiers of the pagoda feature niches, that contain small statues of mythological figures.

It is possible to climb to the top of the structure, where you will be treated to a great view of the Irrawaddy river, and nearby Mingun Pagoda.