BabyGate: Why It’s Obviously A Stunt..

It is so painfully obvious that this entire “BabyGate” shit is a stunt for those of you who are still indenial and thinking their is a baby/Louis is the dad..are you seriously on stupid pills? Management know what they are doing, However they don’t think it through enough to make it believable. It is obvious its a stunt..

- The attention seeking Jinglebombs family
- The way their are more holes in this story than a piece of swiss cheese
- The way everytime the rumors start dying down BOOM another fucking article
- The guys behavior about the babygate rumors (barely acknowledging it..the way it was confirmed)
- The way no one even close to him has congratulated him
- Kevin Jonas congratulating him (Kevin was also part of a fake pregnancy google it)
- The way his own family do not acknowledged the alleged “baby” (Mark did tweet about it but thats it and he never said “congrats” or included Louis in the tweet or tagged him in it)
- The way the JingleWingles private their accounts except for when they are leaking new photos/info
- Just look through the people the JingleWartz family follow on twitter..enough said

Also wanted to add before everyone jumps down my throat Briana not leaking info/pics herself on twitter/instagram is also a key sign its fake (she had social networks until this all started and then was forced to delete them, Her fame hungry family are clearly in on the stunt while Louis family is not. Briana not commenting or being on social networks does not mean she is a private person it simply means not Briana but MANAGEMENT wanted it that way for the sake of the stunt running it’s course without complications and things that could give away the stunt is fake because people would be hanging on Briana’s every word and if she said the wrong thing even once BOOM babygate would be over also she could have had things on her twitter/instagram etc.. that could have been from the past few months before babygate started that could give away it being faked.

TV series fangirl parody of Blank Space by Taylor Swift

Nice to find you, where you been,
You could show me incredible things,
Magic, madness, heaven, sin,
Looked you up and I thought;

Oh my god, look at these clips,
You look like my next big fix,
I’ll find you on Netflix.

Stunts, effects and hot guys,
You read fangirls like a magazine,
Ain’t funny when spoilers fly,
You’re recommended to me;

So hey, who needs friends,
I’ll bribe them back when this one ends,
Just make my OTP hold hands,
Cause I can watch up to season 7 in a weekend.

(chorus part 1)
It’s not gonna last forever,
It will surely go down in flames,
I’ll be wondering when it’s over,
If the high was worth the pain,
Got a long list of ex-favourites,
They all drove me insane,
Cause the writers love the drama,
And I love their games;

(chorus part 2)
Cause I’m a geek who’s restless,
I’ll take this way too far,
It’ll leave me breathless,
Or emotionally scarred,
Got a long list of ex-favourites,
They all drove me insane,
But I’ve got a new blog baby,
And I’ll write your name.

Worried lip, bloodshot eyes,
Want to buy all the merch, I’m not rich, Meet-up misses, feeble lies,
You’re my world, baby I’m you’re bitch;

Ignore what we want,
Make us wait for ten months,
But the worst is yet to come;

Screaming, crying, perfect storm,
You can make all the tables turn,
More dying as we mourn,
Keep me second guessing like;

Oh my god, who is she,
I get drunk on fantasy,
I will only stop to pee,
Cause darling you’re a nightmare dressed like a daydream.

(chorus part 1 & 2)

I only watch shows of they’re torture,
Don’t say I didn’t, say I didn’t warn ya,
(repeat both lines)

(chorus part 1 & 2)

  • While James was trying to cheer Lily up with a new stunt...
  • Lily:You are so great I love you.
  • James:...
  • Lily:...
  • James:What?
  • Lily:Nothing! I said "You are so great" and then and then I just stopped talking!
  • James:You said you loved me! I can't believe this.
  • Lily:No, I didn't.
  • James:Yes, you did.
  • Lily:No, I didn't!
  • James:You love me!
  • Lily:No, I don't! Stop it, stop it, stop it!

anonymous asked:

I'm gonna start and say I'm not hating on you or the kaylor fandom. I only know about the big line of this ship. But why are you always saying that taylor should come out ? like you don't know for sure if she is a lesbion or not. All you have are just theories and pr stunts. ANd tbh if you have an otp you can never be unbiased about it. I guess what I'm trying to say is. Don't label people who son't wanna be labeled. It makes things harder and awkward for them. (...)

I know that you don’t tag them in your posts but taylor and karlie both know that kaylor is a thing and it’s completely normal to check it out sometimes. I really mean no harm. It’s just don’t make the same mistake camren made. a fellow supporter :)

I don’t mean to be pretentious, but I’m going to start by quoting myself:

“Destroy the idea that coming out is easy and destroy the idea that Taylor has an obligation to.”

I wrote that two days ago. I have spoken about this time and time and time again. Read my ‘coming out’ tag. And for every anon I answer, I get five fanmails asking me while I feel this way or challenging me on it. I’ve made my position (and the rationale behind it) very clear, but I always take the time to respond to those messages because this is important to me. So you sending this message shows you have zero understanding of me or my blog. Next time, do your homework before ‘not hating’.

anonymous asked:

You said that how a celebrity is introduced to the public sticks and that Harry's image has been saved and he is now able to date men who are not Louis and support LBGTA causes without losing many fans. Party boy Louis Tomlinson has been introduced to the public via a baby scandal or fake baby PR stunt depending on what you believe. That's the way he's been introduced to the larger public after dumping his longterm girlfriend of many years. Is that how he is supposed to be remembered?

Sorry, anon, I really hadn’t seen your ask!

Louis’ image is peculiar. He’s been “famous” for years as a Nobody, really. For people who cared to get a peek he was very in love with his girlfriend, always staying home watching crap tv and for some reason quite homophobic. He was then introduced to a bigger portion of public as this smoking, drinking partying womanizer who undeniably fucked up. For how I see it, his final, long lasting image is yet to be portrayed. I hope this transitory one will last shortly enough to be easily forgotten and completely shadowed by his definitive one :)

And I don’t knowingly or consider getting with cheaters. There have been guys who expressed interest in me but I declined because I knew their character and how they saw relationships as a joke. If you’re polygamous, that’s awesome. But don’t stunt like you’re into monogamy when you want to hurt the person and make them believe y'all are the only ones involved. If I did “pursue” a guy who had a girlfriend at the time, it was because I had already developed an attraction to him and caught feelings. We had already been talking or cool with each other. It was never, “Oh fuck that bitch he with. I want him.” I observe how guys treat their relationships with others and steer clear. But it’s complicated when you have a connection to them. Then design changes. I’m just trying to get people to see from the other woman’s perspective and not just the cheated woman. At the end of the day they’re both being two-timed and lied to with faulty promises.

Why is a School Paper Parroting Mega-Stunt Talking Points?

The Villanovan

  • Styles was not alone however, and arrived with an impressive posse, including an unknown companion he seemed particularly close with. “It appeared as though he was with a friend who was from around the area and she brought him to try cheesesteaks,” said Iezzi. Oh hey Xander.
  • Harris has followed One Direction’s successes since 2011 and has a particular partiality for the long-locked frontman. “I like how kind and generous he is. Everyone thinks he’s a stuckup playboy but I disagree. He once spent his day off in Los Angeles giving out pizza to homeless people.”  Harry is not a manwhore. He’s kind and generous.
  • Some even took the opportunity to publicly question the legitimacy of the band’s achievements. A source that chose to remain anonymous remarked that, “[One Direction’s] music isn’t exceptional. It’s the same old recycled pop music from four, semi-attractive boys. The most attractive one’s gone.” he went on to comment that Zayn, the band member who departed from the group this past March was “easily the most attractive” and was, “scary in a sexy way.”  If you’d like to know about how Scary Sexy Spice is transcending boyband life, his Interview magazine cover just hit today. How convenient.
  • Though opinions regarding Styles and his career differ, that his presence was felt beyond the walls of Campus Corner is undeniable. Once word spread of his visit, mobs of young women, many of them Villanovan students, swarmed to the restaurant to see if they could catch a glimpse of the British icon. “There are girls crying out in front of the store,” Iezzi commented after Style’s departure. Don’t get it twisted though, Harry Styles is still that bitch. Girls are crying, dammit.
  • Though much of the speculation of his appearance has been resolved, many questions still remain. Why didn’t he go to Philadelphia to try a Philly Cheesesteak? Did he enjoy it or were his foreign taste buds not properly equipped to handle such a classic American dish? If his “friend” really is from the area, can we expect a Villanova reference in the next 1D album, a la Drake’s “DnF”? Riddle us this, readers: why is Harry Styles stuntin’ at Villanova? Trying to appeal to a slighty older demographic perhaps? What’s Xander got to do with Harry’s current narrative? Is a “soft” outing on the way? Friendly reminder, the 5th album is coming. Stay tuned…

None of this was coincidental or accidental. This was the incoming team 100%. They knew the fandom would find this. And what a clever way to reinforce their current narratives. Because on this surface this all looks relatively organic.

But make no mistake, there is a clear agenda here:

  • 1. Kill the boyband thing. 
  • 2. Notice Xander dammit. Yes, we’re going somewhere with this. 
  • 3. Harry is not the hetero tramp 1DHQ has portrayed him to be. He has depth. 
  • 4. College chicks (i.e, older) dig Harry. 
  • 5. College chicks (i.e., older) really dig Zayn. 
  • 6. Please pay attention to OUR narratives.
  • 7. Buy 1D’s 5th album, coming soon.

So many people keep saying that Zayn’s behaviour lately has been questionable.  WHAT?

Have y’all forgotten that Louis got some girl THAT HE’S ONLY KNOWN FOR A MINUTE pregnant? 

Of course this whole pregnancy story is suspicious as hell and more than likely a stupid stunt, but why isn’t Louis viewed as behaving questionable and reckless?  Why is only Zayn’s actions scrutinized so harshly?

Is it because Louis gave a faux-excited utterance on live TV that he is happy about the “baby” so that means that he is taking responsibility, therefore a better human-being than Zayn?? PLEASE!

Why is this sudden pregnancy a possible stunt but Zayn’s twitter foolishness is 100 % legit?

In REAL life, if some guy you knew just suddenly breaks up with his long-time girlfriend, starts going out clubbing and smoking,  sleeps with some random ass girl, didn’t use protection (in this diseased-filled day-and-age) and knocked her up, y’all would be like

alovelikethesoulmates asked:

Louis changing his bio to 1/4 now when he could have done it right after Zayn left and the loads of fan service he's doing is making me suspicious. Idk what do u think about this?

bippityboppityboobello said: What is your thought on him changing it? I knew he was suppose to but it still messes with me


Y’all know I’m cynical and side-eye almost everything. It seems pretty stunty. A very random thing to do 5 months after Zayn “quit”. He didn’t think to do that after “Zayn” tweeted about him having no life? Seems like that would have been the ideal time to clap back by updating his bio. This is how the average, reasonable, semi-adult human being thinks, right? LOL

“Louis” changed it in the midst of some corny fan service and XFactor promo. So I’m thinking this is just another cheap way of bringing attention back to Zayn (and Zouis?), who’s been pretty quiet for more than a week straight.

Is Zayn about to do a thing? Is that what Baby Bear’s sad red (= Liam) sticker was about? Is it just more please-keep-paying-attention-to-us social media stuntin’?

In general, I think there’s very little coming from their social media that’s genuine. There’s always a hidden agenda and it’ll probably be that way until 1DHQ no longer has control over it. So meh, I’m not impressed.