I’m getting anons asking me about the Nathan Followill “stunt.” Anons: It isn’t a stunt. Harry has friends. Harry has a tattoo obsession and pretty much zero discrimination about under what circumstances he’ll get a tattoo. Late Late? Brasil? Big on his big toe? Remember these? Nathan is bringing it up because he’s selling an album and celebrities tell stories about each other while they’re advertising all the time. I’m not wild about it, but this is fairly harmless, and Harry is close with him and his family and Kings of Leon as well. This is not a stunt, it’s a few articles about a harmless anecdote very clearly mentioned during someone’s promo period.

Harry is entitled to get whatever tattoos he wants on his own body, regardless of who it will or won’t please. Give the guy a break.

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I'm sorry to bring up Cassandra Cain again as this is basically a question inspired by Cassandra Cain, but do you think Bruce would be as good at dealing with a foster daughter as foster sons? There's been plenty of material over the decades on father-son relationships in Batman but the distaff side has never been as well explored. (No, I'm not bitter about Cass being never officially adopted)

I think I come pretty close to dealing with that in Arm Candy, although maybe not quite.

In my fics, Bruce has a noted problem with becoming whatever he thinks other people need him to be. He’s probably the most traditionally paternal with Dick, because Dick was young and he needed a certain amount of structure and he was used to that kind of household (when you’re doing death-defying stunts you gotta listen to your parents if you don’t wanna die). Jason did not respond well to anything resembling paternal behaviors and so Bruce was mostly ended up acting like… idk. The Boss. He never really figured out how to strike the right balance between too chill and too stern but it’s hard to say if it would have helped. With Tim he’s very “big brother”y rather than fatherly, in part because Tim is a teen instead of a child/preteen. Though ironically Tim is the one who is most likely to casually call him Dad.

ANYWAY. When the masks are on he’d probably be about the same with any kid regardless of gender, because at that point they are working and they’ve got shit to do. Boss-mode. Masks off, he might be more awkward with a daughter. He would overthink the shit out of it and probably err on the side of spoiling the hell out of them (though tbh he spoils the shit out of all the Robins, it’s just a really fucking weird kind of spoiled).

Plus he gets a lot of side-eye for being a party bachelor who keeps adopting little boys so god only knows the rumors he’d get with a girl. Would he do it anyway if he thought they needed him? Yeah, probably. But eventually this man is going to end up in a marriage of convenience just so people shut the fuck up about his kids.

(actually tim’s posts on vine/snapchat/youtube/tumblr/etc about his ridiculous adopted father really help in that regard, it becomes very quickly obvious that bruce wayne is a hot fucking mess of a single father, and he clearly needed to adopt some children to suit his pre-existing hot dad vibes)

tl;dr it’s pretty up in the air because his track record with boys is also spotty but he’d Do His Best

quick note: for a very sweet person @ashkyxhemmings i hope u enjoy this and it’s what u wanted 💖

Okay, I’ll see you soon. Luke was coming over to talk. Which sounded better to him than what you had in mind. You’d been scrolling through the #larzaylea posts on instagram and twitter finding your heart breaking more and more with every new picture, when you decided to ask him over. She’d take pictures of him and post them with her hands pushing his lips into a kiss. You’d take pictures of him smiling while kissing your cheek and weren’t allowed to post them. 

Luke was doing a PR stunt with her. You two had been together a few months before she came around but weren’t comfortable with putting yourselves out there yet, and so his management found a new girl, someone who would put herself out there. Your phone went off again after two minutes of you not replying to Luke’s text and you ignored it. It was silent in your house, the TV was on an episode of a series you were watching, paused. You weren’t going to hit play for a while. 

You sighed unhappily to yourself as you thought about your current situation. You never thought you’d be dating a rockstar, and you especially never imagined you’d have to hide it from the world.

The fans didn’t all like Arzaylea. In fact, most of them didn’t. She was problematic as they called her and you had your own reasons for thinking that too. Of course, she didn’t deserve the massive amounts of hate she got, but when you were very angry with the circumstances, you didn’t mind it. Yet, it scared you too. 

After several months of being closeted while your boyfriend ran around with a very pretty girl, it became something else; it felt like he was cheating and you knew about it but couldn’t do anything about it. You’d been thinking, not talking to him very much until now, the tour was over and he was home. He’d been home for a few days and you two still hadn’t seen each other because he was with family.

And when he said he could come over tonight, you happily agreed to letting him come over. You said you wanted to talk to him in person and he misunderstood it as you’d just wanted to see him after so long of not seeing him. 

I’m here. Your phone lit up on the coffee table. You got up and went to the door, pulling it open just as he was stepping onto the front porch. He smiled at you, arms opening up as he engulfed you in a big hug. You wound your arms around his waist, feeling happy, but sad all at the same time. 

“Hey.” He said, hearing his voice was shaky for you. It took all you had not to break down crying right then. You pulled back, moving so he could go in and closing the door after him. “How are you? How have you been?” He asked, turning around to face you while setting his keys and phone on the table in the hall. He’d always made it a habit to steer clear of his phone while he was with you. 

“I’m okay. How are you?” You met his eyes and he smiled at you. 

“Really good! Happy to be back home,” He paused and moved forward, setting his hands on your waist. “And very happy to be here with you.” He leaned down and connected his lips with yours in a kiss hello. Perhaps it felt a little more like kiss goodbye to you though. 

“Let’s go sit down in the living room.” You said, pulling away from his embrace. “There’s something I want to tell you.” The tone of your voice or the sadness in your eyes or the way you ended the kiss, something must have signaled to  him this was no normal talk. You could feel the shift in the mood and heard it in his voice when he simply said okay, and followed you like a defeated player who knew he was losing in this game. 

You sat down on the chair and he took the couch by himself. Another sign. His eyes traveled over the episode of Supernatural. “I’m almost to season eleven.” He said, looking back at you. “I was watching it all through tour.” He smiled small at you, thinking you’d like to hear he’d been binge watching your favorite show. But right now, you didn’t care if Dean or Sam was his favorite. 

“I’ve been thinking about things,” You started, hands already sweaty. 

“About what things?” He edged up on his seat, nervous as he tapped his foot on the ground. 

“Us things. Well, you and Arzaylea things.” He sighed as soon as you said her name, head lowering as he looked at the floor. It hurt to see him so…disappointed but you had to say this. “I don’t think I can do this anymore. Not with her around.” 

“No,” He said quietly, “No please, Y/n.” He lifted his head and met your eyes, hopeful. “Please don’t say that. Take it back. Say you’ll stay. We can work this out.” 

“I don’t think we can.” 

“Why? I’ll do anything! I’ll do anything at all to keep you from leaving my life. You make it so good and I can’t imagine it without you.” He stood up, sitting down next to you. 

“You have no idea what it’s like, Luke.” You finally let yourself cry, a tear slipping down your cheek. “You have no idea,” he gripped your hand. “What it’s like to have to watch you be with her. I’m your girlfriend, not her. It’s reasonable to feel this way and it’s also reasonable to want out of this.” You moved your hand away from him, standing up and walking past the TV and standing by the window, looking out. 

“Baby, I know it’s hard-” 

“You don’t know! That’s the thing! You’re not the one going through this! You’re not the one who has to fucking watch their boyfriend be with someone else!” You were angry now. “It’s not like we’re exes and I’m supposed to move on. It’s not like that at all. Because we are together. And I’m supposed to be in love with you and you’re supposed to be in love with me and no one else, Luke.” You wiped your tears away as he stood up. 

“You think I’m in love with her?” He questioned, moving towards you. 


“You just said I’m supposed to be in love with you and no one else. Do you think I’m in love with someone else, Y/n?” You looked at him, confused. 

“What?” You couldn’t say anything else. No other sentences, yet alone words would come out. 

“Y/n, I’m not in love with her. I don’t like her like that. I like you like that. I’m in love with you. And no one else, okay?” Luke moved closer, hands reaching out for yours. 

You looked at the ground, at his feet clad in black leather boots stepping closer to yours clad in white slip on vans. His fingers intertwined with yours, warm hands meeting your sweaty ones. 

“Dear God, you scared me so much. Please don’t leave me. Please stay with me.” When you didn’t answer he sighed, tugging your chin up so he could see your eyes. “Y/n, trust me when I say, I have no feelings whatsoever for her. You’re all I want, all I could ever want. Okay?” 

“Okay.” You said simply, not sure what you were agreeing to just wanting the conversation to end so you could slip back into your blankets and forget about the way the world was treating you for an hour. 

“Please don’t leave me.” 

“I won’t.” 


“Ever.” You smiled small at him and he grinned like an idiot, pulling you into his chest to hug you. 

“Thank God. I love you, Y/n.” 

“I love you too, Luke.” 

“One of my friends on the set of Sherlock, she said, ‘Man, you got henched,’” recalls the actor, who shot the forthcoming season of the PBS detective show after wrapping Doctor Strange. “I said, ‘What is that?’ She said, ‘You’re quite buff.’” The usual boring way,” says Cumberbatch. “You eat very well, you get trained by brilliant people, you work out and you do yoga, you have a physio if you injure yourself, you do stunts, you do running, you have someone editing your diet. It’s all handed to you. It’s not that hard. You just really have to apply yourself. We’re lucky. People would kill for that kind of experience. As long as you do it sensibly, it’s safe. There are good ways of doing it and there are bad ways of doing it. You can do a body-building thing where you’re destroying your body to rip new muscle or you can do it the way I did it, which is quite diligently, over a long period of time, with a healthy diet.”

I started this training back in the day when I was rehearsing Hamlet (Cumberbatch played the title role in a London production of the Shakespeare play immediately prior to shooting Doctor Strange). So, I’d do an hour [of training] in the morning, then I’d do a whole day on Hamlet, then I’d go home and hopefully see my baby in time for bed,” he adds. “Then, once the show was up and running, I’d be working out in the morning, then going to Longcross [Studios] to rehearse Doctor Strange, then coming back from Longcross to play Hamlet. And Hamlet was like a three-hour cardiovascular [workout]. I don’t think I was in better shape during the film than I was when I was doing Hamlet and training for the film. That was probably when I was at my peak.”


His friend at #Setlock was definitely not lying. I mean…

Damn son!

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Tayv!n the PR Stunt Masterpost

I had been encouraged by quite a few people to make a post dedicated to the PR Stunt that Taylor and Calvin have been running. I had initially made this post last July, and have now finally gotten a chance to update it so this masterpost is almost everything from the last year.

I also tried staying very unbiased here (as much as I possibly can), and tried only looking at the PR facts we have. Thank you worshippedlove for helping!

Also before I actually start I want to state a few things so you all can reflect on it while reading this. Taylor had said that her next relationship would be a lot more private/secretive, and throughout this stunt she has not once stuck to that. And to the nay-sayers, don’t give me the weak argument that she’s comfortable being seen with him in public, and completely throw that quote out of the window. Everything they’ve done has been overly publicized. I would understand them being seen together more often in the public eye after dating for awhile, but she threw them in front of the media literally from the ‘first date’. 

In this video Calvin says Taylor is the opposite of his type, and that was only 4 months before meeting her so it isn’t super old. The only thing that can change someone’s type that fast IMO is money/fame/publicity.

Last thing before we start - Calvin has said that he doesn’t like dating famous women so why is he ‘dating’ one of the most famous ones in the world?

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