In 2016, Cards Against Humanity got people to pay them over $100,000 to dig a hole for no reason.  

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You may remember some of their protests from previous years - like that one time they sold actual bull shit to 30k people:


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Suggestion: I'm actually an alto sax in marching band, so speaking from experience here. I'm betting Robbie is the one that gives sass to the band director and constantly makes SpongeBob joked until they're forced to run laps. I would know. That person tis me.

He does the lil spongebob “eager face” before performing to make everyone uncomfortable

so anyway with what looks like some more stunting coming up may i suggest that everyone who’s been on the fence about skam give it a try? it’s truly in a category of its own quality wise and in terms of positive queer representation.

(and also anything that takes the fandom’s attention away from the fame thirsty cretins and deprives them of the attention they so desperately crave is always a bonus imo)


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psa that if/when stunting commences i will not only be actively ignoring it but will probably be over at my skam blog or my trc blog depending on my mood

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@saintagnesparrish for the raven cycle/books in general