I’ll stay chill and literally just sip my tea.

We were already expecting this because this stunt now has a pattern: Push and pull, slap and lick, we’ve seen it coming :) 

It’s still fake af. It’s still a stunt. There’s no baby. Louis and Harry are together. Larry is the realest. End of story.

Oh yeah, and friendly reminder: Harry’s got a massive hickey in his collarbones :) who :) do :) you :) think :) that :) gave :) him :) it :)

Worth the while !!https://twitter.com/louis_tomlinson/status/620162579231580160

It all comes out in the wash.https://twitter.com/harry_styles/status/503271463408111616?lang=pt

They warned us. They did. We’ll be ok, they’ll be ok. 

Relax and trust the boys people, it’ll be over anytime soon. 

Teen Choice Awards/Days of Our Lives

If we look at the last 3 Months I feel like this has been one long angsty teen drama all leading up to what could be a fucked up mid-season finale with next week’s Teen Choice Awards.

Taking a gander at the Invited Guest List….:

One Direction - OT4 are nominated in a few categories. As others have mentioned we might be get some Larry here (sitting beside eachother perhaps? This was seeded and market tested at the last awards show and the reaction from the fandom was positive) and it will be wholly dependent on what happens with Babygate this week.

Zayn Malik - I’m on the fence about whether Zayn will be attending. For the “new mature” image it makes sense that he would skip this event, maybe pre-recording a video thanks if he wins claiming he just cant get out of the studio. This would allow him to get the press  but not have to worry about walking the red carpet, fielding questions. On the other hand, if fellow nominees Rihanna, Drake or Kanye are there, perfect way to establish more collab possibilities and give Zayn more credibility.

Others with recent Media Ties to One Direction:

Kylie Jenner - All this Zayn bullshit makes sense now. Kylie turns 18 on Monday, i’m guessing she’ll be having wild club parties this week, and Zayn will be a reported guest. They’ve also put out stories that Tyga is jealous of Zayn interacting with Kylie. Considering Zayn hung out with Kanye at the Louis Vuitton Paris fashion show, and both Kanye & Kim are nominated for Teen Choice awards, This will amp everything up for Sunday when they will all be in the same room as Zayn’s slighted ex,.

Perrie Edwards/Little Mix - Perrie and Co. will be on James Corden’s show just two days after the Teen Choice Awards, and they have already seeded she’ll be talking about Zayn’s betrayal and how much better off she is. Little Mix will be milking this US promo for all they’re worth and will likely be gushing if OT4 wins anything.

Fifth Harmony - a well established rivalry exists between Little Mix & Fifth Harmony, but it adds an interesting layer that Liam has mentioned their music before on Twitter, and Niall & Louis were out partying with them in June.

Ariana Grande - After rumors circulated that she had slept with Niall, Grande fought back with an infamous Instagram video.

Taylor Swift - All bad blood from Haylor seems to have dissipated but that doesn’t stop the tabloid mags from continually trying to stir something up. 

Justin Bieber - Someone Taylor just loves seeing, there was also press only a couple weeks ago linking Niall to Justin beside a “suspicious looking glass pipe”

I’ve never in my life watched the Teen Choice awards, but I think this time I’ll pour myself a big ol’ glass of wine and a massive tub of popcorn, because this shit could get good…

It Is What It Is

Okay so I sat down with my mother today and showed her everything I know about Larry. My mom did not know anything about them before tonight. I showed her everything. Larry proof and drama from the beginning to now (which by the way took a while). Anyway this is what my mom said about the whole situation.
“The first time I ever saw those boys was on TV. It was back when they first started. I knew Louis was gay. It was blatantly obvious.” Then after watching videos of them over the years and hearing about modest and seeing the gma interview, my mother said this;
“There is no doubt those boys are in a relationship. You could see how as the years went on they kept having to get further away from each other. I’m assuming it’s because they are signed with a piece of shit management company that tells them what to do. They are supposed to appeal to teenage girls, so of course they can’t be gay! The women they perused were obviously beards. And let me add this, I’ve been in secret relationships and those boys represent exactly how it goes. The matching tattoos, the trying not to look at each other, the singing to each other, all of it is most definitely not coincidental. Cat (her ex wife) and I were going to get tattoos of Bacon and eggs because it was a secret little cute thing between us. Those boys look at each other in a way that can not be acted. I think they are tied down and controlled by a disgusting corporation. Louis is not having a baby. There is no way in hell I mean they all gave that away in the gma interview. Their faces were priceless. Liam’s "oh boy” after the interviewer asked Harry why he was quiet, that really sold it. This Briana chick could be pregnant or whatever. But it is most definitely not that boys. He has matching tattoos with his bandmate. He is fucking his bandmate. And no manager can ever control what goes on behind closed doors. Just wait hun..this whole thing is gonna be really interesting in a month.“

So my mother is a dark Larrie now and knows all. I’m real proud ❤❤

Whatever we think about this stunty mess, it’s smarter than most of us give it credit for.

Who can’t say “we’re gonna make real music now” without offending their entire fan base and sounding like a boyband trying too hard to seem more mature? 1D is who.

So what instead is the reaction if a former member of 1D tweets about doing “real music” now right before 1D releases a single with a new more mature sound?

Way to keep current fans super loyal and making new people interested while staying humble and keeping the “we just do the things we like” vibe.

This is clever. Shady but smart af.


VIDEO: @DomSherwood1 completing a front flip. (via @lucescu)

Stunt called out on Ryan Seacrest radio show

Ok…. There was a girl who just called into Ryan Seacrest talking about how all of us on Tumblr are talking about how all of this is a stunt. She even gave examples with the Naughty Boy track leak and the fights on Twitter.

But Ryan kind of shut her down! He said he thought she was being cynical and that he believes that nothing is set in stone.

My thing is, why did you just say that nothing is set in stone, when you just said that Simon has confirmed everything that’s been going on!!!

What is really going on!!

Why do we have paps of harry in london when they could have hidden that he was there? Why did z100 play an old clip of louis and harry thanking fans for their support and loving them no matter what? Why are non 1d fans congratulating louis and harry on coming out? What is going on? Why is my heart pounding?