Behold: the “Ass Top Driller”. If it’s important to you, I can assure you that the man in question screamed like a cat being strangled by a banshee and certainly behaved as though the spinning metal spike of the top penetrated his anus. However, if that detail was important to you, perhaps you should take a minute now and reevaluate your life. Somebody gave birth to you. They had hopes for you. And these are your priorities.

5 Amazing TV Shows That Prove Japan Broke Reality

anonymous asked:

did you see new photos of zayn's family with perrie?

Yeah, nonnie, I saw. Funny, innit?

This one is my fave:

Safaa: Noooooo, mum, don’t make me do this! Pleeeease! I’ll do dishes and clean the house. I promise. Just let me go!

Really? Zaynie has “left”, and now we’re getting something zerrie-related EVERY DAY! I don’t know what else do you need to understand certain things.


If people do not find it weird that Naughty Boy has followed Danielle, Eleanor, Keith and Gemma & Lottie followed Naughty Boy, I’m praying for you..

This literally screams STUNT. Why in the world would Lottie follow someone who her brother ‘hates’ (if you don’t believe it’s a stunt ofc) & how in the world should Naughty Boy for a second be interested in what Harry’s sister, Liam’s ex, Louis’ ex & Louis’ granddad tweets about?