Stuntwoman killed on set of Deadpool 2

A female stunt person has died while performing a motorcycle stunt on the set of Deadpool 2 according to a statement from the Vancouver police. On Tuesday, the Coroners Service of British Columbia identified the victim as 40-year-old SJ Harris.

Witnesses said that a female motorcyclist crashed her bike in the Jack Poole Plaza in the Canadian city of Vancouver. She reportedly went airborne before crashing through glass at Shaw Tower.

Onlookers originally thought that the crash was a choreographed part of the filming, but soon realised that the incident was unintended.


Gotham BTS from S3 Finale. This was my very first crack…and my boi, Turner (Ben’s amazing stuntman), got it on camera.

I was extra excited because this was my 20th try and frankly, I wasn’t expecting to get anything. 😂 practice makes perfect. Persistence does too. 👏🏽

**ALSO, Turner had me wear his sunglasses for safety. They look better on him. 😂


Strapping fireworks to your legs and break dancing…

Crazy dance stunt done by Lil Amok


Okay so my friend found this account that tagged Briana and Tammi on this new picture of a kid that looks exactly like Freddie( not gonna put the picture of the kid cause privacy)
And then the second picture they posted has this shady caption about having to drop off their baby???
Like shady enough, the account’s posts are all so recent as if it was created recently.
Is this how they are ending it??
I’m just 👀👀👀

The Walking Dead stuntman dead after on-set injury

John Bernecker, 33, a stuntman on The Walking Dead, died after sustaining serious injuries on the set. 

The incident occurred on location in Atlanta during production on season 8. Bernecker fell more than 20 feet and hit the concrete below. 

Bernecker performed stunt work on numerous films over the past few years, including more recently on Marvel’s Black Panther, Rampage, The Fate of the Furious, Logan and Get Out.

“Director” Michael Bay released a statement: “Such a sad day with the passing of John Bernecker, in a tragic accident on their set.”