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video game challenge: [1/7] male characters
       ↳ Delsin Rowe

“ Oh my god, there’s a bio-terrorist! He’s so threatening and stunningly handsome! I can’t control myself! ”

Mathew Barzal #3

Requested by Anon:  I generally would want something that is a Mathew Barzal imagine, however my ideas are all over the place! Definitely something fluffy. Maybe you work at the rink or one of the arenas or something and you catch his eye? Or you’re the cousin of one of the other boys and there’s a bit of a flirtationship going on? Whatever is easiest for you! I’m just excited to read it. :)

*Thank you so much! I’m not sure if this is fluffy enough for you but hundred percent cute! I hope you like it. Enjoy!:)*

Word count: 964

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Would you still call a stalker, ‘stalker’ if he was a stunningly tall, utterly handsome Team Canada hockey player? Let’s be real here, you might be the stalker in this situation but nobody has to know about the Mathew Barzal jersey you have hanging in your closet, right?

Still, it was the fifth time in two days that you caught him looking at you, not that you’re counting or anything – you are.

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who cares | 04 (m)

pairing:  kim taehyung x oc 

genre/warnings: mature material, smut, angst, drama, adultery, breath play

words: 7,812

→ summary: what happens when Taehyung falls for someone who’s already taken? Can he control his feelings or will they take over and render him powerless? In the end is it all her fault or his…?

note. inspired by Dean’s album 130: trbl. Italic paragraphs indicate flashbacks.

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Her point of view

Thirteen weeks previous

She had spotted him as soon as she sat down at the bar. He was hidden in the corner, drinking alone, his dark fringe falling in his eyes. He really was stunningly handsome; mysterious even, like he should be in a movie, and no matter how stupid she felt she couldn’t help but imagine different scenarios in her head.

He would notice her from across the room, maybe she was dancing, and she’d hear a voice asking her if he could join. Afterwards he’d buy her a drink and they’d sit and chat for what felt like hours. Maybe then he’d ask if he could walk her home, along the way they’d get distracted, he’d lean in a for kiss, and then he was taking her back to his instead because it was closer…

It would never happen though. For one, he didn’t know she existed, he hadn’t looked up once, seemingly preoccupied, and two, she had a boyfriend. A boyfriend of three years. They were in love, and whatever silly games she was playing in her head meant nothing. She told herself there was no harm in imagining, it was only right given the amount of times he worked away. She got lonely, and she was often left wondering if he wanted her like that anymore.

Make believe was just make believe though, and she watched the mysterious stranger leave about an hour later, ignoring the stir of bitter disappointment in her stomach.

Twelve weeks previous

However, imagine her surprise when the same guy approached to buy her a drink a week later.

A week had past and she found herself thinking about the mysterious stranger more than once, jumping at the chance to visit the bar again when her friends from work asked her. It was something she never did; go out two weeks in a row, but for some reason the nag in her head wouldn’t go; she needed to see if he would be there again.

It turned out he was. She had spotted him right away; in his corner, his fringe in his eyes again. Dressed in navy slacks and a cheesecloth shirt, complete with more rings than she’d ever seen any man wear before, he really was a picture, an artist of some sort, and she couldn’t stop staring at the way he tapped his jewellery against his whiskey glass, over and over again.

For some reason she found herself laughing louder than usual, talking louder even, her subconscious trying to gain his attention even though she knew she shouldn’t have it. It must have worked though, became there he was, right in front of her.

She heard his voice first. “Can I get you girls anything?”

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Lord Henry and Basil Hallward

Basil Hallward goes up to the counter and orders an Earl Grey tea from the young, stunningly handsome barista. Basil asks him if he’s done any modelling before.

Lord Henry Wotton goes up to the counter and sees Basil and the barista chatting. He grows increasingly angry that his friends have ignored him, and he thinks that the best course of action is to sit in the corner of the shop and mope.

A few minutes later, the other customers look on in horror as the barista stabs Basil repeatedly. Lord Henry doesn’t notice that his friend is gone.

Untamed Ch 9. Snip Clip

AU: Lee Joon Gi Fan Fiction/ Supernatural Romance.

Gently, her fingertips brushed over his shoulder, partially testing his temperature and partially investigating the rough scars that had made it’s home there. His skin radiated heat, but it wasn’t too alarming. No fever and at least he was resting well.  After very few words, he suddenly collapsed in her arms and for some reason…she felt sympathy, not fear.

Emma bit her lip in curious contemplation, It’s ridiculous. The idea that this…Her eyes rolling slowly over his exposed back. This strange and stunningly handsome man was actually Neko the whole time kept buzzing through her mind relentlessly. It’s stupid and Impossible. Scoffing at the notion. Things like that don’t exist in the real-real world. But there he was before her; flesh and blood. Either that…or she was completely nuts. She was leaning towards the latter. 

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It's 10:44 pm and I'm thinking (and screaming) about how Lee Soo Hyuk is so damn attractive and that he could possibly maybe be Wonho's older brother bc wow they're both stunningly handsome and it's no wonder I bias them both



10 Actors/Actresses I would def kiss given the chance

Rules: List 10 actresses and/or actors (or a mix of both) you would kiss and then tag 10 blogs

Oh wow okay so its rare that I feel that way about actors, so this might take a bit. :P

I was tagged by the lovely @thestagthatlovedthewolf

1. Sean Bean (He’s so very talented. GORGEOUS voice. Stunningly handsome yet adorable and bashful. Basically defines my type. So ALWAYS. ANY FCKING DAY.)

2. Nathan Fillion(Because I have met him and he is really sweet and really REALLY handsome. Also a loveable nerd, and a darn good actor)

3. Chris Hemsworth(Uh. Thor. Very much so. Great guy!)

4. Jensen Ackles (yes. Absolutely. Good actor, talented. So damn handsome.) 

5. Thomas Gibson (Very talented. But I’d actually kiss Aaron Hotchner, because Hotch is so wonderful who deserves so much <3)

6. Shemar Moore (If you don’t watch Criminal Minds, google him. You’ll know why. But for me mostly because he is very talented. Also adorable)

7. Henry Cavill (yes. Yes please. Just…beautiful. He’s beautiful.)

8. Chris Evans (He’s really adorable. And he’s so open about his anxiety it really warms my heart to see that.)

9. Mark Strong (Extremely talented, beautiful voice…I call him chiseled jaw. Just sayin I’d adore doing a painting of his jawline.)

10. (Saved one of the bests for last) Harrison Ford. (ANY.FCKING.DAY. I don’t even think I need to explain why)

tagging: anyone who wants to do it. 

The Mysterious Stranger

Ahhh a new series. 

So so so sorry guys. I promise I’ll finish the other series. I just keep getting ideas that I want to share for you guys. I think I might put all the request I’ve received so far in this series and make it into one huge fluffy, smutty, angsty beautiful Bangtan mess~


Without further adieu,

Ladies and Gentleman,

Part 1: The Mysterious Stranger~

Genre: Smut, Fluff, Angst

Jimin x Reader x Jungkook

-Admin K

(Promise it will get better)

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