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For you, @drsallysparrow, several months late.

“Georgie,” Fred whispered, arching a brow and digging his elbow into his brother’s ribs as soon as they poured out of Filch’s office. “Have a look.”

“Well then,” George remarked, eyeing the worn piece of parchment in his twin’s hand. “A whole drawer of confiscated items and you thought the blank bit of parchment was probably best?” He reached for it, giving it a skeptical once-over. “For this I wasted a dungbomb?” 

“A dungbomb at the inconvenience of Filch is never a dungbomb wasted,” Fred told him smartly. “Anyway, considering the drawer, there’s obviously more to it. Unlike you,” he added, nudging him. “Who possess nothing beneath your stunningly handsome facade.”

“A handsomeness that I wear better, by the way,” George assured his twin, not looking up. “Hm,” he murmured to himself. “If it were me, I would- ”

He stopped, frowning in thought.

“Oh good,” Fred said, fighting a yawn. “I was hoping you’d come to an abrupt stop.” He leaned against the wall, kicking one leg out to cross it over the other. “Frankly, if it weren’t for your unerring mystery, I’d have run off a long time ago.”

George raised his wand and tapped it against the parchment. “Revelio,” he muttered, and then watched as a series of words began to spread across the page.

No, it said. Don’t feel like it.

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video game challenge: [1/7] male characters
       ↳ Delsin Rowe

“ Oh my god, there’s a bio-terrorist! He’s so threatening and stunningly handsome! I can’t control myself! ”

Denying The Feelings

you’re a darling, thank you so much love. x

A/N: i don’t do smut, so don’t ask || enjoy ♥

Fandom: Disney Descendants

Boy: Harry Hook

Word Count: 1,920

Warning(s): Fluff

‘‘I can’t fall for him, he’s Captain Hook’s son for goodness sake!’‘

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Remembering that one time I messaged Niclas Gillis back in 2013 & got a reply 8 months later because of that stupid “other” folder on FB. Niclas is so sweet & handsome & talented. I remember I partially messaged because I came across him when I was searching for someone to represent this book character I loved and he fit so well.


Note: I’m just spitting fics out today! :D Hope you enjoy this one. I love TJeffs so freaking much.

Request: I JUAT DISCOVERED THIS BLOG AND I AM SO HAPPY I FOUND IT. Can I request a fic with Jefferson with the prompt: “Are you flirting/hitting on her for me? - @tems-promise

Word Count: 992+

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Warning: None

AU: Hamiltime

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Being a bartender had its ups and downs. The cons were obviously some of the idiots who get drunk off their ass and attempt to get into your pants. Some perks included seeing lots of different faces throughout each day, sometimes seeing foreigners, sometimes friends. But overall, it wasn’t a bad job. It paid well for you being a woman.

“What can I get for you boys?” You asked, approaching two men at the counter. One of the men caught your eye. He had big curly hair, well-trimmed facial hair that adorned his face, a slight smirk that graced his lips, and gleaming chocolate eyes that you could stare into for ages. He was stunningly handsome to say the least.

There was a couple moments of silence as the other man turned to the curly-haired man for an answer. He was met with silence.

“Two glasses of your finest whiskey, please.” The other man spoke up kindly.

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Imagine – Getting Bae ready for his first DP porn scene ever…(Dean’s face at the end says it all  🤣)

Not pictured, 

The stunningly handsome ready to wreck shit up fellow co-actors, aka Daddy AFS 🤣

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Bonnie & Clyde - pt 5

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“I asked you last week to come over and hangout at my house but you said no. Plus, I’m busy these days. I’ll see you around kay?” You said walking away.

That night, Nari called to explain how pissed off Jay was.

“Y/N, he’s totally pissed, do you know what he said? Jesus. He said you’re a bitch for only using him as your boy toy and then ignoring him. Did you fuck him and not tell me!?” She gasped.

“Oh my god no! I almost did though…at your party.”

She yelped. “Almost!?”

“He didn’t want to…Nari, he outright rejected me, and when I invited him over last week, it was clear that he would never step into my house.”

“He’s the bitch! You gave him two shots and he’s that stupid?” Nari growled.

“It was only one shot and I was drunk so it’s no big deal, it’s better this way anyhow.” You concluded.

“I always knew you had a huge crush on him.” She stated.

“Okay first, no I didn’t. He was just a really hot friend that I started to like a little too much. Second, I think it’s better if I stay away from him.” You explained.

“That’s your choice I guess, but he’s really pissed. He’s even talking about you in school.” Nari said.

“If I hear him myself, I’ll tell Yoongi to kill him.”

“Speaking of Yoongi, I saw the way he was dragging you out the club the other day. It was a bit inappropriate for an employee…Is he your new boy toy?” She squealed annoyingly.

“He was just pretending to be my date, some old creep was trying to hit on me.” You explained.

She sighed. “I was hoping for something more juicy.”

“Keep dreaming.”


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anonymous asked:

What would happen if you hit Dean with your car?


“Dean!” Sam bellowed, running to the middle of the street where his brother was on lying the ground. 

“Son of a bitch, Sammy. Talk about bad luck.” Dean held his side and shifted so he could look down his body, checking for other injuries. 

“I am so sorry! Oh my God, are you okay?!” You scrambled out of your car, crouching down next to the man you’d just run into with your car - the stunningly handsome man, you noticed.

“No I am not-” Dean twisted and snarled up at you until he saw your eyes. “I - I - yeah, I’m fine.” He puffed out his chest and winced as a sharp pain shot through his ribs.

“One of your ribs is probably broken. Will you please let me take you to the hospital?” You shook your head, not believing you’d been so oblivious to him walking into the street. 

“Not a chance. I’m fine, sweetheart. Been through a hell of a lot worse than this.” He forced a smile. “What were you doin’ anyway? How’d ya miss me? I was… right in the middle of the street.”

“I - um… my boyfriend just broke up with me. I couldn’t exactly see what was going on. You know, through the tears and all…” Your eyes fell to the pavement below Dean. He and his brother shared a look, Dean showing hopefulness, Sam appearing as though he couldn’t believe his brother was still acting this way after he’d just been hit by a car. 

“Well, it’s alright.” Dean shrugged. “No hard feelings, really. I’m Dean Winchester, by the way. This is my brother Sammy.”

“Sam.” The taller of the two grunted in disapproval.

“I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you, I guess. Just call me if you need anything. Please. Anything at all.” You watched as Sam gripped his brother’s hand and pulled him up to standing - er, leaning, really - against the classic black car behind them. You gave a shy wave and folded yourself back into your car, backing away slowly and watching the Winchesters bantering in your rearview mirror.

“Son of a bitch, Sammy. Talk about good luck.” Dean winked at his brother and limped around to the passenger side, climbing in and fiddling with the little slip of paper that held your name and phone number, a little black heart scrawled beside it.  

What Would Happen…

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I Promise

A/n - Hiya! I’m sorry this took so long!! I couldn’t get it right I had to rewrite it like a million times but its long and fluffy and I’m happy with it so idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯    

request: hello! would you be up to writing plus soze reader with buck? it’s totally ok if you don’t feel like it! xx

pairing: bucky barnes x reader 

warnings: it starts of a little negative, but gets better, self-conscious reader, but bucky makes ya girl feel good l8er, lil’ bit angsty I guess?? implied frickle frackle but is all pg 

word count: 5.5k (oops??)

A/n - most importantly love!! Yourself!! Your!! Appearance!! Does!! Not!! Define!! You!! Y’all are beautiful inside and out in case you didn’t know and needed reminding xx


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You remember the first time you met Bucky as though it were only yesterday; it was the start of a new beginning, the memory vivid in your mind. Your morning hadn’t been very eventful, your day starting off slightly below average as you slept through your alarms for what seemed like the millionth time, making you late for the most important job you had ever been hired for. You had been hired as an assistant in the laboratories of the Avengers Headquarters, and to this day you were still unable to comprehend your luck at landing such an incredible job, yet here you were, running late again. You had awoken with a start, the neighbours’ dog’s loud barks jerking you out of your slumber, causing a string of curse words to slip past your lips when you cast your gaze on the alarm clock by your bed. Throwing the covers off your body, you rolled off the bed, groaning as you ran quickly around the room, attempting to gather all your necessities for work. Huffing, you felt your eyebrows crease together as you exited your apartment, locking the door behind you. You tried to regain your breath to the best of your ability as you stumbled down the street, not pausing for a moment, terrified of your boss’ reaction of your tardiness. Keeping your gaze down, you winced as numerous people nudged you accidentally as they hurried past, pressing your lips together as you fought the frown that was threatening to take over your features. It was times like these that you cursed your chubby legs, preventing you from running down the street without feeling as though a lung would surely collapse. Shaking your head slightly, you refused to let your thoughts cloud your mind, as you once again glanced at the watch on your wrist arriving at the front door of the Avenger’s tower. 

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“A Touch Unlike Any Other”

A Olicity Historical AU:  Touch can be so much more than just, physical.

A/N:  T-rated and 1 chapter of ?.   I’ve been struggling with writer’s block for a while and wanted to say thank you to three lovely friends for their friendship and never ending cheerleading.  It is so appreciated.  xo @tinaday3w @hope-for-olicity @quiveringbunny


Chapter 1

London, Spring of 1816

Oliver Queen, the Earl of Archer, concentrated on taking his next breath as he attempted to keep the piercing noises of the jubilant ballroom suppressed to a tolerable irritation.   Draw air in, as if inhaling the pleasing scent of a blooming flower.  Ease out, to attempt to relax.  Draw in.  Ease out.  Draw in.  Ease outHe repeated his personal mantra over and over in his mind.  If he could keep his concentration he just might make it through the night without embarrassing himself and his family.  

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Bitter, Then Sweet

Sometimes there doesn’t need to be a reason to spoil people you love. Sometimes it’s more fun to surprise them just because. This morning you woke up with just such a desire. That’s why you’re in the kitchen early on a Sunday, already returned from a quick grocery run.

Ingredients and trays and molds and bowls neatly line the counter. Your book of recipes is open and securely propped on the windowsill in between cheery sprouts in terracotta pots, the beginnings of your indoor herb garden you started with Kyungsoo. You know the recipe and method of chocolate making by heart, but you always double check the page with its small and sometimes not so small notes on the process. Chocolate making is something you are well known for among your friends, gifting them for birthdays or special events. Or, in cases like these, not so special, but they’re always made with the same amount of love and care. That’s something you can never give Kyungsoo and his friends enough of.

Even though EXO is between albums, the boys are still working their tails off for the next one on top of individual commitments. They do enjoy most of their packed agendas, but if the fatigue in Kyungsoo’s smile when he returns home to you and how often he passes out the instant his butt hits the couch is any hint, they need a pick-me-up. What better way to do that than with a surprise sugar rush.

As you check the temperature of the bowl of melting chocolate on the stove-top, you hear your door swing open and hit the wall. Without looking away from the chocolate, you call, “Kyungsoo?”

Your boyfriend’s chuckle is rich as the sweet you’re stirring. “Were you expecting someone else?” He steps into the kitchen with a paper bag and two coffee cups in hand.

Looking at him sends a little thrill through your spine. With the glamour of makeup absent from his face, Kyungsoo almost looks like an ordinary man who may have an unhealthy obsession with black clothes. Almost. Because, makeup or no, he’s still the most stunningly handsome man ever to grace your eyes. Plus, no makeup means no more public schedule for the day. That in turns means he could possibly be yours for the rest of the day.

“No schedule?” you ask to be sure. You mentally cross your fingers.

Kyungsoo grins. “None. I persuaded Jongin to switch places with me for the photoshoot so I finished first. I already fulfilled my vocal practice hours as well so,” he lifts the bag, “I got us breakfast.”

“My perfect man,” you giggle, eyeing the bag curiously.

“I honestly thought you’d still be asleep,” he says. He looks around the kitchen, noting the layout. “You’ve been industrious. Whose birthday is it?”

“No one’s. I just thought you and the other guys could use a treat with how hard you’ve been working.” Lifting the bowl, you carefully settle it in a bowl of water to cool a little before you use it. “Not that you don’t always work hard, but you seem to need a little extra something.”

Kyungsoo’s eyes widen before they shrink as his mouth spreads in a wide grin. He presses a light kiss against your cheek as he sets your coffee beside you. “That’s very sweet of you, love.”

You turn your head, shamelessly begging for a real kiss with your eyes. Kyungsoo readily obliges within a heartbeat. He tastes like smooth coffee and mint chap-stick. His hand drifts down to your back. The playfulness of his fingers twisting in your apron strings contrasts the serenity of his kiss. Smooth and savoring, your lips sink into each others like taking a long draught of water.

Kyungsoo pulls away, his hand sliding around your waist. He looks at you with affection. “You look very cute in an apron.”

His compliments are always straightforward, but they still make you glow. “You’ve said that before,” you reply with a coy smile.

“Because it’s true. Here, try this.” He drags the paper bag he brought closer with one hand so his other doesn’t have to release you. Pulling out a rotund, golden pastry with flaky layers, he holds it up to your mouth, careful to angle it so no crumbs get in the chocolate.

You bite down, buttery pastry mixing with a bittersweet filling. You moan and lick your lips. “Pain au chocolat. God, that’s good.”

“It’s from the bakery that opened two blocks down. They had a display of these in the window and it made me think of you. Though if I’d known you were making chocolate, I would have gotten some lemon mulberry scones they had.”

“Are you trying to say I sample my work too much?” You glare at him before bursting into laughter when he snorts. “Okay, maybe I do, but my esophagus could be coated in chocolate and I could still eat more.”

Kyungsoo laughs and lets you go to pull over a stool to sit on. He takes his own pain au chocolat out of the bag and takes a generous mouthful. You watch him close his eyes in bliss and let everything melt together on his tongue. “We should make these one weekend.”

“I’ll probably have some chocolate left over if you want to try tonight or in the morning so you can take some back with you.”

“As if I could bring anything back without the wolves sniffing it out,” he snorts. “Did you know Sehun ate the rest of the cookies we made last week? I had almost dozen left when I stuck them on top of the fridge.”

You laugh. “You can’t really blame the puppy when you put it right on eye level for tall people. I’m kind of surprised Jongin or Chanyeol didn’t snack on them first.”

“They learned to ask,” he replies, a satisfied, impish look in his eyes. You don’t ask.

“Now, love, you can’t hog me and my sweets all to yourself.” You kiss his temple as you lean across the counter for the candy thermometer. “We can make two batches: one for us and one for them.”

He hums noncommittally and goes back to nibbling his breakfast. You can tell he’s still not quite happy about sharing food you made for him, but everyone has their moments of selfishness. Besides, he makes plenty of food for them; it’s understandable to want them to respect what’s his. Taking another quick bite of your pastry, you remove the chocolate from the water

“So who’s getting what?” Kyungsoo asks when you reach for one of the smaller bowls of fillings and pick up a knife.

“Coffee beans for Minseok, strawberry for Chanyeol, caramel for Jongdae, toffee for Jongin, peanut butter for Baekhyun, almonds for Junmyeon, coconut for Sehun, and… cherry for Yixing.” You plop a cherry in half of the hollow chocolate, cover it with another, and seal the chocolate shut with a careful swipe of melted chocolate around the seam.

“What about me?”

You glance over at him, squinting your eyes in observation. “I’m still debating on yours. I’m thinking maybe dark chocolate with milk or white chocolate center.” You turn back to your work. “A dozen each should be enough, don’t you think? I don’t want you all getting in trouble with your managers for eating too many sweets.”

“I suppose.”

You eye him out of the corner of your sight, confused by his suddenly flat tone. Kyungsoo is still chewing away with no sign of distress on his face except a far away look in his eyes. Shrugging, you continue filling and sealing the chocolates. Spaces of time without words being exchanged certainly isn’t an abnormal thing, especially when either of you gets lost in thought.

Kyungsoo’s probably thinking of the new script he mentioned receiving the day before. He thinks about work too much sometimes, but his dedication is something you love about him. So, you leave him in peace. When you notice Kyungsoo sneaking a few caramels from the bowl, you smile, reassured everything is alright. If his appetite was off, then you’d know there was trouble ahead.

You wait to deliver the treats until their schedules line up so they’re all at the dance studio together. Strangely, it took you a few days to pry the day and time out of Kyungsoo. You had almost texted Jongin instead when your boyfriend apparently forgot how to answer his phone. He had mentioned their schedule was jam packed, but he was usually very good about replying to you when you didn’t see each other for days. The abnormality has you a bit worried, but you don’t want to bother him so you hold in questioning him about his turn for the taciturn until you can see him face to face.

Yixing notices you standing quietly outside the door with cloth bag in hand. He smiles and beckons you in. The others cheer happily at the sight of you, at least partly because they know you always come bearing gifts of some kind of food. Kyungsoo hangs towards the back of the group that surrounds you, only giving you a small smile that doesn’t quite fill his gaze. His eyes sweep back and forth among his friends with a mix of emotions you don’t recognize.

“What’d you bring us?” Baekhyun asks.

“You’re supposed to say ‘hello’ when someone comes to see you,” Junmyeon reminds him lightly, rolling his eyes.

You smile and wave your hand. “It’s alright, Junmyeon.”

“Chocolate!” Jongdae screams, having glimpsed the boxes with their names tidily labeled. “She made us her chocolates!”

Excited thanks roll off their tongues as you pass out the treats. A content quiet of chewing and murmured comparisons replaces it as the men all dig in. When you come to the bottom of the bag, you look for Kyungsoo. He’s sitting on the couch to the side, arms folded and eyes fixed on the floor.

You cross over to him, pull out the last box, and drop the bag by his feet. “Saved the best for last,” you say quietly, and slide it onto his legs.

His hands automatically cup the sides as it takes up most of his lap. “This- this is mine?” Kyungsoo glances at the others’ boxes, noting they’re only half the size of his.

“It does have your name on it,” you point out. You sit down beside him and lift the box’s top.

Inside sits your masterpiece. A large heart with white chocolate drizzle crisscrossing its surface. Kyungsoo keeps staring down at it, not saying a word.

“Soo?” You giggle nervously. “You know you’re supposed to eat it? Not just look at it.” When he remains motionless, you break off the heart’s tip and hold it to his lips for him.

He opens his mouth just enough for you to slip it in. You watch closely as he chews slowly. A smile blooms on his face when Kyungsoo finally swallows. “It’s really good. What’s the filling?” He carefully breaks off another piece to eat.

“My take on canoli filling. Kyungsoo,” you lower your voice, “are you okay?”

He waits until he finishes the chocolate to answer. “Yes. I’m sorry. I know I’ve been weird lately.” He sighs and gives a little wry laugh, looking away from you. “I- I was just a bit jealous.”

“You? Jealous of what?”

“Well, that you were making treats for all them instead of just for me.” Kyungsoo swings his eyes back to you with a sheepish expression. “It’s stupid, but sometimes I want to be the only one you spoil.”

You can’t help laughing in relief. Who would have thought you could make Do Kyungsoo jealous. At least it was an easy fix. You tap his nose with your finger. “Kyungsoo, if you want more attention, just ask for it. I will make you as many personal chocolates or whatever else as your big heart desires. Consider me your personal chef.”

“You are so much more than that. So much.” He presses a quick kiss on your cheek. “Thank you for the heart. I love it.”

“And I love you.” You return his peck with one of your own. “You’re the only one who gets to here me say that.”

“God, get a room!” Sehun’s teasing call and Jongin’s resulting cackle make you both jump and realize everyone is looking at you with silly grins. Matching blushes paint your cheeks as they laugh.

Chanyeol starts clapping his hands and chanting, “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”

“Not in front of you guys,” Kyungsoo retorts, throwing a pretend punch Chanyeol’s way. The giant flinches even though there’s no way Kyungsoo’s fist could reach him.

“I can always kiss her if you don’t want to,” Jongdae teases.

“No way, man. I called dibs ages ago if the chance came up,” Baekhyun scoffs, sliding onto the couch beside you. He closes his eyes and puckers his lips, leaning closer. Instead of your lips, Baekhyun finds part of Kyungsoo’s chocolate shoved in his mouth.

Joining in with the others’ laughter as Baekhyun splutters turn into appreciative lip smacking, you move closer to Kyungsoo. “So you know, I made you another and left it at home in case they somehow eat all of this one,” you whisper in his ear.

Kyungsoo’s lips twitch in a smile that he schools to calm in an instant. “Bless you. You know them too well.”

You nudge him with your shoulder. “And you. You’re a big push over when it comes to th-” Mouth suddenly full of chocolate, you give Kyungsoo an accusatory look.

“Let me live in the ignorance that I’m the only one that knows that.”

Hi guys! I hope you enjoy this fic! It was supposed to be short but wound up being just over 6k, so I hope you enjoy! Also massive thanks to @lily-pop-2 for letting me babble on and on about this fic! 

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A/n:Rinn 17/18. Rae is a little bold and Finn is a it a little shy. not much. S M U T **

Also it time jumps a bit but nothing major just with in couple days of each other. 


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Tour Guide

New to your apartment in Brooklyn you go to explore only to get completely lost. Thankfully a charming gentleman with kind blue eyes was there to save the day.

Request: ‘The Knitter’ was so adorable! Can I please get added to your tag list? And may I request something as well? I recently moved to a new place and have this daydream about walking into Bucky accidentally and he offers to show the reader the city. Or they meet because she starts working for SHIELD and this is is how they meet and Bucky thinks she’s cute and offers to show her around, like Brooklyn and so on :) thank you! X


Warnings: Bucky’s pretty damn hot and sweet (I felt like this is a needed warning)

Word Count: 1820

Title: Tour Guide

Note: @gallifreyansass  I’m so sorry this has taken me so long to write this, I’ve been so busy with my holiday and organising my University. You’ve probably already settled in and know your way around the your new area now so I hope that all went well. Here’s some helpful Bucky for you anyway, thanks for the request doll, this was fun to write!

Stepping out of your brand new Brooklyn apartment you locked the door and headed down the stairs. Having just finished unpacking your moving boxes (most of which contained far too many books) your plan for the rest of the day was to get to know the area around your new home. You were more than ready to get out of your small apartment and so you excitedly jumping down the stairs you nearly ran smack bang into a rather well built blonde with blue eyes.

“Oh, sorry sir!” you called out as you narrowly avoided him.

“It’s no problem miss.” He called out and you smiled gratefully before continuing down the stairs slightly more carefully. The man you would later learn was Steve Rogers released a hearty chuckle and leant against the railing with crossed arms watching you descend the many flight of stairs.

When you reached the front door of the apartment block a very polite coloured man with a wicked smile held the door open for you.

“Thanks,” you said and he winked back giving you a dazzling smile in reply. Sam Wilson entered the building and closed the door waving up at Steve as you hit the street with a bounce in your step. You couldn’t be sure if you were nervous or excited but you were somewhere in that zone. Pulling your bag more securely on your shoulder you started off down the street taking note of where you had started off.

Much later you stood on the corner of one street and another staring intently at a map you were holding in your hands. It’d been two hours since you’d left the apartment and you had made it no more than a few blocks before getting completely lost. You tried to backtrack to your apartment but all the buildings looked the same and you just made yourself even more lost. You looked up again at the street signs above your head taking note once again of their names. Still being unable to locate either road on the map you released a sigh and stomped your foot in frustration.

You folded up your map placing it in your pocket and looked up to see a taxi cab hurtling down the road. You hadn’t noticed the puddle of water on the road and so flinched when the cab sent up a large spray. You scrunched your eyes in preparation to be soaked but you remained dry. Instead you felt a strong hand grab you and pull you out of the way. You opened your eyes to find a pair of sparkling blue ones staring back at you. Your saviour stepped back and cleared his throat awkwardly.

“Hi,” you whispered shyly unable to look away from his eyes.

“Hi.” He replied warmly his voice deep but firm. “Sorry about grabbing you like that but you already looked lost, I didn’t want to add wet to the mix.”

Well you’ve dramatically failed at that you thought to yourself taking in the hunk of a man before you.

“Thank you, it’s appreciated,” you replied instead and turned to start walking away, hoping he wouldn’t notice how blatantly you’d ogled him.

“Hey, wait!” the mystery brunette called out causing you to turn around, “Do you need a hand getting around. I meant what I said when you looked lost.”

“Oh,” you mumbled ducking your head and rubbing the back of your neck, trying to hide the redness of your cheeks. Inhaling a deep breath you pushed away your pride and risked a look at the man waiting nervously before you. “Um, yes. Please.” you added noting the beautiful smile that crossed his face as you said it.

“Brilliant,” he cheered in a gravely voice, “I’m James by the way.”

“y/n”, you replied, completely oblivious to the avenger who was standing in front of you. “Thanks for the help.”

“It’s no problem, really. You looking for anywhere in particular or….” James trailed off waiting for you to fill in the blanks for him.

“Oh, um, I’m, ah, actually new to the area, just moved in, and wanted to get to know the place but it’s not exactly going very well.” James laughed as you gestured to the scrunched up map in your pocket. He shook his head and smiled gently up at you sending your heart racing.

“Well then,” James added with a smile, “I guess you’ve just found yourself a tour guide.”


James was the best tour guide you could ask for. He showed you all the main sights and attractions of Brooklyn along with a few hidden jem’s. He showed you prospect park, Brooklyn bridge and the Brooklyn botanical gardens. He even pointed out where the museum and aquarium were. As you walked he spoke of the best diners, quiet places to sit in the parks and where you can get the perfect New York Cheese cake.

Walking around yet another corner James continued his enthusiastic ramblings about Brooklyn. It was beautiful to watch him speak so passionately about his home town and if you’d guessed his identity correctly, he wouldn’t have been this relaxed and at ease in a long time. He was so sweet and kind and the way his eyes lit up when he talked made you lose track of what he was saying more than you cared to admit.

“And here’s the old Corner Cinema. Well,” Bucky paused taking in the empty car park, “it, uh, was. It was a good place to go. Snuck out to watch films with my buddy St… my friend way too many times.” Bucky’s shoulders had dropped as he took in the empty car park his once cheery demeanour fading away rapidly. Wanting to lighten the mood you looked around and noticed a diner just across the street from you.

“Hey James, is there a good place to eat around here? I realise I haven’t eaten since breakfast and I’m quite hungry.” You asked innocently and you swore you saw his eyes shine with unshed tears.

“Yeah, just over here actually.” he replied stealthily wiping his eyes. “My friend and I always used to come here after the movies. They serve a mean bagel.” You smiled up at him and James led you across the road and held the door open for you. What a gentleman.

Sliding into a booth at the back you allowed James, or as you were fairly sure Bucky, to order for you. You were sure that the bagel you’d eaten was brilliant but you don’t actually remember what it tasted like, being too busy watching Bucky to notice the taste. You sat in the booth for a good two hours talking of this and that. He had a wicked sense of humour and the stories he told of his childhood set you both laughing.

“Thanks for today Bucky. I reckon I know my way around now.” you said smiling up at him not noticing your slip up. Bucky however had and his face fell when you called him by his nickname. He immediately became distant and moved to get up.

“Wait, sorry,” you said with a slight shrug, “I figured it out. If it makes you feel better it took me a while.”

Bucky nodded at your answer but his face was now guarded. You could see a war battling behind his eyes and you hoped you hadn’t scared him away.

“How did I give it away?” he asked eventually not looking at you and instead staring at his hands.

“Your glove was the first hint along with your stories and the fact we’re in Brooklyn. It was the cinema that was the give away. Oh and that.” You finished pointing at something behind him. Turning Bucky couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face or the laugh that escaped his lips as he looked at the photo-wall behind him. By his left ear was a black and white photo of him and a very scrawny Steve Rogers smiling giddily with sauce all over their faces. Shaking his head he turned to you and was surprised to see a smile on your face too.

“I guess that is a bit of a giveaway huh?” he joked his eyes much lighter than before.

“Just a bit,” you sassed back as you stood up and gestured towards the door. Bucky chuckled deeply and got out of the booth. You followed him over to the counter and watched gladly as he managed to persuade the waitress to allow him to take the photo home. Once out of the diner Bucky asked if you knew your way home and when you replied with an embarrassed no, you gave Bucky your address. Bucky confirmed your suspicions when he said he lived in the same apartment as you. You told him of your unknowing run in with Steve and Sam enticing another laugh from him.

When you made it back home Bucky paused before entering turning to look at you.

“Thank you. I really needed today.” he admitted awkwardly. You understood what he meant and so placed a hand reassuringly on his left arm. You couldn’t imagine what he’d experienced so you were happy to help. The fact that he was a stunningly handsome gentleman was completely beside the point.

Again trying to lighten the mood you replied “I’m fairly sure I should be thanking you shouldn’t I?”

“I was happy to help.” Bucky smiled in return before adding. “I mean it though, thank you giving me a chance.”

“It’s not everyday I meet a gentleman. I was more than happy to have my own personal tour guide” you sassed back

You brushed past Bucky and started up the stairs to your apartment leaving a smiling Bucky behind you. Bucky followed you up and stopped one floor below you to find his door already open and a smirking Steve Rogers leaning against the doorway. Easily able to read the emotions playing out in Bucky’s head Steve pointed towards the roof and the sound of you unlocking your door.

“y/n! Wait!” he called out sprinting up the stairs.

“Bucky? Everything alright?” you asked looking past him in confusion.

“I just, ah, remembered that, ah,” Bucky inhaled slowly regaining his courage before looking you straight in the eye. “I forgot to show you the best part of Brooklyn today and was wondering if you’d accompany me to Coney Island tomorrow night?”

You looked the now nervous super soldier up and down before smirking and asking, “James, are you asking me on a date?” When he didn’t reply you continued, “because if you were, I’d say yes.”

Bucky’s face lit up and you laughed when he replied, “yes doll, yes I am.”

“Then I guess I’ll be seeing you tomorrow then.”

One floor below you Steve slapped Sam on the back and you could have sworn you heard the coloured man mumble, “dammit Barnes, I was going to ask her.”

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Reattached Pt. 2/2 [Final]

Genre: fluff, angst, soulmate au, school au

Pairing: Introverted!Reader x CompanyPresident'sSon!Taehyung

Warning: Language

Soulmate au: Everyone is connected to their soulmate with a red string. There are people who can see, cut and reattach said string.

!Do not repost!

Status: Finished Previous

You leap up in the morning, horrified by the loud banging on your door. It was Saturday, no classes today, so, who is this bastard who woke you up at 6.30 in the damned morning? You wanted to ignore the possible a salesman person, but decided that your door was going to break if you did not do something.

You glanced at the mirror for a second. You looked pretty okay, other than the horrible bird nest hair you had. You dragged yourself to the door, but not opening it. “I don’t want to donate anything. I already got the newspaper. Stop recommending me insurance, god damn you. If its a parcel just leave it there. And stop trying to sell me god damned yogurt everyday!” You called out, thinking of every response to every possible person outside.

“I’m not a charity group, or a mailman, or a salesman, or a yogurt seller, (Y/N).” The voice said. You recognize it instantly, the deep voice that gave you chills every time he spoke seriously. You took a breath, mentally scolding yourself for getting so fazed right now.

“I’m not opening the door, Taehyung. It’s freaking 6.30 in the morning. I want to sleep. And stop banging on the door, it’s going to break.” You muttered, just loud enough for him to hear.

Taehyung, on the other hand, was not even sure why he was here. He knew he had really hurt you the day before, and he really did not have the guts to face you again, but, he just, decided to come here for some reason.

Perhaps, he simply wants to see you, that’s all, just to see if you were coping okay. “No, wait (Y/N)!” He yelled, knocking on the door in a pathetic attempt to try to convince you to open it. “(Y/N)…are you okay? About yesterday, I-”

“Go home Taehyung. It’s freezing outside, freaking 6.30 am. You’ll catch a cold.” He froze, hearing a tone he had never heard you speak with before. It was completely dry, and dead, as if you were simply just a corpse speaking to him. A reason why he adored you so much was, even when you were mad, you still worried about him.

“Taehyung, are you still outside? I don’t want to see you. Please. Just leave me alone. Like you said, I have a sad life. Right? So do yourself a favor and don’t get involved with my sad life.” The boy’s hands began to shake, hearing your quivering voice, knowing how much of an impact his words had on you.

“I-I’m sorry. I’ll leave.” Taehyung muttered, staring at the door, almost seeing the broken you crumpling down, but still staying strong.

You almost sobbed. But you did not. Crying twice for the same reason is really pathetic to you. You slapped yourself, knowing that if you go back to your bed you were going to sob your lungs out, so you went to the living room to watch the television.

“(Y/N). Seriously, stop ignoring me! God!” Clara screamed with frustration after her 3000th attempt to get you to pay any attention to her. You simply stared out of the window, watching the leaves danced to the breeze of the wind, enjoying the scenery.

It had been a while, quite a long while after the incident. You would turn the corners of the hallways, and only see another one, not the front of Taehyung. You missed him. His jokes, his laugh, his weird smile, strange theories for rabbits and his strange way of speaking. You missed bumping into him on the hallways, but you knew that missing him would not do anything but to break you even more.

Clara, on the other hand, was so fed up with you she almost strangled you, but before she could, a boy you have seen a few times with Taehyung walked up to you. You stared at him. “Do you need anything?”

He simply gave you a sandwich with a note stuck on it. “Taehyung wanted me to pass this to you.” He said with a bright smile before walking off. You stared at it, but before you could read it or even do anything, Clara slammed her palms on your table.

“Girl! You literally just had Hoseok pass you a fucking sandwich and you still have that dead face on you?!” She yelled, almost strangling you.


Clara almost exploded. Of course you did not know him. “YES. JUNG HOSEOK?. OH MY GOD.” She wanted to grab you, but kept her calm, slightly jealous that Hoseok approached you and not her.

You just stared at her for a moment, wondering what was up with this ‘Jung Hoseok’ person before going back to the note.

“Taetae here~ You don’t seem to eat much, so here’s a sandwich! Don’t worry, Taetae didn’t make this (you would get food poisoning), Jin-hyung did! Eat more, okay? :D :3 ^-^ ◇w◇”

You wanted to eat it, but the voice inside your brain kept screaming ‘Who was the one who decided to forget all about him? Huh?!’ So you ate it with the excuse of not wasting food. It was quite good actually, as you pondered what he meant of getting food poisoning from his food.

Clara was completely weirded out. One second you were so dramatically staring out of the window as though you were thinking about life itself, and now you are munching on a sandwich given by Kim Taehyung, made by Kim Seokjin, and delivered by Jung Hoseok? “(Y/N)…why do you always get the hot ones?”

You stared at her blankly. “Right…you’re socially gone so you have no idea who is ‘Jin’ or ‘Jung Hoseok’…”

From that day on, he often made Hoseok, who has a smile that could literally be brighter than the sun itself, pass you food with the excuse of being scared that you did not eat enough. Every time you spot Taehyung in the hallway, you wanted to go thank and apologize to him, but also ask stop giving you so much food, but he would run away every time.

So, you ended up begging Hoseok to tell you what to do. He sat down next to you during lunch, thinking for a while, his smile completely showing how excited he is for Taehyung. “I actually don’t know. Taehyung is very weird and complicated sometimes. Well, I mean he does have a cute girl chasing him so-”

“I’m not chasing him!”

“Really? Its pretty obvious that you’re in love with him.” He said, grinning as if he expose your lie. “You have no idea how excited that boy is after he first ever so romantically set his eyes upon you. He wouldn’t stop rambling about how he’s found his one and only true love.”

You stared at Hoseok blankly. “You’re kidding me.”

“What? Its true! He even gives you food ever day, that boy is in love with you!” Hoseok said, slightly giddy that Taehyung has found someone he liked so much. “You two really should make up soon, you guys are really quite a good match! Imagine, the weird alien boy and a no filter brain girl!” You almost choked on your spit. What has Taehyung been saying about you?

You let out a sad sigh, unsure of what to do as Hoseok gently pet your head in an attempt to comfort you, which reminded you of how Taehyung would randomly pet your head and fluff up your hair, which made you even more sad.

You felt as if days were getting by really quickly, you used to be so excited about seeing Taehyung. But you didn’t see him at all! You grumbled, only to now know that ‘absence made heart grow fonder’ is true, unfortunately. You were in your room studying for the worst test that was coming up tomorrow, when your phone started ringing. It was a number you had never seen before. You decided to ignore it, thinking that it was just a salesman or something. But it did not stop ringing, until you finally got sick of it, picking it up.


“Ah! (Y/N)! You picked up!”

Your eyes lit up. It was Taehyung. If anyone knew you, you hated to be bothered in the middle of your studying because you would get distracted and start procrastinating, and Taehyung was no exception. “Yeah. I did. Bye.”

“NO WAIT! I HAVE SOMETHING TO TELL YOU!” he so desperately screeched into your ear. You swore you went slightly deaf, but he seemed so desperate you had to listen to him. Well, even if he did not beg you, you would still listen to him anyway.

“Fine. What is it?”

“Well…um, first of all, I’m really, really, REALLY sorry!!! You don’t have a sad life! Best! You have the best and greatest life ever! I have a sad life without you! And its not that you don’t deserve a soulmate! Your soulmate doesn’t deserve someone as beautiful and as nice as you!!” He blabbered, talking too fast for you to catch up. You giggled, a red hue forming on your cheeks, sitting down on your bed as you listened to the voice you loved so much.

“Stop flattering me, geez, I forgive you. Look, I’m really sorry too, I shouldn’t have let out my anger on you…I-I said those things so that you would hate me s-so you didn’t have to be bothered by someone like me…” You mumbled, biting your lip as you remembered the hurtful things you spat at him.

“Hm~ Apology accepted! (Y/N), I’m not bothered by you at all, really, I really like you, okay? I mean, you’re so nice and sweet and kind and…judgmental, and weird, and cute and-”

“Stop it, I’m going to become arrogant if you go on like that.” Although your voice was fine, in reality, you doubled over, face completely red as you struggled to keep your cool. You wanted to listen to his voice more, but you have a test tomorrow. On (Insert your worst subject) unfortunately.

“Okay, okay. I really gotta go, I have a test tomorrow which I have to at least get a pass.” As much as you loved speaking to him, you had to save your grades before they plummet and kill you.

“No wait! (Y/N) you haven’t-”

“What? You want me to return the compliment or something? Fine, you’re stunningly handsome, weird, cute, very, very nice voice you have there-oh my god I can’t do this.” You could not go on, it was too cringy for you.

Taehyung, on the other hand, silently thanked all the gods in the world that he got to hear you stroke his ego with that cute voice that he would love to hear everyday. “Aww, how cute, (Y/N)~ But that was not what I was referring to.”

“What?! Oh…um, okay…” Taehyung laughed at your very much embarrassed tone, but his tone getting sad as this was probably the last call you would have.

“(Y/N), uh, married. Me? In a few weeks? Yes?” Taehyung said, unable to form actual sentences.

You almost choked on your spit when you understood what he meant. “EXCUSE ME? YOU WHAT? At your age?! Taehyung you’re still in school! Did you, like, get a girl pregnant and she has to marry you or something?!!? Taehyung WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!” You could barely believed what you heard, the shock overcoming the jealousy. It sounded so bizarre you almost fell over.

“(Y/N), I didn’t make a girl pregnant. The only person I would want to have kids with is you.” You could almost hear a teasing smirk in his tone.

“Excuse you sir I am not getting pregnant when I’m still studying.” You hissed at him, completely flustered and mad, listening to his growing obnoxious laughter.

“So how about after we graduate and-”

“I will hang up and burn my phone if you don’t stop teasing me.” Your face was practically burning right now. Taehyung always teased you, but not in this manner, and it was driving you insane.

“Noooo (Y/N)! Okay, uh. So, she is from a super rich family that owns a very famous company that I can’t remember the name off…and apparently I’m so handsome that she has to marry me? And that my dad’s company will improve if they have relationship with her company??? It’s really confusing, (Y/N).” You could imagine poor little Taehyung with the most confused look ever, just like when you told him your theory that ducks live on the moon as well.

“Well, so, what’s the plan now?” You asked, getting uncomfortably…jealous. You hated to be jealous, it really is an uncomfortable and disgusting feeling but you couldn’t help it. “Who is that girl, anyway? Do I know her?” Only after that sentence you realized your tone was not…pleasant.

“(Y/N), you can’t commit murder, it’s a crime. But I think her name is…Clarince?” Your eyes almost popped out of its sockets. Clara’s real name is Clarine, and you knew that her family owned a really famous company, not that you bothered to remember the name of it, and she has been begging you to listen to her ‘exciting and great news’ for a long while now. “(Y/N)? Are you okay? Uh, can we meet? I have one more thing to tell you.” Taehyung pleaded, his voice getting desperate.

You snapped out of your daze, not even thinking before you,“Sure, where? Now? Its really late, how about tomorrow?” You said, looking at the clock. It was 11.56 at night. Well, it will be tomorrow soon.

“It’s okay (Y/N), I’m right outside your house right now.”


You glanced outside your window, but it was too dark to see anything. You quickly hung up, almost tumbling over as you sped to the front door. “Taehyung it’s literally going to be tomorrow soon you should go h-” all you could see was black and warmth was all you could feel. You caught a whiff of his sweet scent, turning into putty in his arms. You felt giddy, his scent engulfing you. It was not very strong, and it did not smell like some cologne or chemicals, it smelt like him.

“Hey you smell nicer than I thought.” Taehyung grinned teasingly. You glared at him, wanting to return the favor, “Is that so. I thought you would smell like some sweaty dude but I guess I was very wrong.” You replied with a smirk, slightly worried if you two were going to just greet each other by smell, like dogs. The male gasped, putting his hand on his chest dramatically.

“(Y/N)-ah, who’s outside so late- (Y/N)?!” Your heart practically leap to your mouth as soon as you heard your mother’s voice. You spun around, sweating nervously. “Uh hi mom, uh, he, uh, classmate? No wait-Mom don’t give me that look I don’t have a boyf-”

“Hi! I’m Taehyung! You must be (Y/N)’s mom! So pretty! I guess the daughter really does take after her mother!” Taehyung interrupted your nervous stuttering. You stared at him blankly. He seemed very smooth, huh. Your mother simply laughed. “(Y/N)-ah, is he staying over?” She asked with a slightly suggestive smile. Your mom can be very open minded sometimes.

“What?! Mom-”

“Yup, I’m staying over!” Taehyung interrupted you again, his habit of fluffy up your hair kicking in. Your mother smiled at you, as if suggesting something you did mot want to hear. “Very well, don’t stay up too late!” Your mother said, walking back into her own room.

You stared at Taehyung, and he stared back with an equally blank look. “So now what? You gonna camp over at my house? Was that your plan? I have to study, you know!” You muttered, slightly irritated but also feeling very lucky that your mom suggested this. Taehyung pouted, tugging onto your arm as you walked back to your room.

“(Y/N)….I came here because I wanted to tell you something…” he mumbled, sitting on the chair as he watched you flip your textbooks.

“What is it?”

“Well, can you look at my red string?” He asked, flipping you around to make you look at him. You rolled your eyes. Did he really came all the way here to make you find his soulmate?

“And what makes you think I want to do that?” You fumed, unable to move back to your studies due to his hands grabbing your arms.

“What~? Is (Y/N) jealous of my soulmate?” He teased, poking your cheeks playfully like a small puppy. You rolled your eyes, glaring at him, not wanting to admit that he was right.

“No way in hell am I jealous.”

Taehyung’s grin turned wider. “Is that so~? Then why wouldn’t you look where my red string go to~?” He asked, a playful grin hanging on his face.

You narrowed your eyes. “Fine, you idiot.” His red string led to-


It was simply broken. You stared at him, jaw dropped, unable to believe your eyes. For all your life, you thought you were the only one with a broken string. Taehyung simply smiled at you.

“(Y/N)-ie. Its broken, like yours. So don’t be sad that you don’t have a soulmate. I don’t have one either!” He said, smiling widely as he pulled you into his embrace. You stayed motionless for a while, still registering what happened, when you had a thought.

“Maybe Clara’s your soulmate!” You pipped in. Taehyung stared at you, confused. “I mean, if you think about it in the, ‘destiny’ and ‘fate’ kind of thing, that would be why the both of you are in an arranged marriage, right?!” You started to grow excited, happy at the thought that at least one of you would not be sad and all alone for the rest of your lives. At that point, you did not even care about your own broken string, only his. But then you thought. If Clara was his soulmate, he would have the worst and saddest life ever.

“(Y/N)-ie…I don’t want her…I want you…” he mumbled, his heart breaking pout appearing again. You paused your incohorent thoughts. You did not think much of it though, simply believing that what he had was a small puppy love.

You stood up, starting to walk around as you gathered your thoughts again. “Okay okay, but! If I can reattch your string with hers-”


“Don’t worry its an easy task as long as both sides as willing!” You spun around, smiling at him widely, wondering how he would feel of reuniting with his soulmate. Instead, his eyes were dark, simply staring at you. You walked to him slowly. “Taehyung? What’s wron-” before you could finish, he grabbed your wrists, pulling you towards him, a bit too closely and you could only sit on his lap.

“Oh my god (Y/N) how are you denser than I am?” Taehyung groaned, looking at you with a tired look.

You smiled apologetically. “Pardon my dense-ness I unfortunately have 0 experience with love or romance or whatever.”

Taehyung let out a sigh. “Fine! Let me say this very clearly! I. LIKE. YOU. I don’t want to marry fucking Clarince or Clara, and I know who my original soulmate is, okay?” He said, slowly, as if he was talking to a young child.

You tilted your head to the side. “Oh really? Who?”

He almost let out another sigh. “ITS YOU, (L/N) (Y/N). OH MY GOSH.” You practically fell onto the floor. Well, that makes sense. Right? Not to you at least.

“How would you know when I don’t even know??”

“I just do! I mean you’re my neighbour until middle school and I really liked you I kinda found out when I saw you walked outside and I went Oh My God when I saw my string connected to yours and-and-and I think at middle school someone, the ruiner of fate and love and red strings decided to cut the string, and I couldn’t fucking find you until now, I-I-” you stopped him before he went into not-understandable mode.

You stared at each other for a short moment, him trying to catch his breath while your mind try not to malfunction while processing all this new information.

“Then…uh, now what? Taehyung? You okay?” You questioned nervously, fiddling with your red string.

“You could reattach it, you know. I mean I can’t do that but you just said that you can, right, (Y/N)?” Taehyung’s troubled look quickly faded as he grinned at you.

“Yeah, I can, but only if both sides are willing-”

“JUST DO IT ALREADY GOD. I literally waited to meet you for like, I don’t know, 5 years? Why wouldn’t I be willing?!” Taehyung exploded, pinching your cheeks and shaking you. You grinned weakly, slightly taken aback by the fact that he is your soulmate. Wouldn’t you believe that?! Your shaky hands slowly picked up both your strings.

Taehyung watched with awe as you somehow managed to reattach the strings perfectly, no knots, it became just as new again, like magic. You suddenly jolted. “Wait, what about Clara?” Taehyung almost swooned as he watched you fumbled around nervously, unsure of what to do, almost like a duck waddling around with confusion. It was an embarassing habit you had, but it just made you look adorable to Taehyung.

“Nah, just cancel the wedding. My mom only agreed because it was apparently a good chance to find my soulmate? Its not like dad can win against mom anyway. And it won’t severly affect the company so it’s alright.” he said, grinning his signature smile as he watched you heaved a sigh of relief.

“God, Clara is going to murder me so bad.” You muttered, dreading school already.

“Don’t worry, (Y/N)-ie~ Taehyungie will protect you~ Oh! I want to show you something, come with me!” Taehyung said excitedly, his hand wrapped around yours as he pulled you out into the cold night.

“Wait, Taehyung, we have school tomorow-I mean today!” You called, struggling to keep up with him and wear your coat at the same time. The night was freezing, your legs feeling really cold as you werw only wearing shorts. Taehyung looked at you, not slowing down his walking speed.

“Its okay~ I promise! Just trust me, okay? The moon tonight is exceptionally big and bright, you know?” He said, tugging onto your hand lightly.

“Maybe the rabbits are playing with lightsticks up there.” You said jokingly, then shocked that he believed you. It was a 10 minutes walk, before you reached a place you have never seen before. It was actually a lake that you visited in the day often, but it looked so different at night. In fact, the area was particulary dark, other than the few fireflies, and the stars and moon looked brighter and more beuatiful than usual.

Taehyung watched fondly as your eyes lit up, staring at the night sky with awe and amazement, hands fumbling in the air to catch a falling flower before placing it on his hair playfully. There was always something different about you that Taehyung adored. You had strange and weird reactions to things, you spoke without a filter in your head, you were not crazy about dating, you were too honest to the point of too blunt. You openly state the things you hated without a care of offending others, get too excited with meaningless things, too oblivious about certain topics. And like I said, Taehyung adored it all.

“Tae, stop staring at me so much, it’s weird.”

He snapped out of his daze, smiling brightly at you, his cheeks turning pink. “Awww, (Y/N)-ie called me Tae for the first time?? Am I dreaming??” He gasped dramatically, watching as you snapped at him, threatening to never even call his name ever again.

A few moments after you finally settled down from getting too excited about the view, the two of you sat on the grass, the sky completely open and wide for your viewing. “You know, I forgotten how beautiful the sky really is at night.” You mumbled, holding up your hand in a strange attempt to touch the night sky.

He rolled over, lying on his side, facing you. “Hm, then maybe I should take (Y/N)-ie here more often, right?” Taehyung suggested, playing with the soft locks of your hair.

“I’d love that but with two most beautiful things on earth so near me is a little stressful, you know~” Taehyung stared at you blankly before he realized what you meant, his lips curling into a soft smile.

“(Y/N)-ie, you know what’s the best thing that ever happen to me? My string, like this, got connected to yours, like this.” The boy said with a cheesy grin, holding up his string, wincing as you smacked his arm, grumbling about being too cheesy and such.

“I love you.”

Taehyung’s eyes widened, jaw dropping from your sudden confession. You, who had accidentally blurted it out, glared at him. “Oi! What’s with your reaction?” You muttered, lightly punching his arm. You did not expect yourself to say that, not meeting him only a few months ago, but like you said before, there was always something pulling you towards him. You grew fond of his squarish smile, the strange was that he moves his hands more than he speaks, his random not understandable sentences, the way his eyes glimmered so brightly and the way he looked at you so fondly as well. You mentally punched yourself for being so cheesy as you quickly looked away from him.

“C-can you say that again? (Y/N)-ie?”


“Please?” You knew he was making that puppy sad face again.

“I. LOVE. YOU. HAPPY?” Your heart was beating in an abnormally fast rate as you tried to calm down by poking the grass you were lying on. There was an awkward silence and you mentally scolded yourself for even blurting it out and ruining the moment, until-

“I love you too, (Y/N).”

You felt as if your heart just stopped. You knew that he liked you, but love? You looked at him, not expecting to see his face completely red like yours. ‘Jesus this is so cheesy I can’t do this someone help me.’ You thought, but you still could not stop the small smile from forming on your lips. Its cheesy, but you liked it.

“Hey (Y/N)-ie..”

You let him close the distance between you two.

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