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Halloween Costumes

I had a request for the reader dressed up as the boys and how they would react, so here you go! Happy Halloween everyone!!

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  • Dick dresses in one of Batman’s original costumes, one that isn’t weighed down with Kevlar.
  • You and Alfred worked for months to make you an accurate replica of his Nightwing costume.
  • But unlike his costume your zipper is in the front, and it’s pulled down just enough to show some sexy cleavage
  • Dick almost starts drooling when he sees you
  • And throughout the night he’s constantly trying to pull the zipper down even more
  • Several people compliment you on your costume
  • After you’ve gone to several of your friend’s parties you finally head home and let Dick unzip the rest of your costume.


  • You decide to go super sexy for your version of Jason’s costume.
  • A pair of short black shorts, knee high black boots, his gun holsters and leather jacket with a simple ripped-up Red Hood t-shirt are what you decide to wear.
  • Jason gets this stupid sappy grin when he sees that you dressed up as him.
  • Of course Jason goes as a zombie, in reality he just wears his normal cloths because “Well, I did come back from the dead, Y/N”
  • All through the night Jason’s hand stays on the gap between your boots and your shorts.
  • “I didn’t realize how sexy you’d look in my gun holsters baby”
  • “Well maybe later I’ll wear just the holsters and the jacket. How’d you like that?”
  • Jason’s quick to say his goodbyes and usher you home after that


  • You know for Tim that accuracy will be the best way to make him happy.
  • So, you walk out of your room wearing an exact replica of his Red Robin costume
  • Tim’s stunned with it.
  • He makes a circle around you, noting the various pockets, the straps, you even have your own Bo-staff
  • Tim’s kinda in shock at how good you look in his suit
  • You’re probably the only person that he doesn’t mind wearing his uniform
  • And of course he loves undoing every buckle and every strap at the end of the night


  • When you find out that Damian’s dressing as Batman for Halloween you have to dress as Robin
  • Alfred helps you make a bigger version of Damian’s original Robin uniform, complete with the knee high green boots and hooded cape
  • You even try to practice Damian’s signature scowl
  • When Damian first sees you in costume, complete with the scowl, he bursts out laughing
  • “That is not what my face looks like. My scowl is means to terrify criminals, yours looks like you have smelt something horrible”
  • Damian constantly calls you his Robin
  • Even after Halloween the nickname sticks and now ‘Beloved’ is interchangeable with ‘My Robin’

Favorite Movies - [5/?]

Dead Poet’s Society (1989) - Directed by Peter Weir 

“‘O Captain, my Captain.’ Who knows where that comes from? Anybody? Not a clue? It’s from a poem by Walt Whitman about Mr. Abraham Lincoln. Now, in this class you can either call me Mr. Keating, or if you’re slightly more daring: O Captain, my Captain.”

10 LGBTQA+ reads to pick up in 2017

1. Our Own Private Universe—Robin Talley

This stunning novel from Robin Talley drops at the end of January, and follows fifteen-year-old Aki as she explores her sexuality. She’s always known she was bisexual, but so far has only dated guys. When she goes on a four-week youth mission trip to Mexico with her BFF, her mind isn’t on dating, but then she meets Christa and everything changes. This book will wrap itself around your heart and squeeze until you are left with nothing but gooey feels.  

2. History Is All You Left Me—Adam Silvera

When Griffin’s first love and ex-boyfriend Theo dies in a tragic drowning accident, his world is flipped upside down. Even though Theo had moved on—heading to college in California and seeing someone new, a guy named Jackson—Griffin had always imagined they’d find their way back to each other. This book explores grief and its effect on Griffin’s OCD…and what happens when the only person who could possibly understand you is the person who stole away your ex.

3. Dead Little Mean Girl—Eva Darrows

What really makes a mean girl tick? Quinn Littleton was a skinny blonde social terrorist in stilettos, and now she’s dead. Proud geek girl Emma had been enjoying a quiet life playing video games and staying off the radar until her mom announced she was happily moving in with Quinn’s mom…and Emma’s new nightmare of a stepsister. Now that Quinn is dead, Emma is finding out there was more to Quinn than was obvious at first bite. Eva Darrows busts stereotypes in this novel, including what the traditional family looks like. Look for it on bookshelves March 28.

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Prompt: OQ “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have kissed you.”

They’re talking of inconsequential nonsense, both just trying to flush out the feeling of a bad day, sipping at their drinks to wash out the awful taste left behind. They do this often and they’ve found it quite the addiction – an after work drink together. There’s nothing going on between them though despite the flirting and the lingering touches, despite eyes that drop to lips more often than not and legs that brush beneath the table. Nothing going on at all.

She balks when he walks in. “Shit.”

“What?” Robin asks, moving to turn his head and see what has her paling when she grabs at his arm.

“Don’t look!” she warns, shaking her head at him before ducking her gaze to her cocktail.

He’s frowning at her, she can feel it and she needs to give an explanation but she’s scared that her voice will carry and so she merely continues swirling her straw through her drink, glancing up to gage Sydney’s movements.

“I knew I shouldn’t have said anything at work,” she sighs self-deprecatingly when he takes himself over to the bar a safe distance away from them, “of course he’d follow.”

“Who is he?” and Robin chances a look now that it seems safe enough, looks over the back of a seemingly normal guy. He’s not though.

“He works in my building,” she explains briefly, “gives me the creeps.”

“Has he ever tried anything?”

She looks up from her drink to Robin – she recognises the over-protective glint in her eye and though it’s reassuring, she doesn’t want anything trouble for someone as unimportant as her building’s security guy – before she shakes her head, “He’s asked me out a few times.”

“What, he can’t take a hint?”

She chuckles softly, “He means no harm but…” she closes her eyes a shudders a little, “I don’t know, there’s just something…odd about him.”

Robin’s hand comes to cover hers and he’s smiling comfortingly at her as his thumb moves over her knuckles, “Well, if there’s anything I can do to help,” and then, “I could warn him off for you?”

She laughs again, is about to tell him not to worry when Sydney turns from the bar with his drink and makes a show of pretending not to have already known exactly where she was sitting. He gasps ridiculously and tries to make eye contact but she glances back to Robin and reaches over to hook her palm behind his neck and pulls his mouth to hers, fusing their lips and holding him in place. She counts to ten in her head – poor Robin is completely stunned, is barely breathing – before she pulls back and makes a show of wiping her lip gloss from his lips.

Her attention is on the man storming out of the bar behind him, his pint untouched and still sitting on the bar top as the bartender frowns with change in his hand and no customer to give it to.

She exhales in relief before looking to a still stunned Robin and taking her hands off of him. “I’m sorry,” she shakes her head, ignoring the tingling of her lips and her still pounding heart, “I shouldn’t have kissed yo-“

He tugs her back to him before she can even finish her sentence and the sound he makes when his mouth opens around hers and closes once more, her hands finding his cheeks to keep him close, has a shiver running right through her. God, he smells good. “Don’t ever apologise for that,” he tells her before capturing her lips once more and encouraging her to open her mouth with a tongue licking at the seam of her lips.

It’s extraordinary, she thinks as their tongues slide wetly together, just how affected her has her as she allows herself to get lost in him.

Perhaps if she weren’t so intoxicated by him, she’d have seen the man still watching them vengefully through the bar window.

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Dick and wally were playing video games and wally is a bit of a sore loser and they starts play fighting just trying to pin the other totally harmlessly and wally finally pins dick when Bruce walks in and finds him omega son pinned down by the alpha both panting

“That’s eight to zero,” Robin taunts, smirking at Wally before setting his controller down on his lap and stretching his arms above his head. 

The two teens have been playing Wally’s new shooter game for the past hour and Dick has been whooping the speedster’s butt every round so far. 

“Oh shut up,” Wally grumbles. “You probably hacked it when I was in the bathroom,” the alpha adds. 

The omega only laughs. “We both know I don’t keep to hack anything to kick your butt.” He turns to face his older friend, cocky smirk still firmly in place. 

Wally can’t help but roll his eyes at his friend, but an idea is already forming in his head. 

“So what do you say, rematc-,” the omega starts only to be cut off by the speedster lunging at him. The two tumble off the couch, barely missing the coffee table as the land on the wooden floor in a tangle of limbs. 

“Who’s the cheater now,” Dick grunts playfully as he wiggles beneath Wally, trying to gain the upper hand. 

“And who’s winning,” Wally grins down at his friend. His triumphant grin quickly disappears, however, as Dick manages to free his pinned right hip. The alpha knows immediately what move his friend is going to use and it’s only confirmed by his light grunt as his back hits the ground, knocking some of the wind out of him. The smaller boy is now straddling his waist and grinning down at him. 

“That would be me, Fleet Feet,” the omega cackles. “Like usual.”

“Don’t count on it, Boy Wonderful,” the speedster replies with a wink. Dick barely catches the shit eating grin on his friend’s face before he’s gasping out in shock. 

“Wally!” He chokes out, squirming as the alpha’s fingers vibrate at an inhuman speed up and down his sides. “W-Wally not cool!”

The omega tenses up as he tries to flail away from the offending fingers. Wally’s hands pause just long enough to flip them back over so he’s on top. He makes sure to pin the omega’s legs tighter with his own as he resumes tickling the omega. He can’t help but laugh along with Dick as he wiggles and squirms away from Wally’s hands.

“Walls!” He gasps again attempts to get out of Wally’s hold. He’s fails to dislodge the alpha as the tickling and laughing keep him from getting focused. 

“Say uncle,” Wally laughs, moving one hand to tickle under Dick’s chin before returning it to his side.

“Never,” Dick grunts, bucking his hips up in another attempt to break free. 

The alpha falters in his movements, caught off guard by the movement. They both freeze up, keeping eye contact as they do. They’re both flush faced and panting, too distracted by the situation to notice the new guest enter the room.

“Robin,” comes the deep growl of the Dark Knight, shocking both teens. Both boy’s heads snap over to the door way, noticing their visitor for the first time. Wally’s eyes widen, immediately regretting their current position. That Bat glare is definitely meant for him and him alone. Robin takes advantage of Wally’s distraction, using the alpha’s weight against him to once again flip him on his back. Dick hops to his feet and smirks down at Wally before offering a hand to help him up. The alpha takes it and gets to his feet, though he still seems a bit stunned. 

“What’s up, Bats?” Robin says, turning to his mentor with an innocent grin.