stunning necklace

Weaver has a (gray area legal) side job on campus. He makes jewelry- the kind of gorgeous and intricate pieces that people love on Etsy.

There are the impossible little tree pendants made of twisted iron wires, the hair twists which can be worn for weeks at a time, and the little glass baubles filled with sea salt. They make for perfect earrings: tiny vials of potent salt in colorful glass containers which make for stunning earring decorations or necklace pendants, or even the occasional charm bracelet.

Off campus, they’re cutesy little pieces that can be purchased for a bit more than they’re probably worth.

On campus, they sell faster than he can make them. Especially around certain holidays and celebrations. For him, the idea of graduating and moving on is a distant thought. After all, so long as he stays on campus, the Weaver will always have business.


I Still...

[Summary]: At what point you thought that Tony didn’t deserve you, you couldn’t recall. You just somehow always felt that he deserved someone better. The only problem was, was that Tony still cared about you even after you left him.

[Pairing]: Tony x reader (mentions of others)

[Warning]: angst, drinking

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A/N: BSB gif was made by yours truly! Yep, another fic using the Backstreet Boys as inspiration… [x] It has some flashbacks that will be italicized and indented. This hurt to write just because I hate mixing Tony with angst (he deserves to be happy!) but this song just seemed to scream his name. Sorry for all the Tony feels! I will understand if you need a hug after this… 

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Tony poured another shot of vodka in his glass. It was yet another sleepless night. He glanced at his phone when it lit up, thinking it was a response from you but it wasn’t. Just another notification from his lab computer, updating him on his project progress. He noticed the time as the phone dimmed to black; 3:15 am. 

These last six months have thrown Tony into a mess of restlessness, nightmares and non-stop work. He still couldn’t believe that after five months of dating, you just… left. It wasn’t like you didn’t love Tony, you certainly did, but you felt as though you could never love him the way he loved you and he deserved someone better.

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You’re My Gift.

Peter Parker X Reader One Shot.

Prompts used: 125. “I don’t deserve this gift, Y/n. You have to take it back.” -  118. “I don’t deserve you…” {Winter Prompt List}

Warnings: Like, One cuss word. Not proof read.

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You struggled to knock on your best friends door, Almost dropping all the presents you were holding in the process. 

“Peter open the door for me!” You yelled, Loud enough for the whole building to hear. Soon enough, The door opened to one of your favorite people.

“Aunt May!  Merry Christmas!” You smiled, making your way into their cozy apartment. You had always loved the place. Around the holidays it always smelled of cookies, Cocoa, and pine trees. They were basically family. And the small place was your second home. 

“Y/n! So glad you could make it in all this weather. We’ve been estatic that you could spend today with us!” May told you joyfully. She energy was enough to light up the whole block. “Here, I can take these over to the tree for you. Make yourself comfortable.” 

You nodded as thanks, Handing her the all the gifts in you arms. You swore you had to have some sort of powers to be able to carry everything two blocks away. You quickly took off your winter jacket and boots, Ready to relax and eat as many cookies as you possibly could.

“Hey, is Y/n here yet?” Peter asked, Coming out of his room. Still in his PJs, His hair was a mess and he looked like he was living off of 4 hours of sleep. But he still had that weird charm about him. Peter always managed to look adorable. 

“Yeah, I’m here! But only for the food.” You joked, Giving him a hug. “i missed you.” You said, Poking his cheek playfully. 

“Of course you are.” He grinned. 

“Sorry kids! I’m going to head out. Joanne is having a pie crisis. i’ll be back in a little.” You saw May rush from the kitchen and quickly put on all her May waved goodbye as she hurriedly headed out the door.   “Well it looks like it’ll just be us..” Peter muttered.

“Guess we’ll have to wait for lunch. How bout’ we open up gifts instead?” You nodded over to the tree, giving him a hopeful look. “Please?”

“Sure. Whatever you want.” He agreed.

“Come on Peter, It won’t bite you. You can open it.” You said, Nudging his arm. Waiting for him to stop staring at his present and just open it.  

“I know, I know.” Peter replied. Taking off the box lid to reveal a brand new computer, Up to date and with all the hardware he needed already installed. 

“I knew yours was breaking down, And i couldn’t bare it if you lost all your projects.” You smiled at him, Extremely happy to give a new thing for him, Since you knew his old junkyard stuff was starting to wear out fast.

“You must’ve spent a fortune on it! I don’t deserve this gift, Y/n. You have to take it back.” He pushed it back to you, An unreadable look on his face. You didn’t know why he was acting so weird about it.

“It was worth it. Peter i wanted to give this to you. There’s no way in hell i’m taking it back.” He saw that there was no use. You weren’t going to budge at all. “Thank you. Really. God, I don’t deserve you…” 

“What are you on about?” You asked. “Nothing.. I just.. Here, I got this for you.” He reached over to get the package from underneath the tree.

“I’m sorry if you hate it. It’s not even half of what you got me.” He handed you a small box, Wrapped very terribly with a bow. At least you could tell he did it himself. He anxiously shifted as you unwrapped it, Keeping his eyes on you and your reaction. 

“Oh my god.” You muttered, Observing the stunning necklace shaped in a heart, ‘I love you,’ Was written in cursive on the front. While the other side was a picture of you two only a year ago, sticking your tongues out at the camera. It was one of your favorite pictures together. You didn’t even know what to think.

”Peter, Wha-” His lips suddenly pushed against yours in a hard kiss. That completely took you by surprise. But it didn’t take you long to melt into it, Wrapping your arms around his neck to pull him closer. You could feel the sparks flying. It’s cliche, But you knew it was meant to happen exactly like that. 

“Oh wow.” You breathed, biting your lip unconsciously. Your whole body felt warm, And you weren’t quite sure if that really just happened. Your mind was going at 100 miles a minute.

“I love you.” Peter confessed, Sighing as he said it. 

“No shit. I did read the necklace.” You giggled, Loving how Peter’s face turned even more red when you teased him. You pressed another soft kiss on his lips, Loving the feeling even more. “I love you too, You dork.”

Anniversary (Lucifer Morningstar)

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Pairing: Husband!Lucifer Morningstar/Wife!Reader
Words: 680
Warning(s): Nothing but fluff!
A/N: I hope you enjoy~ Now I must try and sleep =u=‘
Request:  just a fluffy Lucifer Morningstar and wife celebrating their anniversary( @ateliefloresdaprimavera )

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Five Reasons to Say “I Love You” (Chapter V)

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Reason: They Will Always Love You

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warning: Cursing

Summary: Peter and Y/n are best friends and have been ever since they were in kindergarten. Due to their close friendship, Peter has never said how he loved Y/n since they were children. But, as Y/n and Peter get older and Peter starts to have stronger feelings for Y/n, he can’t keep the words on the tip of his tongue.

Author: Dizzy

A/N: Holy shit! We’re getting close to the end of this series. Let me know if you ever want any more series like this. This is the fifth part of my new Peter Parker series. There’s a final part coming soon.

Masterlist Request a Prompt

Peter was pulling on Y/n’s heartstrings to push his luck. He knew very well what he was doing when he got her the beautiful new necklace he saved his money to buy and allowed Tony to help him pick out. He allowed his eyes to run over every little detail of the little ladybug pendant he had bought as he waited for Y/n to come out from her room.

They were going to prom together, something they had swore to do because Y/n had told Peter one night, when he was rested between her thighs as she patched him up, that it was better if they went together as best friends rather than a date they’d go out with once, because their bond was a mix of unconditional love and true friendship.

Peter would never realize that that night when he made a bad science joke seconds later, Y/n would continue to tell Peter that she loved him in her silly little laugh and her soft spoken words of how idiotic he could be. He would never realize that the love she spoke of, the unconditional, was in fact something she had hoped was romantic.

Y/n waltzed into the room, her palms sweaty and her lip pulled firmly between her teeth as she feared what Peter would say in response to the prom dress she had bought. Her black eye had healed in time for the dance and her makeup was free of the color purple, for she would rather not be reminded of the one time she got herself beat up for Peter on the night she wanted to tell him how she loved him.

Peter couldn’t pull his eyes away from Y/n’s beautiful form as she emerged from her room. He admired the way her dress fit tightly at the top before it cascaded down into a flowing wonder from her waist down. He especially loved how she wore a red dress with a little spider on her ring, though he did not know it was an attempt to show him how many feelings her little heart held for him. He rose from his seat, the jewelry box in hand as he walked towards her.

“Bug, holy shit.” He gasped.

Y/n smirked and wrapped her arms around Peter’s neck as her eyes looked him over. “I hope that’s a compliment. I paid good money for you.”

For you. For Peter.

He couldn’t quite wrap his head around the meaning those words held to Y/n in that moment, but he felt himself swimming in the words, in the sound of her voice when she had said that to him. He found himself enchanted by the sweet song she spoke, her voice a mix between the playful nature of a child and the romantic nature of a girl in a romantic comedy and he found that he was falling even deeper in love with this new side of Y/n.

“You look stunning, bug.” Peter complimented as he held the jewelry box up for her to take. “I got you something.”

“So, I take it no corsage?” Y/n rose a brow as Peter shook his head. “Good. You know how I despise those itchy pieces of floral shit.”

Y/n jokes were cut short by the gasp that escaped her red painted lips. She was stunned by the little necklace that was nestled inside of the little black box.

Some nerve Peter had to make her fall even more for him in that moment. How utterly rude of Peter to buy her something so beautiful and expensive, for his voice was not lace with money and his rented suit was not threaded with it either. How god awful of him to tug at her heart and melt the whole damn thing in the process, for Y/n hated the pangs of love, but with Peter, it felt much different.

Tears began to prickle Y/n’s e/c eyes as her shaky hands brought the necklace from its box and placed it in its rightful place around her neck.

“Peter,” Y/n’s voice was breaking under the weight of his endearment. “It’s beautiful. Thank you so much.”

Y/n pulled Peter into a close hug as she held her tears back and felt the security of his arms as they found themselves around her waist. She let out a shaky sigh, her hot breath on Peter’s neck as he swayed back and forth in an attempt to calm the girl down.

“You’re welcome, bug. It was the least I could do for all that you done for me.” Peter said softly, his voice strong and riddled with sweet nothings that were threatening to fall from his lips and into Y/n’s ears.

They were alone together, the world forgotten as the sensation of their tangled bodies and their shared movement pulled them from their now unknown reality. They were both high off their ambitions, drowned in overwhelming emotions and they slipped deeper into their shared endearment and for once they both did not care. They wished for nothing more than to be the only person for miles and miles outside that bustling city, except for one another and their tender voices.

Y/n pulled away from Peter, wished she could forever be closer to him as she smoothed out her dress and spoke in her enchanting voice. “We should get going or else we’ll be a little more than fashionably late.”

Peter nodded and the illusion that he and Y/n were the only ones in the universe dissipated from his conscious mind as Y/n nestled her hand in his and led him out of her apartment. He felt disillusioned on their way down the stairs and onto the city streets. He could feel his scrambled mind memorizing the way Y/n’s face gleamed in the city lights, the way she smiled at him in the passenger’s seat of the car and the way she spoke to him as he drove.

Peter knew anything could happen on a prom night, especially in the city of New York, the concrete jungle in which people’s dreams came true. He knew that story of how anything could happen in the city, the dreams of a singer, the life of an actor, even Y/n could happen in the city. And oh, how he wished Y/n would be his dream that transcended reality.

“Hey, bug?” Peter’s voice caused Y/n to pause her story.

“Yes, Petey?” Y/n’s sweet tone sent chills up and down Peter’s spine.

“I-” Peter analyzed his situation for a moment and decided against his plan once again. “I am so glad you’re my date to prom.”

Sherlock x Reader: Lonely This Christmas


A/N: This is more of an upsetting one but I really wanted to write it so enjoy. x

“It’s Christmas!” You cried cheerily as you awoke from your bed. You shook Sherlock but the response you got was a groan. You were like a child on Christmas day but Sherlock secretly loved it.




Sherlock awoke from his slumber wondering why you hadn’t woken him up. That was until he realised that you’d gone. You’d left him and it was all his fault. He slowly got up and walked into the living room and he stood in the place where the Christmas tree should be. Mrs Hudson knew that Christmas had a big sentimental value to him and it constantly reminded him of you so she decided not to decorate. Sherlock had a pile of presents from others in a corner but he could not open them. He felt empty.



Presents littered the floor from under the tree. These were the presents from your friends, family, and to each other.

“Watch,” Sherlock stated as he picked up the present from John. He opened it and no surprise arose when it was what he said.

“Sherlock!” You said. “It’s meant to be a surprise.” He rolled his eyes. He wasn’t one for gifts but he loved how your face lit up when you opened each and every one of your presents. Especially when it was just a little bit brighter as you opened the one from him.

“Its beautiful,” You said in awe as you opened a present from him which contained a stunning silver necklace.

“I didn’t even have to have help picking it out for you either,” He chuckled as he is awful at buying presents. You threw your arms around him.




The day dragged along and it reached dinner time. Usually, you would have had Christmas at the Watson’s before returning back to 221B for a Christmas party with a few friends. He didn’t care for Christmas dinner this year or for food in general. He’d lost the will to live. John and Mary had invited him for dinner however he declined their offer. They didn’t want Sherlock to feel this way any longer but they couldn’t force you to get back with him.



“How do I look?” You asked and twirled in your black shimmering dress.

“Like an angel if they were to exist,” Sherlock replied. He was struck by your beauty. Before he met you, he did not believe that beauty was real.

“Well I least I’ll look presentable.”

“Why do we even have these parties?”

“Because it’s Christmas and we get to see our friends.” He rolled his eyes. “Now lighten up and put on your Christmas jumper.”

“Anything for you, my love.”




There was no party at 221B this year. Sherlock hated socialising anyways but Christmas parties made you happy. He’d never admit it, but after a while he actually enjoyed it. However, he now despised them. It was not the same without your presence.



“Guess what you two are under?” John asked wiggling his eyebrows.

“Oh let me guess,” Sherlock muttered sarcastically. You looked up and there was mistletoe although you were not surprised. You looked down and Sherlock kissed you which received many wolf whistles from everyone else. You pulled away and smiled at him. A smile that melted is heart.



He thought of that scene as he gazed upon where the kiss happened. It was one of his favourite memories. He didn’t feel like doing anything but he tried to make himself busy by looking at cases he could solve. They were all too easy for him so he was left bored. He played his violin but soon grew tired of playing it. He wouldn’t take drugs like he used to do. Never again.



“Sherlock, I am sick tired of you putting drugs before me!” You yelled as you packed your bags. “You’d rather get high and waste away the gift you were born with!”

“Oh and what’s that, Y/N?” He yelled back.

“Your life! And your intelligence, your family, and friends. And it isn’t the first time! Not only did I find you drugged up to the eyeballs this morning, on Christmas Day, but also on many other occasions! Such as my birthday!”

“Oh why do you care?”

“Because I love you but you’re too self absorbed to notice!” 

“I never asked you to love me.”

“And I never asked to fall in love with you.” You were crying now. “You also choose your cases over everyone else too. I’m sick of it so I’m leaving.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“Well I am.” You finished packing your bags so you carried them downstairs and was about to leave before Sherlock grabbed your wrist.

“Y/N, please,” He said and swallowed down the lump that was forming in his throat. “I’m sorry and I love you.”

“Oh Sherlock… If only you’d shown it.” You kissed him on the cheek, broke free of his hold on your wrist, and left into the snowy streets.





That was the last he ever saw of you. John and Mary have seen you and they told him you were well. He sat in front of the fire with a glass of whiskey in his hand while he reminisced about the times you shared together. His biggest mistake was losing you on that Christmas Day. He couldn’t delete you from his mind palace. You were there and would stay there. He put his glass down and cried. You had healed him but he had hurt you. Therefore, he had broken himself. 


Harmonia, in ancient Greek religion, is the goddess of harmony and concord. She is closely tied to Aphrodite Pandemos, the love that unites all people, the personification of order and civic unity. According to one source, she is the daughter of Ares and Aphrodite (although another describes Harmonia as the daughter of Zeus and Electra). When Hephaestus discovered his wife, Aphrodite, was having an affair with Ares, he vowed to avenge himself by cursing any lineage of children resulting from the affair. As a gift during her wedding to Cadmus, the founder and first king of Thebes, Hephaestus presented Harmonia with a stunning necklace. Crafted by the god himself, the necklace allowed any woman wearing it to remain eternally young and beautiful, yet it was cursed to bring great misfortune to all its owners.

Eris is the goddess of chaos, strife, and discord. In some myths, she is the daughter of Zeus and Hera; according to others, she is the daughter of Nyx, the personification of night, alone. Described as sinister, relentless, and cruel, she is the constant companion of Ares. Eris plays a significant role in the events which eventually led to the Trojan War. All of the Olympians were invited to the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, the future parents of Achilles, except for Eris due to her penchant for troublemaking. As a means of revenge, Eris tossed the golden Apple of Discord into the party, with the inscribed words To The Fairest One. When Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite began quarreling over who the apple should be given to, Zeus appointed Paris, Prince of Troy, as the person to solve the dispute. The goddesses offered Paris various gifts, but he eventually chose Aphrodite, who promised him the most beautiful woman in the world: Helen, wife of Menelaus, king of Sparta.


AN: this doesn’t have a title because I suck at titles but also because I made it for V as a little something for Christmas. I hope she enjoys and I hope the rest of you enjoy as well. Merry Christmas 💕


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You stared out the car window, Philip holding your hand tight as he drove. Even though you had said it was silly, he insisted on taking you around town to look at lights.

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anonymous asked:

Blueski for the question thing please and thank you!!!! :)

oh wow i can’t believe i got another ask for one of these ask memes!  thank you!  i was writing my wolfie appreciation fic, but i’ll do this right now!

blueski headcanons for this post (

  • Gives nose/forehead kisses
    • oh goodness they both do this so much.  i guess riley?  like will loves to kiss riley pretty much anywhere he can reach, but riley especially loves to give will sweet, affectionate kisses on the nose in the morning when he struggling to wake up.
  • Gets jealous the most
    • will haha.  riley had a lot of shitty relationships after magnus, so she’s just kinda blah about the whole thing.  (that and she knows will would never cheat because she’s got him wrapper around her little finger.)  will knows riley would never cheat either, but he gets protective of her when people try to hit on her after dj gigs.
  • Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive
    • will again.  riley doesn’t drive.  will never asks her to.
  • Takes care of on sick days
    • they do this pretty much equally.  riley is naturally a very nuturing person, and will has the savior complex thing down pat.
  • Drags the other person out into the water on beach day
    • riley brings will to a beach off the english coast one day that is far too cold for will’s liking.  but she loves the sea, and this is nothing compared to iceland, so she pulls him in with her.  (if will’s honest, he’s not exactly mad.  anything to see her that excited.)
  • Gives unprompted massages
    • will massages riley’s feet after long nights at clubs.  this is pretty much an unspoken thing between them after a while, it becomes so routine.
  • Drives/rides shotgun
    • answered above with the drinking question
  • Brings the other lunch at work
    • riley brings will lunch at work when he’s stuck on duty.  she’s usually just waking up around 12 or 1 pm anyway due to dj hours, so it’s perfect timing.
  • Has the better parental relationship
    • i’d have to say riley.  her dad is just adorable.  he loves will the moment he sees how much will loves riley.
  • Tries to start role-playing in bed
    • oh jesus probably riley.  i can’t imagine will initiating roleplay for some reason.  he’s pretty much just into whatever riley’s into.
  • Embarrassingly drunk dancer
    • lol will.  riley is used to dancing on much harder stuff than booze, and will is comparatively a lightweight.
  • Still cries watching Titanic
    • riley, but wil won’t admit his eyes get misty.
  • Firmly believes in couples costumes
    • riley is a sucker for couple’s costumes.  she makes will dress up with her to go to a gig once, just for the lulz.
  • Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas
    • will.  he buys riley a stunning necklace.  it’s a small, sparkling sapphire on a silver chain.  riley wants to be mad he broke the rule, but she can’t help but love it.
  • Makes the other eat breakfast
    • not breakfast exactly, but will makes sure riley remembers to bring snacks and water to every gig so she doesn’t get tired or dehydrated.  their lifestyles don’t really lend to breakfast together.
  • Remembers anniversaries
    • riley lol.  will is so not good at anniversaries.
  • Brings up having kids
    • riley.  will doesn’t dare bring it up.  not after the memories they shared.  he doesn’t want to hurt her.  but after a while, when things die down and everyone is safe and she knows that this really is her new life, riley tells will that she still wants to be a mother.  he cries with joy.