stunning loft


A stunning loft in in Manhattan’s Midtown 

Located within a former 13-story school building -called The Glass Farmhouse- the loft was designed by its owner Charoonkit Thahong of Studio Recreation Inc, who renovated it according his own taste: an eclectic style open space, mostly clean and modern, with vintage pieces and design classics, tropical plants, collections of ceramics and contemporary art.

The Night Before the Wedding

A/N: This collaborative CS bachelorette party fic was cowritten by me, @ladyciaramiggles @snowbellewells, @flslp87 and @ilovemesomekillianjones  

Rating: T+


Emma watched as Killian tossed her a saucy smirk before closing their front door behind him. Smile lighting up her face, she leaned against the door and sighed happily. Tomorrow!  Tomorrow she’d become Killian’s wife.  After tomorrow there’d be no need for them to ever spend a night apart.

Not only that, but for the first time since that period of peace after they’d stopped Ingrid, there was absolutely nothing hanging over her.  Rumple had managed to stop his psycho mother…and it had all happened without Emma’s prophesied death.  Nothing was waiting for her and Killian in the future except years and years of living and loving and growing old together.

(Well…it was, after all, Storybrooke, so there was bound to be some fairy tale character coming to town with a score to settle some time or another, but after tomorrow, she and Killian would face it together as husband and wife.)

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Stunning Soyuz launch lofts Sentinel 1B.

Europe’s Sentinel 1B Earth observation satellite successfully launched yesterday, April 24, 2016. Liftoff occurred at 5:02pm EDT from the Guiana Space Center near Kourou, French Guiana, South America.

Soyuz experienced maximum aerodynamic pressure, or Max-Q, at 48 seconds into the flight, as seen in the fourth gif. Multiple vapor cones are forming around the nose of the vehicle, which are formed when there is a sudden drop in localized air pressure.

Two minutes and 8 seconds after liftoff, the rocket’s four strap-on boosters separated, forming what ground observers term a “Korolev Cross,” from the cross-shaped pattern visible as they fall away. One minute and 10 seconds later, the payload fairing separates, exposing the Sentinel 1B satellite to the environment of space.

At T+4 minutes and 50 seconds, the third stage ignites its engines and the second stage separates. Soyuz uses a ‘hot fire’ engine technique for the third stage, meaning the engines ignite while the second stage is still attached. In the final gif, this is the yellow-orange flash.

After the Sentinel 1B satellite was successfully placed into its proper orbit 23 minutes and 35 seconds after launch, the Fregat upper stage deployed four smaller satellites for France, Belgium, Denmark and Italy.


Studio Job’s working and living quarters, in Antwerp.

Job Smeets and his partner Nynke Tynagel -the duo behind Studio Job- live and work in a former warehouse that they renovated and transformed into a stunning two-floor loft apartment. Decorated according the Studio’s extravagant aesthetic, the open space is furnished with eclectic art and design pieces, as well as the ones designed by the duo.

Industrial Manhattan Loft

Am I the only one who dreams of living in an amazing loft conversion? The interior was undertaken by Penny Hay Ltd who created an ambience of urban elegance in the flexible open plan space, defining each specific zone by heavy linen curtains, sliding sections or simply visibly by the strategic positioning of rugs.

Auckland-based architecture studio Fearon Hay converted a large open loft in a former textile warehouse into a light-filled residence, winning the 2010 Best Gold Award for spatial design in residential architecture from the New Zealand Designers Institute.

You Hate Each Other-Niall (Mini Series) Part 1

Yay! A new mini series!! Might be updating soon! 

 Your POV:

   You smiled in contentment as you gazed upon your finished work before wrapping it up and sending the lad on his way. You were a tattoo artist in the heart of London and you had recently started working as a full time artist. Meeting people, particularly celebrities, is how you really built your status.

     Before closing time you were the last one in the shop and heard the bell chime of the door and without looking up said,

     ”Sorry we’re closed,” too intent on finishing your drawing you didn’t notice who had come through the door.

    “Not even for a friend?” Zayn asked, you looked up and laughed before running over to him and bringing him into a hug. You and Zayn had grown close through your tattoo relationship, he in exchange for tattoos gave you art pieces for your flat. 

     ”Ah I’ve missed you lads, how is being on break?” you smiled, the all sank back into the couches and beanbags you had in the corner of your tattoo space. 

    “It’s amazing, we’ve got time to ourselves and our families and we even managed to get here without being spotted.” Lou chuckled, you smiled and offered your mini fridge to the boys. 

    “LADS! Guess who’s here!” Niall exclaimed whilst barging through the door, you rolled your eyes before spotting who was behind him.

    “Darragh!” you exclaimed running to catch him in an embrace, it was true you and Darragh had a complicated ‘relationship’ in the past but now that you’d established that it was for the most part casual, everything was good between the two of you.

    “Where have you been?” you smiled before settling into a kiss.

    “I’ve been wandering around from pub to pub with this bloke here,” he pulled away, pointing towards Niall and rolled his eyes in a playful manner before eyeing your body.

     ”Hey get off of him!” Niall exclaimed, pulling Darragh by the wrist and sneering at you. You never really knew why Niall didn’t take a liking to you but the way he talked to you made him not like him back as well.

     You rolled your eyes and sighed,

   ”You guys want to come upstairs? The loft is nearly complete!” you smiled in excitement. The part of the deal of moving to London was you would keep 50% of your profits from tattooing, but were provided with a place to stay whilst you looked around for a different apartment. It had been about a year and your boss just let you keep the loft atop the tattoo parlor.     

    “Sure, I wanna see what you did with my art.” Zayn smiled, taking a sip of his beer before you all piled into the lift and rode up to the loft. 

   ”Well this is it…my humble abode,” you smiled whilst the guys all gaped, even Niall looked a little stunned. Your loft was edgy and really modernized, you had a foosball table, pinball machine, but also a retro feel to it as well, a jukebox and Zayn’s portraits on display all over the loft. 

    After about an hour or so Niall was becoming pissy, 

    “C’mon Darragh, this place is lame,” he rolled his eyes as Darragh kissed down your neck. 

   ”Nah mate, you go on, I’ll stay here.” he mumbled, his fingers dancing on your thighs. 

   ”You really want to stay here? With that?” Niall narrowed his eyes, you tensed a bit, feeling a little hurt by his choice of words before Liam cut in, 

     ”Whoa there mate, I think you’ve had enough to drink…let’s go back to my place yeah?” Liam smiled, trying to get Niall off the subject. 

    “No Liam! Can’t you see, she’s a manipulator, she’s got Darragh around her little whore finger and she’s using all of you to get her little run down parlor some service. She’s nothing but trash, and all of you are too blinded by her cheap smile to see it!” Niall burst. 

     Darragh stood in fury and you grabbed ahold of his wrist and shook your head. 

    “Niall…is clearly sober enough to show his insolent Irish arse out. Take Darragh with you, since you clearly can’t leave without him. The rest of your are welcome to stay if you wish, but I think I’ve had enough drama for today, and I’m going to bed.” you sighed before nodding and walking down the hall to your bedroom. 

     Niall’s POV:  

         So maybe what I said was a little overboard, so what? It was true for the most part. I don’t understand why Darragh was looking at me like he wanted to kill me, they weren’t even official and he could do so much better. 

    “Niall…what the fuck?” Darragh shook his head and fell back onto the couch. 

    “What? I was just speaking the truth.” I shrugged, 

    “Look man…(Y/N) is our friend, and we know you don’t like her but…c’mon can’t you at least try to be nicer, that was beyond out of line.” Lou chimed in. 

     ”She’s a whore! Can’t you-” Darragh pushed me and I toppled onto the hardwood floor before he hovered over me and started to punch me, I stayed in shock for a bit before I started punching back whilst the boys were yelling for us to stop. 

    “Darragh stop! Get off of him!” (Y/N)’s voice finally broke through the pounding in my ears. 

    She managed to pull him off of me and place him in a bean bag chair before rushing over to me…odd. 

    “Are you ok?” she asked, touching a wet spot on my temple, I didn’t answer and instead took in her appearance, her hair was swept to one side, and she was in a singlet and shorts..she looked almost, decent. 

    “Just….leave me alone, where the fuck is your bathroom around here?” I snapped, she pulled away and pointed down the hall. 

    “Whatever, just get back to your little fuck toy why don’t you?” I spat, pushing her away and making my way down the hall…what the fuck just happened? 

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