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Women Artists and Postwar Abstraction | HOW TO SEE the art movement with MoMA curator Starr Figura

Many people recognize names like Pollock and de Kooning, but far fewer know of women abstract artists like Lee Krasner, Magdalena Abakanowicz, and Lee Bontecou, who made their own space in an often resistant art world.

MoMA curator Starr Figura introduces MoMA’s new exhibition Making Space which shines a spotlight on the stunning achievements of women artists between the end of World War II and the start of the Feminist movement in the late 1960s.

Am I the only one that is pretty disappointed with how Belle’s dress looked compared to Cinderella’s?

Like, it’s pretty, but the blue dress from Cinderella was just stunning.

Personally, the dress that deserves to be more of the spotlight in BatB 2017 is the celebration dress from the end.

This is all my opinion, so please just take this with a grain of salt. I do look forward to the dresses that are going to be in future live action films, though! :)

Julie Dash’s feature debut, a regionally-specific, vividly-populated, and spectacularly shot look at the Geechee residents who inhabit South Carolina’s lushly rustic Gullah coast during the turn of the twentieth century, is, quite simply, one of the greatest films ever made. It’s also infuriatingly difficult to locate. Dash’s groundbreaking indie drama (the first feature film helmed by an African-American woman to receive theatrical distribution) centers around an extraordinary ensemble of women, including Babara O, Cora Lee Day, and Kaycee Moore, among many others, who enact three generations of an embattled Gullah family to cinematic perfection.

Few of these actresses remain active today, but Daughters spotlights them to stunning and superior effect. They each give vibrant flesh and blood to an astonishing yet widely unknown piece of history that’s illuminated not with studious simplification but a spellbinding form of cinematic immersion. Daughters of the Dust is by turns moving and mysterious, yet never less than magnificent.” — Matthew Eng

5 Woman-Directed Films That Pass the DuVernay and Bechdel Tests



Steve Garrington’s Photography Captures the Violent Clash Of Storms And Waves

Self-proclaimed amateur photographer Steve Garrington, hailing from Cardiff, Wales, has laboured over six years to capture the unpredictable moments of nature.  as it batters the little lighthouse of Porthcawl, a little city in Wales.

The brutal beauty of the ocean, as it opens an onslaught on a timid lighthouse in Porthcawl, a little city in Wales, stands by itself to fight the raging winds and tides for the first time since 1806.

In the middle of the force of nature, Garrington creates magic. His photography is dominated by the overwhelming waves and stormy skies.

Garrington’s photography does justice to nature in its primal glory. Towering and frothing waves break over stones as sunlight seeps through the turbulent sky. Garrington does not dare to soften the rough scene for the observer. He has restrained himself from intervening and has allowed nature to take the spotlight in this series of stunning landscape photography.

Taught (Bucky Barnes x O/C)

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A/N: The third and final part of the ‘Caught’ series. I got a little carried away. And by carried away, I mean I wrote my longest fic ever, clocking in at 4.3k words. Keep hydrated, prepare your underwear ladies- because it is about to get hot in here. 

Part One- Caught

Part Two- Worked 

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I love photography and I just want to give props to the fan site WithLoveMoonBin for taking that gorgeous photo of his back.  Like yes Bin is stunning but the photo just in general is stunning.  The spotlights on either side of him, the start difference between the shadows on his upper back and the rim lighting across his right shoulder and arm is amazing.  Props to them for taking such a gorgeous photo in a situation where photos aren’t even supposed to be taken

One of the things Sarah Lynn says really stayed with me

She makes a comment about how she’s surprised children are allowed to be actors. How it isn’t considered child labor. She didn’t consent. She was THREE.

There is a stunning amount of evidence that supports the detrimental effects the spotlight has on children (Miley Cyrus, and of course Mary Kate and Ashley, etc) Yet no one seems to care? Because they are used for our entertainment?

Five Minute Drabble Challenge Take Two

I saw only now that @gigiree​ tagged me for the second round of the 5-minute drabble challenge. (And I saw it from @miraculousturtle‘s reblog whatttt) I’m going through a bit of a life slump right now, so maybe this challenge will make me feel better.


I’m starting with “lightning strike” as a prompt, because everybody’s still addicted to that Umbrella Scene, and…let’s see where it goes?


The thought is a strike of lightning.

The feeling, or the lack thereof, feels solid as the rain pelts against her windows.

The certainty grows as the water refreshes the flowers in her balcony.

Suddenly, but surely, she is over Adrien Agreste.


If someone told her three years ago that this day would come, her middle schooler self would have protested vehemently that it was impossible, impossible, her heart belonged to Adrien. If someone reminds her three years from now of this moment, her 21-year-old self would most likely laugh at how big of a deal she’s making it.

But, here she is, preparing for a night with Adrien—alone, as friends, to support Mme. Césaire’s new restaurant—and she’s not forcing her heart stop pounding or talking herself into breathing normally.

She just is.

And she celebrates it.

When he comes to pick her up, he is as dazzlingly handsome as ever. She smiles at him— Calm. Welcoming. Friendly. He’s the one who looks embarrassed when he asks her if she’s fine with walking instead of taking the car. He’s scratching the back of his neck, and there’s a blush on his cheekbones. Instead of blushing herself, Marinette only thinks that it’s adorable.

She’s over him, somehow, and the relief swells in her chest.

Her childish crush had to stop eventually.

And she’s tripped over herself because of him for far too long, anyway. She’d much prefer someone who enables her to stand and leap and fly, someone who firmly stands by her, someone who can rely on, someone with whom she can pound her fist after a job well done.

And he speaks so nicely and so properly all the time, sometimes Marinette finds herself waiting for a ridiculous pun or a mischievous lilt in his voice.

And he’s much too perfect and stunning in the spotlights of high society, amidst adoring fans and noisy crowds. Marinette thinks maybe she better enjoys candid laughter in the shroud of Parisian night sky.


Oh. Haha. Did that Adrienette suddenly become Ladynoir? Welp in the end, it’s still these two dorks, so…

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Hi! My birthday is on Sept. 6th! I'd love either best friends to lovers, or an arranged marriage fic. But honestly, any fic with any rating would do, as long as there's fluff! <3 This blog is awesome, thank you so much!

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Wishing you a most happy birthday! Just for you, the amazing @norbertsmom has written this perfect little slice of Everlark perfection. We hope you enjoy, and have a wonderful day!

Best in Class

“You’re late, Mellark,” Katniss complains, scowling at her approaching friend.

“Sorry,” Peeta replies, holding out a bakery bag as compensation, tilting his head to the side and giving her puppy dog eyes.

“I’m starving,” Katniss grumbles as she grabs the bag out of his hand, tearing it open and inhaling deeply before closing her eyes and letting out a sigh.

Katniss reaches into the bag and pulls out two cheesebuns and hands one to Peeta. “Why are you dressed up?” she asks before she stuffs the other cheesebun into her mouth.

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Leaders of the nonprofit [Graham-Windham] have been stunned by a surge of donations due to the spotlight from “Hamilton,” and delighted by a bond with the performers that keeps getting stronger.

Two dozen members of the cast and crew wrote to the agency’s children over the holidays to become pen pals. Phillipa Soo, a 25-year-old who plays Mrs. Hamilton, is recruiting fellow singers to give some of them lessons in acting, dancing and rap in what she calls “The Eliza Project.”

“What better way to make a connection to her legacy?” she said.


In 1902 the agency built the Graham School, now a residential-treatment center in Hastings-on-Hudson in Westchester County. Sitting high on a bluff overlooking the Hudson River, it has more than 300 students in kindergarten through 12th grade trying to overcome traumas, behavior issues and learning problems.

Natalie, a 17-year-old from Brooklyn who asked to be identified by her first name, said living at the campus turned her life around. “If it weren’t for this place, I would be in the street, dead or in jail, or not finishing school and having babies,” she said. “I wouldn’t want that for anybody.”

The school’s students who saw “Hamilton” said hearing an allusion to their home from stage was a thrill.

“I felt special,” said Dymond, a 13-year-old who loves writing poetry. Although she often skipped school back in Brooklyn, she said the musical motivated her to tackle Ron Chernow’s biography, “Alexander Hamilton,” with a dictionary by her side.

Dymond said that Mr. Hamilton’s declaration in the show that “I’m not throwing away my shot” spoke to her: “He was telling me not to give up, to keep moving forward, making my dreams come true.”


‘Hamilton’ Cast Helps Children in Need (WSJ)

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