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At the lavish after-party for the Broadway premiere of Amélie, the ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center served as a stunning backdrop, as guests posed in a photo booth and noshed on madeleines. Phillipa Soo, who stars in the show as the titular character, looked gorgeous in a Prabal Gurung dress. “I love Prabal, and he was so generous to dress me tonight,” she explained in between hugging friends, “and I basically told him I wanted something whimsical and colorful, just like my show. And this is what we came to.”

And it’s not the first time the 26-year-old actress has worn Gurung’s designs—she donned his clothes for the opening of a little show she did called Hamilton, as well as the Tony Awards last year. “I love that his work is always surprising me in terms of textures and colors and shapes,” she said. “And I love that it’s wearable, that there’s pockets in this dress!”

unexpectedly charming

Before Season 2 of Voltron came out, I had read an article that had mentioned there would be several bonding moments between Keith and Allura, and as a pretty invested Klance and Shallura shipper, I was skeptical. I really was. I figured if it happened, it would happen, and I would just deal with it.

The last thing I expected was to like Kallura even a little bit, let alone be completely charmed by it.

(gif credit to the marvelous @flusteredkeith!)

Not only had Keith and Allura barely interacted, I didn’t really have a grasp on Keith (there were assumptions, of course, which I used to inform the way I wrote him in fic)- so going in, I had a lot of reservations. You could even call it a low-key notp, because I didn’t want them to get together just because they had been together in the original series. It didn’t make sense to me, given the interaction they had had up to that point.

But then some of my friends started watching season 2, and when I asked two of them about shipping moments, as I am wont to do, they both mentioned Kallura…and that it was actually kind of cute. And charming. And the all in all, they didn’t hate it.

I was intrigued. So I went into watching Season 2 with an open mind, and I discovered that it really was kind of cute. And the more I thought about it, the further I fell, and I really wanted to figure out why.

So I’ve decided to do the only thing I can do when I’m overwhelmed by feelings about something: write about it.

So here goes: a little meta essay (read: roughly 4,700 words with copious screenshots and gifs inserted for visual interest) on how I fell for Kallura, and why I’m interested in its potential, and why I think it’s worth giving a shot!

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Flowers in Infrared

I have been completely obsessed with Infrared photography as you may already know and as it was half term I decided to take some time out from my college work and do something, fun and stress free with infrared instead, whilst it is still full working with infrared in my FMP there is still the element of stress there because I know it’s for college work and I really don’t want to mess it up, however when shooting solely for personal reasons that stress just goes away.

So I sent Stewart to Tesco’s to get me some flowers, I fancied taking some images in the studio of flowers, I know, how original. I was going to put an infrared twist on it though which excited me as I had no idea how my images were going to come out in the end!

To my surprise, they came out much better than I expected. They had a very soft look to them and well, the infrared effect just made them look beautiful and I will definitely be doing this again soon with some more unique objects!

I really want to try infrared portraits and I will add in a few pictures here I took messing around, I think this could look really interesting if done in the correct way and context so this is my next personal mission!

Castle on the Hill

So, I’ve finally come out of shock and put this drabble together. I was feeling so many emotions from that finale, mostly happy (WE ARE ENDGAME) but some kind of nostalgic too. I came up with this offering, I hope you guys like it! Just my little interpretation of what could be. Thanks Ed Sheeran as usual for inspiration… First Give Me Love and now this.

I’m on my way, driving at ninety…
And I miss the way you make me feel, and it’s real. We watched the sunset over the castle on the hill.

New Orleans (19 months post finale).

“Where is he?” Caroline demanded, as the door to the compound flew open.

“Well, good afternoon to you too, darling,” Kol replied, raising his eyebrows in her direction. “Are you always this charming, or am I just lucky?”

“Nice to see nothing ever changes with you, little Mikaelson,” she shot back. “I’ve been driving all night and am not in the mood. You also didn’t answer my question.”

“Nice to see nothing ever changes with those high strung and control freak tendencies, Forbes,” he scoffed. “Plus, you’re not doing yourself any favours on scoring an invitation inside.”


“Fine, come inside, sunshine,” he grinned, gesturing with his hand. Caroline stepped past him and made her way purposefully through the courtyard, realising only halfway that she had no idea where Klaus was and where she was going for that matter. “Can I get you something? Perhaps some AB positive or some much needed Xanax?”

“Kol,” she repeated, turning around suddenly to face him. She didn’t mean to be so abrupt but if she was being honest, Caroline was extremely nervous about their impending reunion and found that it was easier to be angry at Klaus and whomever was in her path because then she wouldn’t betray her real feelings. “Where is your brother?”

“I’m right here but I have a feeling I’m not the brother you’re seeking,” his prim accent sounded out from the upper balcony, making Caroline look upwards at the familiar Original. He was just as she remembered, still dressed immaculately in a black suit. “Good morning Ms Forbes, it’s certainly been a while.” Caroline had to fight the urge to roll her eyes, why couldn’t these people just answer a direct question?

“Yes and by the looks of it she’s still just as annoying as when she was planning those school dances,” Rebekah interrupted tartly from the other balcony. This time Caroline did roll her eyes, who was going to appear next? Finn, Esther or maybe creepy Mikael?

“While this whole Mikaelson reunion is absolutely charming, I need to find Klaus.”

“What business do you have with him?” Elijah asked, always the protector.

“I’m pretty certain that’s between him and I,” she answered. “But let’s just say I have something I need to give back.”

It was burning a hole in her pocket as she said it, had been since she jumped in her car and finally made the journey she’d imagined the past nineteen months. It had taken her longer than expected but Caroline put that down to the fact she’d been busy with running her school and after what she’d been through she also needed time to process things. She was equal parts annoyed and confused and had every intention of sharing all of those pesky feelings with the Original Hybrid. When she eventually found him, of course.

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Pretty in Pink

So, this is my giveaway fic for @kotyonoksnz! Yuuri and Viktor go to the cherry blossom festival and Yuuri has a Fun Time. I hope you like it, kit!!!


In theory, Yuuri thinks, the cherry blossom festival sounds like fun. The blossoms themselves are beautiful and he knows there are usually magic shows and music, two things he likes. In theory, he loves imagining Viktor’s shining eyes and soft smile, cherry blossom petals raining down on him. Pink suits him. Yuuri knows this.

But in practice Yuuri knows that he won’t survive the afternoon. So why is he trying to pretend? Well…

“Oh, Yuuri, look!”

(Viktor’s delight is like hypnosis.)

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Diary of an urban falcon | See full gallery

In Chicago, wild peregrine falcons take advantage of tall buildings as pseudo cliffs – inaccessible from humans and perfect for nesting. These rare images chart their entire nesting cycle from brooding to hatching and finally fledging from their tower block home – with the Chicago skyline as a stunning backdrop.

Behind The Swim Special: Journey to La Mina Falls

One of our favorite things about filming the Victoria’s Secret Swim Special was our “set”—the stunning, lush backdrops offered by Puerto Rico! When photographer Jerome Duran heard about the breathtaking natural beauty of La Mina Falls in El Yunque National Forest, he jumped at the chance to stage a photo shoot with his longtime friends, Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel.

Candice, Adriana and Jerome are practically family. They’ve known each other for years and share a passion for photography that goes beyond commercials and editorials—it’s a love of making beautiful photos.  

Trekking through the rainforest was so exciting—it was a thrill for everyone to be around nature, and a refreshing change from working in the studio. Jerome relates, “Nature on an island is very different from a continent—it holds a special place for me.”

And of course, it wasn’t just Candice, Adriana and Jerome making the trek—our whole film crew traveled with them to capture the moment!

“I don’t know what it is, but there’s something very magical about a waterfall,” says Jerome, and we totally agree. But while that waterfall may look warm and tropical, the water was actually extremely cold! Good thing Candice & Adriana handled it like pros.

Candice, Jerome and Adriana are all smiles after a long day’s work!

Don’t forget—you can see this full story come to life on the Victoria’s Secret Swim Special, airing Thursday, February 26 at 10/9c on CBS.

Since I’m out a computer for who knows how long I’m going to try and post some traditional sketches… [sweats]. They’re not as refined as I’d like them, but I hope you enjoy anyhow! And please bare with me - mobile is a pain. OTL

This piece was inspired by @compulsive-cosplay - if you haven’t you should really check out their page! They have AMAZING Cosplays put together, and some stunning backdrops to shoot against. 💯✔️ do recommend!

Image © Brennan “Lovely Bonez” Strong 2016


Alexander McQueen S/S 2003 “Irere”

In a spectacular display of storytelling, the Spring/Summer 2003 show, titled Irere (meaning “transformation” in Amazonian), was the beginning of a new era for Alexander McQueen. While the opening video sequence was typically macabre, it was setting the stage for a runway show packed with wearable, covetable items. In the film, directed by John Maybury, a woman is drowning in the ocean, and writhes around, entangled in a torn and gauzy dress. This is our protagonist; the woman is shipwrecked, and will have her “transformation” on land.

The first part of the show consisted of pirate inspired pieces, with the beauty look being very in keeping with the “shipwrecked” theme: wet hair and black eye shadow smudged far beneath the eye. Brown leather miniskirts, knee-high pirate boots, military-inspired jackets, and low-slung belts all led to an incredible gown that has been nicknamed the “Oyster Dress”. Layers of off-white ruffles fell off of a highly structured undergarment. It was stunning.

Next, the backdrop showed a creepy woods sequence, which set the tone for a series of all-black ensembles. The shipwrecked pirate was being transformed into a conquistador. The black eye makeup became more intense and defined, and hair was put into half-up styles, all accented with Amazonian-inspired jewelry designed by McQueen’s friend, jeweler Shaun Leane. Ending with an Elizabethan-inspired ensemble, the backdrop took a sudden turn for the bright and colorful.

In the final part of our protagonist’s transformation, she evolves into a jewel-toned Amazonian Goddess, with hints of a bird of paradise. The chiffon-y dresses were tie-dyed in incredible bright color palettes of blue, red, and yellow. Accompanying the dresses were jumpsuits made from parachute material, and re-incarnations of previous designs such as the Elizabethan corset and “Oyster dress”, taken from beiges and black to every color of the rainbow. When Lee McQueen took his bow at the end of the show, the audience was shocked to discover that he had lost 30 pounds; indeed his own transformation was intertwined with his protagonist’s.  


The series is as follows :

Mama Scully’s Party …. MorningUnderwearsMapsNachosFoul BallPromisesStayPhone CallsFlannel InterruptionAwakeningFriendly CompromisesScrabbleApart …  A Long WeekLightningMissing YouInterimStuffWaitingGoingHandsUnsteadyFearFastSlowRegardlessInto the DarkLightSurfboardsCurbsShowersBordersCanyonsSoakedIce CreamNever HappenedDeep SouthAlmostBlue-Suede ShoesUnwelcomeRemarkableStarsDoorbellsM&MsKneesHome


“That is one big hole.”

“That is one very big hole, indeed.”

“I had no idea it was that big of a hole.”

“It’s a hole that can be seen from space, Mulder.”

“Then it’s an even bigger hole than I realized.”

By now, she was shaking her head, the smile she wore belaying her embarrassment at how many times they’d just said ‘hole’ in their conversation and how loudly Mulder was saying it, taking glee each time it rolled off his tongue, tossing his occasional 13-year-old boy mentality out there for the world to hear.

His crutches were comfortably settled under his arms, his leg held up from the ground, cast dirty on the bottom from sand and mud splashes. He was wearing his red Lucky Charms t-shirt and his green sunglasses, his face tan, his mouth relaxed.

Given there was a really good chance that nobody they knew was within a 50-mile radius, let alone close enough to see her next action, she encroached his personal space and kissed his cheek, “thanks for being stubborn about continuing vacation. A lot of people would have demanded to go home but you decided to go with a climb down the Grand Canyon and my opinion be damned.”

“Occasionally, one needs to do things like this. Build some character and really big bruises in their armpits.” Leaning over, he returned her kiss to her forehead, “one of these day, though, I’m going to go off the deep end and probably make out with you in public. Just warning you now.”

This, is all honesty, did not shock her as much as it should have.

“You may receive a left hook to the chin. Just warning you.”

With a grin that put the sun to shame, “ready to go climb down a canyon?”


So, for shits and giggles, the pair went to see just how long a hike down would take. After the ranger got a look at Mulder’s cast, he laughed. Seriously laughed. Belly-jiggling ‘you be damned crazy’ laughing to the nth degree of amusement.

“Son, just stay at the top and take pictures. If you really want to, you can let your wife go down there and have her take the pictures and you can pretend you went with her but if you tried to do it with those,” indicating the crutches with his gnarled, wind-burned hands, “you’d fall off the trail in about 45 seconds, give or take.”

Mulder gave him his best confused stare, “so you mean, I can’t even try?”

“You try, you die, son.”

“But my mother always said ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again’.”

Scully cracked much quicker than she normally would have and snorted, vainly attempting to hide it behind a cough but failing, the ranger looking from her to Mulder, trying to decide if he should get pissed at them for wasting his time or join the joke.

Given he was a fairly happy guy, he relaxed, “damn tourists are going to drive me insane.”

“Ignore him. He enjoys messing with people sometimes.”

Mulder held out his hand, “sorry. Bad sense of humor at times. Fox Mulder and this is Dana Scully.”

He shook both their hands, “how’d you break the leg?”

Twenty minutes later, they parted ways, “I liked him.”

“I did, too. I’ve forgotten that not everyone in the world is either a murderer, a liar, a cheat or a complete asshole.”

Agreeing with a nod, she tapped his hand through his crutches, “let’s go look at the big hole some more.”


Mulder, as per instructions from Maggie, who had lent him her pocket camera, had been burning through film right and left, taking pictures of their entire trip, posed shots regular but candids abounding, and today was no exception. Digging into the side pocket of the backpack he now carried with him, he pulled the camera out, then boldly asked an older couple if they’d mind taking a picture of the pair of them.

Scully was used to the camera at this point, but this would be the first picture of the two of them together, not counting the badly angled ones she imagined they’d taken with Mulder turning the camera around and hoping he at least got their heads in the shot. This picture had them standing as an actual, honest-to-God, dyed in wool couple and she couldn’t think of what in the hell to do with her hands.

Awkward feelings bubbled up involving prom dates and first dates and blind dates and she still had no idea where to put her hands.

This wasn’t, however, some 16-year-old nightmare reborn but Mulder and all he had to say was, “get your ass closer, would you? I’m not going to bite unless you want me to.”

Of course, this demand was whispered and of course, it set her to giggling, then laughing, while the couple, amused as well, snapped a good six pictures before they surrendered the camera back to Mulder, the man commenting, “son, those will need to hang on the living room wall.”

“Oh, they will. Believe me.”

Once alone again and Scully could take in a deep breath without paroxysms of laughter taking over, “we don’t have a living room wall.”

“Never say never, Scully. Haven’t you learned that by now?”

And the world got serious.

Instantly and intensely.

Only she didn’t let Mulder know that as she leaned back on the wall lining the top edge of the canyon, “so, need some food yet?”

Mulder’s world got serious as well.

Instantly and intensely.

Only he didn’t let her know that as he fingered the edge of the camera still in his hand, “stay still for a minute, would you?”


“Just. Stay there.” There was something about the sun setting the canyon on fire and her hair joining in, the colors deep and vibrant against the azure blue sky. He mentally crossed his fingers that the film would catch at least 1/10th of her stunning beauty, the canyon backdrop only a bonus at this point. When he was finally satisfied he’d gotten his shot, he swung forward to her, inches from her face, where he planted a firm, closed mouth kiss on her lips, “that’s another one for the living room.” Then he backed up, maneuvering in the direction of a hot dog vendor, “come on. I’m hungry.”

She wasn’t sure whether she should have kissed him back or killed him so she followed, ordering a hot dog with extra relish and a pickle on the side.


This Halloween weekend, visit one of the most spectacular ghost towns on your public lands – the Harrisburg Ghost Town in Utah. 

In 1859, Moses Harris founded Harrisburg, Utah – now know as the Red Cliffs Recreation Area within the BLM-managed Red Cliffs National Conservation Area. A few years later, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints “called” the Adams family, among others, to settle in Harrisburg. Quail and Leeds Creek, through a system of ditches, delivered enough water to sustain them until Leeds Creek was diverted further up the road. Water became scarce and the population of Harrisburg began to dwindle.

Today, Orson B. Adams House is the most intact structure remaining of this small pioneering community as it was the last inhabited. This beautiful sandstone block house, and other stone remnants, have a stunning red cliff backdrop.  As a bonus, there are on-site interpretive signs that help tell the community’s story.  #SeeBLM

Ghost town photos by Iris Picat; landscape photos by Bob Wick, BLM’s National Conservation Lands

Nathan Sykes Unveils Stunning ‘Over And Over Again’ Video

Nathan Sykes has released his ‘Over And Over Again’ video into the world and it’s so beautiful and adorable that our hearts are actually weeping.

In fact, we’re basically just one big ball of emotion right now, so if someone could pass us those tissues, that would be great thanks.

Originally posted by nathancykes

If the song hadn’t already made you blub like a baby who’s been told there’s no more Farley’s Rusks in the house (story of our life), then the video probably will as it follows a beautiful love story between the extremely handsome Nathan and his gorgeous girl.

After wooing her (yes, we said wooing) in some glorious double denim, the two embark on some seriously cute ‘The Notebook’-inspired dates, venturing to the cinema, going fishing and pretending they’re in Rome with a romantic boat trip.

A boat trip that ends in them both going overboard, but if we’re honest, that just makes it all the more romantic.

Sourced [Tumblr/dragsmedown]

Sources [Tumblr/nathancykes]


Their relationship progresses like a real-life fairytale dream, with the couple getting engaged, buying a house and getting all steamy, like this:

Sources [Tumblr/nathancykes]

Somebody’s been hitting that gym (is it okay if we just play this GIF over and over again or what?)

There’s also this ridiculously adorable moment. Stick a fork in us, we’re done.


Sources [Tumblr/nathancykes]

If all of that wasn’t enough for you, Nathan’s playing the piano against a stunning backdrop of scenery and lights during the whole video.

There’s also another super sad element to the video that threatens to totally destroy our emotions, but we won’t ruin that for you.

Well done, Nathan. If you need us today, we’ll probably be found watching this video over and over again. While crying. And eating biscuits. Yep.

anonymous asked:

Ishashiki+Kuramochi+Sanada first kiss with their s/o?

//I’d like to thank the entire academy, my mother, and you, dear anon, for this Sanada request. Not enough people know the sheer beauty that is Sanada Shunpei *prayer hands emoji*

Isashiki wasn’t nervous. Absolutely not; he was the paragon of composure, the epitome of equilibrium, the human incarnation of self-control. It wasn’t his fingers trembling–so softly, almost nonexistent–as he gently held the very tips of your own, like he’s afraid his rough hands, conditioned from years of grueling sport, would somehow cause pain. The day ended a while ago, starlight opening in place of the sun and Isashiki’s counting his own heartbeats, using them as seconds, each one a personal failure. He meant to do it as the sun was sinking, have something so precious to you both be marked by a stunning backdrop, but he got cold feet, choked up. “Jun-san?” You whisper, barely audible over the rhythmic tittering of water against the fountain basin and the hum of a dango truck in the far corner of the park. Your voice breaks through the haze of numbers skittering across his brain and he turns to you, flushed all the way out to his ears, red past the collar of his shirt. You smile, the expression crinkling by your eyes and you know it has to be now or never, so you lean up and press your lips gingerly, chastely, against his own, feeling the soft yield and smelling woodsy soap and shaving cream.
When you pull away he’s only staring at you wide eyed and slack jawed, tongue prodding at the back of his left canine tooth nervously. It takes four and a half seconds (heartbeats?) before he turns away, free hand making a loose fist over his mouth and he quietly asks: “C-Can I… Can I have another?”

Kuramochi was buzzing with contained energy, gnawing at his lower lip to the point of chafe and you couldn’t stand it any longer. He’d been doing it since you both left the movie theater, eyes wandering, fingers twitching by your own, as if arguing among themselves on whether or not to hold your hand. You had to admit, you two were straddling that grey area between ‘brand new relationship’ and ‘getting comfortable’ and that was always hard, but for some reason, instead of warming-up, Kuramochi had been getting more finicky, anxious almost to the point of high strung, especially when you two were alone together. “Youichi!” You scolded, grabbing him by the wrist. “Stop it! You’re gonna make your lip bleed. What’s even got you so worked up?” He stopped walking, disrupting sidewalk traffic on all sides, and you tripped trying to keep up with his pace. “Hey, _______…” You took a couple steps closer, fighting the current of people, pushing just to the edge of his comfort zone and Kuramochi rubbed the back of his head awkwardly. “Come closer I have to tell you a secret.” You took another step in but he reached out to pull at your jacket sleeve. “Closer.” You complied, to the point where you were almost chest-to-chest. He cupped one hand around the side of the mouth, like they do in low-budget spy movies, and leaned in, too quick for your brain to process and suddenly his lips were on yours, no warning, warm and slightly humid, insisting and urgent, like this were life or death (maybe it was to him) and you squeaked out a noise of surprise before melding into the embrace, wringing your fingers gently into his jacket. 
When you parted he seemed calmer, like rays of sunshine pushed into a human skin and you rolled your eyes, unable to hide the blush warming your cheekbones. “Is that all?” He kissed you lightly over the shell of your ear. “For now.” Was his answer, cavalier, auspicious. “For now.” 

Sanada held himself in such a way that announced his intentions. Nothing was hidden, nothing was summarized, he laid himself bare, but recently he’d been seeming rather secretive. Secretive in an obvious way, of course, like he’s just waiting for you to ask what he’s hiding, open up the present he’s so neatly laid before you, but still secretive nonetheless. It was unusual, that was for sure, yet you couldn’t help but fall into his trap. A willing sort of prey. “You know you’re really bad at that. The whole ‘hush-hush’ thing.” You tease, taking the steps back to the Yakushi dorms in twos. “What do you mean? I’m not keeping anything hush-hush.” A smirk tugs at the corner of his lips and he jogs to catch up, matching pace and offering his elbow, which you take gratefully. “The flowers, the restaurant, the window-shopping downtown, the late-night movie you rented before-hand.” You number off on your fingers. “I’ve never known you to put so much effort into planning. What do you have up your sleeve Shunpei?” He gave you one of those smiles that could tame the worst summertime storms and you felt your knees go a bit weak, steps faltering every so slightly. You wish he didn’t have such an effect on you but he was just so undeniably charismatic, so brazen and bold that it was impossible to resist.
When you reached his room you waited for him to, predictably, fumble with his keys but he didn’t. He paused. “Shunpei?” You asked, meaning to continue on, complete a full sentence, but all the wind was sucked from your lungs as he caged you against the door, arm on either side of your head, head eclipsing the sun. “You really want to know what I have up my sleeve?” He leaned in closer, a hair’s breadth, his eyes engulfing your field of vision until all you can see is murky blue. “Yeah. I want to know.” You say, breathless, airy, thin. And he dips down, pressing his lips against yours, swiping his tongue over your bottom lip and tasting the humidity there. He’s just a bit too dominant, a little to heady, but it’s imperfectly perfect and it’s Sanada, entirely Sanada. You whimper against his mouth and too quickly, it’s over. “That’s all?” You pout, fists balled up in the hem of your shirt. 
“Mm. For now.” It’s teasing. Promising. And Sanada Shunpei always keeps his promises.